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Recruiting updates

OK, I'm here at Booker T. Washington for the Brandon Harris announcement. I'll keep you posted.

12:32 p.m. - Harris is wearing a suit and tie and is sitting in the center of the auditorium floor. He is set to announce on ESPN and in front of us at 1:05 p.m.
12:56 p.m. - Got to love Ice Harris. He's got the crowd here on edge talking up a storm about his players. His best quote about the two Booker T. receivers headed to UM: "Randy Shannon is getting it done folks. You want to talk about excitement. You want to talk about thrills. The U is coming back strong with these two cats."
12:58 p.m. - Brandon Harris is starting to speak... "I just want to thank my teammates, my assistant coaches, my brother, everybody for putting me in this position."
1:00 p.m. - Brandon Harris... "I'm nervous right now. I'm nervous. I'd like to thank all the schools who offered me scholarships."
1:05 p.m. - Brandon Harris is going to The U! "It's been a long decision and growing up. My heart... I'm a Cane!"

* The big news from this afternoon is obviously the switch pulled by Melbourne Palm Bay linebacker Ramon Buchanon, who was once a Cane, then a Gator and a Cane in the end.
* Canesport.com reported Palm Beach Lakes defensive tackle Jeremy Lewis is sticking with the Canes even after making his five visits.
* According to internet reports, Miami has lost out on defensive end Nick Perry (USC), cornerback T.J. Bryant (USC) and Jamie Harper (Clemson). But all in all, the Canes have to be happy with what they've been able to pull off today. Getting Harris in a few minutes -- as I expect -- will be a great topping to this class. I expect him to be the last player UM picks up today.

OK I'm here at The West on the third floor in the school library. I'll give you the updates as they unfold.

9 a.m. - So far, Brandon Washington, Kendal Thompkins Ben Jones are here. I haven't seen Tommy Streeter yet. Andre Fernandez tells me all he sees are four UM caps on the table in front of the players.
9:05 a.m. - The players are now seated at the table with caps set out in front of them. Coach Billy Rolle is going to address the crowd of family members, students and media before it all begins.
9:07 a.m. - Tommy Streeter has arrived from nearby Turner Tech wearing a suit and tie.
9:10 a.m. - Actually, Kendal Thompkins still has not arrived. Streeter is sitting in the middle between Washington and Jones. And Jones just playfully put a UM cap on his head and told him "stop playing."
9:13 a.m. - Kendal Thompkins has arrived and is now taking a seat by his teammates. He doesn't have any cap on.
9:18 a.m. - We've got a bit of a hold up here. Not sure what they are waiting for. But I'll keep you posted.
9:21 a.m. - Just spoke to a Northwestern assistant and I asked him what the deal with Thompkins and Streeter was. His response: "Man, they ain't going nowhere. They're staying home." We'll still have to wait and see for sure.
9:23 a.m. - Billy Rolle just told me the hold-up is linebacker Quavon Taylor, who is headed to South Florida. Taylor still hasn't arrived.
9:24 a.m. - Athletic director Earl Allick has now started the ceremony with the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem.
9:27 a.m. - Principal Charles Hankerson is speaking. Maybe this is a good sign. There are four UM caps on the table mixed between a bunch of other caps. That's one for each of the guys the Canes want.
9:30 a.m. - Coach Billy Rolle is now at the podium and he's introducing his coaching staff. How about some kids!
9:31 a.m. - Kendal Thompkins has now placed a Nebraska cap on his head.
9:35 a.m. - We're still going through player introductions. Thompkins, Washington, Streeter and Jones will announce in that order.
9:41 a.m. - We're about to hear we're they're going... Ben Jones is going to... UM.
9:42 a.m. - Tommy Streeter is going to ... Miami.
9:43 a.m. - Brandon Washington is going to ... Miami.
9:45 a.m. - Kendal Thompkins is going to ...  Miami. Call it a clean sweep for the Canes!

STREETER'S DECISION: I just spoke to Streeter about why it ultimately was he picked the Canes. Turns out, his visit to UM this past weekend helped a lot. Streeter, who attends Turner Tech and wants to be a Broadcast Journalism major, said the equipment he saw at UM on his visit was more up to date than anything he'd seen on any of his other visits.

THOMPKINS TALKS: Thompkins tells me he was definitely scared down the stretch that UM might be signing too many receivers. He said he apologized to UM coaches for not telling him how he felt and for not warning him he was going to make a trip out to Nebraska instead of UM last weekend. But  in the end, after talking to his pastor, he decided UM was still the best place for him.


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Manny, great job on the recruiting! I really enjoyed alot of the audio especially Jacory Harris! (Jacory has got a great attitude!) your articles were very informative and kept us all up to date on the recruiting process! I got to get down there this year for a game at Dolphin Stadium! My father played for the U with old timers like Don James, Nick Chickillo, Harry Mallios. Jack Harding was the Athletic Director at that time! My father and I are looking to get down there to see the canes at Dolphin Stadium. We always go to atleast one road game every year! This year it will be a home game at Dolphin Stadium! "It's great to be a Miami Hurricane"! Were Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Manny!

I will second, or third, or fourth the GREAT JOB Manny did on the recruiting. I left South Florida in February 2004, and being disconnected from the Canes has been tough. While I am sure it has been tough to put up with Rutgers peeps, I have it worse. Everyone where I live is either a Virginia Tech or Cavalier fan. It is not so much that they talk chit as much as they revel in reminding me how they have kicked our azz lately. And they don't get near the talent we have had at Miami. It has been fun to follow all the information Manny has given on the GREATEST class of recruits in UM history. Way to go Manny for getting the story, and way to go to Coach Shannon and his entire staff on such an outstanding eye for talent. Randy has earned the benefit of the doubt folks, no more questioning him please.

This Canes class is bred the old fashioned Canes way, LOCAL talent with a mix of 4 and 5 star out of state players. 8 players from the National Champion Northwestern Bulls squad, including the quarterback and his primary receivers, and the team's best defensive players. Three studs from Booker T Washington, including the playmaker Brandon Harris! Vaughn Telemaque from California, 3 interceptions in his state championship game? 7 of the top 10 linebackers in the country! These kids know what it means to be a Cane. They will NEVER quit because they are playing for the local team, in front of their friends and family.

I finally am starting to see the light from the tunnel of darkness Coker left us in. And the future is bright. If these players hit the books, and conduct themselves like champions on and off the field, there is no limit to what they can achieve. And having followed the Bulls this year, these guys are nothing but class! I see nothing but greatness in store for this class!

Wow! Great day....didn't lose anyone and grabbed RB. I think we may take advantage of some guys needing to go to prep school. I'm thinking Odoms

Hi. Michelle Kaufman of the Miami Herald here. Ditto to everyone who praised Manny and the rest of the Herald high school and college writers for recruiting coverage.
As UM fans, I'm hoping you might help out some future sports journalists. I teach a sportswriting class at UM, and we just today launched a UM sports blog. In time, all 13 students will be posting regularly. It's just getting going, but would be good experience for them if some of their postings got comments. So, if you have a moment, check it out at www.cnj523.wordpress.com
And please, be gentle. They're students!
Thanks. Gracias.

Will check it out Michelle. As an aside perhaps the BB team had football signing day anxiety.

I love what Shannon has done, obviously.

I want to remind people what Sneaky-Pete Carrol did at USC when he got there. The first thing he did was get the studs from all the local LA schools to come to USC as his core. One thing that I remember that stood out was that he had 5 players from the CA state champion team come to USC and then built on it with pretty much local talent before he was able to start grabbing whomever he wanted from around the country.

Sound familiar? Hopefully we start the turn the turn around USC had. I think it will be in about 2 years from now at the earliest.

Great job Manny with the aduio from players and Shannon.

Well this is agreat start for our gang....these kids are determined to bring the U back....just think of the kids they played with who see what they are doing at the U...they will come and join the fun...It is hard being a canes fan cause so many people hate us, but thats cool...they want to be part of it, but just do not understand....I saw Kelley play in 1980, and was at the OB in 83 when it all began....thanks to all the kids who did not listen to the naysayers and came to the U, thanks to Manny for a great job you really outdid yourself friend, and thanks to all the Canes fans.....lets remember they are young, and will develop so lets support them 110%. Canes Rule

I want everybody to copy and paste what I am about to type. I trust in what Randy is doing. I am going to predict that Miami wins 31 - 27!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Gator fan wants to bet a fair sig bet that Miami wins the game (straight up)!

Congradulations to Coach Shannon, his staff, the new recruits and to all Hurricane fans. It is nice to see us back on top of something (yeah that's right the #1 recruiting class in the nation!!!!) I would like to see us get Soldinger and for the young QB's Gary Stevens back. I still say he would be a valuable asset as far as coaching Marve, Jacory, Cannon and Big Tex Cane Taylor Cook. Finally the Coker Virus has just about finished running its course. All I know is we got group of stud playmakers on offense and defense. Just wait until they blend and jell with the guys we got last year and get experience its going to be hell for the rest of the country. So USC, Florida, Oklahoma, Florida State, Va Tech and you punks in Baton Rouge (don't think the Canes have forgot about the Peach Bowl) Buckle up cause Shannon and the boys from South Beach have a Catagory 5 HURRICANE BUILDING TO BLOW YOUR ASSES AWAY! HA! HA! HA! HA!

My bad! The 31 - 27 score was the "U" beating the Gators!

Click to see a nice list of this year UM commitments:


this class is amazing and RS did a fantastic job....we are all grateful. BUT lets not get too crazy here....you need to be ready for the reality of next season and that is that we have 4 QBs that have never taken a snap in a game....we will have a poor record next year but as long as we show improvement and some fight in us that will be good....I want to beat Gators like everyone else but that will be a very tall order....be realistic so you don't get down on these players next year

Took time to read all of the bio's of each player... Truly inspiring when you look at all of the star power. But of the great ones coming, several stood out who didn't play for a national contending team but their achievements shined as great as the 5 stars... So here's to you, Mr.Unknown and let me say that we are very glad to have you!

John Calhoun.
One of the best blocking tight ends in the state . Finished the season with 92 tackles, three sacks, one interception and three forced fumbles. Tough, non-flashy player who has size and athletic ability. Raw but loves contact and has the upper-body strength to be a fine blocker. Played for a 3-7 team as a senior in 2007, making 98 tackles and four sacks.

Gavin Harden.(MLB/DE)6-4/240
Tough middle linebacker who is one of the top players out of Tennessee. Has a great blend of size, speed and aggressiveness to become a disruptive linebacker. Has an outstanding reactive burst and short-range speed to go with raw power, but he can also go sideline to sideline. Could be a dominating edge blitzer and can also play defensive end. As a senior in 2007, made 80 tackles and five sacks. Also played some at fullback. Team finished with a 2-8 record.

Cat5 in the 305

Catfivecane: "while I enjoy Manny's info...

he tends to be more wrong than right. That's just my observation."

manny navarro (feb 8, 2007): "I know you guys are mad. And you have every right to be. This blog has been pathetic for the past two weeks. No entries. No thoughts. No news. Not even a fresh opinion. So, go ahead and rip me. I deserve it. But I got to at least explain myself. I've been busy. I haven't had a day off since Jan. 28. Super Bowl week, my UM trip to North Carolina (talk about a blowout) and national signing day are to blame. I know. I know. (WHY WAS THE GUY AT THE SUN-SENTINEL ABLE TO BLOG AND NOT ME?)"

Even some of the guys like Green who were posting stuff, it seems, minute-by-minute to keep me in the loop did a great job.

Posted by: NJshoreCane | February 06, 2008 at 06:09 PM
your welcome, NJshore

(typo) you're

I'll step up to the plate - PJ!!!

Posted by: Orlando 'Cane | February 06, 2008 at 01:39 PM
not to pick on you ... but if you can't trust p(b)j in the lead-up to signing day ... how can you trust him on an island in crunch time ...

If your predictions fall true, do we still have enough 'ships to get all these guys?!

Posted by: InRandyWeTrust | February 06, 2008 at 07:57 AM
greyshirts & nonqualifiers

I'll step up to the plate - PJ!!!

Posted by: Orlando 'Cane | February 06, 2008 at 01:39 PM
not to pick on you ... but if you can't trust p(b)j in the lead-up to signing day ... how can you trust him on an island in crunch time ...

Posted by: green

I agree with you - I just went out on a limb and threw his name out there as a response to a question that was posted by another blogger. I think the question was irrelevant to begin with as Miami appears to have used all 33 available scholarships. Now if someone has to go the prep school route before being admitted and Miami does have one remaining scholarship available I'd say it's M. Odoms that gets that final spot.

As for PJ - Rumors have it he indeed wanted to switch his committment back to the U (again) but the coaching staff said "See Ya". I guess they see it like you do Green.

Where did you here the PJ rumor? I'm sure he did want to switch. Guy is nothing but trouble.

oscar meyer's grudging admiration: "Miami did pretty well"

U followed the time-tested formula: monopolize regionally (18), cherry-pick nationally (Arthur Brown, Ramon "Cookie" Buchanan, Vaughn Telemaque)

Any news on Martavious Odoms coming on a track scholly?

pbpost's jorge milian: "The spring game will be played on March 29 and is scheduled for Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale."
whoa ... why not dolphin stadium ...

state of florida gifts $80M to the University of Miami Institute for Human Genomics ...

good audio manny! thanks for puttin that up......why didnt u ask shannon a question??????

florida alligator editorial: "UF has to cut $16 million come July 1 ... So what's a cash-strapped Legislature to do when confronted with these harsh realities? Well, give away $80 million to a private university, of course. The substantial multimillion-dollar research grant awarded to the University of Miami Friday will go toward the school's Institute for Human Genomics. ... we don't see how a huge gift to UM is justified when other state schools are shutting their doors to qualified students. ... how about providing funding for the schools within your state system rather than those that just happen to be in your state?"

The substantial multimillion-dollar research grant awarded to the University of Miami Friday will go toward the school's Institute for Human Genomics.

herald's pete pelegrin: "... (fui) stadium will seat 20,000 ..."
pete pelegrin persists in fudging the number ... 18,000-seat bare-bones boondoggle ...

U stand for excellence ...
cellar-dwelling AIN'T gonna cut it, Mr. Haith ...

is anthony grant waiting in the wings ...

green... you seem to have issues... like putting everyone in the state down? cant wait for opening day 08 in the New cage. good luck to you all guys look poised to take a new stand and finally accomplish what you set out to do since joining the ACC.. win the ACC championship. good luck. now that FIU dont play you guys ill be pulling for ya.

pbpost's marcus nelson: "Jim Kelly was in Boca Raton to tape a new installment of the Sun Sports Series Gridiron Greats featuring Miami’s 1979 victory over Penn State."
is the anti-UM TV network throwing U a bone or extending an olive branch?

Does anyone else feel there is a big gap between our class and every other top 5 class? Our class is not only better, its way better than any other school.

Look at the pics of UF's class...they look like a glee club.

Does anyone has the 2008 Football Schedule? Is it out yet?

The out-of-conference dates are plugged-in, UF, T A&M, and Central Fla (or is it FAMU?). The dates on in-conference are still TBD.

It' GREAT!.......to BE!....... a Miami Hurrrricane!!!!!!!!

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