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Courtside blog: Texas 75, UM 72 (F)

We're back for Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament today with a huge game against the Texas Longhorns. As usual, I'll be here to provide updates as the game progresses and to talk hoops with you below as Miami tries to pull off one of its biggest wins in program history.

Here are my keys to today's game...
Djaugustin- Slow down Texas' dangerous backcourt combination of D.J. Augustin and A.J. Abrams. You aren't going to stop these guys cold, but if you can force them to work hard for their points that probably means you are in the game.
- Dominate the boards. Texas leads the nation with the fewest turnovers -- which means they aren't going to make a whole lot of mistakes. You can't let them get too many extra chances.
- Find someone to help Jack. Dwayne Collins has been MIA for three weeks. Whether its him or not, Miami needs someone in the post to take some pressure Jack_mcclinton_action off Jack McClinton, who will be closely guarded by Jason Mason, one of the best defensive guards in the country.
- Make those free throws. Jack hasn't missed one in March, but his teammates have been a little sluggish lately.
- Do not start off slow. Miami is famous for its slow starts. But that has to stop today. Texas' defense is one of the best in the country. The Longhorns have won 13 of their last 15 with great defense. In Texas' six losses, UT has allowed 81.5 ppg and 49% field goal shooting. In their wins, 607. ppg on 37% field goal shooting.

If you guys need a warm up for the game and want to hear what both teams were saying yesterday, here is a link to our audio section. Click on the link to listen on what each guy was saying. Here's also a friendly reminder to check out NCAA Sports.com (I'm required to do so).

I'll be back once the game gets underway.

- 13:51 left, Texas 19, UM 8: The Longhorns have turned into the bombers. Texas has five three-pointers early on here as Frank Haith has gone with the zone defense.  He might want to rethink that. Anthony King scored six points for UM early and his jumper with 16:32 tied the score at 8. But the Longhorns have gone on a 11-0 run and when we come back Dwayne Collins will be at the line shooting two. Jack McClinton is 0 for 2.
- 10:55 left, Texas 26, UM 14: I hope as you are watching this game you can appreciate how hard it is to be good in college basketball. The Canes pulled to within 21-14 on a Ray Hicks drive, but the lead quickly stretched back out to double digits on a Dexter Pittman stickback and Justin Mason three-pointer.
- 6:38 left, Texas 35, UM 26: The Canes are still fighting hard here. McClinton has hit a pair of threes. Heck, even Eddie Rios got into the act. Miami still has to clamp down defensively if it wants to win today.
- 3:52 left, Texas 41, UM 28: Miami had a chance moments ago to trim its deficit to five after a Jimmy Graham steal. But the Canes turned it over and Texas hit its eighth and ninth three-pointers of the half to go up 13 again.
- 1:01 left, Texas 41, UM 30: Looks like the offenses got tired. Jimmy Graham has the only point in the last few minutes. Let's start talking about what UM has to do to come back in this... play defense? Get McClinton going? Take advantage of its bigs abilities to score in the post?

- 15:33 left, Texas 49, UM 36:
Texas opened the second half on a 6-1 run to stretch its lead to 16 before James Dews answered with a three-pointer with 15:51 left. This isn't what Miami has to do to win this game. Will we even see a UM run? How about McClinton?
- 11:52 left, Texas 58, UM 43: Longhorns are now 13 of 22 from three-point range.


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Manny you think the canes believe they can win?

Q: Manny you think the canes believe they can win? Posted by: Bish | March 23, 2008 at 02:04 PM

A: Absolutely. But I also think they aren't going to call this season a failure if they lose. It's not life and death for them today. It's life and death for Texas.

hey manny hows it going in little rock what is your prediction

Up Manny?

Canes look tight or relaxed out there right now?


I disagree...we need attitude, to win this game. The big men have to play tough..

Q: hey manny hows it going in little rock what is your prediction Posted by: BTB | March 23, 2008 at 02:08 PM

A: Texas 75-69.

Q: Up Manny? Canes look tight or relaxed out there right now? peace Posted by: solarcane | March 23, 2008 at 02:11 PM

A: They look like they're happy to be here. We'll see how nervous they are during the games first five minutes.


we are rushing are shots way too much. They look out of rhythm.

wow, our shots are not even close

We're a mess here. Completely overanxious.

hey manny, more orange and green in the stands today than last game or about the same?

i cant see Texas shooting the lights out much longer

Q: hey manny, more orange and green in the stands today than last game or about the same? Posted by: bezeez | March 23, 2008 at 02:29 PM

A: About the same. More UM fans though because here in Arkansas -- they can't stand Texas (part of the old Southwest Conference rivalry).

Jimmy Graham brought game. Need Mac-Attack in the second half. Defense on the perimiter or in transition much needed.

Asbury, ooof.

We need McClutch to come alive. Release the beast!!! Bang the boards and go down low.

Abrams is killing us! This will get out of reach if we don't make a run and d him up.

Hey..they have not been here in a while and even coach knows this is hard nosed team and does not compare talent wise with Texas...not this year.

Coach is doing some wonderful things and MCClinton could have a shot at player of the year next year...he needs to drive more...get to the line...

I am proud of these Canes and the Baseball team as well

can we please get some defensive rebounds.

if only Jack could catch fire.

even though we are goin to most likely lose i would like to thank the canes for giving people in miami something to be happy about. We will be back better and stronger next year.

2 in a row comon Mclutch!!!!

Our team has heart!!!!

lets pull this one out!!!

Looks like this one is over.

Great job by our guys and great job by coach Haith. Looking forward to next season.



Hicks of all people?

We need a steal in a bad way!

all of a sudden there is still hope

We need the Darius Rice play

Hey, at least the score was respectable. Never thought the ticky-tack/BS calls were gonna make a difference, but they did.

Great season coach Haith and fella's. Hope the cane nation is finally on board with the bball team. Next year watch out!

Bish, you are sharp. I so remember that play. The steel, step, and shoot. The "D-Rice play" was our only chance in the last few seconds. The "Ray Hicks inbound play?", not as good. Good game though, and good season.

Its great to be a Miami Hurricane again folks!! Damn proud of these kids, showed a mega-ton of heart and scrap not only today but all year. Way to go boys!!! Great job Frank! Can't wait till next year!!

BTW Manny, don't let Cote steal any of your thunder, he is nothing but a frontrunning bandwagon hopping has-been who is trying to grab some of your spotlight.

The Long Horns had all they could handle with the 'Canes. It wasn't a decisive win.

Good job, fellas.

Thanks Robnyce, yea Texas is just to experienced to make a mistake like that down the stretch. Great comeback, and at least we have all the key guys coming back along with a couple high rated new guys.

OK, Manny, time now to do a story on the odds of Frank Haith staying at UM. We know darn well that that South Carolina is gonna make a hard run at him with Dave Odom having been shown the door. Why would Haith stay at UM with its 3000 or so usual attendance when he can be hoops king of THE state college of South Carolina?

Manny, wondering what you thought about Haith not subbing Jack in and out of the lineup with 4 fouls and under 60 seconds left in the game? It cost the team a good 15 seconds at one point because Jack didn't want to foul out with 30 seconds left.

Aside from that, and the usual achilles heal of perimeter defense and allowing offensive rebounds, it was a fantastic season! Nothing to be dissappointed about today. Got beat by a superior team today, but the guys made it a great run to watch!

The team showed what a lot of UM teams fail to show HEART and this team had a lot of it ALL season long! GO CANES!

I am proud of our Canes!! Next year, we will be back and we will not be happy with just "makin the dance."

Manny...your score prediction was almost right on! Too bad Canes couldn't get that last minute steal or score to tie it up.

Good season either way. Better than expected that's for sure! Faith in Haith lasts at least another year!

Great season. Cossing my fingers that Jack and coach stay. If so, we can make a deep run next year. Otherwise, not sure.

Hey, congrats to the Canes for an amazing year. Here's the best part: other than King, they're not losing anyone in their regular rotation. With Rios and Hurdle gaining this amazing experience, they've got an excellent chance to do even better next year.

Congrats to Frank Haith for resurrecting this program. We all know who the real ACC Coach of the Year is.

We also have Adrian Thomas(knee injury) coming back. Should be pretty interesting next season.

We also have Adrian Thomas(knee injury) coming back. Should be pretty interesting next season.

"Jemile Weeks, Ryan Perry, Dennis Raben and Yasmani Grandal each hit home runs for the Hurricanes, who move to 7-1 in the ACC with the win. As a team, the Canes belted 10 home runs and scored 40 runs in two games."

Put this in yer pipes and smoke it!! College World Series Champs this year!!!

wouldn't it be great if college football played it out on the field too?
It would be so much more exciting than the bowls.

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