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Courtside blog: Duke 88, UM 73 (F)

I'm here crammed into my seat on press row and living the dream. I'm surrounded by the Crazies at Cameron Indoor Stadium for UM-Duke this afternoon.

How are things back home? What are the latest rumblings in recruiting?

As usual, I'll bring you my thoughts throughout the game. So far, I've been impressed by the amount of homework the Dukies do here. All of the Crazies have a sheet of paper with facts about Miami and its players. Can't wait to hear what they start screaming once this one starts.

The funniest thing I've seen so far: watching members of the press climb over the media table because they can't walk behind the students to get to their seats.

15:39 left, UM 7, Duke 6:
As expected, the Canes have come out a little nervous. A few early slips and turnovers -- but they're winning! Early foul trouble could be the story here. I think Lance Hurdle, James Dews and Jack McClinton all already got one foul each.
11:56 left, Duke 15, UM 11: Well, I don't think I've ever seen this before. The Crazies had it right: Let Them Play! Miami has 9 fouls -- two each for McClinton and Dews. Duke has 7. That's been the story so far. And the fact Duke is shooting horribly from the field and the line. Edwin Rios is going to see major minutes here for UM with McClinton and Dews out.
7:01 left, Duke 25, UM 19: Miami has 12 fouls and there is no doubt this game has been tightly officiated. It definitely has affected both teams ability to get into a flow. Duke has missed so many shot. Anyway... the best thing about Duke isn't their team. It's the fans. They just called all for Crazy Towel Guy. This guy sitting in the middle of the stands, gets up and starts waving his towel. Another highlight... hearing them shout to UM their King (Taylor King) is better then UM's (Anthony King).
3:08 left, Duke 29, UM 26: Hard to explain what I've watched here. Duke has been awful shooting from the line and the field. Miami hasn't taken advantage and has simply been racking up fouls. I guess the important thing here is Miami is still in this game. But when Duke starts sinking shots, this one could get ugly quickly.
:50.6 left, Duke 38, UM 31: Perhaps the most amazing thing is that Miami has kept itself in this game without much from McClinton (who has sat a lot with two foul).
HALFTIME: If you are looking for reasons why this game is where it is... Duke shot 31 percent in the first half (10 of 32) and was 10 of 21 from the line. UM drew 15 personal fouls and outscored Duke 20-2 in the paint.

15:39 left, Duke 54, UM 40: Despite all their struggles today, the Canes had managed to keep this a single digit game until now. DeMarcus Nelson's steal and lay-up pushed it to 49-38. Since Lance Hurdle's layup with 17:55, Duke has gone on a 9-2 run to break this one open.
12:19 left, Duke 63, UM 50: The Blue Devils lead stretched to 18 a little while ago, but Miami has kept fighting. Brian Asbury has a pretty good game. He's got 10 points and a bunch of boards.
11:24 left, Duke 65 UM 52: After this last time out, the Crazies sang their favorite song: Carolina Eat [Expletive].
7:27 left, Duke 71, UM 61: Of all the funny things I've heard today, nothing is funnier or more to the point than what the Crazies just yelled out to officials: "POWER TRIP!" Good lord this game has been poorly officiated. This is no exaggeration. I'm dying to read the final boxscore and count them up.
5:37 left, Duke 75, UM 64: Miami had its chance to trim it under 10, but Jack McClinton missed a three-pointer. There might just not be enough time to pull any magic here even if McClinton gets hot.
2:50 left, Duke 79, UM 67: Got to give UM credit for battling in this game the way they have. It makes you wonder how things might have turned out differently if there were so many foul calls. Duke is obviously more talented, but not overwhelmingly.
:47.6 left, Duke 86, UM 73.