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Where does Jack rank?

I know he's only played one game in the NCAA Tournament. I know he only been at UM for two seasons. But after Rick Barry, is Jack McClinton the second best basketball player in UM history?

His 38-point performance Friday was phenomenal, sure. But the fact we're not sure where it ranks (the UM media guide doesn't include information on Miami's previous seven NCAA Jackmcclintontournament games) gives this question wheels. Yes, Miami had Tim James, the co-Big East Player of the Year. Darius Rice's freshman season was spectacular. And Guillermo Diaz and Rob Hite were very good players. But this guy, McMoney, McClutch, McMan, where does he rank in your mind? I'm not a Canes historian. I don't pretend to be. But I don't think this program has ever had a player who could put a team on his back the way McClinton does regularly. Where would this team (23-10) honestly be without him? Think hard. Would Miami have come back to beat Clemson at home without his three-pointers? Would the Canes have beaten Virginia if Jack didn't score 22 points in 4 minutes, 37 seconds? The answer is simple: No. Could you say the same about the other Canes' greats? Were they as valuable as Jack?

So, take a second to share your thoughts below and to vote in our online poll.

HE'S A PTP'er BABY!: Jack McClinton's big day got him a lot of national pub on Friday. CBS Sportsline's Mike Freeman opined on McClutch. So did ESPN's Pat Forde. And then, there is Dickie V take -- below.


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Go Canes! Hook the horns tomorrow.

Go McCash!

who else on miami has ever been 1st team all ACC? Jack is definately top 2 or 3

I would place Jack in line with Johnny Hemsley. Both when hot could light it up but unfortunately play very streaky at times. James and John Salmons were more consistent players. But yeah Jack has that put the team on my back and roll with it ability

What the word on the scrimmage today?

Jorts rule....

Johnny Hemsley and John Salmons were big in getting UM to the Sweet 16 a few years ago. Both had great seasons that year and both are better than half the people in that poll.

and having Mario Bland in the middle, did'nt hurt.

Jack is the man. As long as McClinton stays hot the Canes will go far in the tournament.


Steve Edwards was a pretty good player for Leonard Hamilton back in the day. I believe he was on the Big East All Freshman 1st Team. He had a knee injury the summer after and wasn't the same after that. Still had a solid 3 more years. Until recently ranked as the all time 3 point leader in UM history. After UM he played pro all over the globe and he was last in Spain. He is a Miami High kid like myself so i have a soft spot for him. He was/is a buddy of mine - kind lost contact with him after he left UM.

Before that Eric Brown, Dennis Burns, Tito Horford and Joe Wiley (he is the Wiley we inked for fballs dad) also had great years at UM.

I think Jack is great player but we've had good guys before and if they would have had some of the talent we have today you would remember them. Still Jack is Money!!!!

Yo.....gonna have to go with Constantine Popa....whose coming with me???

He had the wing span of a Tyranasaurus rex.

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Dennis Burns could fly... mad hops!

Scrimmage report????? Anyone have a scout.com account?

Mandingo...What's up? Keep the NCAA tourney news coming. We LOVE that stuff!

What's poppin Manny
Sorry your on the road for Easter but somebody has to keep us informed.
Everything is cool here, you don't have to paddle back.
stay safe

Well, my bracket just got destroyed, so I have nothing to worry about except the Canes winning!

THE DAGGER needs to strike again if we have any shot at winning tomorrow.

During the ACC tourney, he wanted to take over the game with tough outside shots, and he'd end up inevitably missing.

But what we saw against St. Mary's - driving and making plays off the dribble to compliment his lights-out three - is what he needs to do if the Canes' season is to be kept alive.

Let's go, McClutch, and the rest of the Canes - give the football team something to live up to this year!

Go Canes!

Hello Manny!!! Appreciate our devotion to the U cause.
Today's step forward is tomorrow's greatness into history, but it is only the second step. Ask yourself, Do you believe???

Did we come here to do a two step or did we come here to Waltz with Matilda?... I can see her, she's across the floor, waiting for us... So Guys, strap it on, lets go, NEXT!!!
Five in the 5

Jack is the best player in UM hoops history other than Rick Barry. If he stays for next year, he'll make it no argument...

I been watching canes bball since a student in 1959. Dick Hickox was great as were many other players, but none had scoring streaks to save games like Jack.

I been watching canes bball since a student in 1959. Dick Hickox was great as were many other players, but none had scoring streaks to save games like Jack.

Darius Rice didnt make the list??? Wha hop-pen?

Darius Rice=overhyped and underperformed. He never lived up to the rep or the promise. I would not include him in the top 8 to 9 players. Maybe would round out top ten.

I think Rick Barry has to go #1. He has the best all time numbers. Also had the best pro career (we will see with McClinton).

You have to put Tim James next. Helped put Miami on the map. He is the name i think of when I think of the those solid Hamilton squads.

McClinton right now is in top 5. If he stays (not sure what the word is on this) he could leave tied with James or perhaps going down as the best player since Barry.

ok J-mack is a beast we all know that and yes he is my cousin. no lie and to me he is the best player since rick barry and we will see who is better once j-mack gets to the league.

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