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Spring game: Defense 32, Offense 29 (F)

Hello from Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale where I'll be taking in the Canes' spring game and providing you with live updates and stats when it ends.

Here is a breakdown of the scoring in this game since it is offense versus defense...
Offensive scoring... TD, 6 points; FG, 3 points; XP, 1 point; Crossing the 50-yard line, 1 point.
Defensive scoring... TD, 6 points; 3 and Out, 3 points; Stop before 50, 1 point; Interception, 2 points; Fumble, 2 points.

Starting lineup...
Robert Marve at quarterback, Javarris James and Graig Cooper in the backfield, Khalil Jones, Aladarius Johnson and Leonard Hankerson at receiver; Jason Fox at left tackle, AJ Trump at left guard, Xavier Shannon at center, Joel Figueroa at right guard and Reggie Youngblood at right tackle.
Defense: Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant at cornerback, Randy Phillips and Anthony Reddick at safety, Darryl Sharpton, Sean Spence and Glenn Cook at linebacker, Allen Bailey and Adewale Ojomo at end, Antonio Dixon and Joe Joseph at tackle.

FIRST SERIES... (Robert Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Robert Marve pass to Javarris James, incomplete
2-10-35O, Javarris James runs off right tackle for 25 yards at 40-yard line (1 point offense)
1-10-40D, Marve scrambles for five yards before being pushed out of bounds by Sean Spence.
2-5-35D, Marve completes a 8-yard pass to Khalil Jones, who is pushed out of bounds
1-10-27D, Cooper runs off right tackle and down the sideline for a touchdown (6 points offense)
XP, Matt Bosher converts the extra point, Offense 8, Defense 0.

SECOND SERIES... (Jacory Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Jacory Harris pass to Derron Thomas in the flat is dropped
2-10-35O, Thomas carries off left tackle for 2 yards. Thomas is injured on the play. It looks like his right ankle. Face mask on the play. (1 point offense)
1-10-48D, Shawnbrey McNeal takes a pitch to the right and loses six yards. Flag on the play (facemask).
1-10-38D, Harris fumbles the snap, Chaz Washington records the sack for minus four yards.
2-14-42D, Harris throws receiver sceen pass to Kayne Farquharson picks up five yards.
3-9-37D, Harris completes a short pass Chris Zellner for four yards
4-4-33D, Alex Uribe's field goal attempt is blocked by DeMarcus Van Dyke. Offense 9, Defense 0.

THIRD SERIES... (Robert Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O,Cooper runs off the right side and is stopped for a 1-yard gain (Antonio Dixon on the stop).
2-9-36O, Marve's pass to Aldarius Johnson sails wide and incomplete.
3-9-36O, Darryl Sharpton sacks Marve for a 6-yard loss (2 points defense). Offense 9, Defense 3.

FOURTH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Harris completes a quick pass to Kayne Farquharson for a 6-yard gain.
2-4-41O, Lee Chambers carries and loses 1 yard.
3-5-40O, Harris completes a 10-yard pass to Farquharson (1 point offense).
1-10-50O, Chambers carries up the middle for 8 yards. END OF FIRST QUARTER - Offense 10, Defense 2-2-42D, Chambers catches a short screen pass for 1 yard before being blown up by Marcus Forston.
3-1-41D, Spencer Adkins sacks Harris back at 50 for a loss of 9 yards.

FIFTH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Cooper gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage by Antonio Dixon for a loss of 1-yard.
2-11-34O, Marve tries to pass the ball over the middle to Khalil Jones, but it is broken up by Glenn Cook.
3-11-34O, Marve completes a 9-yard pass to Khalil Jones (Bruce Johnson on the tackle). 3 points for defense, Offense 10, Defense 6.

SIXTH SERIES... (Cannon Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, False start
1-15-30O, McNeal runs up the middle for five yards (Allen Bailey on the tackle).
2-10-35O, Marcus Forston tackles Cannon Smith for a loss of 6 yards
3-16-29O, Smith throws a middle screen to McNeal, who makes a move up field for 66 yards. (1 point offense). Arthur Brown makes the tackle.
1-G-5, Delay of game
1-G-10, McNeal takes a pitch in the backfield and runs up the middle for 8 yards
2-G-2, McNeal runs left and is stopped for a 2 yard loss.
3-G-4, Tervaris Johnson breaks up a pass in the end zone intended for Farquharson.
4-G-4, Jake Wieclaw makes a 21-yard field goal. Offense 14, Defense 6 (2 minutes, 36 seconds left).

SEVENTH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Javarris James drops a pass from Marve. That's James' second dropped pass.
2-10-35O, Marve completes a pass in the flat to James for 9 yards (Chavez Grant tackle).
3-1-44O, Marve completes a short pass to Cooper for a 5-yard gain.
1-10-49O, Sean Spence intercepts a batted ball at the defense's 44 and makes a nice return up field to the offense's 20-yard line (3 points defense for interception and 3 for stopping the offense before the 50). Offense 14, Defense 12.

EIGHTH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-50, Harris pass to Dedrick Epps picks up four yards
2-6-46D, Harris pass to Farquharson for 8 yards. Time out, :59 left
1-10-38D, Harris pass to Farquharson is incomplete.
2-10-38D, Offensive holding on Ian Symmonette.
2-20-48D, Harris scrambles for 12 yards
3-8-36D, Harris completes a pass to Chris Zellner for 12 yards
1-10-24D, Ryan Hill drops a deep pass that might have gone for a touchdown.
2-10-24D, Harris' pass to Sam Shields in end zone sails incomplete
3-10-24D, Harris' pass to Leonard Hankerson in end zone is incomplete
4-10-24D, Matt Bosher's 41-yard field goal attempt sails wide right. Offense 15, Defense 12. HALFTIME

NINTH SERIES... (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Lee Chambers runs off the right sice for 3 yards (Randy Phillps tackle)
2-7-38O, Chambers runs right on a pitch for 4 yards (Dixon tackle)
3-3-42O, Smith's pass to Johnson is short and incomplete. Sharpton credited with a sack for a five yard loss (3 point defense). Offense 15, Defense 15.

10TH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback vs. Second Team defense)
1-10-35O, Marve completes a short pass to James, who breaks a few tackles for a 21-yard gain. (Offense 1 point)
1-10-44D, Gooper runs up the middle for 3 yards (Steven Wesley tackle)
2-7-41D, Marve's pass to Khalil Jones goes right through his fingers. Damien Berry was getting ready to lay him out
3-7-41D, Marve's pass over the middle goes for 21 yards (Berry on the tackle).
1-10-20D, Offsides
1-5-15D, Cooper runs up the middle for 6 yards (Brown and Tervaris Johnson tackle).
1-G-9D, Marve's pass intended for Farquharson is incomplete
2-G-9D, Marve's short pass to Cooper for 6 yards.
3-G-3D, False start
3-G-8D, Marve's short pass to Cooper gains 1 yard (Spencer Adkins on the tackle).
4-G-7G, Alex Uribe's 24-yard field goal is good (1:56 left). Offense 19, Defense 15.

11TH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback vs. First Team defense)
1-10-35O, Harris' pass to Aldarius Johnson is dropped.
2-10-35O, Chambers takes a pitch left and is tackled for no gain
3-10-35O, Harris' pass to Ryan Hill is complete for a 14-yard gain downfield.
1-10-49O, Chambers runs right for four yards (1 point offense)... END OF QUARTER
2-6-47D, Chambers runs up the middle for 3 yards
3-3-44D, Harris' pass is incomplete (batted by Forston)

12TH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Cooper runs left for four yards
2-6-39O, False start
2-11-34O, Cooper runs left for 7 yards (Tervaris Johnson tackle).
3-4-41O, Marve completes a 5-yard pass for five yards
1-10-46O, Marve attempts a deep pass to Farquharson, but it is batted away by safety Jojo Nicholas
2-10-46O, Marve attempts a deep pass to Khalil Jones, but sails long and wide and incomplete
3-10-46O, Marve scrambles for 10 yards (1 point offense)
1-10-44D, Cooper carries the ball off right tackle for a 44-yard touchdown run. Wieclaw makes the extra point (7 points). Offense 28, Defense 16.

13TH SERIES (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Chambers runs up the middle for 1 yard
2-9-36O, Chambers takes a pitch left and runs for 5 yards
3-4-41O, Smith's pass is batted away and incomplete (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 19.

14TH SERIES (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Chambers takes  pitch and runs right for 3 yards
2-7-38O, Marve's pass is batted incomplete by Marcus Forston
3-7-38O, Marve runs left nd slides down at 33 for a 5-yard loss (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 22.

15TH SERIES (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Harris' pass to Aldarius Johnson is dropped.
2-10-35O, Sharpton sacks Harris back at 23. A loss of 12 yards.
3-22-23O, Harris is sacked by Allen Bailey for a 4 yard loss (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 25.

16TH SERIES (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Smith's pass to Chambers is overthrown and incomplete
2-10-35O, Chambers runs right for a 6-yard gain (Arthur Brown on the tackle, his eighth of the game).
3-4-41O, Smith's pass to Hankerson is batted in the air and intercepted by Arthur Brown and returned for 11 yards (5 points for defense). Defense 30, Offense 28.

17th SERIES (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Marve's pass to Hankerson is behind the receiver and falls incomplete.
2-10-35O, Marve scrambles for 7 yards
3-3-42O, Marve completes a short pass to James for 9 yards (1 point offense)
1-10-49D, Marve's pass toward the end zone is batted up in the air and intercepted by Sean Spence (2 points for defense). END OF SCRIMMAGE

First downs:
19 (Rushing 6, Passing 11, Penalty 2)
Rushing: 38 attempts, 141 total yards
Passing: 20 of 44 for 223 yards, 3 INTs
Total offense: 82 plays, 364 yards, 4.4 avg
Penalties: Offense, 4-25; Defense 3-35
Third down conversions: 9 of 21
Sacks: 5 for 37 yards

Passing: Robert Marve 10 of 22, 93 yards, 2 INTs; Jacory Harris 9 of 17 for 64 yards; Cannon Smith 1 of 5 for 66 yards, 1 INT.
Rushing: Graig Cooper 8 carries, 91 yards, 2 TDs; Lee Chambers 11-36; Javarris James 1-25; Marve 5-11; Shawnbrey McNeal 4-6; Derron Thomas 1-2; Cannon Smith 2-(-12); Harris 5-(-17).
Receiving: McNeal 1-66; James 4-60; Kayne Farquharson 4-29; Chris Zellner 2-16; Khalil Jones 2-16; Ryan Hill 1-14; Cooper 2-12; Gordon 1-5; Epps 1-4; Chambers 1-1.
Defensive statistics: Arthur Brown 6 solo tackles, 2 unassisted, 8 total, 1 INT, 1 pass breakup; Carlos Armour 6 solo tackles; Chavez Grant 3 solo tackles; Damien Berry 3 solo takles; Kylan Robinson 3 solo tackles; Spencer Adkins 3 solo tackles; Randy Phillips 3 solo tackles; Darryl Sharpton 4 solo tackles, 1 assist; Glenn Cook 1 solo tackle, 3 assists.
Sacks: Sharpton 3, Allen Bailey 1, Chaz Washington 1, Spencer Adkins 1.


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Thanks Manny. I'm starting to get worried about our defense with all the TDs I've been hearing about in practice. What is your take on our D?

Thanks manny--Keep us posted

Manny can the game be seen on tv or on the net?

Cat-5.....If you see V.T. at the game today
make sure you let him know of my prediction.I heard he was in town.Its in the vault!!!!

Q: Manny can the game be seen on tv or on the net? Posted by: WI Cane | March 29, 2008 at 10:00 AM

A: The game is on CSS.

how is the crowd out there?

is the game on directv?

Q: how is the crowd out there? Posted by: main vein cane | March 29, 2008 at 10:19 AM

A: Over 10,000 on hand.

Q: Any recruits out there Manny??

Hey Manny, how does Arthur Brown look out there?

I did not go to the game, but thanks to Manny and the herld, the live feed on the net was quite good. I live in Fo Town and DirecTv doesnt carry CSS so couldnt watch on the tube. This is my take:

Marve is the QB far and above. Second is a battle between Harris and Smith. It will be interesting to see what Taylor does.

Harris seems rattled. Canon was inaccurate.

Cooper and Mcneal are studs. James is doing better but is still dropping balls.

Alfdarius Johnson is dropping balls.

where was Tommy Strreter?

The D is tenacious. Brown is better than Glenn Cook predicted (who cares what Glenn Cook says).

With Brown, Spence and Bailey, and Forston, The gayturds got another thing coming.

Manny: I await your take on things, and on your summary of what you saw- I'd like to see ops on who was there.

all these drop passes are dissapointing, especially when its Aldarius from Jacory. These two guys should be solid. Guess they need a little more time.


How was Leonard Hankerson? The first pass the thread states was incomplete, the second was batted and intercepted, and the third was behind him. How is he running his routes, matching up, etc. ?

anyone that thinks this team is going to even come within two touchdowns of UF after watching todays spring game is joking. The only thing that impressed me about the spring game was the running game and Sean Spence. The rest of the guys were pretty much the same as last year. This is a 6-6 football team.

Thanks again Manny, for us out-of-towners it is almost like being there.

Everyone needs to respect Glen Cook. He is a sixth year Hurricane, that is a huge commitment from an individual.

AJ dropping passes? WTF?
Cannon Smith, sounds like he might be a bit short with all those dropped passes.
Did DVD play?

Meant batted balls, not dropped passes, for Cannon Smith.

Were the dropped passes the result of off target throws or bad hands? There is a big difference. I'm in Atlanta and was not able to see the game. Let's all recognize that today was the result of 15 practices. Execution will improve over the summer and fall practices. Patience is the key. This team is not expected to win the national title or even the conference title. Our Canes will improve. I do like the fact that the defense is getting into the passing lanes and forcing turnovers. We will need to create short fields for scoring drives. Something that did not happen last year. Canes will win 8 or 9 games this year. Let's wait until the summer to pass judgment at least. Besides, the fall enrollees aren't even on campus yet. The depth chart will shuffle again amd some of those passes that were dropped may be caught be the incoming receievers like Streeter and Benjamin.

I'm thinking more like a 7-8 win team... slipping into the 5-6(s) if those first few games don’t go very well. It all really depends on the team’s level of progress as the year goes on. We have some pretty hectic games early in the schedule and I'm not sure if the young group will be able to handle it. I doubt the older guys are going to be much better. We'll see more come Aug 28th.

From the sounds of it, I'm not too worried about the defense. The offense better start jelling and doing it quickly. T-Butt definately is going to get it from our D but man, Offense needs to step it up. Let's go guys!!! Go CANES!!

I just got back form the game Hate to say this, but we are going to be in trouble this season. The QB's looked like garbage overall, especially Cannon who is shorter than the avg. college student. Marve was very inaccurate. The best by far was Harris. I think he will get the starting job based on what i've seen.

But even after that I think we are going to get owned by Florida. They never threw the deep ball, and the few that were thrown by marve, the rotation on the ball was terrible. I was very unimpressed.

Is Moncur out with an injury? He was not listed as a starter.

I thought Jacory looked the best. Lots of dropped balls though. I also don't think they wanted to show too much in this game. MVPs on Offense were Cooper and James and MVPs on D were Sean Spence (He's gonna be a playmaker!!!) and Arthur Brown.

Went to the game. Marve was extremely accurate, with the exception of a few throws. The receivers dropped wAAAAAAAAAAAy to many balls. Harris did some good things but looked like a true freshman. Brown was better than Cook said. Forston will be a beast with Antonio Dixon if they can stay healthy,and cannon will defiantly be a backup. The D played well with some exciting new schemes. Overall they didnt show to much. They run the same plays over andover again, Im thinking an 7/8 win season. 09 will be our year

keep the faith!!! They will have all summer and August to start gellin! They will also have the first game to use as a confidence builder! They will have a strong running game. The defense will hustle and make plays! I've said it before and will say it again, Miami will fly under the radar next season and win the ACC!!! They are just as good as any ACC team!(If not better)! They will have to make plays on special teams in order to acheive that ACC goal! They have plenty of talent! They just have to execute! Bottomline! They should start kicking ass by the end of September! (When Butch comes to town!) There is probably twenty players on this team (minimum) who will be playing on Sundays! I'm tired of the excuses!! Miami should not take a back seat to any ACC team!! Time to get our BALLS back!!!!! Bottomline!!! Get behind this team! I will be at their home opener, (from New Jersey!) Can't wait! Can't wait to say "I told you so"! Hope to see a big crowd that night! (No Excuses!)

Agree with Jersey cane. 100%

I watched,and I was unimpressed. Still can't thank you guys enough for taking Patrick Nix off our hands (If only you would've taken Chan Gailey too!)

Anyway, we look forward to hosting you on Thursday night, late November, one week after you get a beatdown from Virgia Tech. 4 in a row is going to be GREAT!

GT aka "School for the Blind", get ready.

You had Medioker teams but this year we'll hand you your candy-azzes on a platter with a bunch of freshmen. LOL.

Brown, Spence and Forston, stood out.
Streeter is coming!!!!!

Gtecher: The only way you beat Um the last few yrs is by UM fielding the worst UM teams in history, while you guys had Calvin Johnson and played out of your minds. You all also seem toalways choke against Georgia, so shut up and sit down.

UM coaches:
I am tired of excuses. Why can't you recruit receivers who actually catch the ball? I could care less if they run a 4.2 40 ( like Shields claims he can), but when the ball gets to their hands he drops it. What does that matter? RS- why don'tyou recruit receivers that DONT DROP BALLS?wtf?

Cannon Smith seems like he will be another Kirby Freeman type, and he probably ought to plan on transferring already, because he is no good for this program, and I can see it already. Randy and the boys should have seen this when they saw how short he is. Now, if we ran an offense like Mizzou or UF, it probably wouldnt matter, but not in this style. Plus he doesnt seem to have the arm strength. Am I being too rough on the boy already? If I was the D coordinator AND RS, I'd already be planning on how to defend against Tbone. Simple: Putpreesure on him, and jam Harvin at the line. period. You take Timmy off his rhythm, and its over.

I d on't think I could tolerate another 6 or 7 loss season. I just can't. This ain't right. My feeling (and my impatient opinion) is, if we dont go 10-3 or 11-2 in 2009, RS should be canned. If we lose another 7 or worse in 2008, Donna should start getting the pink slips ready.

"You all also seem toalways choke against Georgia, so shut up and sit down."

If 'choking' is narrow, close losses to a national top 5 program and next year's prima-donna, chik choice for #1, then I'm ok with that.

Our new coach will most DEFINITELY take us in the right direction. Meanwhile, you guys will have 4, most likely 5, losses before you even board the bus for the beatdown in Atlanta.

I'm 40, I remember when Miami mattered, but just barely! BWUUUU AHHHHH AHHHHHH HAAAAHH!

My thoughts on the Spring Game...


1. OL doesn't give our QBs time to throw downfield. I thought Nix was calling a conservative game, but after observing 10 drives I'm of the opinion that the short passing game comes from our inabilty to block for longer than 5 seconds....who knows, maybe our defense line is that good.

2. Receivers are still dropping balls!!!Khalil Jones = alligator arms!!! He could've caught the ball Marve threw, he just didn't want to get laid out. Javaris had a couple of drops.

3. Offensive playcalling....I'm hoping Randy Shannon asked Patrick Nix to keep it conservative, I think I figured out the sequence to our playcalling (out, slant, screen, run...same thing other side)....Can Aldarius Johnson get a deep ball...please!!!

4. Too many drives ending in the red zone. We've heard of the fade pass, right??? (we did throw 2 at DVD...man he can cover).

5. We need linemen, kids looked tired today.

6. Field goal kicking...nuff said.

7. Enthusiasm...where did it go???


1. Jacory Harris looks like he's been at UM for a year. Accurate throws, ontime, runs the offense well. He took a couple of sacks he shouldn't have, but very good job today.

2. Robert Marve ball fakes...this kid must really work on this a lot. Really fooled the D a couple of times. Marve looks comfortable under center or in shotgun.

3. Arthur Brown...coach Cook needs to stop hating, Brown was all over the field today. This kid can bring the wood, he caught up to Shawnbrey on a breakaway...rocked him.

4. Defensive scheme...the D shifts in out of coverage packages, lots of stunts on the D line...they were looking to confuse the QBs, lots of movement...glad we have Young as DC.

5. DVD & Reddick...DVD is a stud, someone will have to prove they can get open on him. Reddick made a nice tackle on Cooper...he came out of nowhere.

6. RBs - they all looked good. I'm a Cooper guy, I love his speed. They all made people miss in space. Nix even used Javaris and Cooper together on a couple of series....finally!!!

7. We looked nothing like last year's team...offense and defense are totally different. They need work, but the systems are totally different. There is a real committment to get the ball to playmakers in space.

Ga Techster...no one on this site would trade our future for Tech's. You guys are a nice little team that gives everyone up there something to do when there is no SEC game on.

We are gonna dust you guys off so bad in the coming years that your AD is going to consider cancelling football in order to avoid us.

Nobody remembers when GA Tech ever mattered.

I would like to see more of the TE's and FB's.
Remember that Streeter, Travis Benjamin, Laron Byrd, Kendall Thompkins, Davon Johnson and Thaeron Collier are coming!!!


you must have been following college football for the last 4-5 years, or your just stupid. UM program is going thru a change like the late 90's then we won ANOTHER NC, your 40 and dont remember, i dont remember when GT ever mattered, be lucky we are in the ACC, we make it better, when we are back hear in the next year or two you will get it, or you wont if you are 40 and think the U has done nothing, you know nothing about college football. show me a ring.

Frenchtickler, I mean Gtechler watch your step on this page because if it were not for Reggie ( the luckiest Qb in college ) all you have ever been was a Train Wreck .Besides Pat Swilling and Keith Brooking what else is Tech known for in the NFL.If the Great Pumpkin(AKA Paul Dee )would have retired in 2006 , you would not have the AD you have now .Here's a tidbit for you-your AD came from LSU , before that he spent some time on the left coast under George Allen at Long Beach State , before that class of 1984 from THE U . And Danny Rad will always bleed ORANGE and GREEN baby.

For all you negative a-holes...last years spring game, was 7-0 [defense]. And our defense sucked!

I love how people can predict how many wins UM will have after watching one f**king spring game.

The spring game is PRACTICE. To quote the great philosopher Allen Iverson, "We're here talking about practice. Not a game, not a game, not a game -- we talkin' about PRACTICE."

Hey Manny... Thanks for keep'n it Hot

I went
I saw
I enjoyed but it was a vanilla day.

From my perspective:
First off, Randy kept the packages vanilla and simple on both sides of the ball. So, we didn't see any special... knock'em out plays.

The wind blowing from the north... gusting 10/20 mph and perpendicular to the field, had a major part in yesterdays plays on offense, as several balls sailed out of bounds in the SE corner... where I was sitting.

Another point... The referees were lose and didn't play a major part in the game except for protecting the QB's with early sacks... and with early sacks, we'll never know if the plays could have developed further down field had the QB's got away from the pressure/touch... I know, I saw a couple of plays were Marve would have gotten away, but...

Defense was the star... playing well, with great pursuit, but the ref's let the players play for the most part and interference calls were at a minimum

Dropped balls... Too many??? Yeah there were allot but NOT as many as you think, if the ref's were calling pass interference the way they should have... the dropped balls would have been accounted for and yardage would have changed the game.

How do I feel after yesterday... Still convinced we have a team and can't wait for the season to start!

Manny: Thanks for the report. I sat in the stands today, as I did in the Thursday night event at Traz Powell Stadium, and while I was somewhat encouraged after the first spring scrimmage, the spring game opened my eyes to why this team is still two years away from sending the chills through the body of the opposition.

Right now, this is a 6-6 team….maybe 7-5 with a few plays here and there. But that is truly being optimistic. That is revised after I felt that they could be 5-7 again with a 6-6 being the best they could accomplish. I picked 5-7 at this time last year!

On offense, Miami has one of the deepest and most potent running game in the nation. The offensive line is good, but not deep. That means one injury to a key player, and things begin to get a bit uncomfortable. Plus, when Marve is in the game and scrambling around, it puts the line in a rough position. Remember, defenses are already walking up nine players because of the lack of receiving playmakers, so the line will be stretched to the max and there could be a lot of holding early on.

Jacory Harris caught up to Robert Marve. He is a thinker and will force Nix and Shannon to use both during the season. The hot hand keeps playing. But to be honest, it won’t matter who is out there if the receivers don’t start making plays. The backs out of the backfield are in the passing games as well, and simply cannot continue to drop balls.

The receivers…….Right now, there are only 2 players who can be the No. 1 receiver. Sam Shields and Aldarius Johnson. Shield has by far the most talent of all the receivers, but he is not the complete leader, so he may fall to No. 2, leaving a true freshman to be the No. 1, which is fine. Aldarius will stretch the defenses and is not afraid to mix it up. The No. 3 will be between Farquharson, McKenzie and Khalil Jones at the start of the summer. If someone does not start making up-field catches, Shannon will be forced to take on Laron Byrd and Tommy Streeter as 2 and 3s….but it’s too early to have all three of your go-to guys as true freshmen.

On defense, the line will be good with Dixon, Hendricks, Forston, Joseph and Ojomo in the middle, but the team is going to feel the inexperience and lack of the quality depth on the ends. Bailey is freakish, but needs help.

The linebacking corps is deep and will get better. The first line needs to be Spence, McCarthy and Cook with Adkins, Brown, Davis, Robinson and Sharpton ready to go in at any time. Spence will lead the unit in every category. He is that much better than all of the linebackers. It’s a fact!

The secondary, whether they are returning everyone or not, is okay. Van Dyke looks good at one corner, but until the summer when Brandon Harris arrives, there is no other corner that will come close to being the physical, tough guy they need. Bruce Johnson is fair, Tervaris Johnson is someone they are still finding a position for. Please don’t insult football fans intelligence by putting him at corner. He is NOT a corner. Not at this level! Chavez Grant is bigger, but still not a top-flight corner. This is a unit with way too many safeties, and guess what, they just signed more to fill. Wait and see if Vaughn Telemaque could fit at corner. If he does, then things look better. But I am afraid that he is a safety.

There are other things that I saw, but let’s work on the one glaring weakness that could turn one or two potential losses into wins - holding on to the ball!

Thanks 4 the assessment Larry B. Best info so far on the spring game.

Georgia Tech, what a Joke!! Nice recruiting class!! What a loser program!! Your future is as optomistic as Temple's. Why don't you go onto a Georgia site and talk smack! Oh,.. I forgot they smoked your asses on the field and in recruiting too! What a loser program! Zero recruits in the top 100! You should start following the Mid-American Conference (Temple's conference) because that's where Georgia Tech will be in five years! Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't expect to beat Florida, but don't forget that the ACC is soft. GT's got nothing, BC lost their edge with Ryan leaving, VT has internal problems and UVA is starting over. We are an efficient (not great) QB away from being a real threat to win the coastal division. That may not be much, but it would be a nice lead-in to 2009. Once again, all the pieces are in place once (or IF) the QB comes around.

Manny...thanks for the excellent coverage of the Spring Game. Missed seeing you there, but hope U saw the Canespace banner making it's way around the stadium.


Mephistopheles ...Good points.

I also don't think we'll beat Florida. I hope we can play well and be in the game in the second half. Our secondary isn't very good at tackling in open space. I'm more concerned about how we play than the result.

The ACC does look weak on paper, but I'm really concerned about any team that commits to running the ball consistently between the tackles. I think the D is going to be great one day, but right now our youth prevents us from being a physical defense. Any team with a decent running game is going to put up points on us.

Displaced Cane in Chi-Town:

You're right...you really can't tell how many wins the team is going to have based on a spring practice. I'm concerned about our lack of physicality though. I think this team can get pushed around by a more physically mature team.

There are talented guys, but their physical stature is not there....most of them look like HS kids. Thats because most of them are only recently removed....no amount of coaching is going to overcome that. I think this team is going to get pushed around for most of the season. IMO they are going to wear down towards the end.

I don't want to sound negative and I could be wrong. I hope I'm wrong...

Physicality and depth are the only weaknesses I can see. We will overcome these and be a great team one day...but let's not kid ourselves about this year.

After watching the play by play I have to say that there are tooooooo many dropped balls. I don't know what can be the cause since we didn't get the actual video here in the Windy City but acording to the bog too many drops. We need the under classmen to come through in a big way or it's going to be a long season in a conference that's there for the taking.

Go Cane's

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