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Shannon, new assistants talk spring

I just got back from a busy morning at The U where football coach Randy Shannon, his two new assistants, defensive coordinator Bill Young and receivers coach Aubrey Hill, and basketball coach Frank Haith and guard Jack McClinton held press conferences. To listen to what they had to say, just click on their names.

I'd love to have a chalk full of quotes ready for you, but it's going to take me some time ot piece it all together. Here are the highlights from my notebook...

* THE QB SITUATION: Shannon said much like last year he doesn't plan to name a Randy_shannonstarting quarterback until the fall -- likely a week before its over -- and added he wouldn't rule out using a 2-QB system. He also told reporters he doesn't really feel redshirt freshman Robert Marve has an advantage because he's already been in the program one year and incoming freshman Jacory Harris and Cannon Smith are newcomers. Shannon said offensive coordinator Patrick Nix has been doing a good job working with his new QBs, especially with 2-hour weekend throwing sessions and 7-on-7 voluntary workouts. ‘‘You have to be careful about naming someone too early," Shannon said. ‘‘It's wide open between them. The best man wins the job."

* YOUNG SAYS FORMER DOLPHIN PLAYED ROLE IN HIS COMING TO THE U: The Canes can thank a Bill_young former Dolphin for their new defensive coordinator. Bill Young said former Dolphins defensive end Trace Armstrong, who played for Young and then Shannon when he was an assistant with the Dolphins, facilitated the meeting between Young and Shannon. Young said the meeting didn't happen until after Kansas played in the Orange Bowl and when he was at the national coaches' clinic. Young called it "an early Christmas" coming to UM. As for his relationship with Shannon and the type of defense he plans to implement, Young said it will not be much different than what Shannon installed here years ago. In fact, he said he "semi-stole" stuff from Shannon when he was at Kansas.

"We hope to be a more aggressive, attacking defense," Young said. "Ultimately, you do what your personnel allows you to do. But we do want to be a pressure football team. We want to mix it up, keep the offenses off balance if we possibly can. We'll still have a four-man rush."

Young also said he is happy Shannon is a former defensive coach himself and says both men are comfortable with the situation. "He's the boss."

* REDSHIRTS?: Shannon told us he expects an answer from the NCAA concerning medical redshirts for linebacker Glenn Cook and Romeo Davis soon, likely later today or Monday. Cook, who I feel will likely end up being Miami's starting middle linebacker, has switched his number from 55 to 3 according the roster we received. "It would be a tremendous asset to have those guys," Shannon said.

* TOUGH LOVE FROM DAD: Shannon surprised me a little when he said WASN'T excited that his son, senior Xavier Shannon transferred to The U from FIU. Shannon also said his son, who is Xavier_shannon expected to compete for the starting center position, is not on scholarship. He said Xavier never warned him he was transferring to Miami. "I don't talk to him, say much at all. I say `Hi,' that's about it," Shannon said. "He graduated from FIU, wants to go to grad school at Miami, have classes FIU wasn't offering. I don't talk to him. That's coach Nix, coach Stoutland. He wanted to go to school here. I told the coaching staff he wants to come here they got to deal with him. He knows he has to work hard, and even though I'm his dad, I'll treat him like a regular player."

* HILL GETS RIBBING FROM GATORS: Aubrey Hill said he was "jumping off the roof" when he was called by Miami to become its new receivers coach. He said he's also been getting a lot of ribbing from his former Florida Gator teammates. "I'm a Cane," said who played at Florida in the early 90s. "A former Gator and a Cane." As for his receivers, Hill said his new group of receivers are "very eager" to hit the field. He says players have been staying late after workouts to familiarize themselves with him.

* INJURED/OUT LIST: Shannon added defensive tackle Luqman Abdullah, linebacker Eric Houston and defensive lineman Dwayne Hendricks to the list of players he told us on National Signing Day would not be participating in the spring. The others were linebackers Romeo Davis and Colin McCarthy, defensive end Courtney Harris and offensive lineman Orlando Franklin. Fullback Jerrell Mabry was not listed on the spring roster and is no longer believed to be on the team.

Anthony_reddick * BACK AND HEALTHY: Shannon said safety Anthony Reddick, who is returning from his second season-ending knee injury, will be full go and ready to contribute. He said receiver Jermaine McKenzie and defensive tackle Antonio Dixon have also returned to full health from their injuries. McKenzie had that serious neck injury he sustained in last summer's car wreck. Dixon had knee problems. Shannon also said he was very happy to announce the team will be two-deep at each position in the spring. Last year, he pointed out how Miami only had spurts where only four healthy linebackers were available during the season.

* BAILEY TALK: Shannon addressed the move Allen Bailey made from linebacker to defensive end and said it was solely based on the fact Bailey now weighs close to 290 pounds. "When you're 290 and try to get after guys like [Graig] Cooper, you're going to get tired."

* NAMES BACK ON JERSEYS: Shannon said his desire to put names back on UM's jerseys was a result of how feels the team is taking on the image he wants. Shannon originally decided to take them off last season because the players weren't thinking like a team enough. "Having no names on the jerseys was unique, they felt at the end it was more of a team than individuals thing. That's when I decided to put the names back on. These guys see the big picture now."

* PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Practice begins next Tuesday and the team will average four practices a week. The only practices open to the public will be on Thursday night at 6 p.m., March 6th, a scrimmage at Traz Powell and the weekend of Canesfest, Saturday, March 29th, at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale at 10 ap.m.

* FOCUSED ON MARYLAND: When I spoke to UM basketball assistant Jake Morton yesterday, he admitted to me he knew it was going to be tough to get the team back down to earth from its big win over Duke Wednesday. But guard Jack McClinton and coach Frank Haith both made it a point to stress the team is still very much hungry to finish the season strong and isn't going to be just satisfied with what it accomplished against Duke.

Frank_haith"We haven't accomplished what we've wanted to accomplish as that's making a strong enough case to make the NCAA Tournament," Haith said. "We can't rest on our laurels. Beating Duke, I don't know if they give us two wins for that. It's just one. It would be nice to have two. But it's just one."

* Haith said UM, which beat Maryland twice last season including an upset in the first round of the ACC tournament, said Miami will once again have to win the battle on the glass and play "a rugged game" inside.

* He also took the blame for Miami coming out flat against FSU earlier this month. He said he was "scared" his players might get injured during practices because some of them were sore and took practices a little lighter. "We stopped doing some of the things that make us who we are," Haith said. "We stopped with our Circle The Wagons and Pay The Piper drills and I think it stopped us from being aggressive, the way we needed to be."


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Never been first before...Sweeet

Miles, congrats on first dibs.

names back on, cool, 1st

doh, 3rd



Fantastic work. Thanks for the effort. Also, love the website URL on top for this article.

Can't wait for the season to start already!!!

Damn, 4th


Fantastic work. Thanks for the effort. Also, love the website URL on top for this article.

Man, 2 deep at every position, Miami's loaded.


it is all shaping up to be an amazing run for the canes

Manny Shannon has a strange relation with is son Xavier,he's not even sure if he is 21-22 or 23...I agree with you...Though love from dad!

I hope deep down inside Shannon is proud that his son is going to Grad school...

1st under above comment.

Break times over...I hope Gainesville got plenty of water and non perishable items...put up them shutters boys...that storm comin...have a good weekend Manny.

About Shannon's relationship with his son...It's ol' school tuff love...point blank...the lesson bein get up and get your own boy because you can't depend on people...family or friends...and alot of those smilin faces got plots behind them...don't get me wrong family is a beautiful thing but like one of my favorite poet's (Naasir Jones) once said "born alone, die alone"...you can hold me up, but at the end of the day i gotta stand on my own...ya'll have a good, safe weekend...stay up and GOD bless you and yours.


Please keep us posted on Reddick's recovery. That guy has been through injury hell (like Rusty Medearis), and I would love to see him make a full recovery and live up to his potential on the field.

Thanks, man.

The names are back! GOOOOOOOD! Only thing I didn't like to hear is no more Mabry. I was hoping to see some more short passes next year to that guy so he could flatten someone.

I just think that's Randy speak about his kid. Xavier was on the UM campus every Sunday during his career at FIU hanging with dad.

ATLCANE where you at????????????????

Enjoy it Candy Canes. If they gave out championships in the spring you'd have something. Unfortunately they don't, and you're going to get destroyed when you visit us up here.

I hope you're all still so excited when Tebow throws for 4 touchdowns and Moody runs for 2 on you.

Great Job, Manny. Coach Young and Hill sound great. A bunch of straight shooters. Randy is amazing to get these guys. Hope all of this translates on to the field.

anyone know what Circle The Wagons and Pay The Piper drills are?

It is funny how much time Gator fans spend on Hurricanes blog sites. Either not much to talk about on their own sites or they are worried. They say the same thing. (Just wait until you come to the swamp and play us) When was the last time the Gators beat Miami? Gator fans come out only when they feel they are in a good position to win. They are so fair weather as fans. I know why the Canes and FSU respect each other at least and hate the Gators so much. It's a shame Gator fan can't be honest and tell us all he is a closet Cane fan. That is why he is on our site. Talk to us when and if you beat us. It has been so long you forgot what it's like to beat the Canes.

Look at you Manny gettin' all interactive!

Gafors are going down. That 4 million they spent on Cryer will only nab them a lonely ONE National Title.

And to be honest the Gafors should win, that's "should". I just don't see Cryer adjusting to Young's schemes. Heck, Cryer is even quoted after the Michigan game. "Well, they ran two stunts on defense we were not prepared for. We did not see it on film."

HELLO!!! You adjust, you arrogant du-mass. Dang I hate that guy. I thought he was a great coach, but until I have been able to watch him a little closer, he's worthless. And my Gafor fan friends think the same. firemeyer.com is in his future. extendshannon.com has been posted.

Canesville is ours once again. Or wait, we've always owned Canesville. There isn't a kid enrolled at that school that has seen UF beat THE U. No that's too funny!!! They would win the SEC and we would crush them. LMFAO!

ATLCANE where you at????????????????

Hey Gator Gregg fan... Your an Ashole.
Better stay home and close the doors... A bad-ass hurricane is starting to brew down here and old Gayturdville will never be the same after we come storming thru.

As a matter of fact... What is your season going to be looking like after we drop kick ya to next Sunday!
Starting out at top 5 in the country and dropping to 15th place is a long ways down the ladder... Just a thought, you might wanna bring a rope so you don't fall off!

For now, I'm being polite... suggest you leave.

Great work Manny. The audio was great. Young and Hill sound very sharp and ambitious. It makes everything more optimistic, especially with a lot of young players.

i was to young to remember the last time the gators beat miami , i think reagan was president and castros beard was dark brown. i have seen 3 straight beat downs since 2000 and one was in the swamp, and i do remember how silent it was in the swamp for that 45-16 blowout. i was talkin on my cellphone and nobody believed i was at the game it so quiet. ive never seen the gators go undefeated but the canes have several times. the CANES have won 6 in a row over the gators that being said this would be the gators best shot in 30 years to beat the"U". "HIESMAN VS FRESHMAN" ill take the canes in that one because seein is believin and ive never seen miami lose to those chumps.

Enjoy it Candy Canes. If they gave out championships in the spring you'd have something. Unfortunately they don't, and you're going to get destroyed when you visit us up here.

I hope you're all still so excited when Tebow throws for 4 touchdowns and Moody runs for 2 on you.

Posted by: Gator Greg | February 22, 2008 at 04:10 PM

And what the hell do you know about winning Championships? Try counting our rings. Oh and by the way, why don't you count how many victories Miami has in a row over you. You have alot of balls to open your mouth. That or your incredibly stupid. I'm pretty sure it's the latter, you dumb son of a bitch.

I think gator gregg just shot his wad all over the Tim Tebow centerfold picture in Gator Digest

FIRST AND FOREMOST, who ever is the di@k bragging about the gayturds is wack. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME FLORIDA BEAT MIAMI??????????????????? Exactly what a waste of flesh on bone and all this talk about Tebow? It is going to be hard to throw the ball when you have athletes running at you and knocking you on your as$ every play. ITS ALL ABOUT THE U!

Whatup Savitza!! Got some CANES over here. Woosh, woosh!! Bailey at Def End. I hope he knocks T-Butt on his A** at the dump!! Go CANES.

Isn't that nice. A gayturd trying to educate the U on championships. When you reach Five come talk to us chump. Of course if you ever reach five, we'll probably have 10.

I love the old saying. How do you find Gainesville. You go North till you smell it and West till you step in it!!

Mandingo...great job again! Keep it coming, Canes fans appreciate your efforts.


Now that Sampson is gone from IU, do we really have a shot at getting Ebanks? That would be a huge get to add for next year's b-ball team, make us real contenders! As for football...cant wait to get this talent off the papers and on the field! There is a real buzz around these guys, and coming off a 5-7 year that just shows you Miami isnt going anywhere. We have a favorable schedule and could contend for the ACC sooner than the so called experts think! Dont know anything till the fall but gotta be happy with the positive steps.

For the gaytor moron, make sure you send a picture of the tears rolling down you face when Miami spanks those gaytors, then again Teblow might like the spanking.


ATLCane is the best!!!!!

thank u for the info

Much love Manny, excellent piece. Later

canes are #1 Go canes hoot hoot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dolphins suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets hope and pray Glen Cook is NOT granted another year.

He's far and away the worst starting lb Miami has had in the last 25 years.

I remember----back in 2000....

A qb that was as highly touted as Teblow, named rex Grossman, spent the game on his a$$ with Cane players whoopin his lowly a$$ gayturds in the swamp.

Yes youre right, UF may be favored son, but remember whose got 5 son. rememeber, whose won the last 6, son, and it wasnt too long ago. Last one was in 2004, in not so neutral territory-the Peach bowl had 80,000 fans of which 50,000 were dressed in gay blue.

So you gayturd a44holes just shut up becaue historically, you STILL can't carry the canes jocks-and for the record, all time, UM is 28-25 against the gayturds.

Good work Manny.


I'm not even going to get into the UF vs. UM deal. Its too far off, and ALL you guys are JINXING the team. We're too young a team to worry about the Gators. If we beat em, GREAT, if we don't that's okay too. We'll have a majority of new players. Now if it was a year under the belt, then that's a different story. Anyway, man Randy is kind of hard on his boy, isn't he lol? Baseball, Basketball, and spring practice coming up, WOW it's great to be a CANE. thanks for the Info on Bailey Manny, he's too good to just put on the back burner. That stinks about Mabrey, he never really got a chance.

Gas was $1.17 1987 the last time the Gayturds be da U.....

I meant beat

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