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Recruiting updates

OK, I'm here at Booker T. Washington for the Brandon Harris announcement. I'll keep you posted.

12:32 p.m. - Harris is wearing a suit and tie and is sitting in the center of the auditorium floor. He is set to announce on ESPN and in front of us at 1:05 p.m.
12:56 p.m. - Got to love Ice Harris. He's got the crowd here on edge talking up a storm about his players. His best quote about the two Booker T. receivers headed to UM: "Randy Shannon is getting it done folks. You want to talk about excitement. You want to talk about thrills. The U is coming back strong with these two cats."
12:58 p.m. - Brandon Harris is starting to speak... "I just want to thank my teammates, my assistant coaches, my brother, everybody for putting me in this position."
1:00 p.m. - Brandon Harris... "I'm nervous right now. I'm nervous. I'd like to thank all the schools who offered me scholarships."
1:05 p.m. - Brandon Harris is going to The U! "It's been a long decision and growing up. My heart... I'm a Cane!"

* The big news from this afternoon is obviously the switch pulled by Melbourne Palm Bay linebacker Ramon Buchanon, who was once a Cane, then a Gator and a Cane in the end.
* Canesport.com reported Palm Beach Lakes defensive tackle Jeremy Lewis is sticking with the Canes even after making his five visits.
* According to internet reports, Miami has lost out on defensive end Nick Perry (USC), cornerback T.J. Bryant (USC) and Jamie Harper (Clemson). But all in all, the Canes have to be happy with what they've been able to pull off today. Getting Harris in a few minutes -- as I expect -- will be a great topping to this class. I expect him to be the last player UM picks up today.

OK I'm here at The West on the third floor in the school library. I'll give you the updates as they unfold.

9 a.m. - So far, Brandon Washington, Kendal Thompkins Ben Jones are here. I haven't seen Tommy Streeter yet. Andre Fernandez tells me all he sees are four UM caps on the table in front of the players.
9:05 a.m. - The players are now seated at the table with caps set out in front of them. Coach Billy Rolle is going to address the crowd of family members, students and media before it all begins.
9:07 a.m. - Tommy Streeter has arrived from nearby Turner Tech wearing a suit and tie.
9:10 a.m. - Actually, Kendal Thompkins still has not arrived. Streeter is sitting in the middle between Washington and Jones. And Jones just playfully put a UM cap on his head and told him "stop playing."
9:13 a.m. - Kendal Thompkins has arrived and is now taking a seat by his teammates. He doesn't have any cap on.
9:18 a.m. - We've got a bit of a hold up here. Not sure what they are waiting for. But I'll keep you posted.
9:21 a.m. - Just spoke to a Northwestern assistant and I asked him what the deal with Thompkins and Streeter was. His response: "Man, they ain't going nowhere. They're staying home." We'll still have to wait and see for sure.
9:23 a.m. - Billy Rolle just told me the hold-up is linebacker Quavon Taylor, who is headed to South Florida. Taylor still hasn't arrived.
9:24 a.m. - Athletic director Earl Allick has now started the ceremony with the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem.
9:27 a.m. - Principal Charles Hankerson is speaking. Maybe this is a good sign. There are four UM caps on the table mixed between a bunch of other caps. That's one for each of the guys the Canes want.
9:30 a.m. - Coach Billy Rolle is now at the podium and he's introducing his coaching staff. How about some kids!
9:31 a.m. - Kendal Thompkins has now placed a Nebraska cap on his head.
9:35 a.m. - We're still going through player introductions. Thompkins, Washington, Streeter and Jones will announce in that order.
9:41 a.m. - We're about to hear we're they're going... Ben Jones is going to... UM.
9:42 a.m. - Tommy Streeter is going to ... Miami.
9:43 a.m. - Brandon Washington is going to ... Miami.
9:45 a.m. - Kendal Thompkins is going to ...  Miami. Call it a clean sweep for the Canes!

STREETER'S DECISION: I just spoke to Streeter about why it ultimately was he picked the Canes. Turns out, his visit to UM this past weekend helped a lot. Streeter, who attends Turner Tech and wants to be a Broadcast Journalism major, said the equipment he saw at UM on his visit was more up to date than anything he'd seen on any of his other visits.

THOMPKINS TALKS: Thompkins tells me he was definitely scared down the stretch that UM might be signing too many receivers. He said he apologized to UM coaches for not telling him how he felt and for not warning him he was going to make a trip out to Nebraska instead of UM last weekend. But  in the end, after talking to his pastor, he decided UM was still the best place for him.


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heck yeah!!!!!!!

Manny - keep it coming!

Just saying today in the morning, PJ said he wast going to baton rouge to get away from his momma. Surprised to hear that he's switching back. Maybe the radio host got to him?

Amazing...Brandon Harris get. Coach Shannon & staff cleaned up today. Believe!

if he was gonna come here...he wouldve already committed....just be happy with what we already got.

Harris is a CANE!!!!!!

if he was gonna come here...he wouldve already committed....just be happy with what we already got.

Harris is the icing on the cake, boys. It is a great day to be a Miami Hurricane

Yeah baby!!!

Now I can go do some work. I'll be looking out for PJ, but I don't really want him. We need a CB, but one who is drama-free.

Brandon Harris to UM

He looked good putting on a Miami HELMET

Great job to Manny

Patrick Who? oh yeah Jackson I believe? I can't remember, all that I know is Brandon Harris.

if we have one more scholly how about George Baker?

I think the kid is dying to be a cane, and just recently decommitted from Auburn

Harris will be the next Ball-Hawk like ED REED!!! Baby-REED mark my words

Congrats Coach Shannon. U are a CLOSER. NOW U have some quality studs to work with. It is a nice start. NOW it's up to you and the rest of the staff to coach up these young men and get the U back to respectability then the NC'S.
Keep Nix on a very short leach. He has never had this stock of talent.

he looked real good wearing that helmet! it's destiny, lock it up now, we're pretty done with the recruiting! you'll be a force to be reackoned with B. Harris pretty much covered losing PJ and TJ, now i just hope herman davidson goes to us also and the rest of the guys we're trying to get

Harris is a CANE..WOO HOO!!!! This class is done. GREAT JOB RANDY!!!!

Observations about today:

1. Crazy World? - Before today who would have thought Perry would have left Michigan, and that TJ Bryant would have gone to USC. I could not believe my ears when I heard those announcements. Recruiting truly is absolutely crazy.

2. Shannon can close: Shannon has done a heck of a job closing out an already strong class. I think he showed that South Florida Talent is pretty much a lock to come to the U. Also, gotta give him credit for hiring before signing day and for working so hard on the recruiting trail...our previous coach (the choker himself) never would have done a job like this...

3. Miami has some cool hats....

4. Our class probably won't be filled which makes you think where else we will go for prospects....

has anyone heard about burton scott alabama soft verbal?

LSU's site has PJ signing a LOI at 11:25 AM.


Brandon Harris commits to the "U"!

Anyone hear any word on Moore? I know the chances are slim, but he was supposed to have signed his LOI already and no site has announced it yet (that ive seen)

How many scholarships do we have left?

I do not believe PJ signed with LSU yet. It shows he signed at 11:25a.m. If that were true we would have heard something by now.

herman davidson was going for UNC or Miami, any word on him???

This is what i like to see, guys that are canes at heart and want to play for the "U" not play the "U" as a nfl spring board! Go CANES!!!!

hah is anyone watching espnU? urban oscar meyer just referred to his place of employment the "the flagship school in the state of florida." Wouldn't that make some nice bulletin board material in our locker room....

RO_JA15, Herman Davidson signed with UNC

Anyone know what happened with Patrick Johnson?

oh well, sucks for him, doesn't matter anyways we're already with safeties as it is

according to lsu's website he signed his loi at 11:25. guess their check didnt bounce...


what player is that ONE scholly saved for???

Anyone care to wager?

I still find it hard to believe no one as mentioned that PJ has signed. By now ESPN would have talked about it. ( I think)

I'll step up to the plate - PJ!!!

Who cares about PJ, he's a punk a** girl that can't stick to his word! Let him go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Corey Liuget sign w/ Ill. or Florida? CSTV is reporting Florida?

Illinois as per rivals


what player is that ONE scholly saved for???

Anyone care to wager?

Wasn't there a Juco DT that visited two weeks ago? What happended to him?

Wednesday, 02/06/08
Gators pick up Liuget, Lawrence # Florida added two Super Prospects in defensive lineman Corey Liuget of Hialeah, Fla., once set for Illinois; and receiver TJ Lawrence of Lakeland-Kathleen, Fla., over Michigan, South Carolina and Virginia Tech.

I dont understand why PJ is a Punk A**? He has alot of gravy training family members pulling in different directions. I know I didnt want to upset my mom or dad. And in this case his step dad is probably getting a nice check from Boosters. The Kid wants to be a CANE but if he isn't I have no problem with him picking off that Bi**h Tebow.

Marcus Forston
Micanor Regis
Jeremy Lewis

Who needs a Juco DT?

What time is PJ's conference?

Cane84, I'm not sure what the point of your post is, but Liuget signed with Illinois, not the 'Turds.

Corey has not signed with Gayturds! per rivals

I was just asking because CSTV recruiting show's him switching to the Turds? CSTV must be wrong.

Congrats to Randy Shannon & The U..
Its been hard to focus all day anticipating the good things that are in store for the U this season and going forward. Randy, has set a tone for how, he will build depth and competition back to the program. I remember growing up every Summer and picking up the Herald during Summer Practice and you reading about the quarterback competition, Testeverde, Walsh, Erickson, Torretta all of the guys competing and were leaders before the probation years. The it got lost somewhere along the line with Davis, I don't think he stock piled talent at the QB position and when Dorsey graduated there was no one to groom or push the next QB. You would have never had a Brock Berlin transfer from Florida and be named the starter in the past. You add that to, the guys that bolted for the NFL and the money, and you can easily see how the team began its downward turn and ended up 5-7.
Now Randy has started his plan to build that talent and depth back up and players want to compete with other good players if they really want to compete and that is what you are seeing today with what Randy was able to do, telling theses guys, if you want to get to that next level you compete hard everyday and we will win and you will get a lot of light on you, the hungry players will do just that and will be playing for pride. Thats what made the U great, players who were playing with a chip on their shoulder and playing with pride and heart. The NW kids know how to play like that and I am sure they will bring that energy into the program and it will be contagious.

Go Canes....

FYI - ESPNU will be speaking to Randy Shannon in a few minutes.

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