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Wanted: Chill Pills for everyone

Dealing with disappointment has become the norm in this town. Between the Dolphins, Heat and every other team losing in Miami, I believe every die-hard sports fan in South Florida is suffering from Loseritus. The moment anything seems to go wrong -- even in every day things -- South Florida Joe seems to be losing his mind.

Take my friend Abel for example. He's a die-hard Miami fan. When the Canes lost to N.C. State on Saturday night , I got a phone call from Abel at 2 a.m. in my hotel room. Abel demanded to know what Anthony King was thinking before he threw the ball -- and a Miami win -- away. His wife, who was sleeping next to him, had to yell at him to get off the phone. My other friend Richard, a die-hard Heat and Canes fan, nearly stuck his fist through a wall Monday night after he dropped his beer. When I asked him what was wrong, he said: "The ****-ing Heat suck!" And then, I climb onto this blog today and see more panic, frustration and anger because a pretty good teenage football player from Melbourne who was committed to the Hurricanes changed his mind and decided to go to Florida.

Look, I'll be the first to tell you South Florida Joe sports makes me a bit looney. But I think we all need to take a step back, take a deep breath and refocus. Don't let Loseritus dominate your life. Winning is just around the corner. I mean, besides, there is no way to go but up.

Seriously, while the loss of linebacker Ramon Buchanon to the Gators hurts (I won't lie, he was one of the top five kids UM had as commitments), it certainly isn't the end of the world. In fact, losing Buchanon -- along with Lerentee McCray, Matt Patchan and Patrick Johnson this recruiting season -- certainly shouldn't have come as a surprise. And it certainly shouldn't ruin the good work Randy Shannon and his staff have done in accumulating talent this recruiting season.

With or without Buchanon, Miami's class is still considered Top 10 in the country by everyone. I spoke to both Larry Blustein and Charles Fishbein today about it. Both weren't surprised Buchanon jumped ship. Both say Miami's class is still strong.

"The key for the Hurricanes is just to finish strong," said Fishbein, of MSLCombines.net. "They get a Brandon Harris at cornerback, Ben Jones on the offensive line and just keep adding depth and this is still one of the best classes in the country. Everyone just needs to chill out. There's two weeks left. The Northwestern kids are already at UM. And the rest of the ones who are set to come in probably aren't going anywhere else."

Said Blustein: "If Miami gets Brandon Harris this is still an amazing class. People have got to remember this team went 5-7. It's hard to get whoever you want when you have a record like that. Randy has done a good job getting the guys he has this year. This isn't an overnight project by any means."

So, there's a little perspective. Take some. It might help your nerves.

-- If that doesn't help, I was told the Hurricanes expect linebacker Gavin Hardin, who visited UM over the weekend to become the Canes next commitment. Hardin is a Rivals three-star recruit and mammoth kid at 6-5, 225. He could end up playing defensive end at the next level.