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Wanted: Chill Pills for everyone

Dealing with disappointment has become the norm in this town. Between the Dolphins, Heat and every other team losing in Miami, I believe every die-hard sports fan in South Florida is suffering from Loseritus. The moment anything seems to go wrong -- even in every day things -- South Florida Joe seems to be losing his mind.

Take my friend Abel for example. He's a die-hard Miami fan. When the Canes lost to N.C. State on Saturday night , I got a phone call from Abel at 2 a.m. in my hotel room. Abel demanded to know what Anthony King was thinking before he threw the ball -- and a Miami win -- away. His wife, who was sleeping next to him, had to yell at him to get off the phone. My other friend Richard, a die-hard Heat and Canes fan, nearly stuck his fist through a wall Monday night after he dropped his beer. When I asked him what was wrong, he said: "The ****-ing Heat suck!" And then, I climb onto this blog today and see more panic, frustration and anger because a pretty good teenage football player from Melbourne who was committed to the Hurricanes changed his mind and decided to go to Florida.

Look, I'll be the first to tell you South Florida Joe sports makes me a bit looney. But I think we all need to take a step back, take a deep breath and refocus. Don't let Loseritus dominate your life. Winning is just around the corner. I mean, besides, there is no way to go but up.

Seriously, while the loss of linebacker Ramon Buchanon to the Gators hurts (I won't lie, he was one of the top five kids UM had as commitments), it certainly isn't the end of the world. In fact, losing Buchanon -- along with Lerentee McCray, Matt Patchan and Patrick Johnson this recruiting season -- certainly shouldn't have come as a surprise. And it certainly shouldn't ruin the good work Randy Shannon and his staff have done in accumulating talent this recruiting season.

With or without Buchanon, Miami's class is still considered Top 10 in the country by everyone. I spoke to both Larry Blustein and Charles Fishbein today about it. Both weren't surprised Buchanon jumped ship. Both say Miami's class is still strong.

"The key for the Hurricanes is just to finish strong," said Fishbein, of MSLCombines.net. "They get a Brandon Harris at cornerback, Ben Jones on the offensive line and just keep adding depth and this is still one of the best classes in the country. Everyone just needs to chill out. There's two weeks left. The Northwestern kids are already at UM. And the rest of the ones who are set to come in probably aren't going anywhere else."

Said Blustein: "If Miami gets Brandon Harris this is still an amazing class. People have got to remember this team went 5-7. It's hard to get whoever you want when you have a record like that. Randy has done a good job getting the guys he has this year. This isn't an overnight project by any means."

So, there's a little perspective. Take some. It might help your nerves.

-- If that doesn't help, I was told the Hurricanes expect linebacker Gavin Hardin, who visited UM over the weekend to become the Canes next commitment. Hardin is a Rivals three-star recruit and mammoth kid at 6-5, 225. He could end up playing defensive end at the next level.


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first !

1st! Good stuff Manny. Last Countdown was great too. I'm not panicking man. We'll finish strong. I have faith in RS and crew.

Go Canes!

Yeah but the Dolphins really REALLY suck! They somehow need Dorsey and MacFadden in the draft.

Ooooh well. 2nd.

i agree manny

u need to have some patience

we have experienced so much success as hurricane football fans that you get sour when a team we counted on to always produce is going thru a long dry spell

lets hope this recruting class is the beginning of something special at the U.

i think the safe pick in the draft is Chris Long
Dorsey worries me w his knee injury, specially as a DT
its not a position u want to invest so much money in.
Long has the pedigree to be special

Good points Manny. Everyone wants a one year fix for all the problems that accumulated at UM over the last 5-6 years. Life just doesn't work that way. This year's class will go a long way to put the U back on track, but we'll need one or two more "true U" type classes to return to dominance. Bill Young was another piece of the puzzle found. Aubrey Hill is definitely an upgrade. Overall, we've greatly improved our position and, like Fishbein said, if we get Harris and Jones, we go a long way toward shoring up our weaknesses. I'm confident in the direction we are heading.

Take my friend Abel for example. He's a die-hard Miami fan. When the Canes lost to N.C. State on Saturday night , I got a phone call from Abel at 2 a.m. in my hotel room. Abel demanded to know what Anthony King was thinking before he threw the ball -- and a Miami win -- away. His wife, who was sleeping next to him, had to yell at him to get off the phone.

Manny, you should have told him: "He was thinking about you abel" LOL.

Everyone should know that Fishbein is a partisan f$u guy who actively recruits for them. Whenever Fishbein is around beware, A few weeks abo he said Liguet is better than Fortson. Translated, Ligeut will go to f$u.

When the fish is around UM recruits, bad things happen!

Manny's right. Losing Buchanon isn't the end of the world. The world will keep on warming and cooling. Global markets will keep on falling and rising. It's not logical to invest your emotions in the actions of others when you have your own life to live. In fact, there's no reason to be passionate about your team at all. Losing 48-0 is not a big deal. There'll be other wins and other losses. It will all even out in the future. Why you don't even have to go to the games. Hug your kids. Love your wife. You can read about it the next day in the paper and save yourself five hours. South Florida is a first class sports town. The stadiums will always be full. So forget year round rabid devotion. Moderation is the key. We all to need to take a sports Prozac. That’s right - a nice sedative and winning and losing won’t be important as we spend our days trudging toward the big sleep.

Watch for A J Alexander (5' 10" 175# )from Altoona Pa. in U recruiting . He decommited from PIT after Aubry Hill left PIT for the U. He is listed as #39 Athlete with 4.3 speed projected as return and slot reciever. Just a heads up from former Hialeah res,in Orlando

Manny: What is the chance that the U could land Alonzo Lawrence, the #2 or #3 ranked CB in the country. The kid owned Julio Jones during the HS all star game and decided to visit Miami. I can't imagine how the class would finish up with him and Brandon Harris (along w/ Ben Jones).

Thanks M

We listened to their words, but we only heard what we wanted to hear. Yes, they committed. Yes, they strung us on and yes, they said they were coming to the U... maybe.

What is the truth?... What we heard or what they said? Confused? They may have said, I'm might go fishing with Jake tomorrow morning but what we heard was, I'm going fishing tomorrow. So what is the truth, what you heard, as perceived truth or actual truth, as what they said?

Perceived truth is what we heard. Yes, I want to come to Miami but they also said, I’m looking at other schools too.

The recruiting process is a game of mental masturbation, where you only find it in dreams and the what ifs. The real truth is... if we keep the NW'ern and BTW core of players, along with the Futch's of the world, who are coming to Miami with passion and the will to win… then we have won the battle before we have started.

To all of us who are walking this recruiting line and wishing for the best... Relax, take deep breathes and maintain control of your keyboard... What you say now, can hurt us tomorrow.

5 and counting

thanks manny for reminding us to keep our heads cool. keep your poise cane fans-- never let 'em see you sweat.

another great post Manny. With early signing time just passing by I hadn't even realized that signing day was so close. Should be fun to see what happens. If we can close out with Ben Jones, Brandon Harris, Luiget, Hardin and one more OL/CB I think that will be beyond a great class.

And if we don't . . . ?

UM Grad... agreed

IMO, The same goes for the lemmon tree... Tom L. They invite these kids to their show to be put on a pedistal and showcase them, but what do they say off the aire, when the cameras and lights are off. Tom gives me the impression that he is mostly SEC and Big 10 connected and a little word here and a soft voice over there and the next you hear, is an invite has been given... but what's new! It has been happening to us for years!

nemo, it will still be very good.

and have to remember we really won't know if its a good, great or bad class til after they all graduate/leave and we can evaluate how they did for UM on the field.

Manny, that is one way to luck at it. The other, think of the other UM: the University of Michigan. Their athletics program in football and basketball has been stuck in neutral until they brought in a high profile coach to rejuvenate interest. Maybe that is why fans of our UM are so frustrated. Simply being the University of Miami is no guarantee to championship success, the right people have to be in place to get there.


What is King's psyche heading into NC? The teams psyche? Are they bent on redemption, or completed deflated? I know it will be hard to tell until tipoff, but your thoughts on the aftermath of that devastating early loss? Can they win?

Just got word from a FSU co-worker that is as nuts about FSU recruiting and all things FSU as I am about the U. He says it is reported on his sites that FSU has last their Tightends coach / Recruiting coordinator to Georgia for the same position. Could be interesting for some recruits (i.e. T.J. Bryant).

At one point this year Miami had 6 of the top 10 LBs. Oh well now we have 4! Including the #1 and #2 LBs. Mcray and Buchanon were afraid of the competition, they wanted to go to Florida because they now they can play on that young D. I love the Oklahoma fans or gator fans that say Miami is done....please, Miami has won 5 NC in 25 years, thats tops in the nation. Miami is just reloading. When we come out guns blazing everyone will say were cheating. I love being a Canes fan! BCS in 08 gotta believe! Go Canes!

Hey I'm from Palm Bay, and all I've heard for the last month was Buchanan was going to be a gator. He never really wanted to go to Miami. Randy will get the program back, but you have to give him a couple of years.

Has Quavon Taylor already enrolled at USF or has he just committed to them? Cause in my opinion he could be a better player for the U than Buchanon. Why has the U not offered to this kid. If he already enrolled at USF, then good luck to him.

Good stuff...1982

John Lilly TEC...defecting to Ga.

Recruits are concerned

Anybody have more in-put on X Lee leaving FSU... Exclusive on Warchant
Should be very interesting news as to why he realy left.

With Lilly and bad stuff from Lee, Maybe we have room for a couple...

List of 4 and 5 star commits for FSU, note only 3 have signed.

For those who have had the opportunity to see Sean Spence play you can understand why Ramon Buchanon went elsewhere.

well now what is going on with brandon washington saying he might not sign on feb 6

he will wait to take all of his visits....to make the right decision before he signs.....he can't take his visits now because his act score hasn't come back yet....

Cat Five Cane

Don't forget about Arthur Brown. That's also why Buchanon switched. We're loaded at LB, Buchanon wouldn't even see the field for another 3 years.

Sorry, I meant Howard not Cat Five.

So we lose a couple of recruits, so what?
It happens.

Now if we had lost Marcus Fortson, that might have been really bad. As Warren Sapp said, anytime a DT is really good he's always the next Warren Sapp, well this kid is really the next Warren Sapp.

Not only that he seems to be our best recruiter.

Anyone know when was the last time Miami had a number one recruiting class?

I don't think we've ever had one.
But every year I see Notre Dame with a top 3 class and look how great there season was last year.

It's all doom and gloom because we went 5-7, but I can tell you the group of people who are NOT discounting the Cane's, and that's opposing coaches. They know what kind of athletes we have at the U. Our athletes are as good if not better than the athletes at LSU, Florida, USC etc., our coaches just have to make them into football players.

Compare our players to others.

Kyle Wright to Chad Henne. Wright is the better athlete, but Henne is the better qb.

Cooper to CJ Spiller, same athlete but Spiller is a better football player.

Lance Leggett to Mario Manningham, same thing.

McCarthy to Laurinitis, I'm actually not that impressed with the buckeye, so I think they are about equal.

Go up and down our lineup and you will see that as athletes our guys are elite, but as football players we have to draw more out of them.

Ramon Buchanon? Great athlete and will make a good safety as he's a little to small to be a linebacker, but I'd rather have Holten as a safety as that boy is just a natural safety and a better football player.

These Rival's and Scout rankings seem to be more on athletic skills then on football skills. Why would Buchanon be higher ranked than Spence? Because he runs a faster 40.
Why would Jacory be a 3 star instead of a 4 or 5 star? Because he's kinda skinny.

UM has always gotten those recruits that were a little too fat or a tad too slow and were not as highly recruited, but showed that potential as football players and had high motors.

I'd rather have a no star football player like Ken Dorsey or the top recruit athlete like Xavier Lee. So would Bobby Bowden.

Have faith Cane's Fans, down years seem to turn into Championship years at the U.
Remember Jimmy's first year?

Unlike most, I think next year will be the year. Not a championship year but a BCS bowl game year.

C'mon Manny. Cane fan named Abel. Cane and Abel? Sounds a little fishy to me.

Losing a linebacker does not a cataclysm make. Just following your lead with the biblical theme, Manny. We've got a few of them, and it just leaves room for some late additions. Biggest addition to this team, I believe, will be the new DC.

As for the city of Miami-its won 2 superbowls, an NBA ring, 2 world series, 9 collegiate national championships, and played in the NHL finals amongst the rats, just in the last 35 years, and has awesome weather. What are you people crying about? Call someone in Cleveland if you want to hear some real misery.

"The Northwestern kids are already at UM. And the rest of the ones who are set to come in probably aren't going anywhere else"



Hey guys, I got something funny that you guys might enjoy!!

Jan. 19
Patrick Johnson, CB
Pembroke Pines, FL
Ely High School

Scouts Grade: 90
ESPN150 Rank: 8
Position Rank: 1 No. 1-rated cornerback Patrick Johnson's ACT score flagged
LSU's top commitment Patrick Johnson, who graduated from high school early, has not yet enrolled in classes at Baton Rouge, La. because of a test score issue, the News Star reports.
However, Johnson is confident the situation will be resolved. He said, " I have a couple of things to clear up. The problem is my test score on the ACT. The NCAA [Clearinghouse] is looking at it. They flagged my previous score."
Johnson added, "I hope to get enrolled for this year, but if I can't I will be there for the next one."

Well I'll be damned, looks who's laughing now!

Wayne...you've got the faith!

BCS game? I think that's a stretch for a team with a first year QB. I think you overestimate some of last years talent, but I do agree with you on Graig Cooper. Cooper is a monster, I think he really needs to be developed and we need to feed him the ball more this year.

Right on Canesman (except for the BCS in '08 comment). This class was ridiculously deep at LB and now is just very deep. Buchanon and McCray may have been physically what we wanted at the U, they obviously were not mentally. Lerentee "they kept recruiting LB" (in other words I'm afraid of competition) McCray and Ramon "my mommy really likes the Gators" (in other words I wasn't man enough yet to go with my heart to the U) Buchanon it turns out were not what we were looking for.

RS and crew had the U so far out front in recruiting (ESPN #1 for so long now) that we were going to come back to earth a little bit. Now they just have to close on a few key players. Meyer is not doing UF any favors by getting a couple of these physically talented but mentally wishy-washy kids. We should feel fortunate that we have a coach like RS who believes so much in the "heart" factor and says "if you want to come to the family that is the U, come on down, if not, good luck losing to us in 2-3 years." It immediately weeds out most of the kids that don't have the heart and desire to come to the U, the rest do themselves in (see PJ, MP, LC, and now RB). Everyone take a deep breath and watch RS and crew close it out to get it done.

The U...nice pick up on that news! I wonder if he always knew there would be a problem and that RS wouldn't take care of it like I'm sure LSU will.

Oklahoma was in a BCS bowl with a Frosh QB

Even if RS didn't know about this specific issue, I think after the circus surrounding PJ's recruiting that all of us knew he could be a problem.

Guys, in reality how many true freshman make an impact? Most just get their feet wet.

I remember after Jim Kelly went to the pros and we had a pretty young team with a bunch of freshman or redshirt freshment qb's, and Howard picks this tall, skinny kid who most people could beat in a race running backwards and who couldn't throw the ball 40 yards and who got pounded his first game against Florida, but that gawky kid named Bernie did all right for us.

I also remember in watching in practice later when Bernie would heave a football like an javelin thrower and the bowl would struggle to get to a receiver running a deep post, then watch this strapping young stud named Vinny flick his wrist and throw a laser 50 yards, then run away on a scramble from everyone on the defense and wonder, why we weren't starting him.

It's all about football acumen and heart.

Anybody remember the last minutes of the Flutie game? On national tv they showed Bernie and Jimmy during a time out and Jimmy says do this, and Bernie goes, "No God dammit, F@@@ that, I'm doing this!!!"

Football IQ and heart is what it takes and I think Randy had that deer in the headlights look last year, and our record showed it. He was getting a feel for the job, first year ever as a head coach.

Watch this year. Marve is the real deal, so is this kid Riley on defense, and Fortson as well. We have a ton of talent, and our coaches have spring and summer to mold that talent into a team.

Gonna happen with a few bumps in the road but by this time next year we are all going to be singing a different tune.

Hey,... about new kid... Gavin

By Tracker
Gavin Hardin OLB/Possible DE
6-5, 225 and some others say... 240

Scouts Grade: 78
Position Rank: OLB #37
Evaluation: Hardin is a supreme blend of size and speed and has the makings to a disruptive presence off the perimeter in college. His reactive burst off the line combined with his tall-thickly built frame could slide him down to defensive end at the next level. He is very difficult to block on the edge with his great jump off the ball and quick speed and power he generates in the short-range. Flashes raw strength taking on blockers in space and pursuing through his front-side trash. He is tough, aggressive and strong at the point of attack. Shows great short-area speed for his size, but his overall range and sideline-to-sideline speed is deceptively good, and could keep him from putting his hand down. Potential dominate edge blitzer with his ability to time the snap, accelerate to full speed quickly and use his hands. While he is a great vertical attacker, we have concerns about his overall fluidity pursuing laterally and in coverage. Hips and turns are stiff and he rarely gets significant depth in his drop. He is very athletic and fast-twitched for his size but does not offer good man-to-man matchups or pattern matching on inside slots. Relies on raw strength to get through the wash and struggles slipping the cutoff block. His change-of-direction quickness and ability to mirror quicker skill players in space is not a strong area. With that said, Hardin is a physical specimen and offers the great foundation for a college team to mold. Continued physical development could dictate college position.

This kid has something, convert him to a DE and teach him to slip a block to stop the option, where we got killed last year or give him the nod from the blind side for search and distroy.

Watch for A J Alexander (5' 10" 175# )from Altoona Pa. in U recruiting . He decommited from PIT after Aubry Hill left PIT for the U. He is listed as #39 Athlete with 4.3 speed projected as return and slot reciever.

Posted by: Fran worst | January 22, 2008 at 07:51 AM
former F$u commit

sunsentinel's jamie malernee: "In 2006, the University of Miami met and surpassed its $1 billion fundraising goal, the most ambitious in Florida university history." approaching $1.4B ... $MA$HING

Bottom line in the future Miami will become the Florida version of Duke while UF will become the florida version of UNC. both are very good schools but if u were to tell me that UNC is better than Duke i would laugh in your face.

oh P.S. FSU = NC state (crap)

Posted by: poop on a stick | January 20, 2008 at 10:41 PM

pbpost's jorge milian: "Wednesday night’s North Carolina game is sold out."

"Miami hopes sellout sparks trend"

Marcus & Aldarius spotted on campus

Wayne, Reference... freshman balling First year

IMO, This year... All bets are off! Normally when a team is deep with talent, the freshman are red shirted but this is the year of the change and Randy wants results. I believe, if the kids can learn the play book and contribute, I think Randy will put them in and give them their shot, maybe not as starter but they will be on the field. As for the blue bloods like Brown and other's... go ahead and ink them in.
Nothing but Canes... Baby!!

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