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Super Saturday

Want to know what the University of Miami football team might look like in a few years? Turn on the tube Saturday afternoon and flip between ABC and NBC for a pair of High School All-Star games that will pit as many as seven future Hurricanes against some of the best talent in the country.

At 1 p.m. on NBC, the top two defensive recruits in UM's class -- Northwestern defensive tackle Marcus Forston and linebacker Arthur Brown, a standout from Kansas -- will represent the East in the U.S. Army All-American game in San Antonio. Also involved: former Cane commitment and Pompano Ely cornerback Patrick Johnson, who is expected to finally announce his intentions to attend LSU.

At 2 p.m. on ABC, linebackers Ramon Buchanon (Melbourne Palm Bay), quarterback Taylor Cook (Rice, Tex.) and three other Northwestern Bulls -- linebacker Sean Spence, receiver Aldarius Johnson and offensive lineman Brandon Washington will play in the Under Armour All-American Game in Orlando. Other potential Canes to watch include: Booker T. Washington cornerback Brandon Harris and Jacksonville Trinity Christian running back Jamie Harper. My money is on Spence to be the standout in this game. I love this kids' game and I expect him to impress many of you.

- While those guys will play, the long-awaited announcement from Seffner Armwood offensive tackle Matt Patchan is expected to take place between 1 and 5 p.m. tomorrow in Tampa. Patchan, whose father played at The U, is deciding between the hated Gators and the Canes. I've told you for awhile I thought he was headed to Florida. But who knows at this point. We'll find out tomorrow where he ends up.

- I spoke to Marcus Forston briefly tonight about how his week in San Antonio has been going. "I've been kicking ass," Forston told me. "It's been a lot of fun. Arthur [Brown] and I have been chilling, having a good time. I've been trying to convince a few a guys to pick The U. Hopefully it works."

- Speaking of getting guys to join The U, a close friend of mine in the business is convinced Hialeah defensive end/tackle Corey Liuget will end up switching his commitment from Illinois to the Canes before it is all said and done. My friend, who is doing a story on Liuget for FloridaFB.com, told me Liuget told him he's very excited about the possibility of playing next to Forston and on the Canes defense. What's holding Liuget back? His family wants Liuget to leave South Florida and experience something different. I plan to talk to Liuget, who played in an All-Star game here on Friday, on my own in the coming weeks and hope to have him on a future recruiting podcast for you (which will pick up again next week with Larry Blustein and Charles Fishbein).

- As for the early enrollment -- I know many of you keep asking -- I've been told UM will have a record number of early enrollees this spring. On the list of those who have already filed the necessary paperwork to begin classes on January 14th: Forston, Brown, LB Jordan Futch, Spence, DB Joe Wylie, QB Jacory Harris, QB Cannon Smith, FB Patrick Hill, TE John Calhoun, WR Aldarius Johnson and K Jake Wieclaw.

- Now, to my other favorite weekly topic: defensive coordinator. I know the Sporting News has reported a few new names recently -- including Arizona defensive coordinator and former UM defensive backs coach Mark Stoops. I spoke to a few of my UM comrads Friday and asked them to talk about the names circulating. Stoops was received warmly. Current Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong drew mixed reactions. And Jon Tenuta, the former defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech, was flat out laughed at. "That guy is not well liked at all," my source told me. "Forget about him."


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hey manny,
If matt p doesn't choose the U. what are the chances of landing another top offense line prospect. IT looks like we are pretty thin on the offense line beyond this season.
Also, do you believe the U has shot at tj byrant?

Saturday is a big day for the U. I think we will have several surprises. I keep thinking back when Patchman visited and how he was so upset at the way the canes performed. I still think PJ will shock everyone and put on a green & orange ball cap.

Whatever happens we will have some solid players coming home to reclaim Coral Gables and represent Dade County. I will be posted in front of the flat screen flipping back and forth with my rivals, canessport and scout links open.

Yo, Manny who do we have a chance of stealing this weekend?

Corey Luiget would be a huge pick up along with Nick Perry. Good to see Forston, Spence,Brown,Harris,and the rest of the guys enrolling eary. We will know sometime next week who our D. Cord. is going to be, IMO.

Are the canes interested in getting another wide receiver Manny? Do we have a chance of landing Matt?

no way PJ puts on a UM hat tomorrow...i am puzzled at a couple of the comments he made...said on rivals that he would shock everyone on signing day and that he would let the coaches know long in advance...nothing has leaked of him letting coaches know, and he did say he talked with randy shannon...i will do a back flip in the air if it happens because i disagree with some bloggers and think he is the most important person in the entire recruiting class and that if UM has lost him then UM has lost a rare opportunity for a shut down corner...anyone see the kansas game last night? PJ will be like what talib was for kansas and make the whole D better...looking forward to a great day from the U tomorrow regardless of what pathan and pj do...my gut tells me patchan wants to go to UM but his mind will have him put on a gator hat. go canes...

on the dc issue, whoever gets the job just needs to be aggressive and blitz frequently and be creative, the name doesnt matter, new or old coach.


Hey Manny PJ is guy who likes attention so i have a funny feeling he may put an O/G hat just to attract media plus i believe patchman will not follow the footsteps of his dad and go to Gators its unfortunate but i see that happening. how about any safety coming in? we missed on major wright last year any one to take over the difference in this year? by the way dont keep any surprises keep up to the seconds with us..later

Hopefully with the early enrollments we can feild a slightly more experienced team. I really hope we pick up some good OL... they are very critical, the QBs and RBs are nothing without a good line. Of course a good back will make the line look better as well.

I was looking at the old recruitng classes and notice that our class of 2000 which included: Vilma, D.J. Williams, Shockey, McDougle, McGahee redshirted 17 guys!!! Pretty much the whole class redshirted with the exception of D.J. Williams who started at Fullback.


We had a lot more talent back then, but I really think that it helps a lot to give the youngs a year to learn and develop. Hopefully with early enrollment the new guys will be better adjusted.

matt p. is vital we get this kids also tj bryant nd corey l. would b awesome. pj is a done deal yeah is a stud but he is 2 much of a premadonna. y dont RS just resume the DC job himself y trust it 2 any1 else. being a black coach is hard enough so dont leave ur fate n sum1 elses hand. wow with the talent we have comming we should b good now more than later. fortson, spence, a. johnson, a. bailey, maybe a few inserted n2 the lineup with good coaching coupled with a sound gameplan each week its a toss up

If you and the family have nothing to do this weekend... well theres the all star game in orlando disney wide world of sports, bring your family... wear your orange and green... its airing on espn!!! show that cane pride, and the game is free.... they have plenty of nice restauraunts, shopping etc... the game is free people so come...407/939-GAME (4263)

I trying to make a sign or banner for our future recruits don't have any so far? Need help!!!


Im thinking about making a sign saying URBAN LIAR!!!! LOL WHAT DO YOU THINK? LOL

I can't voche for you if you aint apart of this?-jay z


f you and the family have nothing to do this weekend... well theres the all star game in orlando disney wide world of sports, bring your family... wear your orange and green... its airing on espn!!! show that cane pride, and the game is free.... they have plenty of nice restauraunts, shopping etc... the game is free people so come...407/939-GAME (4263)

I trying to make a sign or banner for our future recruits don't have any so far? Need help!!!


Im thinking about making a sign saying URBAN LIAR!!!! LOL WHAT DO YOU THINK? LOL

I can't voche for you if you aint apart of this?-jay z




Eventhough, Shannon is doing a great job we need to be patient!!!!


why is seam spence visiting flordia i thought he was a cane

Hey guys! I live in Tampa Palms and'll be at the announcement! I'll be sportin all my Canes gear and walking over bout 12:30!

I believe that Sean Spence is gonna be another Michael Barrow when it is all said and done. He has the kind of swagger that is needed back on the program.

Can anyone other than myself see the maturity of this kid Marcus Fortson? This kid has the kind of charisma that we need. The kid has calming effect when he speaks, he is very well spoken and driven to succeed. His parents have done a wonderful job!!!! To me he is Warren Sapp like in his presence and I am not talking just on the field of play.

Hey Manny, What do the peps say about Eddie O for D-Cordinator. I wish we could have gotten English from Michigan.

Wasn't Taylor Cook going to enroll early as well?

Also Marcus Robinson is at the ARMY game you didn't mention him up top.

thanx for the info about the all star game Manny

Why doesn't the U recruit Cali more? We have tons of fine talent out here that just ends up picking USC or UCLA because no one shows any interest. Darrell Scott might be had if Randy would just pick up the phone. Also, Vaughn Dotsy from St. Bonny would be a clutch pickup on the O-Line - Randy could visit both in the same weekend.

To Big John, No offense but I think that is what got us in this mess. Recruiting guys who may have some hype from other states but basically have no sense of UM tradition. We need to DOMINATE the scene in South FLA for at least the next 4 years to get over the mess Coker made. As a canes fan of over 27 years (from NC might I add) I can appreciate team speed, desire to win, and just old- fashioned we are just better than you attitude. What can a kid from Cali or Texas or even NC tell us about UM tradition? Absoloutely nothing!!!!!


Go to Inside the U and see Corey Liuget flash the U!

Love the interview with Johnson, Spence, and Harris...thats good stuff. Thanks RealCanesFan.

Those guys seem to get along real well. Hope Harris choosed the U, he's a great athlete!

Congratulations Manny, on this Post, I've been waiting for this weekend for a month.

Tim... Agree to 60%/70% Fla. mix but there are many great players throughout the US... See Arthur Brown and Nick Perry Bio's for example and there are others that I wished we could get but I'm thankful for what we have... with a big smile.

To be ranked in the top recruiting classes for 2008 is mind blowing, especially with last years performance. If we can just keep what we have and get Chicago standout N Perry, along with TJ Bryant, M Patchan and steal just a few undecided from the All Stars and maybe that other kid from Fla.St, we will be back in 09 and dominant in 10/11

Yet to be proven, but here‘s to the best recruiting class ever!

Of those on the fence or who are waiting... IMO, Randy needs to decide on a DC, as soon as possible and I'm surprised we haven't heard of a pro coach yet but maybe they are still playing and doesn't want to cause a commotion in Dallas, Seahawks or elsewhere.

86… Per your request, I’ve dropped my boarder, but you better read my blogs. lol.

To a Canes weekend!


Nick Perry is from MOTOWN!

Tim, i agree that we should make Florida kids our top priority but at the same time beggers can't be choosers. So.Cal seems to be doing just fine with Cali talent. Don't knock the other cali kids cause we got screwed by Kyle Wrong!

Just read an article in the Gaynesville Sun from the high school Beat writer. He fails to mention PJ in his article, yet names all other Gaytor potential recruits. Wonder if he knows something we don't. That paper has a propensity to only write what,if,when,how they want you to know.

Cane-ster Nip....good point. Ken Dorsey and DJ Williams - Cali. Ed Reed and Reggie Wayne - Louisiana. Arthur Brown is a monster...We can't ignore the talent out there. However, the bulk of our team (at least 70%) should come from Florida.


Any chance that Warren Sapp could find a coaching position of some kind with the Canes now that he's retired?

Cane-ster... My bad, it is Motown with Downtown Perry, and I hope he follows thur with the U. His stats are off the charts and will definitely bring hitting power to the table.

One thing for sure. Teams will remember us when they play us... They'll be calling us the "Black and Blu Boyz" from the U.



2 questions

1.) You list 11 early enrollees. I thought we had 8 Schollis for early enrollment. Can a recruit enroll early and still count against the class signing in Feb ????

2.) Any word on who we are targeting with the last Scholli in Basketball????

Go Canes

Manny, what do you think of future prospect for 2010, recruite... Eduardo Clements HB/RB. who played as a sophomore for BTW when they played Nease for titles.

IMO, Perhaps the most impressive HS RB I've seen Hershal Walker of Ga. in the 80's. The kid has it all and will be the most coveted to come in 2010

Sophomore running back Eduardo Clements ran for 100 yards on 20 carries and two touchdowns and was named the Beef 'O Brady's Player of the Game during the live statewide TV broadcast. He also scored on a 13-yard touchdown reception from junior quarterback Torrance Moise that gave Booker T. its largest lead at 23-7 at halftime.

Now, if we can just get Brandon Harris now, his buddy at BTW, we can put a tag on him, as future UM property.

M -

More likely that Sapp ends up in a studio somewhere... he is well spoken, full of personality, and not afraid to make the controversial comment, i.e. call it as he sees it.

We had only 17 players in the 2007 recruiting class, which means we can have 8 more in that class before reaching the 25 scholarship limit. If we have 11 enrollees, then 8 will count against last years 25 scholarships, and the rest will count against the upcoming class.

The redhirting in 2000 is normal with a talented team. The 2001 class only had three players that didn't redshirt; KWII, Frank Gore & Sean Taylor. KWII because of his ridiculous special teams play, ST got some PT at safety behind Ed Reed and of course Gore because Willis had gotten hurt early in the year (and I believe Payton was a RS due to injury).

Thanks Jesse

Wasn't sure if they could enroll before there signing day.


The US Army game just featured Darrell Scott, he's looking for a good school... Also, I didn't know much of the football tradition when I first arrived on-campus in 1995, but I learned and the first game had me hooked - the same can be said of players from out-of-the-area.

Matt Patchan picking the Gators over UM reminds me when offensive tackle Willy Colon picked UF over UM a couple of years back. Colon went on to have an average career just like Patchan will.

We will get the job done with the guys we have on the O line but need bigger faster players especially on offense! How many defensive guys can you recruit??? Lets just worry about offense!!!! Please

Also doesnt the hiring of West Viriginia's coach remind you guys when UM first hired Larry Coker?? Very similar hiring.

We need to speed things up with the hiring of UM's Defensive Coordinator. Any REAL news on that???

Mark Stoops would be perfect as UM DC. He's smart enough and tough enough to get the defense rolling, but enough of a tool so that he won't mind when RS takes the reigns in tight situations. Plus, his brother Mike won't have a job for very long here in Tucson, and this would give Mark a future.

I just would like to say a couple of things.... Do you realize Miami is a top 5 recruiting class with a losing record??? Do you realize Miami is a top 5 recruiting class without making a bowl game?


Also Randy Shannon and staff are doing a great job if not perfect with recruiting. They are not placing all there stock into one player like Larry Coker did.

Recruiting is done in numbers, when you need a reciever you sign 5, when you need 2 linebackers you sign 7, when you need a new QB you sign 3. We all know what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket i.e. Kyle Wright , Ryan Moore, and Lance Legget. A plyer doesnt work out and then you are stuck with him.

Lets stop hating and build something around the "U". I am with Randy Shannon all the way through good or bad!

what other school have you ever heard of having two to three first rounders after a losing record? nowhere, except the "U"! i could possibly happen again this year with two or three first rounders after a losing record. we will be back sooner than expected.

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