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Remember me?

LSU won the national title Monday night and I bet you might have remembered some of those faces on stage accepting the national championship trophy.

How about defensive MVP Ricky-Jean Francois, who made the game-changing play Monday when he blocked a field goal. Jean-Francois? Sounds familiar? Oh yeah. The Herald's two-time Athlete of The Year in Dade. The guy who played in front of Kenny Phillips and caused havoc for Carol City's vaunted defense. The Freak wanted so badly to come to UM, he held off on signing his scholarship to LSU for eight days. He sat at home crying, wishing UM would offer. The Hurricanes never did.

How about All-American linebacker Ali Highsmith? Remember him? He signed with UM out of Miami Central. He had issues with his grades and ended up at LSU, heartbroken just like Jean-Francois that he couldn't be a Cane. Yes, that's Highsmith, the cousin of former UM standout Alonzo Highsmith.

How about receiver Demetrius Byrd? You probably never heard about him because the Hurricanes never even bothered. Another academic casualty who signed with FIU before going the JUCO route. He was the third-leading receiver on the team this season and led the squad with 7 touchdown catches.

I hate to bring up the painful past. But these guys were right here in UM's backyard. And now they are national champions -- somewhere else. Another reason to shake your head today Canes fans and hope none of these other superstars in South Florida get away.

By the way, I was having a little fun tonight during the game. Since I figure it is going to take UM another season to get these young talented recruits ready and productive on the field, I started jotting down what a possible BCS UM starting lineup might look like in 2009. Remember this was just for fun...

QB: Robert Marve, R-Jr. or Jacory Harris, So.
RB: Graig Cooper, Jr.
FB: Patrick Hill, Sr.
WR: Sam Shields, Sr.
WR: Jermaine McKenzie, R-So.
WR: Aldarius Johnson, So.
TE: Dedrick Epps, Sr.
LT: Brandon Washington, So.
LG: Harland Gunn, R-So.
C: A.J. Trump, R-Jr.
RG: Orlando Franklin, Jr.
RT: Matt Pipho, R-Jr.

RE: Adewale Ojomo, R-So.
DT: Marcus Forston, So.
DT: Jeremy Lewis, So.
LE: Allen Bailey, R-So.
WLB: Sean Spence, So.
MLB: Colin McCarthy, Sr.
SLB: Arthur Brown, So.
CB: DeMarcus Van Dyke, Jr.
CB: Brandon Harris, So.
SS: Damien Berry, Jr.
FS: Ramon Buchanon, So.

P: Matt Bosher, Sr.
K: Jake Wieclaw, So.
PR: Davon Johnson, So.
KR: Travis Benjamin, So.

* I'm guessing sophomore Jason Fox ends up going pro after his junior year.


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Manny or anyone who has inside news whats going on with Dwayne Allen the TE out of North Carolina i saw the kid play in the all star game and he looked really good a legit playmaker, when can we expect an announcement from a recruit like Harris, Jones, and the soft verbal ones like Allen and Wells.

Alot of people are talking about Jamie Harper but i really dont see why we should even waste a scholly on the kid he's good but remember next year theres Bryce Brown and Lamar Miller.

Wish List........

1.Brandon Harris
2.Nick Perry
3.Ben Jones
4.Dwayne Allen
5.Deandre Brown
6.Keith Wells....any recruit we can take away from FSU is fine with me lol

Randy Shannon and staff are doing a great job if not perfect with recruiting. They are not placing all there stock into one player like Larry Coker did.

Recruiting is done in numbers, when you need a reciever you sign 5, when you need 2 linebackers you sign 7, when you need a new QB you sign 3. We all know what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket i.e. Kyle Wright , Ryan Moore, and Lance Legget. A plyer doesnt work out and then you are stuck with him.

Guys you want to know why Miami lost these past years???? Are you ready for the million dollar answer???????


Without a QB you wont win period!!! NFL, COLLEGE, HIGH SCHOOL, POP WARNER!!!!! NONE!

Dont get a brain tumor analyzing this, thats the answer, no coaches play, and every single college on the map recruited KYle Wright, so its not his fault he was a mental midget its also Cokers for not recruiting other QB's!

Ok canes, what are we gonna do about defensive coach, the canes need to make a move. Whats taking so long? hurry before we start losing more player to other teams. have anyone heard anything yet?

I say go with Stoops who likes to blitz and was here before or with someone from the nfl

manny there you go again trying to create more turmoil. francois couldn't get into um
niether could the other two you mentioned. by the way how does a guy get suspended for 12 games and then is allowed to play in two championship games? if thats um, they get crucified.

lewis,espn has listed miami as having the number one recruiting class in the country as of today.

From Canespace:

In case anyone missed it from the last blog....Oscar Meyer/Liar's ways are coming to light. Thanks Super...

Wow The Used Car Salesman Strikes Again:

Regarding Texas WR Daryl Stonum, who verballed to Michigan last spring and enrolled in classes (as planned) at U-M today. With the coaching change others came forward to try to recruit him away


The University of Florida stayed on the four star pass-catcher well all the way through. Things crescendoed recently after a conversation with Urban Meyer.

According to Stonum, Meyer had a compelling reason why he should become a Gator. “He told me that he talked to Coach Carr and Coach Soup and that they told him that I would be a much better fit in the Florida offense than I would be in the one at Michigan,” Stonum recalled. “I thought, ‘wow, my coaches are selling me out.’ I confronted them about it. I asked Coach Carr and Coach Soup about it and they said they never talked to that guy and that there was no way they ever said anything like that and that they think I should be a Wolverine. I believed them. Right then, I knew just how Florida rolled

Posted by: SuperCooper | January 07, 2008 at 05:28 PM

I'm pretty sure a lot of this goes on everywhere. I think the shadiest programs are Ohio St., Florida, Florida St., Illonis (there has to be some secret to Ron Zook, he's way too good), LSU, and Notre Dame.

The emerging shady powers probably include Rutgers, UNC (ditto the Zook comment on Butch), UCLA (Niehisel ???? nuff said), Arizona St....I know lots of ex-UM guys here.

Guys you want to know why Miami lost these past years???? Are you ready for the million dollar answer???????


Without a QB you wont win period!!! NFL, COLLEGE, HIGH SCHOOL, POP WARNER!!!!! NONE!

Dont get a brain tumor analyzing this, thats the answer, no coaches play, and every single college on the map recruited KYle Wright, so its not his fault he was a mental midget its also Cokers for not recruiting other QB's!

Posted by: A Realisst | January 08, 2008 at 02:43 PM

Hmm...I didn't know Kyle Wright and Kirby Freeman played defense.

I don't disagree with the QB comment... I would also include Brock Berlin on that list. The 2004 defense was nasty, shouldn't have lost to anyone on our schedule that year.

Billy, as of now we have the #1 recruiting class but, if they dont know who's going to be their defensive coordinator they may leave and go elsewhere. its only verbal now. I would hate to lose players over a coaching move but, now the other vist they take, the other coaches could tell the kids that they have all their coaches. Dude, I'm really ready to beat florida next year, I live about 20 mile from gainesville and im tired of all their trash talking about our canes, and I really hate to see our canes lose like their are losing.

Off subject--But, wasn't it cool how LSU's offensive coordinator drew up all those plays to create mismatches against OSU?
Haven't seen that in years at the U.

Bv, You can say that now, but we'll be back hopefully, but, i've been thinking that for a few years now, but, I thinks that things are going to change. Keep in touch! in two years from now lets see if your right or not.


Check this link too.


Cryer's antics are unbelievable compared to everyone else.

Robert, Wright and Freeman didn't play defense. But, both of them missed easy throws and threw in to multiple coverage while missing wide open primary and secondary targets. This year our defense was bad, but with the weapons we had, we atleast should have had three more wins with a good QB (i.e. UNC, NCSt, GT). Wright and Freeman sucked big time (1/14 for Kirby in the NCSt game and a total of 56 passing yards for Kyle in the GT game).

Ok these guys not being at miami is either there fault or cokers lets not forget the head man sets the agenda on where you recruit. Randy is doing what coker didn't do making south florida miami's main recruiting base. But if you wanna play at the u you better get the grades they arent gonna lower them like some schools for athletes.

Ok these guys not being at miami is either there fault or cokers lets not forget the head man sets the agenda on where you recruit. Randy is doing what coker didn't do making south florida miami's main recruiting base. But if you wanna play at the u you better get the grades they arent gonna lower them like some schools for athletes.

Michael Barrow for DC!!!

'Canes don't make it back in the Top 25 next year, much less return to prominence.

I agree with VaCane, it'll be 2010 by the time this team is back up there with the elite programs, and it'll depend on how well Shannon keeps recruiting, keeps coaching, and of course, how well the QB position plays, regardless of who it is.

Lets face it, most cheaters win because they have an advantage... Miami won with a bunch of bad boys and had a much harder time with higher standards. I believe teams can win with higher standards but the players really need to buy into it. I don't think too many top recruits go to Miami or LSU for academics...

There is definitely strength in numbers... Miami needs to recruit aggressively and over recruit. It seems every year scholarships are wasted because people don't qualify... don't coaches have a clue on who will qualify or who won't? people who don't qulaify cost the team depth at key positions. I like what Randy is doing, it seems like he is recruiting a bunch of players and making syre that if someone does not end up at UM, someone welse will take his place.

I remeber a few years ago when Ely HS won the state title and everyone was so happy we got Tyrone Moss, Andrew Bain, Cyrim Wimbs from that team... it was a signing day surprise from we got Teraz McCray. McCray only signed with us because someone else back out of their verbal. In my opinion he panned out the best out of everyone. Sure he didn't start right away, but over time he became the most productive. Kids need time to develop and coaches have a lot to do with their development. We can blame the recruiting or we can blame the coaching... we've lacked both in the past few years...

I wouldn't pencil in any of the recruits to start yet... history tell us better. Great HS players don't make great college players. It's also unfair to discount everyone on the current roster because they have not gotten a chance to show what they can do. I find it rather amusing that players who have yet to play a down of college football are penciled in to start over would be junior/senior starters like: Daryl Sharpton, Jerrell Mabry, Richard Gordon, Chavez Grant, Josh Holmes, Steven Wesley, Kayne Farguharson, just to name a few....

Matt, all I'm saying is that Wright and Freeman are not the sole reasons that we are in the position we are currently in. This team has several problems in several areas.

Next Year I don't care if a team in the Big Ten goes undefeated they shouldn't be allowed in the BCS championship no matter what! This is 2 years in a row that they make it to the NC and get blown out! Face it, THE BIG TEN IS WACK!!!!!! Jesus Christ, You could pick 6 ACC schools that would have made this a good game! The "Computer's" should've learn after UM lost to app st that THE BIG TEN IS WACK AND OVERRATED DUE TO ESPN BIAS!!!!!

Look at what Illinois did with USC. Damn I'm so sick of sitting down on a saturday afternoon and having to see a triple-header on espn or espn2 that goes like this.

noon- Minnesota vs Purdue
3:00- Illinois vs Northwestern

and the primetime game of the week on ESPN

7:00- Indiana vs Ohio St.( Usually with Kirk Herbstreet as Analyst)

I know we say it every season, but when you look at how horrible this year's bowl games have been, how can you make any argument what so ever for the current "BCS" system? WE NEED PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! PLEASE TAKE THE BIASED MEDIA OUT OF THE EQUATION!!!!


I saw that new Escalade Patrick Johnson is driving today. DAMN! I wonder what USC and Ohio St give their players if LSU gives out Caddys! I bet he's saying it's "His Father's" car! That works everywhere else. Darren McFadden got caught at a dealership in Arkansas with an agent(Mike Conley Sr.) buying an Escalade 2 1/2 months ago and after all the media broke the story he said that the Agent was merely a "family friend" and the Escalade was "A Gift For Darren's Mother!" Gotta love how you can always "bend" rules!

So many big-time recruits just dind;t pan out at the U. Akiem Jolla was a Parade All-American.
James Bryant was one of the top 3 LB's in the east region.
Rhyan Anderson was suppossed to be a big-time recruit out of Wisconsin. He was a major bust.
Ryan Moore didn't live up to his clippings.
Nor did USA Today 1st team QB Brock Berlin.
It was the lightly recruited players who did well, like Kelly Jennings and Jon Beason.

disappointing to see on rivals today that Brandon Harris is visiting Ohio State and to see a big article saying he likes LSU. If LSU gets Harris, will someone please notify the NCAA to set up an office down there...I am not just a fan, I am a UM grad with two degrees from the school and I have barely missed a football game since 1999. It hurts to see so many recruits not even looking UM's way any more. Manny, please explain these topics on future blogs:
1. Please get an explanation from UM as to why the defensive coordinator position remains open 30 days before signing day.
2. Please go over the current full roster and who is around and who has transferred and let us know of any potential names of players transferring in his year.
3. Who will actually start at UM next week in this current class?
4. Give us your honest and brutal percentage chances with explanation of getting Harris, Bryant, Harper, Jones, and any other cornerback or offensive line prospects UM has as those are the two weakest areas of the roster as I see it.


Something to look forward to, 600 days from now, but who's counting? But don't be
surprised if we have a little fun in '08 with these guys.

Go Canes for Life,
Everybody's frustrated. Asking Manny to speculate may lead to more frustration next month. Let's just wait and see.


Ricky Jean-Francois is an idiot. He's a great player but he couldn't qualify to get into school. He just got off suspension at LSU in time for the SEC title game. He was suspended 13 GAMES for academic fraud! UM didn't take a chance on him b/c he was too risky and UM was 100% right.

Ali Highsmith had academic issues too. After his thru-the-roof test scores came in UM Admissions took a stand and rather than retake the test Ali bolted. They did the same thing with Bobby Washington.

I don't mind missing out on those guys. it's when we have a recruit that doesn't qualify that really ticks me off.

keep your poise cane fans. steady in the boat. zimbabwe's walls weren't built in a day!!!

let's send shannon and the boys and these recruits positive vibrations and hope for 3 more stellar recruiting classes.

btw-- shannon is still growing into the job as a head coach. however, he is clearly driven, he is a great recruiter, and has a tremendous mind for creating ferocious defenses-- do ya'll think it would be possible for him to be both a head coach and defensive coordinator??? might be a lot to ask of him since he is still growing into the head coaching job-- but maybe not.

Manny left off CJ Holton on that list, I think he starts by mid freshman year sophmore at latest. He's gonna be the closest thing to Sean that we've had since he went pro.

Manny, great article on the LSU kids who shoulda been Canes. How much of that was Coker being blind to the talent down here, and how much was due to Shalala's higher then normal academic standards?

Yeah it hurts when we lose to basketball schools (GT, BC, UNC). Coker stinks on recruiting with his biggest mistake was bringing in carpetbagger berlin the blockhead. You burn bridges with south florida kids...and you will have to wait 5 yrs before the local community will allow their kids to come play for you. We are talking football. So in the words of Nolan Richardson every kid that wants a diploma will get one. I want championships....if we graduate 7 out of 10....that is gravy on the biscuits.

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