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Great start to recruiting home stretch

University of Miami fans waited up well past their bedtimes Thursday night -- who am I kidding? -- to find out if their final recruiting weekend was going to start off with a bang on the West Coast. It did.

Long Beach Poly defensive back Vaughn Telemaque, considered the nation's 12th-Vaughn_telemaquebest safety by Rivals.com, announced during a recorded interview on Fox Sports Net in California he was picking the Canes over favored USC. Telemaque became the 27th player to commit to the Hurricanes this recruiting season and the third safety prospect to pick UM. And thanks to our friend Matt In LA, who emailed me his quotes because he was watching it on TV in Los Angeles, we get to read what he said.

"Well, Miami, I didn't want to say it was a long time dream but it was," Telemaque said after putting on hats of USC, Oregon and North Carolina before settling on Miami. "And I want to live dreams as much as I can so, I wanted to be part of the 'U'. It's something that they are kind of rebuilding and they needed a strong rebuilding class and so I felt like I wanted to be a significant part of the recruiting class at the end of the day."

Telemaque could be the start of something big for the Canes, who still have between 6-8 scholarships, they hope to use in the final days leading up to national signing day. This weekend, the Canes are expected to host several high profile uncommitted visitors including...

* Jacksonville Trinity Christian RB Jamie Harper (who will choose between UM, FSU and Clemson)
* Northwestern WR Tommy Streeter (who decided earlier this week to give UM a visit after all)
* Northwestern OL Ben Jones (who is expected to pick UM over Clemson)
* Memphis Melrose WR Laron Byrd (who has always been high on UM, and could finally get the scholarship he's been looking for)
* Waco S Victor Johnson (an Oklahoma State commitment who was high on UM early and might switch)
* Detroit King DE Nick Perry (a sack-monster who is considered a longshot to leave the Michigan area, but was impressed by a Randy Shannon visit earlier this week)
* Melbourne Palm Bay S Ramon Buchanon (who is visiting UM after switching his commitment to UF and could be on the verge of pulling another switcharoo)

The Hurricanes are still obviously courting Booker T. Washington cornerback Brandon Harris (who is visiting UCF this weekend and will announce his decision Wednesday at 1 p.m. on ESPN), Long Beach Poly safety Herman Davidson (who is set to choose between UM and North Carolina on Wednesday at 5 p.m. EST), Tallahasse Lincoln cornerback T.J. Bryant (who is expected to pick the hometown Noles after his visit there this weekend), cornerback Alonzo Lawrence (who is likely to pick Bama over the Canes this afternoon) and Hialeah defensive lineman Corey Liuget (who has FSU, Illinois and two other schools hot after his trail).

VISITING ANYWAY: One player who will still be making an unofficial visit to the Canes this weekend is Northwestern OL Brandon Washington, whom I spoke to late Thursday night. B-Wash Brandon_washington told me he still hadn't received his necessary ACT scores to make an official visit. But, since he wants to be there to help influence the decision of fellow Northwestern teammate Ben Jones, Washington said he will make the trip to Miami and hang out with his buddies this weekend. "The only difference is I can't go on the tours and they can't feed me," Washington explained. Washington admits he was upset he was unable to take any other official visits in the past month and said he really wanted to visit LSU and North Carolina to see how they would treat outsiders. Ultimately, he said, he thought he would have ended up picking UM anyway because he didn't think he could be far from home. Washington also said he would have no trouble moving to guard next season -- where some experts project him -- if that's the place he can see the field the fastest.

To listen to the complete audio interview, click on the following link to visit our UM audio section.

STAYING ON TARGET: Hollywood Chaminade linebacker Jordan Futch already expected to be part of UM's early enrollment class, but was held up by academic issues. I spoke with him Thursday night Jordan_futch and found out he still at least living his life like he's did make it into school. According to Futch, he speaks with quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Arthur Brown on a daily basis to find out what their daily regiments are, when they have workouts and what their routines are and then he follows it up by doing the same things. "They get up at 4:45 a.m. and I get up at 4:45 a.m.," Futch said. "They go in the sand pit and I'm in the sandpit with my trainer. They go over film and I go over film on my Tivo. They go into the gym at 6 and I'm in the gym at 6. I may not be there with them, but I'm still doing what they're doing, getting bigger, stronger, faster and ready." Futch said he is scheduled to enroll in classes at UM in May for the Summer Term. In his conversation with me he discusses meeting new UM defensive coordinator Bill Young, his relationship with safety Joe Wylie (the other UM recruit who didn't get in early) and more. Check out his conversation with me.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The newest edition of The Countdown (the recruiting podcast) is available for your listening pleasure. In this week's edition I talk to Larry Blustein about how he thinks UM will wrap up its signing class and how FIU has done surprisingly well. Then, I speak with Charles Fishbein to get his thoughts on FSU's and Florida's classes -- their strengths and weaknesses and what other targets they looking to land. Fishbein also tells me how FSU is making a push for Homestead linebacker and UM commitment Marcus Robinson.

- Check out The Miami Herald's new Recruiting Section for all the latest updates and features.
- I also conducted an interview with CSTV.com's Tom Lemming to get his thoughts on the Big 3 and how they are doing recruiting.
- I also spoke with incoming UM quarterback Taylor Cook earlier this week following his visit to UM.
- And I spoke with highly-touted cornerback Brandon Harris about how he will reach his decision.

VIDEO VAULT... Here are some highlights I found of Harper, who is visiting this weekend, on YouTube.


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Thanks Manny!!!

You are the true pimp!!! I just read all the stuff you posted at Canespace and I believe you are the "The Thruth" except for the real Truth who still has it out for Soup. I love all you guys!!!

Go Canes!!!

Thanks for the props and air time Manny!

Any info to help the canes and you out is the least I can do.

Thanks Manny. These late nights are well worth your info. Hope we make a good run after this weekend!

WE NEED HARPER!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! guy is a animal. hopefully well be able to sign him this coming week.

WE NEED HARPER!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE!! guy is a animal. hopefully well be able to sign him this coming week.

Great info. Manny. Listened to U on the radio tonight on 560 with "The Beast". Quick question, I know it's all a roll of the dice, but in your informed and humble opinion, do you think they will be a big surprise (in a postive for the Canes) on or before NSD? For some reason, I just believe that we have one or two tricks up our sleve. Keep up the great work!!

Thanks Manny for the great news. Your the best.

Calling samyd, are U there? We in 'Cane nation wanted to make sure you were still sticking by your CapsLock comments! You are such a recruiting expert and being the Guru you are we were all wondering if you are RS advisor with your no-miss predictions. Do U think we should revoke the offer, since we really have no business recruiting them? They are after all USC locks, just like PJ and Patchman were our locks.


Posted by: samyd | January 31, 2008 at 10:36 PM

The battle I am looking forward to is seeing who is right about VT and HD...Manny or Ferman! One is going to have to eat crow b/c its complete opposite ends of the spectrum on this one and someone's sources will clearly be better than the others. Stay tuned!!

Posted by: Matt in LA | January 31, 2008 at 09:06 PM

There is a storm forming in South Florida...a Hurricane coming up from what was a small rainstorm for several seasons. Go Canes!

As many of you know the Canes are in the running for a pair of Long Beach Poly California defensive backs Vaughn Telemaque and Herman Davidson. I spoke to Poly coach Raul Lara Thursday afternoon who told me Telemaque is supposed to have his announcement broadcast regionally on TV tonight at 1:30 a.m. (EST). Telemaque's finalists are UM, USC and Oregon -- and the Trojans are expected to come out the big winners
-- manny navarro (jan 31)

Thanks M...

Another informative post and especially enjoyed the Flick on Harper.. It's really nice to watch a video of someone when we're talking about them.

Vaughn T. definitely has what we need as a Safety and will look great wearing the U on his uniform... I can see him now, as he intercepts a deep one and returns it 99 for a TD... From what I read of him, he intercepted (8) balls and caused 1 fumble in his senior HS season and had (3)INT in his last championship title game alone, playing against the best in Calif...This kid is coming to play UM style of old and it doesn't get any better than that!

Again M, Thanks for you devotion.

U're on in the NSD red zone. It's good to see that U're keeping the dream alive, in Cali too. (Cali - that's the far-West).

Hey Manny,

I haven't said much on here since the Patchan announcement. And speaking of that, I understand Patchan Sr. wrote an article that's on the front of CaneSport ripping another guy over at the Herald. But anyways...Thanks for the continued update. I just want to voice my 2-cents and say while we have a lot of good visitors this weekend, I still think it's a must to pursue Brandon Harris and Ben Jones. And a question if you're answering...
1. What are chances of Streeter actually committing?? Isn't Byrd in contention for "the last WR scholarship"?
2. After Shannon's speech at MLK High in Detroit, do you think we have an honest shot at Perry?
3. Do you think getting high profile recruits NOW will help some recruits on the fence (who are ok with good competition of course) committ to Miami on NSD?
4. Does Buchanan even have an offer after the swtich to UF a couple weeks ago? I remember we supposedly pulled Larentee McCray's after his visits and such, but after someone actually decommitts to the Gators and all, do you think Shannon will want him or save a scholarship for him (especially after another DB committ yesterday)?
5. In your opinion, do you think some of these DB's will convert to CB if we don't lock down anymore of them? I know a lot want playing time. But, if Shannon is firm on his LB starters, do you think some may want the change to corner to see time? Or maybe Shannon is recruiting them to do that?
6. I hear one guy may come in on a track scholarhip (which prevents him from taking an official football visit). Isn't something in there against NCAA rules? Not that the NCAA patrols alot (look at Reggie Bush). I know it's not as bad as Meyer at UF supposedly getting gymnastics coaches to offer a football recruit's girlfriend a scholarship to sway him.

Green... Have been reading your complaints on every topic about the U for about 6 months and till now, have not said anything... Are you a miserable fan or a hater of all things concerning Miami? Cause I can't tell! You come here and spout your negative views all of the time and that is your right as a free American, but why chose Miami as your whipping post, did we beat you in a football game and you lost all of money and your house on the bet. What gives? It seems like you're not happy until you find a sore spot, you know the one. The one that you can't get to, to itch... Like a flea on a dog, You just like to dig your claws in and bite, until drawing blood... As a flea, you are a pain in the ___ and it is a shame, we can't get to you, to brush you off.

I know, by my post here, will put me on your list, but do us all a favor and go find another dog.

7. Does anyone think getting recruits from California, Kansas, Texas, and other states across the country will make those "ties" that will push other players from those states over the next few years to seriously consider UM as their college of choice??

great stuff, thanks....

Green... Have been reading your complaints on every topic about the U for about 6 months and till now, have not said anything...

Posted by: CatFiveCane | February 01, 2008 at 08:20 AM
hanging on my every word ... HOOKED

hey 86Cane C sucker, lie down with dogs ... rise up with fleas ...

it would delite me so much if the U pulls out a better class than our florida counterparts (like #1). it would communicate to the rest of the collegiate football world that the U will be back soon. i'm sick of hearing gator peeps brag and taunt. thanks coach shannon and staff for working so hard to get the best players possible. thanks to you manny for providing the best and latest information.

It seems like you're not happy until you find a sore spot, you know the one. The one that you can't get to, to itch... Like a flea on a dog, You just like to dig your claws in and bite, until drawing blood... As a flea, you are a pain in the ___ and it is a shame, we can't get to you, to brush you off.

Posted by: CatFiveCane | February 01, 2008 at 08:20 AM

Chris, we are already number 1, they just don't know it yet... Canes,2009,10,11,12,13 and counting.

Welcome VT! We recruited a stud in Cali, in direct competition with USC...not bad.

7. Does anyone think getting recruits from California, Kansas, Texas, and other states across the country will make those "ties" that will push other players from those states over the next few years to seriously consider UM as their college of choice??

Posted by: BBrinkley | February 01, 2008 at 08:24 AM

I'm not an expert like Manny, but I can tell you that we have always recruited California, especially NoCAl well for years (Gino Torreta, Scott Covington,D.J. Williams, Ken Dorsey, etc.). We have also recruited Texas well (Bubba Franks, Kevin Smith, Kevin Everrett, Eric Winston, etc.).We have always gotten 90-93% of our talent in Florida and went natinally for the other 7-10%. The other states that we have as our "pipeline" are Louisiana and New Jersey. IMO, I think due to LSU and Rutgers recent success even though we still get players from those states, we don't seem to be getting (recently) the studs we used to get.

I know, by my post here, will put me on your list, but do us all a favor and go find another dog.

Posted by: CatFiveCane | February 01, 2008 at 08:20 AM
at the drop of a hat, I can take my ball and go home ...

Sorry, I meant nationally.

Ok, Tele from Cali gave us a verbal, but I will be a believer when he finally signs. Then I will say "my bad".

We have a bunch of safeties, WR's, and LB's, do we need anymore. Lets make some late offers on OL, DL, and CB's. Heck if WR's have not made up their mind yet to play for us, then lets move on to other spots. Also forget Buchanon. He sold us out once, and will do so again.

FUTCH will be the next star LB at the U, if he works as hard he says he does.


I heard the first game is being changed to FAMU at "The New Place"? Any truth to this?

Laron Byrd does not go to Melrose HS in Memphis. That is where Cooper, Antonio Harper, and Armour went. Laron Byrd is from Louisiana.

This Vaughn Telemaque commit has absolutely made my entire week. I can't even begin to imagine how great this football team will be if they manage to add Streeter and Harris... I mean we're looking at a squad that ANY coach can win with. Great job Randy... after that miserable season you have displayed the heart and soul of a champion... I'm proud of you... and I'm excited about the coming seasons...

I think we can cut Manny some slack as regards the error about Byrd's high school. I mean the guy gave us some great, detailed info. at 2:30 AM. It's amzing how a guy can bust his hump and the one mistake that he has is highlighted. Keep up the great work Manny!!

"Ok, Tele from Cali gave us a verbal, but I will be a believer when he finally signs. Then I will say "my bad". "

Come on Samyd, you dont go on TV to announce your choice 5 days before NSD just to change your mind again, you do it to get your moment in the sun. now if he did it 3 months ago then i agree its not a done deal but this is in my book.

samyd - Do you know these players and positions or do you just review the 3 recruiting web sites? Just because they show them at a certain position doesn't mean crap! He**,Warren Sapp was a RB/FB. Randy and the other coaches see the guys play and will position them when they get to the U.

BBrink, there's nothing wrong with bringing players in on a track scholi, provided all the contact rules and such are abided by. Santana Moss came in on a track scholi when we were on probation

Thanks Cane4Life...I appreciate the info. Let us not forget that not only UF is looking to try and take a lot of guys from South Florida, but a lot of other schools as well. We have such a hot-bed of talent down here, I think it's prime real estate for UM to seal some Top 5 recruiting classes over the next few years (especially with the coordination we have in our recruiting right now). I think if we turn the corner with our season record (and I think we will with our coaching upgrades-not "changes"), we'll get even more recruits from around the country who are attracted to current, not past, successes and prestige. It's an even better thing the recruits we're bringing in have a good work ethic and moral character. Sometimes that can propel a player past the performance level of someone who relies solely on their skill and doesn't believe in putting in the time. Not to mention how off-base some of these recruiting sites are in assessing player skills/abilities. It doesn't factor in how each school has certain needs to fill and the dedication each player can bring to the table. I can't wait to see how NSD pans out. I think we haven't only met our needs, but began to build for a long road of successes on and off the field. Thanks again for the reply.

To out-of-towners and to those who are new to the boards... there are many sites to visit but only a few that are free and of free, CaneSpace.com is a great place to view and talk about the University of Miami football program. For a quality site with good information, check us out:
I'm not saying we are perfect, but we all care about the U.

good job Manny! cant say it enough....keep up the great work


BBrinkley- Anytime. I am just a poster like yourself, but if I can add a point or bring a bit of info. I will. Even though we have a couple 5 star and numerous 4 star guys, I, like U, believe that the "star system" is overrated. Numerous guys who come in as 3 and 2 star guys go on and have better college career's than the 4 and 5 star guys.

I believe that is because some of the higher rated guys come in thinking that things may be "owed" to them, not all think that way, but some. The lower rated guys come in with a chip on their shoulder and work extremely hard, because they think, that they came in rated too low and feel disrespected. The key ingredients in having a successful college career (or pro career) IMHO, is work ethic, good character, coaching and sometimes a little good fortune (luck).

Dang Manny, though you couldn't outdo yourself anymore but ya keep getting better.

Bro, thanks for the voice of reason at the other blog. LOL.

Now I can can why we pass over an undersized Quavon Taylor, cause we are going after "classic" looking players. We'll, so much for calling Randy unyielding and un adapting... The guy is absolutely amazing in recruiting when we just had a 5 - 7 season.

Canespace???? Oh please! That site is ran by a bunch of Fidelitos!!!

This is GREAT freakin news on getting VT. The U has always been able to get good athletes out west, and it's good to keep the pipeline open, as alot of those kids want to get away from the crazy west. We're on the verge of a STELLAR class. Just need Brando Harris, and Ben Jones, and a couple others and we're good to go. GO CANES.

This is a must read for all college football fans. If this had happened at the U the national media would have been calling for the death penalty of Miami football. I still remember Barbara Hedges, AD at the Univ. of Washington, complaining about the Canes running up the score on the Huskies in 2001. She and Rick Neuheisel were and still are a disgrace.


About the UW story....I live in Seattle and most people are wondering why the Times brought up such an old story. Same thing Cane fans say when our past (although not nearly as bad as the 2000 UW team) is brought up. Some things need to be put to rest. Not trying to make light of those players actions. They were/are thugs and the UW program an embarrasement. The positive is Willingham has turned them in the right direction as Shannon will do with UM.

But you're right, as I said when I posted this story earlier in the week, had this been the Canes the program may be a distant memory.

Where can I purchase a #12 Miami jersey online?

I was just watching ESPN's commercial for coverage of National Signing Day and the ticker at the bottom showed Doug Wiggins going to Miami

Why do we all care about class rankings so much? Getting the no.1 ranking would be a kiss of death for these kids because it will put unecessary pressure on them to produce immediately.

I'm all for getting as much talent as possible, we all know its needed. I hope these guys can contribute from day one, lord knows there are lots of holes from last year. But who cares what outside people think about the class.

ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports etc...they are all against the U. They are sitting there waiting to pounce on this program once something goes wrong. See the portrayal fo McCray's recruiting, the whole Patchan thing, and PJ. These are all heralded as major victories for other programs. I can see the headlines if Liuget doesn't come here - 'Shooting causes Liuget to leave Miami...Is the U Safe?'. We get VT to come here from Cali and its a bleep on the screen.

Screw these authorities on college football, what do we care about what they think. We know the talent we have coming in, I would switch our commits for anyone out there because they really want to be here (and they're studs!!!).

I hope this class gets ranked below 10...it will provide more fuel for the program than a no.1 ranking. People, we're Canes, our opinion of ourselves is all that should matter. That type of defiance is what makes are program unique. We don't care about the media, the conference, the BCS, ESPN, Herbstreet, Lemming etc....we only care about this U.

Didn't we have Doug Wiggins last year as a recruit, or am I on crack, lol?

calif. kid or not, it could build some signing mo. going into the final wk. NICE

Good post Canesjunkie,
Yes people love to dis the U, and I love it, especially when they call us Thug U, and I challenge them to show me how we're thug U, when Tenn, UF, FSU, VT, Texas, and a host of others have kids getting arrested. The Canes have NEVER had kids in jail, and of course, I never hear back from those I challenge. Our lil ole 13,000 student university KICKS @ss over a ton of other schools, and I think that's just phenominal. You get some punk kid, who hears something about Miami, and he says yep, that's thing U. That's just an immature idiot who knows nothing about Miami. I RARELY even watch ESPN anymore, they are more geared to ones who DON'T pay the bills, and that's kids. Their stupid anecdotes, and all the women they have on their who don't know jack about football, other than what the cue card they're reading tells them, lol. Yes spit on the U, and call the U what you will, but NFL coaches know where to go for talent. We don't just put bodies in the NFL, we put SUPERSTARS.

I think Randy Shannon realized how slack the past coaches worked towards recruiting and he decided to work his ass off along with other coaches and never let that happen again.


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