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Spring game: Defense 32, Offense 29 (F)

Hello from Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale where I'll be taking in the Canes' spring game and providing you with live updates and stats when it ends.

Here is a breakdown of the scoring in this game since it is offense versus defense...
Offensive scoring... TD, 6 points; FG, 3 points; XP, 1 point; Crossing the 50-yard line, 1 point.
Defensive scoring... TD, 6 points; 3 and Out, 3 points; Stop before 50, 1 point; Interception, 2 points; Fumble, 2 points.

Starting lineup...
Robert Marve at quarterback, Javarris James and Graig Cooper in the backfield, Khalil Jones, Aladarius Johnson and Leonard Hankerson at receiver; Jason Fox at left tackle, AJ Trump at left guard, Xavier Shannon at center, Joel Figueroa at right guard and Reggie Youngblood at right tackle.
Defense: Bruce Johnson and Chavez Grant at cornerback, Randy Phillips and Anthony Reddick at safety, Darryl Sharpton, Sean Spence and Glenn Cook at linebacker, Allen Bailey and Adewale Ojomo at end, Antonio Dixon and Joe Joseph at tackle.

FIRST SERIES... (Robert Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Robert Marve pass to Javarris James, incomplete
2-10-35O, Javarris James runs off right tackle for 25 yards at 40-yard line (1 point offense)
1-10-40D, Marve scrambles for five yards before being pushed out of bounds by Sean Spence.
2-5-35D, Marve completes a 8-yard pass to Khalil Jones, who is pushed out of bounds
1-10-27D, Cooper runs off right tackle and down the sideline for a touchdown (6 points offense)
XP, Matt Bosher converts the extra point, Offense 8, Defense 0.

SECOND SERIES... (Jacory Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Jacory Harris pass to Derron Thomas in the flat is dropped
2-10-35O, Thomas carries off left tackle for 2 yards. Thomas is injured on the play. It looks like his right ankle. Face mask on the play. (1 point offense)
1-10-48D, Shawnbrey McNeal takes a pitch to the right and loses six yards. Flag on the play (facemask).
1-10-38D, Harris fumbles the snap, Chaz Washington records the sack for minus four yards.
2-14-42D, Harris throws receiver sceen pass to Kayne Farquharson picks up five yards.
3-9-37D, Harris completes a short pass Chris Zellner for four yards
4-4-33D, Alex Uribe's field goal attempt is blocked by DeMarcus Van Dyke. Offense 9, Defense 0.

THIRD SERIES... (Robert Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O,Cooper runs off the right side and is stopped for a 1-yard gain (Antonio Dixon on the stop).
2-9-36O, Marve's pass to Aldarius Johnson sails wide and incomplete.
3-9-36O, Darryl Sharpton sacks Marve for a 6-yard loss (2 points defense). Offense 9, Defense 3.

FOURTH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Harris completes a quick pass to Kayne Farquharson for a 6-yard gain.
2-4-41O, Lee Chambers carries and loses 1 yard.
3-5-40O, Harris completes a 10-yard pass to Farquharson (1 point offense).
1-10-50O, Chambers carries up the middle for 8 yards. END OF FIRST QUARTER - Offense 10, Defense 2-2-42D, Chambers catches a short screen pass for 1 yard before being blown up by Marcus Forston.
3-1-41D, Spencer Adkins sacks Harris back at 50 for a loss of 9 yards.

FIFTH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Cooper gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage by Antonio Dixon for a loss of 1-yard.
2-11-34O, Marve tries to pass the ball over the middle to Khalil Jones, but it is broken up by Glenn Cook.
3-11-34O, Marve completes a 9-yard pass to Khalil Jones (Bruce Johnson on the tackle). 3 points for defense, Offense 10, Defense 6.

SIXTH SERIES... (Cannon Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, False start
1-15-30O, McNeal runs up the middle for five yards (Allen Bailey on the tackle).
2-10-35O, Marcus Forston tackles Cannon Smith for a loss of 6 yards
3-16-29O, Smith throws a middle screen to McNeal, who makes a move up field for 66 yards. (1 point offense). Arthur Brown makes the tackle.
1-G-5, Delay of game
1-G-10, McNeal takes a pitch in the backfield and runs up the middle for 8 yards
2-G-2, McNeal runs left and is stopped for a 2 yard loss.
3-G-4, Tervaris Johnson breaks up a pass in the end zone intended for Farquharson.
4-G-4, Jake Wieclaw makes a 21-yard field goal. Offense 14, Defense 6 (2 minutes, 36 seconds left).

SEVENTH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Javarris James drops a pass from Marve. That's James' second dropped pass.
2-10-35O, Marve completes a pass in the flat to James for 9 yards (Chavez Grant tackle).
3-1-44O, Marve completes a short pass to Cooper for a 5-yard gain.
1-10-49O, Sean Spence intercepts a batted ball at the defense's 44 and makes a nice return up field to the offense's 20-yard line (3 points defense for interception and 3 for stopping the offense before the 50). Offense 14, Defense 12.

EIGHTH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-50, Harris pass to Dedrick Epps picks up four yards
2-6-46D, Harris pass to Farquharson for 8 yards. Time out, :59 left
1-10-38D, Harris pass to Farquharson is incomplete.
2-10-38D, Offensive holding on Ian Symmonette.
2-20-48D, Harris scrambles for 12 yards
3-8-36D, Harris completes a pass to Chris Zellner for 12 yards
1-10-24D, Ryan Hill drops a deep pass that might have gone for a touchdown.
2-10-24D, Harris' pass to Sam Shields in end zone sails incomplete
3-10-24D, Harris' pass to Leonard Hankerson in end zone is incomplete
4-10-24D, Matt Bosher's 41-yard field goal attempt sails wide right. Offense 15, Defense 12. HALFTIME

NINTH SERIES... (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Lee Chambers runs off the right sice for 3 yards (Randy Phillps tackle)
2-7-38O, Chambers runs right on a pitch for 4 yards (Dixon tackle)
3-3-42O, Smith's pass to Johnson is short and incomplete. Sharpton credited with a sack for a five yard loss (3 point defense). Offense 15, Defense 15.

10TH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback vs. Second Team defense)
1-10-35O, Marve completes a short pass to James, who breaks a few tackles for a 21-yard gain. (Offense 1 point)
1-10-44D, Gooper runs up the middle for 3 yards (Steven Wesley tackle)
2-7-41D, Marve's pass to Khalil Jones goes right through his fingers. Damien Berry was getting ready to lay him out
3-7-41D, Marve's pass over the middle goes for 21 yards (Berry on the tackle).
1-10-20D, Offsides
1-5-15D, Cooper runs up the middle for 6 yards (Brown and Tervaris Johnson tackle).
1-G-9D, Marve's pass intended for Farquharson is incomplete
2-G-9D, Marve's short pass to Cooper for 6 yards.
3-G-3D, False start
3-G-8D, Marve's short pass to Cooper gains 1 yard (Spencer Adkins on the tackle).
4-G-7G, Alex Uribe's 24-yard field goal is good (1:56 left). Offense 19, Defense 15.

11TH SERIES... (Harris at quarterback vs. First Team defense)
1-10-35O, Harris' pass to Aldarius Johnson is dropped.
2-10-35O, Chambers takes a pitch left and is tackled for no gain
3-10-35O, Harris' pass to Ryan Hill is complete for a 14-yard gain downfield.
1-10-49O, Chambers runs right for four yards (1 point offense)... END OF QUARTER
2-6-47D, Chambers runs up the middle for 3 yards
3-3-44D, Harris' pass is incomplete (batted by Forston)

12TH SERIES... (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Cooper runs left for four yards
2-6-39O, False start
2-11-34O, Cooper runs left for 7 yards (Tervaris Johnson tackle).
3-4-41O, Marve completes a 5-yard pass for five yards
1-10-46O, Marve attempts a deep pass to Farquharson, but it is batted away by safety Jojo Nicholas
2-10-46O, Marve attempts a deep pass to Khalil Jones, but sails long and wide and incomplete
3-10-46O, Marve scrambles for 10 yards (1 point offense)
1-10-44D, Cooper carries the ball off right tackle for a 44-yard touchdown run. Wieclaw makes the extra point (7 points). Offense 28, Defense 16.

13TH SERIES (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Chambers runs up the middle for 1 yard
2-9-36O, Chambers takes a pitch left and runs for 5 yards
3-4-41O, Smith's pass is batted away and incomplete (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 19.

14TH SERIES (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Chambers takes  pitch and runs right for 3 yards
2-7-38O, Marve's pass is batted incomplete by Marcus Forston
3-7-38O, Marve runs left nd slides down at 33 for a 5-yard loss (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 22.

15TH SERIES (Harris at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Harris' pass to Aldarius Johnson is dropped.
2-10-35O, Sharpton sacks Harris back at 23. A loss of 12 yards.
3-22-23O, Harris is sacked by Allen Bailey for a 4 yard loss (3 points defense). Offense 28, Defense 25.

16TH SERIES (Smith at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Smith's pass to Chambers is overthrown and incomplete
2-10-35O, Chambers runs right for a 6-yard gain (Arthur Brown on the tackle, his eighth of the game).
3-4-41O, Smith's pass to Hankerson is batted in the air and intercepted by Arthur Brown and returned for 11 yards (5 points for defense). Defense 30, Offense 28.

17th SERIES (Marve at quarterback)
1-10-35O, Marve's pass to Hankerson is behind the receiver and falls incomplete.
2-10-35O, Marve scrambles for 7 yards
3-3-42O, Marve completes a short pass to James for 9 yards (1 point offense)
1-10-49D, Marve's pass toward the end zone is batted up in the air and intercepted by Sean Spence (2 points for defense). END OF SCRIMMAGE

First downs:
19 (Rushing 6, Passing 11, Penalty 2)
Rushing: 38 attempts, 141 total yards
Passing: 20 of 44 for 223 yards, 3 INTs
Total offense: 82 plays, 364 yards, 4.4 avg
Penalties: Offense, 4-25; Defense 3-35
Third down conversions: 9 of 21
Sacks: 5 for 37 yards

Passing: Robert Marve 10 of 22, 93 yards, 2 INTs; Jacory Harris 9 of 17 for 64 yards; Cannon Smith 1 of 5 for 66 yards, 1 INT.
Rushing: Graig Cooper 8 carries, 91 yards, 2 TDs; Lee Chambers 11-36; Javarris James 1-25; Marve 5-11; Shawnbrey McNeal 4-6; Derron Thomas 1-2; Cannon Smith 2-(-12); Harris 5-(-17).
Receiving: McNeal 1-66; James 4-60; Kayne Farquharson 4-29; Chris Zellner 2-16; Khalil Jones 2-16; Ryan Hill 1-14; Cooper 2-12; Gordon 1-5; Epps 1-4; Chambers 1-1.
Defensive statistics: Arthur Brown 6 solo tackles, 2 unassisted, 8 total, 1 INT, 1 pass breakup; Carlos Armour 6 solo tackles; Chavez Grant 3 solo tackles; Damien Berry 3 solo takles; Kylan Robinson 3 solo tackles; Spencer Adkins 3 solo tackles; Randy Phillips 3 solo tackles; Darryl Sharpton 4 solo tackles, 1 assist; Glenn Cook 1 solo tackle, 3 assists.
Sacks: Sharpton 3, Allen Bailey 1, Chaz Washington 1, Spencer Adkins 1.


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The spring game showed me one thing...We need the names back on the jerseys.[NOW]
The dumbest idea yet!

I think G Tech won the National Title in 1990 (shared it with Colorado). That was the last time GTech mattered.

Am I the only one who is so HAPPY to not hear about Lance "Duck!!!" Leggett anymore. It's like we lost a bunch a dead weight and all the new names we brought in are being mentioned as the big playmakers. I bet if someone ranked the top 10 talented players on this team you might not find a senior name.

I definitely am down for a 8-4 prediction, but could be convinced for a 9-3 or 10-2 if the fall practices are awesome.

Reddick is the only Sr. who might make the list...I feel bad for this kid and I hope he has a great season.

9 or 10 wins???? You must be smokin' some of that Northern Cali.

Lets never speak of Lance Leggett again.

Man the defense was totally taking it easy on the O if you watch the film, 60% for bailey, not wanting to hurt people, it was a bit of a showcase slow it down affair but good work.

I have to admit I don't like the fact that the WR's dropped so many ball, but you can't judge whats going to happen this year on this. There is a lot a time to work things out and no way are they ever going to show anything from there bag of tricks this early, nothing but nomal plays.

They look as if they are a young them that is adjusting to a new system. They have five months to tighten that up.

Some of the peeps posting here are really hard on kids trying to do the best they can do on and off the field. I think it is a real shame that you guys rip these kids down and make them feel somewhat rejected and not wanted with no support.

In the spring you are supposed to look the way the canes looked on saturday. There is alot of potential on this team. The crazy thing about this spring is that we have a over 7 early entries and about 20 somethin studs arriving this summer.

Like my uncle used to say "You better pack a lunch, it is gonna be a long day". This team will give people fits and a bunch of frustration once the lights are on.

I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. If I could afford to travel back home to see the CANES play I would. I am tired of watching games on TV and seeing empty seats. For all you guys saying all the bad things about these kids need to buy a ticket and help these kids with your support instead of your negative comments.

I pay for the Premium package that include ESPNU I buy the entire college football package to hopefully get a glimpse of my CANES.

It is time for Miami to make a comeback but that comeback cannot happen if the people do not show love and support. I love the Blog and info Manny provides but some of you out there only want to see the CANES fail and it is unfair to these kids.

I am just gonna say it.

"When the canes get back to THE BCS please keep youR tired asses off of the BANDWAGON"



I am a true cane fan always have and I always will.

Keep up the good work Manny and oh yeah I have nothing negative to say about Florida or Florida State we will see them on Saturday...

If you in Phoenix Arizona let's start our own chapter to show our support for the Hurricanes...


Free game and we have a whole team dedicated to canes fans.


Okay drove down from Atlanta to see the Spring game with two other Canes fans. Just getting back settled so apologies for the delay in posting. Also I'm trying to add as much to the picture for those folks who weren't able to see it in person so forgive me if it's too long.

Overall I think the team showed promise. YES the team is young so expect some mistakes. I can live with mistakes as long as they are correctable. Too many times over the last couple of years I've seen the same mistakes happen over and over again. Not sure if it's coaching or what, but some one needs to be held accountable. If it's the player then let the back-up play. Or if it's the coach then as Robin Harris would say - gotta go - gotta go. Most of last year's whipping boys are gone (Lance, Kyle, Coaches Mosley & Walton) Clock is still ticking on Nix, Pannunzio and I hate to say it even Barrow (I'll elaborate later).

By far the best players are Freshmen and Sophomores so the future looks bright guys. Just gotta be patient and allow our guys to get some experience. The QB battle is really between Marve and Harris. Cannon Smith may turn out to be Doug Flutie or Chase Daniels in the end, but right now he's not getting the snaps to prove it so I'll just focus on the top two. Both QBs had their moments. Marve throws a nice ball, but he needs to work on his touch. A few times he needed to put a little more air on the ball, but he threw it on a rope and didn't allow his receivers a chance to run under the ball and make a play. One huge plus though was Marve was able to scramble out of the pocket when the protection broke down or he had a lot of green in front of him. So don't think we'll see as many sacks this year for holding onto the ball too long and not throwing it away. Harris has a nice command of the offense. He spread the ball around to his receivers and didn't look confused at all with what the defense was throwing at him.

Running game was a little shaky. Yeah if you just look at the numbers you see 2 TDs by Cooper, but it was just two long runs for 27 and 44 yards. If you take those out of the equation he had 6 carries for 20 yards. Javarris also had a nice run, but he only tooted the rock that one time. Not sure if that was an indication of he's in jeopardy of losing his spot to Chambers, McNeil, Thomas etc or did the coaching staff want to look at other guys since Javarris is the veteran of the bunch. We'll see how it works itself out. Cooper and James were in the game at the same time, but both were not in the backfield. For some reason James was in the slot and Cooper was in the "I". I would prefer to see it the other way around and allow Cooper to operate in space. Javarris caught a couple of passes, but he dropped at least two. No point in calling the play if the RBs can't catch the ball.

Now one thing that was both a positive and negative was I did see a fullback in the game. But instead of the tailback following that lead blocker in between the tackles it was more like toss sweeps. WTF was that all about? A couple of times the pitch was late so the RB lost yards before the play ever had a chance to develop. Then there were the short yardage situations you know like 3 and 2 or less that left you scratching your head. Instead of pounding the ball and setting the tone that we're going to be a physical team we did the aforementioned toss sweeps or threw the ball. Gotta question the play calling. In my opinion if you can't convert on 3 and 1 then you don't deserve to win anyway. At first I was okay with the play call since it was 3 and 1 on like the 40 so we had two opportunities to get the first down so yeah why not go for the jugular on 3rd down. You always have 4th down to get that last yard. But in the scrimmage there was no 4th down. It was the same as a punt. If that's the case then keep it simple and get the first down. Put in one of you fullbacks and have Javarris follow him up the middle.
The wide receivers looked good. It wasn't all doom and gloom. I'll do my best to tell you what I saw and hopefully calm the waters a little bit. Yeah there were some dropped balls, but only two WRs had bad days. One guy was expected, but the other was a surprise. Khalil started so automatically we were questioning the logic of the coaching staff. Maybe it was because he was a Senior and most of the Freshmen hadn't reported to school yet. Or it could have been as Shannon said he was having a great Spring. Don't know, but seen enough to know he shouldn't see the field unless we're up big or he's on punt coverage. Now I'll give him credit he did make two nice catches. One was on a comeback on the sideline and he actually held onto the ball and converted the 1st down. So that was a positive. But then he dropped the next pass thrown to him. It was like he'd make a play, but then cancel it with a drop.

Gotta say Manny exaggerated a bit on the 10th series when he said that Berry would have laid him out. Berry took a bad angle. He was in position to make a play on the ball, but Khalil should have caught the ball. He tried to adjust his body to avoid the contact, but short armed the ball. If he would have caught it, he would have walked into the end zone since the DB was laying on the ground. It was on the side line so Khalil was trying to stay in bounds and also avoid the hit and ended up dropping the ball. So call it what you want there were about 6 passes thrown Khalil's way. He caught two of them, but then dropped some as well. The one he dropped in the 5th series I put on the QB and coaching staff. There's no way Khalil should have been the go to receiver on a pass over the middle in traffic. It was one of those passes last year that Jenkins made a living on in between the LB and Corner. Too much traffic for him. Would have preferred to see another receiver not afraid of contact run that pattern. I'm just glad he didn't bat the ball up and allow an interception.

Now must say I was disappointed in Aldarius Johnson. The announcer made a big deal of calling him glue hands when they announced the starting line-up. And just like in basketball where they say this guy is 25 for 25 on free throws and he misses the next one our boy was jinxed the entire day. There were at least two drops if not three. Then a couple of more plays called in his direction, but nothing every came out of it. So very disappointing. Heard all the chatter about him being the next Andre Johnson so I got ahead of myself. He's going to be good maybe even great before it's all said and done, but we as fans gotta remember he's just a TRUE freshman.

As for the other WRs. Kayne had a nice game. Unfortunately we don't have a vertical game at all. Only saw a couple of deep balls and most of them came with two minutes left. Seems like we had 5 series in the final 2 minutes. Where was the two minute drill? Looked like they just sent all of the guys deep and hoped for the best. Didn't see any method to the madness. We had a perfect opportunity to get some reps and at least try and get into field goal range, but the last 5 series were 3 and Out. On the 8th series

The Offensive Line did an adequate job of pass protection. We took at least 50% of the snaps from the shot gun and I'm not a center, but from playing flag football I can snap the ball to the QB faster right now than any of our centers. Granted I don't have Dixon and Fortson waiting to pop me in the mouth so that could make a big difference. But the balls seemed to float back to the QB, especially Shannon's snaps. If the opposing team has a nice pass rush then we're in BIG trouble. There was a couple of sacks, but some of it could be attributed to a scrimmage so the referees were quick to call the play dead if the D-Line was in arms reach of the QB. So who knows maybe our QBs may have avoided the pressure and escaped, but on Saturday that was the rules so had to play accordingly. Real disappointed with the run blocking. Looks like we're strictly a finesse team. Gonna look great in between the 20s, but once the field starts to shrink the yards are going to be tough to come by. Think back to the Dolphins during Marino's hey day. The line could pass block, but the running game was non existent. A closer example is the 6th series. We had 1st and Goal from the 5, but the drive stalled. Gotta be able to score touchdowns when we're inside the 10. Stop all of the outside runs and MAN UP. Miami has to learn to pound the ball and convert on short yardage situations.

The defensive line had a nice game. Hardly any lanes for the RBs to gain any yards. A couple of times our DEs got sucked in on the play action and lost contain, but overall I was impressed with the pressure. Fortson was all over the field. He was in the backfield and even chased down a couple of running backs on some of the stretch plays. Haven't heard our Defensive Tackles named called on too many plays in a couple of years. If Dixon can stay healthy and increase his stamina to do more than two plays then the front four will be tough. Then throw in Lewis and Minacor and we'll be straight. Pretty soon the front four will be able to put pressure on the QB just by themselves.

LBs will be straight. Like Khalil the playing days for Cook and Romeo Davis (if he gets another year of eligibility) are numbered. Spence is small, but willing to throw his body into the fray. And he has a nose for the ball. Like Ed Reed he always seems to be in position if the ball is tipped in the air. Now he did get a 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Penalty for throwing up the U after his first interception. Couldn't believe we couldn't even celebrate at our own scrimmage. After he got tackled he got up and threw up the U on his way to the sidelines. I think the referee from the Fiesta Bowl fiasco was officiating the game. Arthur Brown was all over the field. Took a couple of bad reads, but if he guessed/anticipated right he was going to make the tackle. So with all of the talent we have at LB if Cook and Davis are still starting after Charleston Southern something is wrong. Gone are the days of being in position, but failing to make the tackle. Plus if we allow the same play to sucker our LBs all game see Virginia and Georgia Tech then Barrow is doing something wrong. I was watching the game and knew what play they were going to run so I knew Barrow had to know. He has to be find a way to convey all of his knowledge and experience to the LBs.

The secondary played a nice game. Didn't see too many deep balls so couldn't really access if there was improvement. Could have been Nix play calling or pressure on the QB or excellent coverage. Hard to say since not many balls went over 15 yards. But I know Florida and other teams are going to test our secondary. Hell I know I would. All you gotta do is look at tape from Louisville and Oklahoma. Too many times guys were in position to make a play, but failed to stop the completion. On the 12th series, if Marve had put some air under the ball I think Kayne would have scored a TD. Don't think the ball got 15 yards off the ground. He threw a laser about 30 yards downfield and Nicholas made a nice play on the ball. Still with more touch it was a completion. On the 8th Series yeah Ryan Hill should have caught the ball and scored. Almost looked like he stopped running full speed and was looking for a pass interference call or something. He didn't even try and go up and catch the ball at it's highest point. Just sorta ran down field and let the ball come to him instead of him going up and getting it. So that's at least 3 times the Offense had a chance to complete a deep ball and failed. Not sure if I should give the secondary credit because it looked more like ineptitude from the offense than anything our DBs did.

So that's it. I tried to add as much as I could and paint a picture for those of you who couldn't make the scrimmage. Hopefully I was able to alleviate some fears and concerns, but at the same time give an honest assessment of our talent and areas for improvement. If anyone has any more in depth questions, hit me up and I’ll respond either later tonight or tomorrow.


I agree with the ACC being down this year but I'm wondering about what it is you're talking about when you say VT has internal problems? I know they lost a lot of seniors and still have Glennon and Taylor at QB (which is a problem for them) but what internal issues do they have?

Kidney stones..

I expect to go into the swamp and destroy the gators. All you people out there who have UM losing games before we step on a field don't belong on my bench. The U doesn't roll with losers.
Let's go beat every team we play---in 2008.

I expect to go into the swamp and destroy the gators. All you people out there who have UM losing games before we step on a field don't belong on my bench. The U doesn't roll with losers.
Let's go beat every team we play---in 2008.

Posted by: cooltommy | April 01, 2008 at 12:46 AM

There's a difference with being delusional and realistic. You are obviously delusional.

RE: SK8's post

Does anybody really care about some random guy's analysis of the spring game? And then he apologizes for the lateness of his post. Yeah, we were all at the edge of our seats waiting for this info. Who cares what you saw or what you think was good or bad?

Does anyone have information on Allen Bailey breaking his leg jet skiing?

Allen Bailey broke his leg? If true, damn!!! Hasn't anyone learned from Kellen Winslow????

Does anyone have information on Allen Bailey breaking his leg jet skiing?

Posted by: Canes2008 | April 01, 2008 at 11:27 AM

Where the hell are you getting this from?

Now, maybe I just see the glass half full instead of half empty. I was privileged to see the Hurricane Spring Game on Comcast in the ATL and I was ectastic. Thank God we have "spring training" to assess what you have and the players can get the jitters out. We are going to have to give these young kids sometime to get acclimated to the college level. They are going to do just fine, better than some of you think. There were some drops, but I am just one of those that believe. I am a believer! GO CANES !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on.

No delusions here,if you don't believe you can beat a team you're right and you're a loser.

Have you losers actually seen your schedule this year ?? I'm curious how you figure this season is the turning point?

Florida, FSU and UCF are going to crush you.

VA, Vtech, Gtech and NC will also be losses.

Just be honest and admit that this is at least a 3 - 4 year process before you go bowling again, much less contend for the ACC title...

After that scrimmage 1st game against the D1AA school you are going to get embarrassed by those Gaaaators...

FAU and FIU are gaining ground quickly and soon that scUM school in Coral Gables will be a tune up and homecoming game for the rest of the state schools.....Hahahahahha !!

We are in your head scumrepellent. Let's just unmask you as the scummy, loser gator that you are,.

UM had the best recruiting class in the coountry, and they will beat the hell out of the true scum school, uf.

No delusions here,if you don't believe you can beat a team you're right and you're a loser.

Posted by: cooltommy | April 02, 2008 at 12:32 AM

It's different when you are actually playing and observing a team, moron. This team won 5 games last year and are going to be starting God knows how many freshmen, including the QB. They are not even coming close to winning every game. You are an idiot.

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