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More Good News, Live Q&A

posOn the eve of National Signing Day, more good news is pouring out in the Canes' favor. Defensive end Gavin Hardin told Canesport.com early Tuesday evening he's coming to UM.

Hardin becomes the second player one day before National Signing Day to announce he'll be choosing the Canes on Wednesday. InsideTheU.com reported late Tuesday night that receiver Laron Byrd made his commitment to Miami.

So what else did I hear Tuesday?
* Northwestern receiver Tommy Streeter told me moments ago he will wait to announce his decision at 9 a.m. tomorrow on campus. Streeter and I spoke for 10 minutes about his decision-making process. I came away with the impression he's been most impressed by South Carolina. We'll find out where he's going tomorrow. LISTEN TO THE AUDIO.

* A source I respect highly told me after a conversation with Jacksonville Trinity Christian's coaching staff that running back Jamie Harper is going to end up picking Clemson tomorrow when he announces around noon. Harper was very impressed with UM, but my source told me Harper's close relationship with high school teammate Daniel Andrews is what will lead him to pick the Tigers tomorrow.

PROGRAMMING UPDATE: As I told you yesterday, I'll be hosting a live Q&A tonight from 8 to 9 here on Eye On The U. It will be followed with an additional hour at Canespace.com from 9 to 10. By the way, Larry Blustein just told me he'll be joining us tonight for the blog in about half an hour. I'll let you know when he calls me.

FINAL REMINDER: Please check Miami Herald.com all day tomorrow for your recruiting updates. Andre Fernandez, Bob Emanuel and the rest of The Herald staff will be feeding news online all day.


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Larry...what factors do you attribute to the Canes excellent recruiting season after a 5-7 record in 2007?

Who are the Canes best recruiters and why?

Q: Manny whats good...Who do you think will be the last minute shocker for the U and is it someone we haven't heard much about? Posted by: RayChanCaneFan | February 05, 2008 at 08:07 PM

A: I don't think there will be anybody coming out of left field. All of the names you've heard in the last few weeks are the guys Miami wants.

Manny, Coach Hurtt was quoted says ''He is waiting on 4 commitments'', is Hardin and Byrd two of the four and who our the other two do you think?

Best player I ever scouted was Tyrone Moss' uncle, Rod Baker, 1984...LB/RB, Ely.....It will be hard for Buchanan to break out of that "Gator" stronghold in palm Bay...Reggie Nelson, Mike Degory, Joe Cohen...

Q: Hey Manny. Posted by: LarryB | February 05, 2008 at 08:35 PM

A: Thanks for coming on Larry. You've got a lot of fans. I'm thankful you are here on such a big night.

Manny and Blu, if you've seen any film on Hardin and Byrd, what past Canes would you compare them to??

And since it seems Harper's going north, what's the chance we land Perry?

Manny, Do you think Ramon Bucchanon will swap back to the U?

Miami's tradition and the fact that UM is pumped up all over the NFL, and the fact that Randy is new and many people respect what he does......

I maintain if Miami lands T.J. Bryant that is as big as LSU getting Patrick Johnson from south Florida...

Hey, Manny have U heard rumors about Jonathan Baldwin following Aubrey Hill to the U? can we rule that out??

Larry B, good to have you on. You have covered recruiting a long time and I am curious, when looking at how Randy Shannon is going about recruiting S. Florida and how Larry Coker recruited S. Florida, are you surprised how fast that Randy was able to repair the relationships that Coker had obviously torn between the local high schools and UM?

Q: Manny: It's great to see we are going to have real position competition this upcoming spring and fall. What are the most pressing needs where a freshman can step in and play right away? (Besides the obvious at QB) I thought we did not get any production out of the tight-end position...
Thanks a bunch Manny! Posted by: al | February 05, 2008 at 08:07 PM

A: I think the biggest needs are at receiver, linebacker and quarterback. Miami obviously filled those needs. I think Larry will agree with me about receiver. That's a position a guy like Aldarius Johnson with an entire spring under his belt can be a huge factor by the fall. I think you look at Arthur Brown and Sean Spence and think those two guys can see some playing time because both are so smart and so talented. And obviously quarterback with Jacory Harris coming in for the spring, you got to give him a chance to beat Robert Marve out for some playing time.

manny whats up man do you think streeter is tired of being in aldarius johson shadow

I've seen them both on film, and Byrd is just a nasty, physical player, who has it all. Hardin looks the part, but I want toi see him live before I put up the pink slip.....

Hey Larry i just wanna let you knw i respect your hardwork and honesty when it comes about these recruits........Out of all of the recruits miami has who do u think will be the top three players in a year or two

I've seen them both on film, and Byrd is just a nasty, physical player, who has it all. Hardin looks the part, but I want toi see him live before I put up the pink slip.....

Q: How about the TE from Michigan? Any chance we get him? I know we are getting all these WRs, but we need a TE. Posted by: Sensi | February 05, 2008 at 08:08 PM

A: I think Miami isn't going to end up getting a tight end in this class. Tommy Streeter, if he comes, could potentially play the position. I think UM will make that a huge priority in 2009.

manny how are things. do you think byrd is brought in as a te? also is adderly a te.

Mandingo...if the Canes get all of the current recruits that are commited, who is the PR and the KR next year?

Q: Manny: Let's say we have a bad day tomorrow and cannot fill all of our ships. Are their some other guys waiting in the wings for a late offer? Maybe Baker (CB)? Anyone else? Thanks Posted by: ChicagoCane | February 05, 2008 at 08:09 PM

A: Baker could be one of those guys. I think the kid would love to come to Miami. But I think Miami is going to fill all of its scholarship spots.

Thanks Blu...

Who's your sleeper in this upcoming class??

Q: Manny, do you see Marcus Robinson switching tomorrow? Posted by: AbUlIcCaNe | February 05, 2008 at 08:09 PM

A: There is a chance. But I think his connection with Barrow is going to keep him a Cane. He's a guy I could see switching to DE. Larry your thoughts?


What does it look like next year for O linemen and RB? specifically for the "U"

First the question about being surprised about Shannon doing a tremendous job in Dade...Well, first of all, the stars are aligned in a way they never have been before. The majority of the kids coming from two schools who had record years. While I still believe Miami can get anyone in Dade they really want, it will be put to the test this coming season and into the 2009 recruiting calls. They have to go at least 6-6 this year!

Blu: your starting 11 on D for the 'Canes next year? Give it a shot! Thanks!

If after signing day miami has extra ships left, because sum players decided to change their mind, can they go out and recruit people to replace them or is the 08 recruiting season over?

Q: When tomorrow is over I see Brandon Harris, B Jones, T Odom and maybe Tommy Streeter committing to the U. Who do you think out of the uncommitted will be a hurricane after tomorrow? Posted by: megacane | February 05, 2008 at 08:11 PM

A: Brandon Harris and Ben Jones out of that group.

Manny and Blu.....What about Bailey, C-Mac, Adkins, Dixon, Sam Shields, Ryan Hill and Sharpton...

Are they ready to rumble or will they overrun by these freshmen/underclassmen...J-Mack and Hankerson included?

Especially Hill and Shields...

Thanks as always.

Manny or Larry...I know I've asked this question before but I want to ask again as there is some differing opinions on this topic, especially if you have been on Canespace the last few days. But w/ all the rumors going around on message boards about where a player will commit and what they have told coaches they will do but they want their moment in the sun so they ask them to please keep it quiet until NSD, do these players pay attention to it and does any of the information thats posted/leaked really make a difference on the decision? Its been a big topic of conversation these last few days and I am curious if you have changed your position and what Larry's thoughts are. Thanks!

Brandon Harris, Aldarius Johnson, Marcus Forston and Arthur Brown/Sean Spence are for sures!!!!!

I agree. Marcus will be a Cane because he just fits in with the guys here. Go someplace else and he may not adjust like he will here. He is a flat out player...

In 2009, there is Lamar Miller (Killian) and Bryce Brown (RB).....OL: There are some good ones, but not great in this area. Jared Wheeler (American Heritage) is probably a UF kid..

I think UM will make that a huge priority in 2009.

Posted by: Manny Navarro | February 05, 2008 at 08:43 PM

Manny...who are the top TEs in 2009?

Mr. Blu: how did Frank Gore rate among all the players you've seen coming out of HS at the RB position?

Q: Who will be our starting MLB and have we recruited a MLB? Posted by: TX Cane | February 05, 2008 at 08:12 PM

A: I think Glenn Cook could end up getting the starting MLB job. He's a veteran and he's smart. As far as this class is concerned, the majority of guys Miami has gotten are OLB. Zach Kane and Antonio Harper are prototype MLB.

Q: Hi Manny, thanks for being on tonight. What player from this recruiting class do you expect to have the most immediate impact?

Presupposing that Brandon Harris does indeed committ to the U tomorrow, what are the chances that he comes in with an academic scholarship, rather than a football one?


What year is the big OL at Booker T in and if he is going to be a senior next year how do you think he fits into UMs plans as a lineman? Also does Miami have a shot at Henry Olreus (spelling) from Belle Glade?

Q: Manny theresrumors about surprises for tomorrow do u think it can be Buchanon and TJ Bryant committing? Posted by: UpNorth Cane | February 05, 2008 at 08:14 PM

A: Boy you sure hope so. Both of those guys would be pleasant surprises. Larry your thoughts on this one?

Keeping things quiet is not what an 18 year old kid likes to do. There are so many cats out of the bag these days, but it goes with the 15 minutes of fame theory that has been brought about by live ESPN coverage of kids making a college choice, etc....

Shields is the guy..but off the field he hasn't. Miami has had no pass-catching playmakers since Sinorice Moss. I say that Aldarius changes all that. He is fearless and will go up against any top corner and win....

Q: Manny, first just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and dedication. You are a very talented journalist. Here is my question: Is there any chance that a lot of these recruits actually get significant playing time this year? Or do you think RS will go with experienced players and only play a "few" freshmen? Posted by: elliott carbone | February 05, 2008 at 08:16 PM

A: I think the kids who are in this spring have a great shot at seeing playing time. Brandon Harris could definitely be a starter at corner next season if Miami gets him.

Q: Manny, rumors, rumors, rumors.....What do U think our chances are with TJ Bryant and B. Harris? If one or both fall through, who are our back-up options at CB? Thanks Posted by: Obviouscane | February 05, 2008 at 08:16 PM

A: George Baker. That's it. Otherwise, Miami goes without a corner.

Orelus is a beast, but now with Jesse Hester (FSU) there, you never know what will happen on that side of the Muck...The OL at BTW is a sophomore.

Frank Gore was one of the top 5 backs I have ever watched at this level.....

Manny, it seems you're sold on Bailey at DE
but has he outgrown MLB??

He can't be slower than Cookie, even at 290.
Granted, he doesn't know the system like Cookie.

Blu, what's your take on Bailey??

Q: Manny, When will the 08 schedule be released? Who is our non-conference filler for North Texas? Posted by: Darren Krien | February 05, 2008 at 08:16 PM

A: It's supposed to be released soon. Someone the other day mentioned FAMU as a possible replacement for North Texas. But all along I've heard Charleston Southern. Either way, it doesn't look like its going to be a sexy opponent for the home opener.

Hey guys,

What is the story on PJ? Is he still going to LSU or the story he met with Shannon in a airport true, and that he wants to come back to the U? What is the deal with that?

Larry or Manny...How much is jersey numbers playing in recruit signings and not signing?

Manny, just how good is Robert Marve? Does he really have a good arm? Just wondering because I have heard a lot of hype about this kid.

I love Glenn Cook, but if he is starting at any LB position, this team is not where it needs to be...He is a playmaker, but UM now needs tough, aggressive kids who will kick your ass and go out for breakfast after and think nothing of it!

I say if T.J. doesn't go to FSU, he may end up at Alabama. Heck,people already hate Nick saban, so another Seminole fan not liking him won't spoil his day....


Wow. So I assume that Booker T kid will be pretty highly touted when he comes out. He and Eduardo Clement will be high UM priorities I'd assume.

Q: Hey Manny, It bothers me to see Robert Marve out till 3 in the morning with his frat brothers chugging beer underage and basically acting like a baffoon.... whats up with that? Posted by: John | February 05, 2008 at 08:16 PM

A: He's a college kid. Obviously if he is out there doing that its something Randy Shannon doesn't want to see either. But at the same time those are just rumors. Has anybody really seen Marve doing this?

Blu, are you saying Bailey's the man or perhaps C-Mac or Sharpton get the nod at MLB??

Where do you see Bailey??

Q: What are the coaches going to do if no cornerbacks end up coming? Posted by: UMPunk | February 05, 2008 at 08:16 PM

A: Cry. I'm kidding. They'll make cornerback the No. 1 priority with tight end and offensive line not far behind.

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