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Wednesday's Q&A

Hate to do this to you guys, but a long day at the airport, followed by another long night helping my brother move is going to force me to answer questions later tonight and not do this week's session live.

My apologies. Feel free to start leaving questions for me below. I hope to be on tonight around midnight to answer them if you guys are willing to stay up that late.

UPDATE... 1:09 a.m. - OK, I'm finally going to start answering questions. For those of you who waited up until midnight I apologize. I was tied up with the move and didn't get home until now. I heard about the Bill Young rumors. I'll address it below.


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Q: Manny do u believe if we get Martavious Odoms and jatavious Miller we can pull Janoris jenkins from the gators? How ridiculous would that be to have all the boys from MNW BTW and Pahokee Posted by: UpNorth Cane | January 17, 2008 at 12:09 AM

A: Those Pahokee guys except for Micanor Regis aren't going to The U.

Q: Mandingo...the Canes BB team crashed back to earth against BC last night. Still feeling cocky about their chances this year? Por favor hombre, dime la verdad? Posted by: 86Cane | January 17, 2008 at 12:12 AM

A: Ocho-Seis, your Spanish is getting better Holmes. Am I feeling cocky? Never was. But, yes, I still think they can make the NCAA tournament.

Q: if its true (Young) would be a solid hire. I was at the OB this year. They played really well with a lot less talent then VT had but truly out played them. Corner and DE as well as TE are major priorities this year whos in the picture and who do you think we have a solid shot at? Posted by: trucanefanmay | January 17, 2008 at 12:13 AM

A: Agreed that Young would be a good hire for the Canes. But I'm not sure it happens. I talked about this earlier. Smells to me like this guy's agent is trying to raise the bidding war. I addressed the recruiting stuff, corners, earlier.

Q: Off topic...The naming of the new Dolphins coach does not seem to be generating any major excitement among fans so far. Greg Cote says he has to earn our trust? What's the word on the street? Posted by: 86Cane | January 17, 2008 at 12:19 AM

A: Last one for the night. I'm falling asleep.

My thoughts are Sporano isn't drawing major excitement because all anyone can think about right now is that his name sounds too much like Tony Soprano. Who is Sporano? We know he coached the offensive line in Dallas. But is he a guy who can really handle being the head guy in the NFL? Right now, all anyone can do is trust Bill Parcells. And that's tough for Dolphins fans to do right now regardless of who is running the show for the Fins. Just my two cents.

Damn...thanks Manny! I was praying you'd tap out first, because I didn't want to miss anything. You Go Hard!

Manny... Just a heads-up

Hook up with (86) when you have a chance, seems he has a twin using same name and questions or statements could be memorex.

This info surfaced yesterday on Canespace from complaints issued from bloggers on SS

Last night, I waited for him to expose himself thru more questions but you were late and and I had to leave.


Manny, Why do these coaches (nowadays) use that tactic of having his agent or someone else give some sort of "news" to a member of the media and then have the coach himself deny it vehemently. We all know that it is to get leverage for new contract or bidding war, it just seems that since Coker was fired it has happened more than the average for UM.

Examples were Richt, Spurrier, Young, Rodriguez, Schiano etc..

I just hope that when we play them we give them a old time Miami beating!!


my brother wrote and produced the song "we ballin boy"-- seriously-- however i don't know about the song you're referring to. i'll ask him and get back to you on this here.


Good morning (or afternoon). Take this question before the B-Ball p-conference...WHERE DID BRIAN ASBURY dissapear to, what does Haith say, and what do you think about his dissapearance? Also, any idea who might get the 2008 PG scholarship Haith has been hinting about.

Hey manny,
what would you say about maybe getting a guy like cris carter ( who coaches @ st thomas) maybe we could get a guy like him as a wide reciever's coach ( i know wishful thinking)

HEY manny
why was there a scholarship down size to 86 in college football did it have any thing to do with the big three schools from florida domonating threw out the eigthties and nineties that they had to spread that talent out

Cris Carter coaches at St. Thomas because his kid goes and plays there. We would be much better off with Michael Irvin as a coach at "THE U" if he's interested. Personally I think he would be a tremendous addition.

Yes i do agree but i think carter would do it over irvin. I don't think irvin has wanted to get into coaching and it seems (even though his kid goes there) carter does have some desiree to coach


Michael Irvin probably makes a pretty good living with his TV work. He isn't going to give that up to become a position coach at UM. I'd be concerned the full-length mink might come out of the closet on a road trip. I love the playmaker, but too many skeletons in the closet for a job at UM.

Bienvenido a Miami

Young seems like a good hire. I've read he is excellent at player development...just what we need. We have studs and now we have someone to coach them up.

Cris Carter would be a good hire as receivers coach. But he also has Inside the NFL...Randy Shannon isn't going to put up with that.

Wake up Manny! You gotta tell Susan D to change her story regarding the DC hire. Give us the inside scoop on this guy!!!

Maybe Brown knew Young was going to be the Dc at Miami....

This is what someone in kansas wrote haha...

Wow, has he toured the facilities down there? From what I've read they're even worse than KU's. At least we're moving forward as a football school rather than backwards. Best wishes for him as a coach down there, I just hope the decision doesn't come back to haunt him. I'm glad we were able to have him as a coach for the time we did.

and here's what i replied too them with...

Well we may not have the best facility's but we have a rich tradition and 5 championship rings..I'm very excited that we finally will have another defensive coach (besides our head coach) we some credibility. And with the recruiting class we have coming in right now it won't be long until we are back to the old U..

T.J. Bryant will probably end up a nole...but Manny you saying it's real tough to land him comparing it to Bobby getting a MNW player may be a little off. I hate FSU but I've got to give Bowden credit; he can recruit Dade county. If you guys remember him snagging Anthony Leon, Derrick Gibson, Stanford Samuels, Marvin Jones, Patrick Robinson...If it aint UM snagging the Dade talent it's usually fsu. florida isn't usually too successful here. But I'm glad Shannon's recruiting Dade and all round florida. That's what Butch did a couple years ago to spark our title runs. I hated Coker not realizing what was in his backyard for talent-him going to cali for wright, texas for freeman, texas for leggett. Miami wins its titles with Florida talent.

That shandel Richardson guy from the Sun-sentinel sucks. He's from up north and doesnt seem to understand that we eat, sleep and shit football in the south and especially in Florida. Great job Manny, I hope you never leave this Cane blog bcs out of all the south florida newspapers (Palm Beach Post, Sentinel, Herald) you're the best and you seem to understand that we eat, sleep and shit football down here. Don't get me wrong, we luv basketball but its a distant 3rd to football on my list...and I meant to say 3rd bcs football is 1st and 2nd on my list...GO CANES!!!

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm Alex, If Bowden gets players from Dade they're usually players who don't amount to much anyways. look at all those players u just mentioned. Number one, none of them went to NW (i dont think)which is what manny said and only Marvin Jones sticks out to me. Patrick played well last year but even the year he had (with leading the team in picks) could be a fluke. He got a lot of picks but he also got burnt alot...

Wow, I got to say that was one great Q&A by Manny. What a warrior! Thanks for sharing your insights and doing so very late at night. We all appreciate it!

i agree that shandel guy is the worst. im afro-american i want 2 pull 4 the bother but wow he lack any material. its as though he work 3days a week while manny is up until 4am blogging. manny let ur employers know what the lack luster competition u have. coupled with ur hard work when it comes 2 material wow ur like a pay site.

Yeah, we eat, sleep, and shit football so much that we get 40K at most games. Please.

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