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Timing Day, SPR: Day 3

They didn't have the type of careers they hoped for at UM. But a collection of 14 recently departed Canes continued to strive for more as pro hopefuls Friday afternoon by participating in NFL Timing Day at The U. Kyle Wright, Kenny Phillips, Calais Campbell, Derrick Morse, Tavares Gooden and Darnell Jenkins met with the media after their workouts for a collection of about 50 NFL scouts Friday.

With two stories due soon, I don't have time to give you an in depth rundown. But here are some quick notes from NFL Timing Day and Friday's afternoon practice.

* Quarterback Kyle Wright said he's optimistic he'll be drafted and said he spoke Kyle_wright_actionwith two head coaches -- the Vikings Brad Childress and the Chargers' Norv Turner -- during his time in Indianapolis earlier this week for the NFL Combine. "The feedback I’ve been getting is very good in that aspect," Wright said of being drafted. "They said they were impressed with how I was throwing the football. Everybody I talked to knew the situation down here. I didn’t have to go and reiterate that. Whatever happened, happened. I’m just ready to go to the next level and have a new opportunity."

* Defensive end Calais Campbell, who was disappointed with his 40-yard dash time (5.06) in Indianapolis earlier this week, wasn't happy with what he ran on Friday and said it "felt like I was Calais_campbell slow or not as fast as I usually am." Campbell said the one area he improved skills Friday was his vertical leap -- he picked up five inches from what he did in Indianapolis. "I think the position drills really helped me out a little bit," Campbell said of his workout Friday and potential draft stock. "I got to show my athletic abilities. I think I just got to continue working hard. That’s what I’m going to do always. I’m all about hard work and getting better, getting better on the field. When the private workouts come, I’ll try my best." Campbell said he spent the past month in California trying to add muscle and strength to his upper body. He said his plan now is to train in Miami with UM strength coach Andrew Swasey in the months leading up to the draft.

* Despite tweaking his hamstring, linebacker Tavares Gooden said he turned in a faster 40 time Tavares_gooden Friday (4.48-4.52) than he did at the combine (4.6) earlier this week and said his vertical jumped from 34.5 inches to 39 inches on Friday. Gooden said what he thinks NFL teams like about him is his ability to play all three linebacker spots. "I think its going to come down to me going to my different scouting days and going out there and showing them how well I can move," said Gooden on where he could end up being drafted. "I know had a couple injuries, but I think I tested well with those injuries. People can see I can play while I have a couple nicks and bruises."

* Receiver Darnell Jenkins, who was named Team MVP this past season, said he improved his 40-Darnell_jenkins time (4.45) and his speed during agility drills Friday. He said what slowed him in Indianapolis was the fact he was asked to run first and he "was unable to stretch." He said he spoke to 25 teams at the combine this past week and has been told by experts to drop from 187 pounds to 180. "At lot of scouts say regardless if I ran the 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, when they watch my film it’s much faster than that," Jenkins said. "A lot of scouts say that I’m real tough and I’m capable of running past anybody and that’s what they like about me."

* Safety Kenny Phillips said he did not participate in tests Friday because he and agent Drew Kenny_phillips Rosenhaus were pleased with his 40-yard dash time of 4.48 in Indianapolis. Phillips, however, did particpate in position drills Friday. Expected to the first UM player taken and listed by many experts as the No. 1 safety prospect in the draft, Phillips said he was asked by some NFL scouts earlier this week why he had a drop in production this season. His response: "Some of them [brought up my lack of production]. I just told them it didn’t happen. I told them I matured more as a player. I took on a lot more responsibility as far as communicating and helping the coaches out and they still said I made a lot of plays. I just got to look at it through my point of view and it worked out for me."

* Friday was the first day this spring UM players lined up in full pads and according to kicker Matt Bosher Miami's offense had a good day. Bosher said receiver Leonard Hankerson hauled in touchdown pass from Robert Marve, running back Javarris Jenkins scored on a run and receiver Kayne Farquharson hauled in another TD pass.

* Coach Randy Shannon (CHECK OUT HIS AUDIO) spent several minutes after practice yelling at his team. Players said Shannon wasn't happy with the way the special teams concluded practice.

* Several offensive lineman including Jason Fox said they've been impressed with the way right guard Joel Figueroa has shown improvement. Right now, Figueroa is the favorite to replace Derrick Morse in the starting lineup this season.


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Go Canes!

wut a fag. "first". anyways, manny, wusup dawg, i look fwd to ur blog, but today, with the spring notes, not that detailed pa... whats up with that? other than that, keep up the good work, i read the sentinel but only come on to this website for ur work. peace.

Hell yeah Randy!!! Yell at the special teams, those units looked like crap last year.

Kyle Wright has all of the physical tools. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up having a better NFL career than Ken Dorsey. I can't believe that just came out of my keyboard.

Good luck to Kyle Wright in the pros. It wouldn't be hard for anyone to have a better pro career than Kenny Dorsey. KD is a semi-accurate, weak-armed, thinking quarterback. He quickly learned how to exploit other team's weaknesses as a college quarterback.

There are few weaknesses or lopsided matchups in the NFL. Passes have to be crisper. Timing has to be more precise, etc.

With all that, there is no other quarterback who has ever put on the "U" that I'd take over KD. In orange and green, he is the man.

Manny you are the MAN! thanks for keepin us updated.

Everybody calm down! The Canes will be back. the coaches will coach and we will be winning it all very soon. Seriously, do U doubt this? Keep positive, support, don't complain and let's enjoy the rebirth of OUR Canes. And.. U must get on Frank Haith's bandwagon. The hoops team is playing hard, playing the right way - - more good things down the road. finally...Gators SUCK!

Special Teams were terrible last year...hope they turn around or Coach P will have to go.

Go Joel Figueroa! It all starts in the trenches. Thanks for the updates Manny!

'Canes haters will always bash our guys. The thing people forget is, we are NFL U. Kenny, Calais, Darnell, and the others will be fine in the NFL.

Busy 'Cane,

I love KD, but Steve Walsh is the guy I'd go to war with. Check out that '88 schedule. '89 national championship. The South Bend refs were his only blemish.

Manny. Thanks again. Whether I blog or not, I'm always reading. Don't get much CFB around here.


Wow, so with the exception of Philips, everyone was a dud at the combine. Well, we all know who will be the one to keep the Cane streak going then.

Sorry about that Craig Erikson, my guy Walsh won his NC in '87.

where do i get randy audio

Where's the randy audio.

Heres a link macforlife of RS interview.



I would agree with you about Steve Walsh he knew that offense back an forth and the worse call ever made in college football kept them from winning the National Championship..

Him and Gino Torretta were my favorite UM Quarterback, if any of the Canes are old enough to remember the game in the Big House against Michigan that Walsh played was one for the ages.

And in 1992 Gino practically carried the Canes on his back to an undeafeated seaon with an inexperienced offensive line and ran into an great defensive Alabama team that were able to exploit them in the Sugar Bowl.

I know this may not be popular among some so-called Canes fans, but I personally hope that Kyle gets drafted and gets a shot a making an NFL roster. It would also serve well for us recruiting future quaterbacks here (posses good size, arm strength and come to the U, no matter how horrible your career is, U will get drafted into the NFL).

nice post um4Life

u guys r idiots. what about frank costa do any of you expert remember him . by the way criag did when a championchip and did ok in the nfl not like vinny ,but no one from the u has been like vinny

University of Miami career

Kosar chose to play college football at the University of Miami, which ran a passing-oriented offense and was beginning to emerge as one of the top football programs in the nation.

After being redshirted in 1982, Kosar started all 12 games as a freshman in 1983. He completed 61.5 percent of his passes for 2,328 yards and 15 touchdowns, leading the Hurricanes to an 11–1 regular season and a berth in the Orange Bowl against top-ranked Nebraska, which had won 22 consecutive games. In the game, Kosar passed for 300 yards and two touchdowns, and the Hurricanes topped the Cornhuskers 31–30 for Miami’s first national championship.

Kosar was a pretty good QB for The Canes

I guess none of U are old enough to remember Jim Kelly he will always be my #1. Penn State had him but wanted him to play linebacker. Way to misjudge talent HAHA.
Fran in Debary

KW will do fine IF (big if) he is coached correctly. He would have been the man for us, but he was a victim of the Joker!!!

Walsh was the man. 12-0 NC in 87 and in 88 we lost by 1 to Notre Dame. 1 point was his only loss as a canes qb. The Michigan Game and the FSU game in 87 were in the same season. We were down like 31-15 to Michigan at Michigan with 6 min left or something and we won 32-31. And we were losing to FSU like 16-3 or 19-3 late in the 3rd or early 4th, won both games. That was the 87 year. We dominated in 88 and lost that 1 point game to Notre dame. In 86 we lost to penn state in the NC game, won the NC in 87, in 88 lost by 1 pt to ndame for the NC, and in 89 won the NC, 91 won the NC, 92 lost the NC game. HOWS THAT PEOPLE? WHO ELSE HAS A RUN LIKE THAT??????

In 94, lost the NC Game to Nebraska in the OB. In 2000, FSU got the BCS Nod over the U, in 01 we won the NC, 02, THe Referrees gave the game to ohio state.
OH, and in 1985, before my last post starting in 86, we were 10-1 and lost to Tenn in Sugar Bowl, Oklahoma won the nC with 1 loss and we beat them
So,. won it all in 83,87,89,91,01
Played for title in
BCS SKIPPED-2000 when we beat FSU , both of us had 1 loss, but the BCS nod went to FSU.
SO, in 24 years, we have won the NC, Played for the title, or BCS SKIP in 11 years. DO you realize thats almost an every other year average of playing for the National Title. Thats including the mid 90's probation and the Coker years after Butches players. God knows how are titles would look like. Do you all realize that after the 4th year Butch was gone(2004)that was our last good year, COKER LOST WITH COKER RECRUITS--------------What a run, and its coming back

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