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Programming updates...

I will be doing a live Q&A tonight over at Canespace.com. As many of you know, during the football season I jumped back and forth between Canespace and right here at Eye on The U for live Q&As. We are picking them back up this week and starting over at Canespace.

After taking two weeks off for the holidays, I plan to also record another recruiting podcast with Larry Blustein and Charles Fishbein on Wednesday. It should be available to you by Thursday morning. I'll come back and let you know what it will touch on as well as provide you with links.

Barry Jackson will have lots of UM recruiting news in Wednesday's paper regarding who else UM is targeting. I've tried to stay away from it early on this week. But after Barry's buzz column runs tomorrow I'll have some fresh stuff for you on the recruiting front and an interview with UM freshman cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke.


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Thanks Manny. I liked the Podcast. Keep us updated on who is enrolling early please!

Lets face it, most cheaters win because they have an advantage... Miami won with a bunch of bad boys and had a much harder time with higher standards. I believe teams can win with higher standards but the players really need to buy into it. I don't think too many top recruits go to Miami or LSU for academics...

There is definitely strength in numbers... Miami needs to recruit aggressively and over recruit. It seems every year scholarships are wasted because people don't qualify... don't coaches have a clue on who will qualify or who won't? people who don't qulaify cost the team depth at key positions. I like what Randy is doing, it seems like he is recruiting a bunch of players and making syre that if someone does not end up at UM, someone welse will take his place.

I remeber a few years ago when Ely HS won the state title and everyone was so happy we got Tyrone Moss, Andrew Bain, Cyrim Wimbs from that team... it was a signing day surprise from Teraz McCray. McCray only signed with us because someone else back out of their verbal. In my opinion he panned out the best out of everyone. Sure he didn't start right away, but over time he became the most productive. Kids need time to develop and coaches have a lot to do with their development. We can blame the recruiting or we can blame the coaching... we've lacked both in the past few years...

I wouldn't pencil in any of the recruits to start yet... history tell us better. Great HS players don't make great college players. It's also unfair to discount everyone on the current roster because they have not gotten a chance to show what they can do. I find it rather amusing that players who have yet to play a down of college football are penciled in to start over would be junior/senior starters like: Daryl Sharpton, Jerrell Mabry, Richard Gordon, Chavez Grant, Josh Holmes, Steven Wesley, Kayne Farguharson, just to name a few....

Look forward to your new scoops Manny, as well as the 2008 season!!! We may not dominate anytime soon, but I will still be behind the current and future 'Canes!!!

Next Year I don't care if a team in the Big Ten goes undefeated they shouldn't be allowed in the BCS championship no matter what! This is 2 years in a row that they make it to the NC and get blown out! Face it, THE BIG TEN IS WACK!!!!!! Jesus Christ, You could pick 6 ACC schools that would have made this a good game! The "Computer's" should've learn after UM lost to app st that THE BIG TEN IS WACK AND OVERRATED DUE TO ESPN BIAS!!!!!

Look at what Illinois did with USC. Damn I'm so sick of sitting down on a saturday afternoon and having to see a triple-header on espn or espn2 that goes like this.

noon- Minnesota vs Purdue
3:00- Illinois vs Northwestern

and the primetime game of the week on ESPN

7:00- Indiana vs Ohio St.( Usually with Kirk Herbstreet as Analyst)

I know we say it every season, but when you look at how horrible this year's bowl games have been, how can you make any argument what so ever for the current "BCS" system? WE NEED PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! PLEASE TAKE THE BIASED MEDIA OUT OF THE EQUATION!!!!


I saw that new Escalade Patrick Johnson is driving today. DAMN! I wonder what USC and Ohio St give their players if LSU gives out Caddys! I bet he's saying it's "His Father's" car! That works everywhere else. Darren McFadden got caught at a dealership in Arkansas with an agent(Mike Conley Sr.) buying an Escalade 2 1/2 months ago and after all the media broke the story he said that the Agent was merely a "family friend" and the Escalade was "A Gift For Darren's Mother!" Gotta love how you can always "bend" rules!

Can someone tell me where to go on Canespace for the live Q&A?

^^^^^^^what he said

I go to canespace.com......i see nothing about a Q&A. What gives?


An OSU coach at his finest. Thanks to my friend Solar for this one...


thanks for the Q & A Manny!


Solid Q&A Manny. Glad you're back. Thanks.

Juan, U da man!!!!!


Barry Jackson's Florida Sports Buzz is up.


Posted by: pb | January 08, 2008 at 09:31 PM

wat time does it start, cause all i see are blogs about the BCS and sum older stufff

manny why don't you do the Q&A over here? ...that blog sucks and nobody can find the Q&A. Barry's "buzz" was nothing new hopefully you'll have some insight

Da U,

If that is true about Patrick Johnson, it should be investigated and spread all over the media... That is so fishy I can smell it from South Dade... That would make my day if it is true and LSU had something to do with it!!!


Please look into Patrick Johnson and his new escalade... He's not going to UM anyways and if the rules were bent then they should be dealt with appropriately... That would be awesome to see PJ and LSU go down...

rescind women's suffrage? moved by crocodile tears ... older, uneducated women prop up the faltering clinton campaign ... BATTLE-AX

Ok wanna know why patchan chose uf over miami? YOU guys you suck. You rip guys before they committ,LIke harris sure jacory is a um verbal but when you heard he had fun at oregon you guys lit in to him.YOU can't rip guys before they play a down why should they choose the u if you do that.

Posted by: Mainecane | January 07, 2008 at 06:54 PM
if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
-- harry s. truman

will ACC Commissioner John Swofford lead the b(c)s out of the wilderness?

I know we say it every season, but when you look at how horrible this year's bowl games have been, how can you make any argument what so ever for the current "BCS" system? WE NEED PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! PLEASE TAKE THE BIASED MEDIA OUT OF THE EQUATION!!!!

Posted by: Da U | January 08, 2008 at 08:27 PM
unequal shedules & media bias necessitate a playoff ...

schedules (typo)

Next Year I don't care if a team in the Big Ten goes undefeated they shouldn't be allowed in the BCS championship no matter what! This is 2 years in a row that they make it to the NC and get blown out! Face it, THE BIG TEN IS WACK!!!!!!

Posted by: Da U | January 08, 2008 at 08:27 PM
the big10 prefers the status quo ...

affiliates for U v. georgia tech

keep your poise cane fans. steady in the boat. zimbabwe's walls weren't built in a day!!!

let's send shannon and the boys and these recruits positive vibrations and hope for 3 more stellar recruiting classes.

btw-- shannon is still growing into the job as a head coach. however, he is clearly driven, he is a great recruiter, and has a tremendous mind for creating ferocious defenses-- do ya'll think it would be possible for him to be both a head coach and defensive coordinator??? might be a lot to ask of him since he is still growing into the head coaching job-- but maybe not.

MOMENTUM: University of Miami's $1B campaign. as of nov 30, $1.378 BILLION had been rai$ed ...

I think RS should take over the DC spot. Plenty of other head coaches are also some sort of coordinator. Plus it would save some money to hopefully use on a better position coach or new OC (if Nix doesn't pan out).

I dont post but you guys always seem to know whats going on. I dont know much about Ryan Mallet but he may be leaving Michigan. Would he fit at Miami or would he not fit the system?

Have you guys also heard that Pete Carroll, is one of the front runners for the Atlanta Falcon's job? 3rd times a charm, plus, how would that effect their (USC)'s recruiting, ala UM's recruiting?........I believe that RS is keeping a tight lip b/c he is negotiating with someone who really couldn't speak out b/c of a bowl game......any DC when bring in who was unavailable b/c of a recent bowl game is a GREAT thing......we'll see.....I trust RS b/c he is a character guy........

Thanks for your late night info on Canespace last night (and early this morning). The info you provided is greatly appreciated. You are pure Cane!

keypad is acting up. That was me Manny. Thanks

Don't know who the Canes DC will be but with so many HC quitting or losing there jobs this year in the PRO's, it's very interesting to speculate who's who.

For example, Redskins, Joe Gibbs is now resigning, leaving question marks to the other position coaches such as DB's and CB's coach Jerry Gray...seen at. http://www.redskins.com/team/cprofile.jsp?id=15290.
with 19 years experience including 5 years as a DC.

Another posibility is from the Ravins organization with Dennis thurman or Mark Carrier who are both secondary coaches...http://www.nfl.com/teams/coaches?coaType=assist&team=BAL

Another is Seattle's Zerick Rollins LB Coach... http://www.seahawks.com/Team/Coaches.aspx?id=8360

great possibilities but can we afford them?

Do I perceive that UM is losing top recruits? Is it because this blog and other similar blogs are scaring young studs away? My guess is that this reporter and his blogs are negative in content for the most part. You'll have good teams when your"perception" is more positive.

What ever happened to Jerrel Powe?
Months ago he was on UM campus. Will he possible be an incoming Cane this year?
I would hate to think that after those Rednecks at OLE treated him sooo unfair that he couldn't be a force for years to come for the Canes. I know that he has a learning disorder but I would like to think that we aren't turning our backs on this young man like the rest of the NCAA. Someone please give me an answer.

Hey! I'm sorry! The OLE is for Ole Miss.

Hey! I'm sorry! The OLE is for Ole Miss.

That was some insane hoo doo on Canespace!
Your integrity is a breath of fresh air as far as beat writers go.
Thanks again for sharing your time.


What do you think about a QB with some experience transferring in, ala Brock Berlin? Ryan Mallett is transferring from Michigan, any chance he comes to the U...It would be nice to have a QB with some experience on the roster...

Hey Manny

Great work. Loved the Canespace Q&A. After watching the heat that Rudy took, I would always be weary of the Legion. They are somne vicious but well informed MFers. You seem to tread much more wisely and are the best source for insider Cane info in my opinion.

Great work on the Canespace Q&A,

Love reading your stuff, and hopefully, one day, we'll hear you streaming on the radio, not just on a pod cast.


those of you that talk bad about miami are jelous,and to me you don't know anything about football so just go back to your hole and shut up . i don't see any miami boys getting in trouble , and there are alot .take a good look were your favorite player is from you might be surprised he just might be from miami .since south florida put's out the majority of the players . california , florida , texas. without those three states you would,nt even have football , so shut the F. up fags...

how come miami didn't go after quavon taylor

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