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Courtside blog: UM 78, Maryland 63 (F)

Checking in from the BUC for another afternoon of ACC basketball. The Canes get Maryland today. I'll provide my insight as the game progresses. What is going with you guys? Holler back.

By the way... here is what the Indy Star reported on in the aftermath of Kelvin Sampson's departure from Indiana and how it might impact highly-touted recruit Devin Ebanks.

- 15:19 left, UM 9, Maryland 6: Anthony King has a pair of jumpers early and four points to pace the Canes. Miami has come out shooting the ball well. UM shot 57 percent on Wednesday against Duke.
- 14:13 left, UM 15, Maryland 6: Canes force Gary Williams to call timeout after going on a 10-0 run to go up 9. Anthony King has 8 early points. Nice to see him back.
- 11:47 left, UM 18, Maryland 13: Bambale Osby has 7 early points to pace the Terps. Jimmy Graham picked up his second foul with 13:02 left. Graham was instrumental in UM's upset of Maryland in the ACC tournament last year. The Canes sorely need his interior toughness in a game like this.
- 7:43 left, UM 27, Maryland 19: Miami has been getting in the paint and getting a lot of nice buckets. Dwayne Collins had a beautiful alley-oop dunk that was followed by a driving layup by Ray Hicks, who scored over and between and three Maryland defenders. Jack McClinton's three-pointer with 8:05 has extended UM's lead back to 8.
- 3:47 left, UM 33, Maryland 24: UM's lead swelled to 11 moments ago when Anthony King's hook shot swished with 5:57 left. It's nice to see King have some confidence in his game again. He's played well tonight and is the star so far. He's got several rebounds and even a pair of blocks.
- Halftime, UM 39, Maryland 36: the Terps on an 8-2 run to close out the final two minutes of the half and make it a little tighter than it really was in the first half. I'll come back with some numbers soon. Couple of key stats -- Miami only had four turnovers in the first half; Maryland outrebounded UM 19-10. Anthony King has 10 points and Brian Asbury has 9. UM shot 54 percent from the field. Basically, Miami needs to start rebounding or continue to shoot a high percentage.

- 15:57 left, UM 44, Maryland 44: Miami had an eight-point lead evaporate with an 8-0 Maryland run. Sophomore forward Landon Milbourne hit back-to-back threes for the Terps before Greivis Vazquez sunk a runner in the lane to tie with 16:17 left. Lance Hurdle will go to the line for UM now to try and put the Canes back in front.
- 10:34 left, UM 53, Maryland 48: James Dews has scored the last four points and Miami has scored five straight points to make the BUC loud again. The Canes have the lead and the momentum in a very important game for the NCAA Tournament hopes. Let's see if they can sustain the energy out of this break. Maryland has tied the score three times here in the second half.
- 7:45 left, UM 59, Maryland 53: Another little spurt here has put the Canes back in front by six. Eddie Rios hit a jumper and then Dwayne Collins intercepted a pass and passed ahead to James Dews for a layup. These ACC games raise my blood pressure!
- 3:58 left, UM 63, Maryland 58: This one is going to go down the wire. Maryland's defense has stiffened. They're forcing UM to take tough jump shots and they aren't giving up any easy baskets in the paint anymore. Miami is going to have to win this with defense and rebounding.
- 2:57 left, UM 66, Maryland 58: McClutch strikes again! McClinton's three-pointer with 3:03 left puts UM up by 8.
- 1:48 left, UM 70, Maryland 61: This place is loud again and looks like the Canes are on their way to another huge win. Jack McClinton sinks a left-handed scoop in the lane with three seconds left on the shot clock and now the pressure is on Maryland to start hitting threes.