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Bryce Brown commits

Is it just me or is the recruiting going on with the University of Miami getting out of control? Do we need to start checking UM assistants for performance enhancers? It's not even three weeks after the last National Signing Day and the Canes already have one of the nation's Top 2009 recruits.

Bryce_brownI'm not breaking any news here. You know who I'm talking about. Bryce Brown, the younger brother UM linebacker Arthur Brown and the top junior running back in the country, decided to taper the madness surrounding his recruitment on Thursday and announce his expected intentions. Brown told Rivals.com he's going to follow his big bro and will play football for the Canes. Sure, he added an asterisk next to his commitment by saying he still plans on taking his trips (which recruit doesn't do that these days anymore).

But after talking with his trainer, Brian Butler, I don't think young Bryce is going to break his commitment unless like Butler said "he has his socks blown off." So, why should you care about a kid who still has a year of high school to play making a commitment to the Canes now? Three reasons: Brown (6-1, 212) is a beast; he could potentially convince other top '09 recruits to follow him; and because this is yet another sign Randy Shannon, Clint Hurtt and the rest of the UM recruiting crew is down-home serious about getting the ship righted.

"I think he's a big time player," national high school recruiting analyst Charles Fishbein told me when I asked him to state the obvious about Brown. "He's super athletic. He runs hard. He's a punishing, physical back. But the one thing I noticed about at the combine I saw last year is the way he changed direction. He was more athletic than his brother. I think his change of direction is special. He could play linebacker and safety if he wanted to and start at running back. He's that good."

Brown, like his big brother, has Butler -- his trainer -- do most of the talking for him these days. But I'm hopeful I'll get a chance to talk to the younger Brown soon. I certainly plan on talking to Arthur Brown when spring practice begins next Tuesday.

According to what UM recruiting coordinator Clint Hurtt told me last week, Miami wants to nab two running backs in it's '09 class and will likely have 19 scholarships available overall. That means UM could still very much land the best running back in South Florida and a Rivals.com 4-star recruit in Miami Killian's Lamar Miller. I asked Fishbein, who is a recruiting encyclopedia, to describe the differences between Brown and Miller.

"Brown reminds me of Jamal Lewis. He's big powerful running back with breakaway speed," Fishbein said. "I think Lamar is one of these kids whose a powerful runner, he's going to run outside the tackles more and not as a punishing runner as others. Bryce is a guy that will not only can he wear you down for three quarters, but he'll break out with a long run. Lamar can pound it out for a play or two. But with Brown, this is the type of kid who wears you down and by the end of the fourth quarter, he wears you out."

I asked Fishbein if he really thinks getting a 5-star kid this early will help in the recruiting game, something Brown said he did in part because he wants to help the Hurricanes recruiting players. This was his take

"I think anytime you get a big-time player like that can help a recruiting class," Fishbein said. "But I think at the end of the day, it's going to come down to is Miami getting it done on the field. This year was like a mulligan year. The coaches are new, so you can't really blame them for the past. But I think overall they've got to win. Bryce will stick because his brother will be there. At the end of the day, when Miami goes outside of the tricity area, Miami is going to have to win next year. I think they have to at least show some improvement on the field -- 8-4 type season. Kids are all about winning now."

Here's a footnote: Butler said Miami is also recruiting two other players he trains locally in Kansas -- inside linebacker Jayden Bird (6-3, 230) and outside linebacker Houlden Tharpe (6-1½, 210). Fishbein told me neither of those kids are on Brown's level talentwise.

HERE'S A YOUTUBE CLIP OF BROWN. WARNING: It was obviously made by a Kansas State fan who was hoping Bryce might actually buy into it and pick the in-state team. Either way, it's a good collection of clips.


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First!!!!!!! Yeah I'm on it!

Beautiful. Now let's start hearing from some O-linemen and corners.

Let's start it up for 09!! Rake em' in Shannon. Welcome to U guys!!


Breathtaking back. Jamal Lewis like orrrrrr Jim Brown like?

Man! Runs with power,and speed. He may make us lose JJ and Cooker to the draft early. This kid will not be denied. Just imagine fullback Hill going in there and then followed by Bryce... Man that is something I will take a trip to Miami at least a couple of times a year to see -- including an NC game :)

This is why we have to give randy and his staff a chance to succeed with there players. Larry coker left the cupboard pretty much bare on talent at wr and qb so much so our offense sucked. I can't believe all the fire shannon stuff ive read on this and shandel's blog and the palmbeach post site. Frank Haith deserves a chance also he is bringing in better talent every year to a basketball team that pretty much was one of the worst in big conference basketball. Please stop the fire haith fire shannon stuff these guys both deserve a chance to show what there recruiting will lead to on the feild before you yell they should be fired.

Stud RB! Welcome to the U.


Bryce Brown
Welcome to the U!!!!!GO CANEZ!!!!

Can we go ahead an offer Shannon an extension ??????????? Give him a !0 year deal or more ???
I dont know how to say what I am about to say any better, so here it goes....
GO CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out: http://hurricanewarriors.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=65&Itemid=2

Tell The Donna (and e new AD) to show the love . . .
Hurt and Barrow too!


You can tell Fishbein not to worry about UM. We will be just fine. We will win this year, and be a juggernaut every year after that.

Fish-man should worry about his f$u team.





MIND YOU TO ALL THE BANDWAGON JUMPERS: RS hasn't done anything on the field yet. Don't forget last season. Don't ever forget the whooping Oklahoma and Virginia gave us. Don't forget. Don't ever forget!

Nice touch, adding the UTUBE. and PICs... thanks. Articles seem more complete with them.

Next: Looking forward to your break-down and take on key positions... Keep it coming!

Hey Manny, To the thankless hours of sport reporting... This bud is for you!

Keep it coming Manny! Great stuff!

DAAAAAMN, I know we haven't done anything on the field---YET, but this is an exciting time to be a Canes fan. Just EXCITING! Good job, Bryce, the Cane Nation welcomes you and other recruits to the U!

The future... Just a thought!
With Brice coming in 09, it would be sweet to see Arthur stay for his senior year to watch both brothers be drafted in the 1st round after seeing Miami wins back to back NT's in 2010 and 2011.



What's the chance Devin Ebanks backs out of his letter of intent & comes to da "U" after IU gives Kelvin Sampson the boot. He almost chose us over IU. I remember him saying he developed a strong relationship with Frank Haith. Will it be enough to reel him in?

& if he comes, how good can da "U" be next year in hoops???

Anybody feel bad for Shawnbrey McNeal and Lee Chambers? RB spot is going to be deep and talented.

Man, this is SWEET. This kid is an ANIMAL, and like Manny said, this could bring others. This is what Da U is all about baby. Having a WHOLE team of ANIMALS, like in 2001, when our 3rd teamers could start at any other college. WooHoo!

Yeah, what about Derron Thomas, McNeal, and Chambers? Are they going to get to play? ANybody know the scoop on them?

I think mcneal breaks out this year we don't need to feel sorry for
him and cooper needs To ballhard chambers may ride pine

Remember ...It's a long season and guy's get hurt!

Why should anyone feel sorry for a player? If they are good enough to play they should see the field. Maybe this will make them work harder to become better.

Anyone else see the Brown brothers becoming the next Blades brothers. How sweet would that be? I'll take 2 or 3 championships in the next 4 or 5 years.

Bryce reminds me a very good RB from Oklahoma Adrian Peterson. Watch this kid run and he looks just like AD did. He has the power and the speed.. Watch out America, DA U is back..

Wow Congrads and Welcome to the U! This guy looks punishing!

Great article Manny.

I can't wait until the season starts. Baby J and Greg Cooper were playing injured by the end of the year and they'll be back. I'm a little concerned about our d-line though.

The U will be back...!!!

I was just kiding about feeling sorry for anyone. If they prove it they will play. Even Bryce Brown has always said he wants to contribute right away but he knows he's going to have to work for it. Also after his brother goes thru his freshmen year he'll see that nothing is handed to anyone at THE U. (Maybe in the previous regime but those times have changed, thank God)

Oral commitments at this point are WORTHLESS. There are 11.5 months left until signing day. He's said he will take official visits to other schools.

You fools said the same thing about PJ last year. You said the same thing about Devlin two years ago.

When are you genius's going to learn that this doesn't mean anything?

Yeah.. but none of those guys had a older brother who is about to be a stud on the the team already


I forgot that you were the only genius around these parts. Our bad, big guy!!!! One day I want to grow up and be as smart as JOE!!!! U freakin' moron!!!!

I think mcneal breaks out this year we don't need to feel sorry for
him and cooper needs To ballhard chambers may ride pine

Posted by: DMc | February 22, 2008 at 09:42 AM

I agree with the above statement by DMc and
i wouldn't be surprised to see McNeal as a
very successful punt returner...And we will
use Chambers more often than you think in
08...remember James played with injuries the last two seasons and Cooper was also injured at the end of last season...RB is a
tough position, we need depth at this position to go 9-3 or 8-4 in 2008.

Cola - Wasn't there a time where James, Portis, McGahee, Davenport, Payton, etc. were all on the team at the same time. IMO there is no "what abouts..."

IMO you don't go to a school just so you'll play right away. You MUST go to a school where there are guys on that team to make you better.

Load them up Randy. They'll only make themselves better.

Put it this way. If you practiced against Jordon everyday, don't you think your Bball skills would improve? If you practiced against guys that you were better than, who is going to make you better?


Why am I not surprised that you attack me personally instead of commenting on the subject of my post.

These oral commitment are not binding whatsoever. The other schools have more than 11 months to change is mind. He's already said he'll give them a chance by taken official visits there.

Anyone who's been following the team has seen this happen each of the last three years, only to have the recruit change his mind later on. How many times can you fall for the same thing?

As the saying goes... "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three or four times..." The saying doesn't even contemplate somebody dumb enough to get taken a third or fourth time.


I attacked you personally because of your personal attack against everyone else that posted before you.

"When are you GENIUS'S going to learn that this doesn't mean anything?"

Maybe if you would have taken a different approach, I wouldn't have made it personal.Get off your high horse and let people get excited for a little while. We all know what goes on, that a 17 or 18 year old kid can change his/her mind pretty quickly. This is news that we as fans have the right to get excited over, even though we know next February he can sign somewhere else...but for now let us enjoy.

I guess Obama supporters should celebrate his victory in the presidential election now because he's ahead in the polls 9 months before the election.

I hope we get him as much as everybody else. He looks like he could be one of the great ones. I just hate to see an entire fan base set itself up for disappointment once again.


Whatever you say...you are absolutely right. Your way of thinking is correct! Enjoy your weekend.

Go Canes!!!!


Getting excited is what beng a FAN is all about! Football is a GAME. An emotional outlet! Entertainment!!! The entertainment value is why we, as FANS, get excited about the POSSIBILITY of a premier talent. You admonished Savitza for attacking you personally and not the subject of your text. You actually opened yourself up to an reposte by your snide "genius's" and "fools" attacks. I agree with your opening statement, although with less emphasis on "WORTHLESS", I prefer to view the glass as half full, and feel that Mr. Brown will keep his word. I am a Miami Hurricanes FAN, and CHOOSE to ENJOY the potential of gaining a NEW family member that is loaded with talent!

Potential Heisman candidate in the making if he stays healthy. He runs like a stallion. Thanks Manny.

that boy isn't going to KSU. he's comin to 'da U. after recruiting QBs this class and getting this guy for the 2009 class.... it looks like Miami is going to reclaim the titles of Running Back and Quarter Back U

All I can say is, you better hope Bryce Brown keeps his committment to the U and follows his brother. I would hate to play against him. This kid has a gift that you can't teach. Did you see him come from across the field? My God! He grew up watching the Hurricanes with his brother. They remember when. Hopefully his oral committment can withstand the HEAVY recruiting that is coming his way. GO CANES!!!!!!!!!! ATL CANE 4 LIFE.

Maybe some O-line talent from that region will follow.


Randy Shannon is doing a god thing, and that is recruiting South Florida. That's where the best talent in the country is.
Dennis Erickson really got away from that. Most of his classes would come from out of state. I don't know why he was doing that. I wonder if he was getting whipped by Bobby Bowden for the top So Florida players and had to go elsehwere for top players.
Dennis Erickson could not recruit. He was good X and O's, but he couldn't recruit.
He was too busy drinking and playing golf. He got no heart for recruiting.

this kid is niiiiiiice man. he seems like he just runs past his blockers and defenders so effortlessly and so fast that the defense has little or no chance to react to him. the 2008 season and on looks real promising. good to see shannon and the rest of the staff's efforts look to be fruitful.

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