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Come and get it

I almost feel like I need to ring a bell before writing this next sentence: Come and get it boys, spring football is back in session.

* After 12 whole days -- man that's crazy -- without football at The U, coach Randy Shannon held his 030408_rshannon first practice since March 6th's scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium. And guess what? It took less than five minutes for him to get pissed off at the media! Shannon ended his press conference Tuesday by walking away from reporters after demanding to know which internet site (I'm not saying) had posted video of the team's entire scrimmage on its website. When those responsible stepped up to the charges, Shannon asked them why they did it. The media member responded: "Because people want to see it." Ding, wrong answer! Shannon stormed off with this last thought... "That's it, the scrimmage is closed." We'll have to find out just how serious he was and if reporters will now not be allowed to watch Canesfest on March 29th.

As for the previous scrimmage, we did finally get a chance to talk to players about it. And in the following footnotes, I'll share what I learned from talking to some of the standouts and those who struggled. Be prepared... it's a lot of football fodder to swallow and it is all you are going to get until I return from Little Rock with the Canes basketball team this weekend.

* THE QB-CENTER EXCHANGE: Before he got mad at us, Shannon told us he and his staff were able to target the problems Miami had with its quarterback-center exchange during the scrimmage and "fix it easily." So what was the problem? Call it a combination of things. Matt Pipho, who said he, Xavier Shannon and Tyler Horn are still rotating on the first team, said it was a matter of hand placement. Quarterback Cannon Smith, who fumbled a snap in the scrimmage and lost it to Ojomo, said the quarterbacks had problems lining up in the same place in the shotgun. "We did a few things in the scrimmage that didn’t help them out much," Smith said. "We got to stay constant in our depth in the gun. We can’t be a little too deep on the few, if we hadn’t the snaps might have been better. There were a few others we could have handled cleaner."

* SMITTY SPEAKS ON BEING SHORT: Speaking of Smith, he was finally asked the height question -- as in: Are you going to have trouble Cannon_smith seeing over the line of scrimmage because you are 5-11. He handled it with class: "Not really. How ever tall you are, you still got linemen that are 6-8. You’re still going to have to find your throwing lanes. You’re not going to throw it over a 6-8 tackle, you’re going to hit him right in the head. You still got to find your lanes. I don’t think it hurts me or Marve very much." Smith said he wasn't bothered by the fact he only threw the ball four times in the scrimmage and said he doesn't need to be promised any more throws to stay happy.

* HARRIS' HAPPINESS: The one quarterback I know Canes fans are worried about when it comes to happiness, though, isn't necessariyl Smith. It's Jacory Harris, who could potentially find himself sitting behind Robert Jacory_harris Marve at quarterback for three seasons if Marve becomes the starter and is successful. So, I played hypothetical with Jacory on Tuesday and asked him what we all really want to know... would he stick around if he has to be No. 2 behind Marve? "I’m not going to even lie. Before I came out here, that was something I was saying," Harris said. "If he’s starting or whatever I might not have a chance because he learned everything. But then when I look at it, UM is the place I want to be. And I’m a competitor and I like to compete. It’ll be real stupid to go somewhere I don’t have to do nothing. I’m not getting better that way if I go somewhere I don’t have to compete and I’m not learning anything either. So, that’s why I’m glad I came to Miami to compete."
- Yes, Jacory, but what if you are stuck behind him? Would the competitor in you tell you to move on? "Sometimes it does pop into my head," Harris admitted. "But I always think I can get the job and if I keep saying it to myself then eventually one day I’ll get the job."
- When it comes to the current quarterback arrangement at least, it appears there is mutual Robert_marve respect between the competitors. Robert Marve reiterated Tuesday he would not have a problem if he had to share time. "It does not matter if all three play, I promise you," Marve said. "We just want to have fun and win games." Said Harris: "All of us are fighting for the position. But it’s a good battle because none of us are being selfish. When coach tells us to get out, we get out. When it’s the next person’s time, it’s the next person’s time. And when you in, you just do what you have to do. We’re doing good. We’re doing pretty good doing that."
- Harris said the No. 1 thing Patrick Nix told him not do after the scrimmage is "drift out of the pocket." Harris said when he took some bad snaps, he either drifted to his left or right instead of dropping straight back. That led to sacks.
- Harris also dispelled any thoughts he might have a shotgun only package in place for him. After playing in the shotgun his entire career at Northwestern, he said the only reason he was in the shotgun a lot during the scrimmage was because that's the plays Nix was calling for. He said he is comfortable under center and working on it a lot more.

* THE BAILEY BEAT: Defensive end Allen Bailey had a strong showing in the scrimmage with two sacks and a huge hit on running back Shawnbrey McNeal in the backfield. My favorite response of Allen_baileythe day on how they thought Bailey had played came from freshman linebacker Sean Spence: "The first thing I said after I saw him play was: Is he human?"
- Tuesday, I asked Mr. Superhuman how he felt he played and the first comments out of his mouth were about the mental mistakes he made. That's a good sign for Canes fans. You never want a guy as talented as Bailey to be satisfied, even if he had a good first showing. As for his comfort level, Bailey said he's about 85 to 90 percent comfortable with his new spot. He said he's picking up some of the defensive line moves "rip, shoulder lean and counter" faster than he was before and is now working on his "bull rush."

* MARVELOUS MARCUS: Freshman defensive tackle Marcus Forston said he was happy he and his three Northwestern Marcus_forstonteammates -- Spence, quarterback Jacory Harris and receiver Aldarius Johnson -- had a strong showing at the scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium, the place where they became stars as Bulls. Forston, who said he took a trip with his parents to Busch Garden over the weekend, said the Northwestern foursome spent Monday, Wednesday and Friday working out at their old high school over spring break. I'm sure they were treated as celebrities.
- Forston said he is very proud of his new eating habits since he's been at UM. He said when he first got to UM, he jumped up to 315 pounds, but is now down to 303. Forston's diet plan: "Omlette, two pieces of toast and some fruit for breakfast. For lunch, I’ll eat two sandwiches and some Lays potato chips. Then for dinner, I’ll eat some pasta or Teriyaki Chicken and pasta. All I drink is water now, too." Forston said he's been doing so well, he even passed up his mother's cooking. "I’m still mad now. My mom cooked some baby back ribs and some macaroni, shrimp fried rice. I didn’t even want it. Is that crazy?"
- What's not crazy is the bond Forston said he, Bailey and redshirt freshmen Adewale Ojomo are building on the defensive line. Forston said he and Bailey are having fun together. "When he’s on my side, me and him are always talking and communicating to each other. I tell him to push himself and keep that contain and I’ll make the quarterback flush out to him or he’ll make him step up to me. It’s either or. We’re working together. And then we got to build that bond like I had with my defensive end in high school."
- As for what Forston said he needs to work on -- its handling more complex blocking schemes. "In high school, I didn’t get too many blocks. You got double teamed or had guys pulling. Right now, they’re doing pulling, double-teamming, they're going out and doubling the linebackers, they're doing all type of blocks I’ve never seen before. Coach Hurtt told me I’m doing a hell of a job with it. I’m doing better with my hands too coming off the ball, too."

* SUPER SEAN SPENCE: Spence, who is still playing with the first team at strongside, said linebackers coach Michael Barrow has begun "moving guys around" at linebacker. Tuesday, Spence said he played on the weakside. I'm still a firm believer Spence will end up being the starting middle linebacker in a few seasons -- and so does he. "When I was getting recruited they said I might move to the middle because of how smart I am. But I haven’t made the transition yet."

* THE SWASEY WORKOUT PLAN: Running back Javarris James had two big runs and the only touchdown in the scrimmage. During the team's week off he said he spent a lot of time working out at UM, playing catch with players on campus before hitting the beach with his teammates. It's part of the growing process of friendship Miami players are building. "We had a chance to get away from football," James said. "When we were out there, [DeMarcus] Van Dyke went out showing his little muscle shirt. We wanted to show off the Swasey workout program we got going. It was all fun. We had a good time."


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Manny you can't leave your football faithfull hanging like that! Man I was fiending for some football news. Great Report I love the way these young guys are handling the pressure and the competition. Go Canes!!

Got to do it:


Great read as always, Manny.

By the way, I can finally say I was FIRST!!!! Now that's outta my system I don't have to type it again. I am leaving South Florida for the green pastures of Charlotte, NC in 2 weeks, but I will be checking in with you guys everyday!

Big Daddy KJ in da hOuse!! Canes02 for Life!

Sorry about that Klassic but you were a little slow on the Enter Button!! lol

I would not be breathing negative outlooks on Harris or any other player.He just got to UM, cannot possibly know if he will ever see the field, and your questions can only hamper his outlook. I don't think that is the direction to get him started. Why don't you ask him if he is proud of the great effort the youngsters have done with the team. Who has he been impressed with the most as a WR/RB and as an offensive line man ???? Lets stay positive Manny!!!
You direct people's opinions and that type of mentality is nowhere near where this team ,this city & it's fan base needs to be going. Glad to see a POST on UM football Manny, Thank YOU!!!
Go Canes!!

Welcome back...MANNY !!!! Good article
What's the chance we see JJ return Kick offs? why/why not...

We still got 6 months to get these guys ready for Florida... Go canes!

I'm a little worried about the QB situation with Harris and Marve. I think Marve is ahead of Harris at this point, as he should be with an entire year in the program. Jacory has great potential, but he needs to adjust to the college game. I don't think he can take the starting spot this year...the learning curve is too steep for a freshman. Honestly, if Marve wins the job and continues to do well, how much playing time is Jacory going to be looking at?

I would hate to see this become a divisive situation with Jacory Harris having a lot of high school teamates on the squad.

Its a valid concern....good journalism Manny...these questions need to be asked.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Finally, some College Football news on the CANES!! Phew, I feel better now. You need to feed the hungry football beast in us from time to time Manny. Great article and thanks.

I saw the spring scrimmage game posted on Youtube. Where else is it posted on? Also, I'm with Shannon on this. I'm glad it I happened now and not during the spring game. I'm pretty sure the gayturds are already looking at that video getting some ideas on playing us. Either way I don't think gatorchumps and T-butt will be able to contain "BOSS" Bailey. "Water over here boss!!" (Movie: Cool Hand Luke). Bailey reminds me of a prison guard or the prison Warden. (A guy you definately wouldn't want to mess with).

This "Boss"(just a nickname I thought would fit) Bailey nickname got me thinking. What names do you guys have for some of the new guys?

I have to agree with Shannon on the taping of the game. I am an excited Canes fan, but some dont realize if these things are taped and available on the internet, we just gave gave the gators, noles, and other teams coming up this year a "sneak peak" at what we're working on. I wouldnt be pissed at shannon if he did what he said. He should have the right to do it. His program now. Let him make or break it. And for those of you wanting to get youtube hits on your videos and all...stop giving others an advantage!

Thanks Manny! Enjoy AR....

I'm not sure what beach Javarris is referring to, he was in class myself and DVD (and a half dozen other players) all week. JJ, playing down his academic achievements, so modest!

It sounded like Chris Stock voice from Inside The U who admitted of video tapping the scrimmage. Way to go Chris.

I agree with you 100%, Vlady.

Manny thanks for taking time to speak about each guy individually.

They seem like Team is the theme, we haven't had that for years.


Shannon is nuts to get hot for the scrimmige to be shown on a pay site.

He still doesn't get that the Hurricanes are a product. Pretty soon you better not be caught in a Cane Jersey, other teams will know our quarterbacks number!


Thanks for the post Manny. I was looking on every site for some Canes football news and nada. You are all we got this time of year so Thanks man but please don't leave us hanging too long. Good luck to the Canes basketball team this weekend.

Damn INSIDETHEU!!! filming the whole scrimmage and posting it online, bunch of rookies fukc things up for everyone else!!@!


Shannon has a right to be mad about the video. All you Cane fans including me get pisssed off when the Spring scrimmages or Spring game play calling is "vanilla". Now they open it up and give us a peak at some new formations and people are leaking the video. If u want to see it u should show up to the scrimmage like i did and if u don't live here then just read about it. Manny does a pretty good job covering this team. It's a disadvantage to have our sh!t out there and we're the ones that need the advantage. We just came off of a 5-7 season, think about it.

I agree. Well said, cubancane.

The scrimmage was posted on InsidetheU.com. That was his voice.I'm not sure if you can still watch it or not though. They also have an article on there about Thompson still wanting to transfer to the U. Not sure how recent it is though. Also, Manny...not sure what motive you have already asking Harris about ideas of transfering but I don't think planting those type of ideas in a young impressionable kids head are the best thing right now. I know the kids very happy here right now, but you never know what can happen with injuries and so on in the future. I'm sure you already know all this though.

Thanks for the great info Manny.

Sounds like spygate all around. It matters. Believe me. How do you think New England was able to stop the Rams in the red zone: They had the tape of their red zone offense!

Anyway, what-ever.

It will be interesting to observe the dynamics IF (Big IF) Marve does extremely well game in and game out and year in, year out. regardless, it will be unlikely that one or the other will NOT miss any games. Throw in the other wrench in the equation: Cannon, and we've got a soap opera.

But as a cane, I don't care. I rather be too rich with talent than have Dumb and Dumber as our two QBS (if you know what I mean). The truth is, many good QBS have sat back and waited until their opportunity arose. Even if it is one year, they can make the best of that year and impress NFL scouts. A great deal of learning comes from watching others' mistakes (something Dumb and Dumber could never get through their thick heads!)

JJ is the leader of this team.

By the way, since "somebody" doesn't want to mention it!

We slaughtered Cornell 20-9 in baseball. I'm telling U guys, the baseball team is killing teams right now. WE NEED MORE BASEBALL TALK MANNY!

You guys wanna get really pumped? Check this out.


muchas gracias manny

Manny can u figure out whats going on with the safety situation... now that KP is gone to the draft who is stepping up..

I DON'T blame Shannon for being pissed.

InsidetheU responding "because people want to see it" is only half the truth. They posted it for profit, as the full version was available only with a subscription to their site.

Shannon was upset because they essentially put their potential profits ahead of the team. Who can blame them? People are dumb enough to pay for it....

That said, Shannon should have known that, in this day and age, an open scrimmage was going to get taped and released online somehow.

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Manny tell us which media did that? This is news!

I understand why Shannon was mad...The same situation occured last year when there was
a cameraman on the roof of a building when the practice was closed...I think Randy
will need security people to make sure this will not happen again...Many teams would love to have those tapes...

Good work Manny,

I am glad it was not you who leaked the tape. We need you so keep ya nose clean. It's hard getting Cane news out here in Phoenix, Arizona....

On the real what's going on with Arthur Brown? I have not heard much news on him just yet?

The kid from Long Beach Poly is a monster @ safety I seen him play alot on FSN out this way. Do you think he will be an impact player for the canes next season?

Can you give an update on the new numbers or number changes?

Good article on the QBs today...

Can we show Patrick Nix a little love now? We're starting to throw the ball out of the spread, we run screens and draws, and the QBs look good.....talent is the biggest factor people.

This might be the first spring game, in a while, where the defense doesn't beat the crap out of the offense....maybe.

Pryor to OSU huh? Guess they'll be in for a couple more NC games with that weak azz schedule they play every year. I know we have them coming up maybe '10 I think. I was hoping he would go to Michigan and then at least they would have a better chance of beating the Suckeyes in the future. Now it looks like old Rodriguez is screwed. He doesn't have a qb to run his little spread option offense. And now osu will probably continue to dominate the big two comference. I can't wait til we woop that azz again. But they;ll still win the weka azz big ten, just with at least one blemish on the record.

ATL Cane said Boss Bailey is a name that would fit? That is Champ Bailey's brother who plays for the Denver Broncos, dude wake up!!

Va tech's running back brandon Ore got kicked off the team

Let's think about this now really. The scrimmage was opened to the public. There could have been 5,000 video cameras in the stands video taping the scrimmage and putting it on YouTube. Then what would Randy Shannon do. Call YouTube to have it deleted? The fact is, the scrimmage was opened to the public. If Urban Meyer wanted to see what Shannon was doing, he could have sent coaches to Miami to watch the scrimmage, sit in the stands, video tape it and bring it back to Gainesville for disection. The reality is, to get mad over the video is silly.

Surely, www.InsideTheU.com does it for profit. What they run is a business just like the Miami Herald runs a business. People seem to forget that. And in a sense, Manny made a point to throw them under the bus and try and make them look bad so his blog would get views and comments. All the actual NEWS OF THE TEAM, the stuff people should really be concerned with, came after because CONTROVERSY ALWAYS SELLS. So Manny got a heck of a lot of views on his blog and comments by throwing another media site under the bus. The reality is, the Herald is a business too. They make money on advertising as people view this site. And they have stats. And I can assure you Manny gets reviewed by his bosses and he surely gets raises in his job if he brings viewers to his blog. Best believe it. So what he did by pretty much slamming InsideTheU was for profit too.

It's amazing how people see one side of it, but don't think to look at the other site. Do you really think the herald website is here for free and doesn't make money every time you type in the URL? In the near future, you can be assured that you will have to financially subscribe to the herald website just like you have to pay for a daily newspaper as the web becomes more and more popular and print becomes considered archaic.

The fact is, InsideTheU.com took the initiative. The site has subscribers from all over the country just like CanesTime and CaneSport have subscribers from all over the country. Those subscribers from all over the land don't get to see the scrimmage if they are not here, so what InsideTheU.com did was give them something they couldn't otherwise get since they aren't local. And that's the whole point of subscribing to any of these sites when you are not from Miami.

Hey... just for the record. I didn't throw anybody under the bus. I never mentioned the name of the website. I simply reported the news of the day. If Randy Shannon threatens to close scrimmages to the media, that's news. If he storms away from an interview, that's news.

Besides, I never said I agreed or disagreed with what that website did. When you open a scrimmage up to the public anyone in the stands can record what happens. The fact Shannon reacted the way he did is kind of funny. If he had a problem with somebody filming his scrimmage, he should have had secruity check everyone at the door for camcorders. He should have made it a point to inform the media it could not film the scrimmage. But you live and you learn.

Well, I think this whole thing is kind of silly. The media has a job to do. Informing fans about their team. They did it. Randy has a job to do. Protect his team from the outside world. He's trying to do it. So both parties have done their jobs and in this instance, we had a clash.

Personally, I watched the clip on youtube, because I can't afford to subscribe to any of the others, and I enjoyed the little that I could see. Honestly I didn't see anything that other teams could use against us. It's a freakin scrimmage! I don't understand where that arguement has any relevance. I'm sure Florida will have scouts in the stands when we play Charleston Southern so I don't think that's why Randy got upset, but what do I know.

However, I think that the guy that answered Randy came across as a smartass. Randy has the right to do whatever he wants. It's his team. I like the fact that he's willing to protect what he has at all cost. Look, we can't forget Randy's background. He's a very personal and protective person.

In all actuality, I'm sure he's not going to "close" the spring-game. But hopefully the media is starting to learn where Randy's lines are drawn.

"An Intelligent 'Canes Fan"-- I'm not taking up for Manny or trying to kiss his ass, but he's right on this one. He intentionally left out who the website was, so by you saying he "Threw Them Under The Bus" is wrong. He did nothing more than report what happened at the news conference. Personally, you sir seem very suspect.......what website are you really from?

Now, let's get down to brass tax!!

Who the hell decided to make a political post on "Eye On Da U"? If I wanted to talk about politics I'd go to CNN. Leave that garbage of this forum!!

DA U - If it was really news as Manny called it, it should be reported in the NEWSPAPER with a headline that says "Shannon Threatens to Close Spring Game". But Manny blogged about it. A blog is nothing more than something that is opinion filled. The use of the word "I" off the bat makes it something opinion filled. Blogs are cool and all that, but the reality is, that was a blog intended to stir things up, not start intelligent conversation because it was the first thing mention. I mean seriously, how many people do you think read that entirity of that long blog? But I am sure everyone read the beginning.

But the fact is, this wasn't news. If it was, (Herald) Susan Miller Degnan would have reported it in the paper, (Sun Sentinel) Shandel Richardson would have reported it in the paper, (Palm Beach Post) Jorge Milian would have reported it in the paper. Not a blog.

I don't have to work for any website to use my common sense. I am simply a die hard 'Canes fan who appreciates all the stuff I am able to read on all the sites, newspapers etc, but this stuff does nothing for me. Manny didn't have to name the site for people to know who it was. He put the audio to the press conference on the blog. And then as you see down the line someone said it was Chris Stock from InsideTheU.com on this blog. In fact, you heard the guy's name said by another reporter on the audio. So while the site isn't mentioned, anyone who knows ANYTHING about University of Miami coverage knows that Chris Stock is one of the people who run InsideTheU.com. Heck, when Shannon says website, there are only three that cover Miami anyhow...so it's got to be one of them. All you got to do is search each site. The whole issue I have with the blog and mention of it is that it's intended to draw negative reaction to that site and that's not cool. It could be any of the sites, CanesTime, CaneSport or InsideTheU.

If Randy had issue with anyone filming, he should have security at the gates of Traz Powell, have everyone's bags searched as they come in, advise the media they cannot film the scrimmage, etc. That should also include Channel's 4,6, 7 and 10.

So when Randy said what he said in the press conference, you could tell he wasn't serious about closing the spring game. In fact, if you listen, he said practice, then scrimmage, then practice. Practice, by the way, is already closed to the public and the media.

Anyhow, I am done posting to this topic. You already know how I feel.

Great job Manny.


If it makes Randy Shannon feel any better I'll DVR the Blue-Orange game for him. This way everything will even out.

This is a non-issue...its one open practice. I think he just wants to go pissed at the media...I don't think he cares for the blog sites...nothing personal Manny, it just seems that Randy Shannon doesn't like the media part the comes with being a HC.

ATL Cane said Boss Bailey is a name that would fit? That is Champ Bailey's brother who plays for the Denver Broncos, dude wake up!!

Yeah I know Boss Bailey he played for UGA. So what? He ain't half as good as Alan Bailey's going to be. Anyway just trying have a little fun. So instead of shooting down how about your input. The kids a beast.

I'm sure Belichick already has our scrimmage video and his henchmen are watching it right now.

Whats up Manny? What we looking like at safety and corner? thats the area of concern for me! we need them to be outstanding early to give these young QB's a chance to grow with the season. Creating turnovers, turnovers, and more turnovers has got to be the theme this year. If we can be plus 15 in turnovers by the virginia tech game thats 15 extra series and more wins for the young guns to get that experience on offense. That simple math can do wonders when you are up against the clock or series are limited due to game plans. I look at the schedule and its tough, even with all the new additions its going to be hard! But I truly believe you can age 5yrs in a football season and if they can be +15 in turnovers vs Va tech the light will come on for everybody and it will be a breakthrough performance nobody expected! It all rest on the secondary, so we gotta take the damn ball and give it to the offense every chance and forget three & outs! Thats the Mentality of a Hurricane

Spring Stormreport... While im sitting here watching Um/Tex.. Cant help but think about next fall...Realizing that we are actually loaded and nobody really knows it except die hard canes fans. Which leads me to believe we need to introduce the option into our offense to accomodate the ability of a young quarterback like Jacory Harris! If a two headed attack is an good possibility, which im thinking... then Robert Marve will be starting games! defenses will adjust to that alone. introducing whats not been done before with about 5 deep in the backfield..plus a corps of receivers that in my mind will be the best....(Pat White emerged out of nowwhere with this style of play) Introducing the Option/Shotgun, with the ability to throw on the run, audible of option attack to either run or drop back and pass should get Harris up to speed let him create and generate a type his flow or style that's signature! Then theirs Marve, who basically could just enhance his game to a high profile downfield playaction attack including showing option audibling out of option as well and attack the defense downfield or according to what defense is read shift the line run and go traditional Miami attack!! Im hearing talk from anti-canes that because those kids are young or inexperienced they wont have much of an impact this year. I beg to differ on that from anyone. The running game will be best it has ever been! That area is deep also experienced and it could be the wheels all the way to an BCS bowl game. It depends solely on Off. Coord reading the trend and accepting the fact that miami's front line has been compromised for 5yrs running and the opposition are ringing up the sacks which prevents inconsistency and shaping to the def coord will...We need to get those offensive lineman out of the pocket move them around as to get those defensive lineman to think more also keep them off balance with Options/Audibles/Delays/Draws and more line shifts....upgrade basically to a Chamelion type offense so they cannot focus on how young and inexperienced we are, so as to focus on how can we stop what we cannot see! We kind of got setup a few years back with that labor day game! it was a blueprint on how and where to attack and Mickey Andrews was instrumental in exposing all facets of the protection issues! everyone else followed suit.....and as of the end of last season they are still ringing the bell. But everything is a cycle! And I believe that Larry Coker planned all this in a good way. Randy Shannon deserved this job and he knew it which is why when the smoke cleared THE OBVIOUS CHOICE WAS RANDY SHANNON! Brotherhood and planned obscurity are the reason why we have 5 titles which should be 7! Generation U-Next will retrieve those two Lost Rings, And bring them back to Sebastian "Lord Of the Rings". Huh!
5 yrs have passed since a dark phase has contributed to the downfall from the upperechelon. A lot of time to indoctrinate high school players behind the scenes while they are young and incorporate them into the miami thought process. This recruiting class is no fluke, these guys are ready and the script will reveal itself this fall!
Happy Easter Manny

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