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Where does Jack rank?

I know he's only played one game in the NCAA Tournament. I know he only been at UM for two seasons. But after Rick Barry, is Jack McClinton the second best basketball player in UM history?

His 38-point performance Friday was phenomenal, sure. But the fact we're not sure where it ranks (the UM media guide doesn't include information on Miami's previous seven NCAA Jackmcclintontournament games) gives this question wheels. Yes, Miami had Tim James, the co-Big East Player of the Year. Darius Rice's freshman season was spectacular. And Guillermo Diaz and Rob Hite were very good players. But this guy, McMoney, McClutch, McMan, where does he rank in your mind? I'm not a Canes historian. I don't pretend to be. But I don't think this program has ever had a player who could put a team on his back the way McClinton does regularly. Where would this team (23-10) honestly be without him? Think hard. Would Miami have come back to beat Clemson at home without his three-pointers? Would the Canes have beaten Virginia if Jack didn't score 22 points in 4 minutes, 37 seconds? The answer is simple: No. Could you say the same about the other Canes' greats? Were they as valuable as Jack?

So, take a second to share your thoughts below and to vote in our online poll.

HE'S A PTP'er BABY!: Jack McClinton's big day got him a lot of national pub on Friday. CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman opined on McClutch. So did ESPN's Pat Forde. And then, there is Dickie V take -- below.