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Spring Forecast: Defensive line

When the 2007 season began the most recognizable face of the University of Miami's football team belonged to its tallest defensive player, 6-8, 280-pound defensive end Calais Campbell.

After a stellar sophomore season in which he racked up 10.5 sacks, most expected Campbell to not Calais_campbellonly lead another typically solid UM defense but to possibly become the greatest pass rusher in UM history. Campbell and the Hurricanes fell well short of the goals they set. In part to a rash of injuries that decimated UM's depth on the defensive line (and plenty of double teams) Campbell finished with only six sacks and Miami's defense endured one of its worst seasons in recent history. The Canes struggled against the run (ranking 8th in the ACC) and fell all the way to 52nd in the nation in scoring defense.

Fast forward to February and the buzz surrounding UM's defense heading into the start of the spring on Feb. 26 once again surrounds another mountain of a prospect, but not Campbell. It's about 6-4, 289-pound sophomore Allen Bailey, who has been moved from linebacker to defensive end. With three starters gone on UM's defensive line and very little experience returning from last season (aside from senior defensive end Eric Moncur), Bailey could become the player who generates the most excitement on UM's young defensive line come the fall. He's already got defensive line coach Clint Hurtt creating new words to describe him.

"He's a freakazoid," Hurtt said. "Right now Allen is sitting at 289 pounds at 7 percent body fat. Allen_baileyYou're talking about a guy with a 39½-inch, 40-inch vertical leap. It's ridiculous. If Bruce Johnson vertical leaps 39-40 -- that's outstanding. But to watch Allen Bailey do that? that's a nightmare. I think the fact he's 290 you can play him at d-tackle. But I look at him as a 290-pound defensive end that can play in space. I think he creates a lot of problems for you. He can stand up and get into coverage. He can stand up and play like a Shawn Merriman type. There are a lot of different things that we can do with him. [New defensive coordinator Bill] Young and I have not sat down yet and determined what we can do with him. But I'm pretty sure we will and once we do we'll have fun with it."

While Bailey will definitely be one of the stories to follow on UM's defensive line in the coming months, it won't be the only one. In this Spring Preview/Forecast, I'll take a look at UM's defensive line and try and provide some thoughts and insight to get you ready for what's to come.

WHO IS GONE: DE Calais Campbell (early entry to the NFL Draft who is expected to be a 1st round pick); DT Teraz McCray (started 9 games in '07); DT Chris Perry (freshman transferred to Texas Tech); DL Vegas Franklin (started 5 games in '07).

WHO IS BACK: DE Eric Moncur (6-2, 255, Sr., started seven games and tallied 5.5 sacks); DE Eric_moncur Courtney Harris (6-3, 254, So., played in 10 games and tallied 0.5 sack); DE Adewale Ojomo (6-3, 236, R-Fr., was Scout team defensive MVP); DE Steven Wesley (6-3, 235, R-Fr., played in eight games and had 3 tackles); DT Antonio Dixon (6-3, 331, Sr., started 3 games and played in 9 despite injury, 12 tackles, 1.5 sacks); DT Luqman Abdallah (6-3, 307, R-Jr., played in six games with no starts and had a total of five tackles, one for loss); DT Dwayne Hendricks (6-4, 287, Sr., started 3 games and played in 6, 9 tackles, 1 sack); DT Josh Holmes (6-2, 270, R-So., played in only 3 games due to injury); DT Joe Joseph (6-3, 271, Jr., played in 9 games and started 5, 12 tackles, .5 sack); DT Chaz Washington (6-4, 305, R-So., Did not play).

DT Marcus Forston (6-2, 286); DT Micanor Regis (6-3, 300); DT Jeremy Lewis (6-3, 295); DE Andrew Smith (6-3, 240); DE Allen Bailey (6-4, 289, So. moves in from linebacker). Forston, a Rivals 5-star recruit from Miami Northwestern, was considered the best DT in the country in this class and will be the only newcomer involved in the spring. Regis, a star at Pahokee High, and Lewis, a standout at Palm Beach Lakes, are not far behind in talent according to most experts. Smith wasn't highly-touted coming out of Coconut Creek Monarch High, but Hurtt considers him a diamond in the rough.

THE BIG QUESTIONS: Aside from Moncur, who is going to develop into Miami's other dependable starting end? How long will it take Bailey to adjust and how much can he be counted on? And, after all the injuries to the defensive tackles last season, do the Hurricanes feel confident any of the returnees can really do the job or will Forston and the rest of the highly-touted freshman be forced into action immediately?

HURTT SAYS: "If you just watched the New York Giants in the Super Bowl you Clint_hurttnoticed what a difference a defensive line can make. When you got some horses up there that go up and get after it, its a different deal. I think we can get back to that. We sorely missed Kareem [Brown] and Bryan Pata. It's a bit different rotation when you can start with Kareem and Pata and rotate in Dixon and Teraz. Or when a guy like Baraka [Atkins] is your fifth tackle. Or when Eric Moncur and Baraka and Calais are your defensive ends. This year, you scout the talent level. In all fairness to Joe Joseph and those guys, they're just not quite there yet. But it's a year later and they'll be a little bit better.

"It's going to hurt losing guys like Vegas and Teraz and Calais because you're losing the experience factor they brought to the table. But on the flip side, our talent level increased. Injuries took a toll on us last year -- probably worse than any year that I've been here. We were just beaten down to Um_pileup the ground. We increased our depth this year. By increasing our depth we increased it with it quality, which is going to improve the competition stand point. We moved Allen Bailey to defensive end. That increased the depth at that position. Adewale is still emerging as a defensive end candidate. Steven Wesley, it's the not the prom anymore, it's time for Steven to grow up. With him, Adewale, Eric Moncur, Allen Bailey, Courtney Harris (he's still coming in) and then you bring in Andrew Smith that's definitely going to help. And the same thing at defensive tackle. You got Dixon. You got Dwayne Hendricks coming back healthy. Dwayne will be able to help. Joe Joseph, he got a lot of experience this year. He had his good and his bad moments and he'll continue to improve. And obviously Josh Holmes, he's a guy that has to stay healthy. Marcus Forston being here this spring, it's going to be a huge help to him and I think a huge help to us a defense. I don't know what all the so-called experts are thinking, but he's a guy that can definitely help us out and can be an impact guy right away. And then, obviously you got the other two guys coming in the fall. And I think both of those guys have extremely bright futures there with Marcus."

MY TAKE: While Miami's defense as a whole has always been great when its had a strong pass rush, the bigger concern in my eyes for the Hurricanes is stopping the run. Injuries certainly devastated Miami's front line -- especially at tackle -- last season. Now with McCray and Franklin gone, UM is Marcus_forstonentering this season without a single proven player it can place at the center of its defense. Antonio Dixon has the most experience, but has spent most of his career out-of-shape and is still coming off an injury. Hendricks and Holmes only played in three games last season due to injury. Joseph just doesn't appear to have the talent and who knows for sure if Abdallah and Washington will ever see the field (if they aren't headed somewhere else already). That leaves Forston, a tremendous talent, but still a freshman who will have to get used to going up against monsters every week. And Regis and Lewis will not arrive until the fall. While I'm pretty confident a tandem of Moncur, Bailey, Ojomo and Harris (once he gets back in the fall) along with some cameos from freshman linebacker Marcus Robinson on third downs will give UM a solid foundation at end, I think there are definitely plenty of reasons to worry about what happens at tackle.

'09 RECRUITS: Hurtt, who also plays the role of recruiting coordinator, said Miami will be looking to sign two defensive tackles and two defensive ends in its '09 class. Lucky for the Canes, there are some pretty talented recruits again across the state to choose from including a few in South Florida. Seffner Armwood's Ryne Giddens (6-4, 240) is considered one of the best ends in the country and already visited UM with his family before his team played Booker T. Washington last year in the state playoffs.

Other talented ends include Hialeah American's Oliver Vernon (6-3, 230), who already has a UM offer, and South Dade's Ed Stinson, a 6-5, 235-pounder who is considered more of a project because he's a recently converted basketball player. At tackle, there are two locals -- Krop High's Brandon Taylor (6-2, 295), who is the son of former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor, and Columbus High's Antwan Lowery (6-3, 300). Miami is also said to be hot after Tallahassee Godby's Corey Gaines (6-1, 270).


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I like Hurtt's point about the Giants. The Giants D-line not only allowed them to stuff the run on the way to rushing the QB, it also covered up a lot of issues in their secondary. D-line has to be great for us in the coming years, especially with all of the mobile QB's out there. Offenses can create mismatches when LBs and safties are used to cover a spread or run support, but they can't really do this to lineman. The best they can do is zone block.

National Recognition for the Cuban boy done good!!

Just below Nick Saban getting burned again for being a worthless,lying dirtbag.

Oversigning an issue? Tuesday, February 12, 2008 |

Oversigning is a term you've probably heard a lot of in the last month. It is, as coaches would like you to believe, a very vague term, at least how it relates to their programs. Recently, Nick Saban tried to explain it to the Montgomery Advertiser, since he'd announced a signing class of 32 players on Wednesday, which exceeds both the annual signing limit of 25 and the overall scholarship limit of 85:

He has until the players report in August to bring his signing class within limits, but Saban believes people are spending too much time worrying about the numbers.

"First of all, we have a plan for how we're going to manage our numbers," Saban said. "I think there were 14 or 15 teams that signed over 30 guys and there are various ways" to make the numbers work, Saban said.

Actually, only eight teams signed 30 or more players -- Alabama (32), Miami (33), Florida State (30), Minnesota (30), Virginia Tech (31), Mississippi (32), Kansas State (33) and Army (34). In the SEC, only five schools signed over their annual limit of 25: Alabama, Auburn (28), Mississippi, Mississippi State (27) and LSU (26).

As Tim Gayle wrote, "The more signees you have, the more ingenious you have to be in trying to make your signing class fit within the NCAA guidelines.

"I'm not going to expound on this, but some guys grayshirt, some guys have academic issues that you might have to place [in junior college or prep school]," Saban said. "We have a way to manage the future of that."

Last year, when asked about grayshirting a player, Saban denied any previous knowledge of the word. NCAA Bylaw allows "delayed initial counters," when a player's eligibility starts, "until the following academic year."

In fairness, this isn't just a Saban issue. Coaches have all sorts of ways of clearing out space to drop below the 85-man number. Perhaps this isn't that different from that old college basketball movie "One On One," where the coach tries to make the one-time blue-chipper give up his scholarship. Coaches can make it pretty clear to their players who isn't wanted to help create space. Of course, these days coaches probably aren't as glad to see players just leave their programs, given the APR hits they can take in the process.

One administrator I spoke with said schools also can make it so some player doesn't qualify if they don't need him to, which may sound surprising, but it probably shouldn't at this point. This can become a realistic out when you end up signing a lot of borderline students. Also, many schools are willing to do the "sign and place" if they are really sold on a prospect, even though they know he won't get in as a freshman. The coaches believe they'll sign the prospect, get the boost on their recruiting ranking to satisfy their fans and then ship him to some JC or prep school, which will be more than happy to have the player, and in exchange that staff will watch over the player and make sure no one else tries to poach him.

Somehow these things always work out, at least for the coach.

Random Stuff
• Manny Navarro does a solid job on his Miami Herald blog about UM football, and today he had some interesting comments from Clint Hurtt, the Canes' DL coach/recruiting coordinator.

According to Hurtt, "UM has already offered close to 30 potential recruits for its 2009 class. He said according to NCAA rules, UM is only allowed to offer kids already registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse. So, for those of us wondering why UM might not have already made an offer to a kid -- that may shed some light. As for offering more scholarships than what's available, he said:

"You have to look at it like this in recruiting: You have to offer five kids for every one you plan on signing. That's really how we look at it. The plan is if you have to go out and sign two defensive ends, you better go out and offer 10 -- bare minimum, you better offer 10. That's really how the recruiting game works. If you get one kid from Arizona, that's all you may get from there. If you offer a kid from Texas, you'll have to beat Texas and Oklahoma to get him. When it comes to kids like that it comes to what kind of contact do you have with the kid? Does he have a family member that's a former Cane? Does he have a family member that's formerly lived in South Florida? So, things like that come into play and tells you how many to offer. For us, we want Florida to be our spot. So, if we need to sign two defensive ends, we're not only going to offer 10 defensive ends if eight of them from out of state. We'll have to go a little heavier than that. That's the outlook and that's the plan."

To offer or not to offer is an intriguing question for college coaches. There's really no such thing as the norm, I've learned. Everyone approaches it differently and you'll hear about how certain schools "pulled" offers. In a way, I think it falls back to your perspective on this.

I am surprised UM's percentage is that high. While at Ole Miss, Ed Orgeron believed in a similar percentage as Hurtt, saying that in order to sign 25 to 30 kids he believed he needed to cast a wide net, which meant offering 200 or so. "At USC, we didn't have to do that," he told me. "Maybe we'd have offered only 20 by Signing Day." Then again, that was five years ago and I'm not sure you can be quite as selective now. Plus, schools have creative ways to shed kids they get cold feet on with the fine print on their offer letters. To get to 200 offers, Orgeron understood that Ole Miss might have to throw the dice and go for a few kids they'd scouted only on film. His rule on film-only offers: "He'd better damned well be a no-brainer." Translation: He'd better look like an NFL player going up against high schoolers. I suspect coaches now are OK, with throwing out the offer, knowing they can find a way to get out of it, if need be.

Manny you are doing a great job!


It still sounds like there are going to be some holes to fill in the next couple of years, so we can still expect teams to be able to run on us until we really get some depth..maybe when Forston is a Junior..

Manny thanks for all the hard work you do? How many fans from your blog have you gotten the chance to meet?

You deserve a raise!


Great work (as usual). Not to appear greedy, but some of us would like to hear your take on the '07 recruiting class, their performance after one year, and what you think they'll bring to the table in '08.


Manny, as usual, I enjoy your read and always good stuff to ponder!

Suggestion for future articles... Maybe add more pictures of players, where possible, of whom you are discussing.

On a second note,... I wonder if the coaches are concerned of grudges building up between newbees wanting to be active and old players wanting to keep their job... If so, I wonder how far the coaches are going to let it play out before player distroy each other as this 2008 class bring allot of energy to play in the now.
It should be interesting to watch.
Cat 5

better than omar at his best shandal who?

Manny, solid work. I really like the format you've laid out. Your points are well-made, and have caused me to temper my expectations next year. A lot of new blood will lay the foundation for years to come, and it is important for our players that we support them and encourage effort and leadership over all else.

Great work as usual, now that you're finally getting national recognition, I think you should go to the bosses and ask for a pay raise. You are one of the best in the business, and we surely enjoy you here. When is the next Q&A on Canespace Manny?

I love reading what Hurtt has to say. Just a no nonsense kind of guy. He seems very smart about what's expected. He will right the ship and get Miami back on track with his recruiting. Now all they need is some good player development and watch out!

on another note, any chance Ebank's (bball) can get out of his LOI to Indiana with all the crap going on their and sign with the Canes???

Your on fire,

I hope the dol's dont steal you.

Your on fire,

I hope the dol's dont steal you.


I think that's just what the coaches want. It will make everyone work harder.

Also, (hopefully) the depth will allow us to be more competitive in the 4th quarter.

Great, great work Manny.

Let's face it, we're at least two years, two more stellar classes away from proper Hurricane level of play, team-wide.

But with some solid QB play and a gritty, never say die defense, we can win 9 or 10 games this year in a weak ACC.

Keep bringing the HEat Manny....great insight. Best blog in town!

Great stuff as usually Manny

throwing a Joe Joseph under the bus...What a shock. Honestly, this guy will never get it.


Greta job! Your info and insight continues to get better and better. Keep up the great work, we really appreciate it.

You did a good job here, but you missed out on asking:
1- What do the coaches want Dixon's playing weight to be at ?
2- Is Bailey is happy being on the D line and what is holding back Washington & Abdullah ?
3- How are those injured linemen doing from their injuries last year...(J.Holmes),Hendricks, ect,ect)
Thanks for the news!!!

You've got to love the way Bobby Bowden gets a pass in the media for the whole cheating scandal. They get to self-impose probation and everything gets reported in the ESPN ticker. Not to mention that the whole thing goes down after LOI signing day.

I'm not hating...I like FSU and I realize we depend on them as a rival, but I hope our new AD can handle these something this well if it comes up.

Wow I knew Bailey was a big dude BUT 289 ALREADY. awesome... I think our d-line will serve well despite losing Campbell. My lineup would be

DE: Bailey (AKA Ripped like an action figure)
DT: Marcus Forston (AKA Warren Sapp Jr)
DT: Antonio Dixon (AKA Baby Fat)
DE: Eric Moncur (AKA the guy who outperformed CC last year)

I'm sorry guys but this d-line is stacked despite losing Calais..You've got the senior leadership of Moncur and Dixon..and the young beasts in Bailey and Forston. Plus watch for guys like Harris and Ojomo and Josh Holmes come off the bench and see time here and there. Oh how young and talented we will be in 08- just get us some experience and watch out.

You know what the hell I'll give you the starting d for '08

DE: Allen Bailey
DT: Marcus Forston (Freshman All America)
DT: Antonio Dixon (Senior)
DE: Eric Moncur (Senior)

LB: Spencer Adkins (Senior- Jon Beason Jr)
LB: Colin McCarthy (Dan Morgan Jr)
LB: Daryl Sharpton (Senior)

CB: Bruce Johnson (Senior)
S: Randy Phillips (Senior)
S: Lovon Ponder (Senior)
CB: Demarcus Van Dyke

Even without KP and CC there's SEVEN seniors right there. And I see Moncur and Forston being the stars on the line. McCarthy the star of the LB corps. And Phillips and DVD the star caliber DB's. And when these Seniors leave...Arthur Brown, Damien Berry, Marcus Robinson, Ramon Buchanan, Tervarus Johnson----Can make for SOLID replacements if they develop

And on offense I think young guys like Marve, Coop, Johnson, Streeter, Fox, James one day emerging into stars. It helps when you have a QB who gets to start 3+ years. Marve may have some bumps his freshman year but I see the game slowing down for him as he matures. Don't worry gang the glory days are not over yet. The title years and memories of Dorsey to Shockey, Reed Interceptions, Wide Right, Brocks comeback heroics, Andre Johnson domination, K2 trashtalk......they were all great. But these young kids WILL bring another ring home. Just give them a little time to develop

Thanks, Manny for injecting some realism into the discussion about '08. There's going to be youth and/or relative inexperience at every position for a couple more years. As Manny pointed out, the 2-deep for DE is easy. It's the rotation for DT that gets questionable. All we can hope is that one or (really) two of these guys that were inexperienced or injured last year step it up. Looking at what's left at DT, one thing's certain. Forston will be in the 2-deep if not start by September.

Calais was THE biggest dissapointment since Willie Willimas. Wow! He stu-unck! So waht if he was double teamed. Son, Do you not think it will be harder in the NFL?

Calais couldnt stop the outside run, was frequently manhandled and blocked, and did noting to put pressure on QBs. The tell-tell game was how he was literally b---slapped by Oklahoma!

Despite his physical skills, I don't see how an NFL team can look at his last season and be impressed!

Look at Howie Long's son- He was double, sometimes tripled teamed and he managed to be a major league playmaker all the way to the very end! No excuses. What the heck, Calais what happened? If you had stayed another year, made up for this horrendous debacle, I am sure youd be up there racking the Ben Franklins! Now, I am not sure!

Sorry, I do not see it the way most do. Young comes in as Dc. Everyone in more even with a new system. He may use some 3-4 with the huge plus of LB that the U has. I do not see inexperience as that big of a factor taking yrs. to address. I think with the talent available young will figure out a way to use it now. This thing about always looking to the future is a myth, there is only the now this year that must be worked with in a creative way.

The way I look at it, Football is pretty much 5 games in 1. The D-Linemen are playing their little games with the O-Linemen, the RBs are playing their little games with the LBs, the WRs are playing their little games with the CBs, and the QB is playing his little game with the Safeties. So I wouldn't put such an onus on the D-Linemen stopping the run even though it would be a plus. As far as I'm concerned, the primary responsibility of the D-Linemen (especially in Miami's scheme) is to contain and funnel the run to the LBs.

I just got an e-mail from Manny, moments ago...This guy never quits! He is outstanding and very dedicated to us Canes fans:

Hey Montreal-Cane...

Marve is 100 percent healthy. He's just going to have to wear a protective glove on his left hand to protect the scarred tissue.
Harris had a sprained MCL and will be in spring practice. He is participating in workouts.
Cook, if my memory serves me right, injured his foot. But he's supposed to be 100 percent by the time he arrives in the fall.
-----Original Message-----

To: Navarro, Manny - Miami
Subject: Some questions for Manny...

Manny as we speak, can you give us an update on injuries to Marve, Harris,Cook and other players...

Are the 3 QB at 100%? How about Collin?

What is the nature of Cook's injury?

Is Jacory putting up some weights?

Thanks Manny!

Posted by: Montreal-Cane

Posted by: Montreal-Cane | February 14, 2008 at 02:49 PM

Manny, nice article. I agree that Dixon is going to have to grow up and be the player he can be or teams will run between the tackles all day. BTW, you really need a raise for this stuff.

I have to agree with most here on their anaulysis of CC last year. If you go back and watch the FSU game you would NOT draft him in the first round. He was horrible.

Moncur on the other hand had his BEST game as a Cane at Doak Cambell Stadium.

I like the way it stacks up next year on the DL. GO CANES!


Always have to throw your, pointless, two cents in. Find something else to do!

Please Alex don't ever label Spencer Adkins as Jon Beason Jr., not even close. And if you don't think a freshman will have one of the starting spots at LB then you are sorely overrating the talent that is already here.

Yo....Alex you named the same lineup as last year except without two of our best Defensive players....the defense is going to struggle like crazy.....they have no good tackles that have any experience.....one DE is playing the position for the first time. The CBs aren't very good. I would hope that Reddick gets in ahead of Ponder or Phillips since they are both not very good. Its going to be a long year but hopefully the young guys play and they get experience for the following year.

You all we are talking defense today not offense. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to line up and hit someone. The whole problem last year was the defense wasnt in the right place to make plays and poor tackling. I saw K Philips miss so many tackles I wouldnt take him in the 3rd round. We have a proven DC in Mr. Young and he will know how to rotate players and get productivity from all his players and his players will be much better for it.

Adkins is Jon Beason Jr.? Are you crazy?

Last year was some of the worst tackling I've ever seen....that defense was horrible! Everyone except DVD was getting toasted on long pass plays. Calais Campbell was invisible. I'd rather have the kid who 'fake recruited/committed' himself to Cal than Campbell...at least he had some initiative.

Kyle Wright will be at the NFL combine...coming to an NFL franchise near you. Dare I say, the Dolphins...

Alex...Bruce Johnson??? Hell no...DVD and B. Harris are going to be the corners. Bruce doesn't need to put his cup on this season....we'll put anyone at corner.

Cool thing to do would be to show an LB rotation. McCarthy might be the only guy that rarely comes off the field.

You guys act like Jon Beason was a legend. If he's such a force why did we go 7-6 his last year here? If you look at Spencer Adkins he has a similar frame as Jon Beason and came in as a 4 star recruit. The guy is cut. Beason never made any WOW plays like Barrow (esp. the huge hit on Vanover), Vilma (see Rose Bowl, FSU games..), Dan Morgan (All over the field in Wide Right 3, Sugar Bowl..). Face it Beason was a solid Cane but it's not like we had Mike Singletary leading the D.

But I love the class we just got. I think they will all need to prove themselves (not like superhyped Leggett and Wright produced). But I think what makes it so great is that so many WON big games at high competition

Brandon Harris: Won 5A title
Davon Johnson: Won 5A title
Marcus Forston: Won 2 6A titles
Aldarius Johnson: Won 2 6A titles
Tommy Streeter: Won 2 6A titles........

And you look at Marve who won a state title in 06....we've got a lot of young talented guys (like the ones above, Buchanan, Berry, McCarthy, Fox, James, Coop, Shields, Bailey, Brown...) Now it's up to the COACHES to keep them focused and develop them. But RS knows the feeling of winning and he'll get the job done.

Oh yeah one last thing guys...Don't you guys think the uniforms we had from 2000-2003 were the best. those had a cool but not too busy look to them. We also went
46-4 wearing those unis, and had guys like McKinnie, Shockey, Wayne, Moss, Johnson, Taylor, Vilma, Wilfork, Reed, Buchanan, Portis, McGahee, Winslow, Rolle, Williams, McDougle, Joseph, and Carey bear those unis so i got some good memories from them. 46-4 DANG THATS A GOOD RECORD. I'm for switching back to those uniforms and having names on back

I know that Beason didn't have that many great plays but he did have that block on a fumble return where he lifted that guy in the air and threw him.

I heard Carlos Armour was lost for the season...any truth to that?

Manny great read and all but Freakazoid was actually song in the early to mid 80's.

come on and wind me up..........


Those 2000-03 were great uniforms unlike those we had last year which aside from the record itself we're the uglyest uniforms I've seen the canes wear along with the thowbacks Coker brought out a few years back. The only thing that did look good is we wore the orange jerseys (home) and orange pants away. And please get rid of those ugly, slow dull looking Penn State and ND black cleats. Go back to the look of the real glory years of J. Johnson, Irvin, C. Erickson, Kosar and "Thrill" Hill. But really its gonna take more than a wardrobe change to get records like that of those years. Our coaching staff has to develop these young players so that we will have a defense that dishes out hits like Bam Bam Barrow and Ray Lewis did. and our offense has got to start scaring defenses which it hasn't done since 02.

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