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A look back at UM and the NFL Draft

This weekend as Hurricanes fans sit and watch the NFL Draft wondering if Calais Campbell, Kenny Phillips or Tavares Gooden will continue The Streak, I hope they'll be able to look back at the greatness the University of Miami has achieved over the years instead of dwelling on disappointment (should it happen). After all, since 1984, UM has produced more first round draft picks (47) than any other school. And even if The Streak (of having consecutive first round picks) ends at 13, Miami will still own that better record after Saturday.

So, in honor of The Streak and good times the program has had over the years, I decided to take a look back and come up with something for U to talk about heading into Saturday. Who do you think has been the Canes' best First Round pick of all-time? Who has turned out to be UM's best pick after the First Round? And which Canes just never lived up to their billing as first round picks? There is a lot of criteria to consider when you bring up these topics. I consider what the player has achieved, where and when they were drafted and who was taken ahead or behind them in their draft. I also take into consideration what was expected of them going in. Anyway, it's just my opinion. Feel free to chime in with your opinions and thoughts below.

UM's Best First Round Picks of All-Time... according to me
1. LB Ray Lewis (1996, 26th overall, Baltimore Ravens):
Picking Ray-Ray No. 1 wasn't easy, but after considering where he was taken compared to the rest of the guys on this list it was. A nine-time Pro Ray_lewisBowler and two-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year as well as the MVP of Super Bowl XXXV. He has career totals of 1,520 tackles, 1367 solo tackles, 11 forced fumbles, 90 passes defended, 83 tackles for loss, 30 sacks, 13 fumble recoveries, and 25 interceptions in 162 games in his twelve seasons. He's led the NFL in tackles five times (1997, 1999, 2001, 2003 and 2004). The funny part now is looking back and seeing who passed up on him. The two linebackers taken in front of him -- Kevin Hardy and Reggie Brown. The Dolphins, who picked 20th, took defensive tackle Darryl Gardener.

2. WR Michael Irvin (1988, 11th overall, Dallas Cowboys): The Playmaker finished his Hall of Fame Michael_irvin career with 750 receptions (10th all-time in the NFL) for 11,904 yards (9th all-time in the NFL) and 65 touchdowns. His 47 100-yard receiving games remains the third most in NFL history, behind Hall of Famers Jerry Rice (65) and Don Maynard (50). He was selected to five Pro Bowls and was a key playmaker for the Cowboys that won 6 division titles and three Super Bowls. He was the third receiver taken in his draft -- behind Tim Brown and Sterling Sharpe. He is also the only Hall of Famer in the first round of the 1988 Draft.

3. S Ed Reed (2002, 24th overall, Baltimore Ravens): A four-time Pro Bowl selection, Reed was named the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year in 2004 a season in which he picked off nine passes and set an NFL record for the longest INT return for a touchdown. He owns the Ravens franchise record for picks with 34. He's also blocked four punts in his career, returning three for touchdowns to tie an NFL record.

4. QB Jim Kelly (1983, 14th overall, Buffalo Bills): Kelly doesn't exactly qualify as a first Jimkelly
round pick considering he skipped out the Bills to play two seasons in the USFL. But when he finally did return to the NFL he was one of the best in the game, running the K-Gun offense in Buffalo to four consecutive Super Bowls (1990-93) -- even though the Bills never won. Kelly made the Pro Bowl four times and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002. Kelly might have ended up with the Chiefs if Kansas City wouldn't have been so stupid to pick Todd Blackledge instead of Kelly with the seventh pick.

5. RB Edgerrin James (1999, 4th overall, Indianapolis Colts): For all the hoopla Mike Ditka made in drafting Ricky Williams in 1999, it is The Edge who has turned out to have the better career after all. A four-time Pro Bowl selection, Edge led the NFL in rushing in 1999 and 2000. He's currently the record holder for most total yards from scrimmage per game in a regular season career.

Honorable mention: WR Reggie Wayne (2001, 30th overall, Indianapolis Colts), DT Warren Sapp (1995, 12th overall, Tampa Bay), RB Ottis Anderson (1979, 8th overall, St. Louis Cardinals), QB Vinny Testaverde (1987, 1st overall, Tampa Bay), CB Duane Starks (1998, 10th overall, Baltimore Ravens), WR Eddie Brown (1985, 13th overall, Cincinnati), TE Jeremy Shockey (2002, 14th overall, Giants).

Biggest Cane Draft Day Steals
1. C Jim Otto (1961, undrafted, Oakland): It's amazing to see how little Canes fans honestly connect with Otto. I know it's been a long time since he played at UM, but considering what he Jim_otto
accomplished in his career, you'd think he'd be more of a UM posterboy. After all, he is the ultimate steal. After no NFL teams gave the undersized center a look, Otto signed with Oakland in AFL. For the next fifteen years, Otto became a fixture at center for the Raiders, never missing a single game due to injury. Including pre-season, regular season and post-season games, Otto competed in 308 consecutive games and was a 13-time All-Pro. He punished his body greatly during his NFL career, resulting in nearly 40 surgeries, including 28 knee operations (nine of them during his playing career alone) and multiple joint replacements.

2. DE Ted Hendricks (1969, 2nd round, 33rd overall, Baltimore): Hendricks played for four Super Bowl winning teams and was a Pro Bowl selection eight times. Nicknamed the Stork, his height was a major obstacle for quarterbacks. Hendricks picked off 26 passes in his career and blocked 25 point after tries and field goals combined an unofficial NFL record. I know people are knocking Calais Campbell's 40-time. But I'm sure Hendricks wasn't fast in the 40 either. I think Calais can be a great one too. He just had a tough junior season -- so did everyone else on a 5-7 team.

Jesse_armstead3. LB Jessie Armstead (1993, 8th round, 207th overall, Giants): Considered too undersized for linebacker, Armstead made the most of his chance in the NFL, becoming a five time Pro Bowler with the New York Giants. He finished his career with 752 tackles, 40 sacks and 12 interceptions.

4. WR Devin Hester (2006, 2nd round, 57th overall, Chicago): A two-time Pro Bowl selection in just two seasons and already considered the most electrifying return man in the game.

5. RB Clinton Portis (2002, 2nd round, 51st overall, Denver): The NFL's 2003 Offensive
Rookie of the Year rushed for over 1,500 yards in each of his first two seasons Portiswith the Broncos, averaging 5.5 yards per carry in that span. The latter is an NFL record for a running back's first two seasons. He's slowed down a bit since being traded to the Redskins, but you can still consider him a steal. Other running backs taken in front of him in 2002, T.J. Duckett, DeShaun Foster and William Green.

Honorable mention: RB Frank Gore (2005, 3rd round, 65th overall, San Francisco), OL Chris Myers (2005, 6th round, 200th overall, Denver), LB Micheal Barrow (1993, 2nd round, 47th overall, Houston), DB Fred Marion (1982, 5th round, 120th overall, New England), CB Ryan McNeil (1993, 2nd round, 33rd overall, Detroit).

Biggest Disappointments/Busts
1. WR Yatil Green (1997, 15th overall, Dolphins): As a Dolphins fan I used to wonder why Miami rarely selected Hurricanes in the draft. Then, Yatil Green happened. And I've been worried about Yatil_green
a jinx ever since. On the very first day of training camp, Green tore his quadriceps, ACL and cartilage in his right knee. He came back the next year and again tore the same ACL in training camp. In his third and only season he played in 9 games catching 18 receptions for 234 yards and 0 touchdowns. After three years and a total of 10 surgeries on his right knee, he was cut by the Dolphins and signed by the Jets, but never played a down and was cut during the season.

2. DL Jerome McDougle (2003, 15th overall, Philadelphia): I'm sure this will win me points with Drew Rosenhaus (McDougle's agent). I'm kidding. Truth is, Jerome's entire career has been marred by injuries. He missed eight games his rookie season ankle, knee and hip injuries. He was shot during a robbery in Miami and missed the entire 2005 season. He missed all of 2007 with an injury. It's a shame because I thought he was going to be a stud.

3. DT William Joseph (2003, 25th overall, Giants): Hate to do this to a guy from Miami Edison High, but Big Willie has only made 17 starts in his five-year career and has seven sacks. He didn't play at all during the Giants Super Bowl winning season and is now starting over in Oakland.

4. DT Russell Maryland (1991, 1st overall, Dallas): Even though he played 10 seasons in Russell_maryland
the NFL for Dallas, Oakland and Green Bay, Maryland never really lived up to being the overall top player chose in 1991. He was selected to the Pro Bowl only once (1993) in his career after winning the Outland Trophy in 1990. By comparison, Cortez Kennedy (taken 3rd overall by Seattle in 1990) and Warren Sapp (taken 12th by Tampa Bay in 1995) had far better pro careers.

5. CB Phillip Buchanon (2002, 17th overall, Oakland): It was hard to come up with a fifth guy for this category until I remembered what a big deal was made when he decided to leave school a year early and enter the draft. After a strong second season in Oakland in which he picked off six passes, the 27-year old stepped up his game this past season in Tampa (his third team) and recorded 61 tackles and three interceptions in 13 starts. But his career certainly hasn't lived up to expectations on a whole -- especially when you consider he was taken nine spots in front of Ed Reed.

Late addition: WR Randal "Thrill" Hill (1991, 23rd overall, Dolphins).


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Another Cane/Dolphin connection (bust):
Hurts me to say as he was one of my favorite Canes of all time, Randal Hill (2001, 23rd overall).

As a Dolphin and Cane fan, I hope that Campbell is available when they pick 1st in the 2nd round. Hopefully this can reverse the trend of caned busting with the Dolphins.

I always took more pride in Canes producing in the NFL and dominating on Sunday's than being selected in the first round.

Jessie Armstead was drafted by the Giants, not the Dolphins.

I would put Rumph ahead of Buchanon. Rumph is no longer playing and never really had a good season. At least Phillip is still in the league and had a pretty good season last year.

I still remember when those idiot Dolphins were about to pick and Ray Lewis was sitting there. I was SURE they were going to take him. I was screaming for them to take him. But, I should have known better. God, the Dolphins suck. I hate that team. Darryl Gardner...good call.

Listen when you have a college team in your own backyard. you should be able to find players from that program. What if the dolphins would of is something i hear too much from the fans. what it randy moss. what if ray lewis and on and on...
what a joke.

Can anybody give an update on the story of the tide end Orson Charles who visited the Gators and broke the national championship trophy??????

Lou of M, don't drink and blog. It can lead to posts that don't make sense.

Best 1st Round Pick: Warren Sapp.
He will go down as one of the greatest defensive tackles in the history of the NFL. The biggest reason I have him here though, on Draft Day Sapp fell alot his draft class because he took marijuana, but in the end, he stuck it to all the team's who passed on him.

Worst 1st Round Pick: Russell Maryland.
After winning all of those awards in college, Maryland never lived up to the hype a first overall pick should.

You guys are shot. Maryland was picked 1st because rocket went to canada but in less your a cowboys fan you would never realize how valuable he was. The cowboys played a 8-9 man rotation the guy was undersized and one of the best run stoppers I have ever seen. Maryland played many of his years with a severe toe injury and never complained he was a humble beast. The best lateral movement for a tackle I have ever seen.

1 time for Orson Charles, way to to drop the ball..... This kid might be The U quality after all....

Russell Maryland was on a team with many good players in Dallas and didn't receive the big press. This should NOT detract from his contributions.

And yes he was not a tall DT, maybe 6'1" but he could stop the run. Russell was a hell of a good Cane who did his work without all the talk.

To me, one of the biggest "WTF's" that i have ever seen in the draft was Butch passing pn Portis (his guy) for William Green. That fact alone is why nobody should be concerned about Butch at UNC.

For the 'in-between' list, you can add Tremain Mack (1997, Cincinnati, 4th rnd #111)... retired as the Bengals all-time kick returner, now works with kids

Also, I'm looking into a Jim Otto throwback jersey at AllCanes just as soon as I get back on campus next month...

I'll never forget Jerome McDougle's individual (not team) and irresponsible move he pulled on 4th and 14 versus Ohio St.

Instead of staying in his pass rush lane, he decided to "freelance" and loop on his pass rush. The OSU QB completed his pass through the pass rush lane.

If McDougle had stated on assignment, the game was OVER. You can always see it on film. Thanks Jerome !!

the best value picks..
1.Clinton Portis-2nd round
2.Jessie Armstead-8th round
3.Devin Hester- 2nd round

If re-drafted all would be HigH first rounders..

I agree wit the above mentioned,, Randill "thrill" Hill is the biggest dissapointment.

Manny - what no love for my man Shockey???? 3 time Pro bowler....

Manny...you forgot Lamar Thomas...you know wher to put him.

Kelly might have ended up with the Raiders if Oakland wouldn't have been so stupid to pick Todd Blackledge instead of him with the seventh pick

Kansas City drafted Blackledge, not Oakland.

Hate to say it, but Belichek is picking off our best guys under the noses of other teams. Must as he associates with Oscar Meyer, he drafts Miami Players for ballers.

meant to say "Much as..."

Thanks for the catches on Kelly and Armstead. Silly mistakes. Randall Hill was a good one I left off the disappointments. I agree he would have been a better pick than Phillip Buchanon for sure.

Yatil Green sucked GONADS big time !!!

I agree, its crazy to call Maryland a bust. What he meant to those cowboy teams was immeasurable. Remember football ain't baseball - its not all about the stats. And the point of Rocket going to Canada was on point. Maryland wasn't considered the best player coming out that year but Jimmie knew how important he was and the winner he was. It's like what Shannon is doing. Trying to recruit guys who are winners. It makes a difference.

Why isnt any body mentioning big Jerome Brown?

Do not. I repeat do not mention the name Vinnie Testaverde to me. That @#$^%& lost the Fiesta bowl single handedly. No way.

The blogger who pointed out Jerome McDougles' breakdown on 4th and 14 forgot that the receiver was covered by a CB who let him catch the ball. Nonethelss, he is right. If only light pressure was applied on Krenzel, that pass would never have been completed, instead we had to suffer at the hands of Terry Porter.

terry Porter: you are a disgusting human being. If I see you in the street...
I hope you get stung in the tip of your ---- by a million noseeums.

Have to agree with one of the previous posters that M. Runph was much more of a disappointment than Philip. And a few other guys come to mind but they were slightly before my time so I don't remember what pick they were drafted with (Danny Stubbs and A. Highsmith). Maybe they weren't so much "busts" as much as great college players who didn't translate into the NFL quite as well. Depends where they were drafted, which I'm not sure of. I'm glad to see how Winslow has turned it around in Cleveland. Two years ago he seemed well on his way to the bust list.

Since you brought this all up, the other night, NFL Network did a show on the Top 10 Football Factories of All-Time, and the U came out exactly where I figured we would...#2. Five or four years ago, and I figure we're a solid #1, but USC has overtaken us with some of their recent draft picks. I was happy with our #2 since Oklahoma, Texas, FSU, and the Gaytors didn't make the list, but TENNESSEE DID!!!! Hahaha!! Anyway, I think Ray Lewis may go down as the second or third best MLB ever to play the game, depending on where people put Singletary and Butkus.

I'd have to put Sapp and Kelly ahead of Reed for best picks, in that order. Reed is great but he has years of work ahead of him before he can be put ahead of Sapp and Kelly.

Biggest bust is Geno Toretta. Yatil Green at least had unfortunate injuries as an excuse. Geno just stunk it up.

I definitely agree Ray deserves top honors.

VA CANE: What isssss u talking about boy?

I previously posted the following facts: Currently in NFL rosters:
#1- Da U-50 players
#2- Ohio State-46
#3- LSU-40
#4-Tied UF, FSU-39
waayyyyyyyyy down there- 33 playesr - USC

And that is including the fact that UM hasnt played in a aNC in 6 years, and in the last 6 years, USC has won or played in 3, has been in the top5 almost every year, LSU has won 2 since then, and Ohio state has played in 2. THIS MEANS ONLY ONE THING: THE U IS THE ABSOULTE NUMBER ONE PATH TO THE PROS. IT HAS BEEN FOR THE LAST 20-30 YEARS. BAR NONE. NO COMPARISON. And for you tho say that the NFL Networkk was correct is plain silly. They were absolutely wrong, stupid and unprepared in that ranking. Now, let's compare the recent UM ballers and their impact in the NFL the last 3-5 years: rookie of the year: Vilma. Defensive player of the year: reed, what about #21's impact? and 2 years ago there were 3 Um players in the top 10 rushing: Portis, EJ and Gore. How about WRs: reggie Wayne led the NFL in receiving yds last year. Not to mention Hester's impact.

Highschoolers should take notice of that.

Jerome Brown, Sean Taylor? RIP

Should be in there somewhere

i thought hester slipped to the third round. did anybody check on that?

I think Buchanon was a bigger disappointment than Rumph. Buchanon was chosen higher and got cut quicker. I think that right there is enough to say who was the bigger bust.

I gotta say I think what Willis McGahee did was remarkable. I loved watching him burst out of the backfield. i mean 6'0 225 with a 4.28 40 he was the total package. i wish i would've been in Canesville in 02 to see him tear em up for 204. but i managed to see the nole game later that year which ROCKED. he deserved better than to get injured by that thug in the NC (THEY STOLE OUR BACK TO BACK). keep pushin willis

Can't blame a "true cane" for telling it like it is at DuhU.

"Tom will critique me and coach me, but he’ll tell me why he’s doing it, and that’s something I NEVER REALLY HAD.”

Wright on workout sessions with quarterback guru Tommy Martinez.

When I said Maryland was the biggest "Bust" I didn't mean it in a harsh way. I am a DIE HARD CANES FAN, who bleeds the orange and green just like the rest of you...

Maryland just never had the same pro career like our boy Sapp. That's all I meant.

Hey Manny... Waz-up dog!
Thought I would catch up on some more Canes stuff and as usual... you got it covered.

What's your take on Shockey, last I heard, that Giants was considering letting him go and... I wonder if Miami would grab him, as they need a Big TE who can catch the ball.

Also I heard the Dolphins are considering letting go My Fav... DE, Jason Taylor and maybe Tampa Bay would be a good fit!!!... if so, I'm wondering if Calais Campbell would workout. Calais had a bad year last year, but with less then aggressive UM defense last year,... he was double teamed all of the time. teams interested are drafting # 21 Washington as a 2nd choice and Miami #33

per ESPN... Safety Kenny Phillips could be the first University of Miami player chosen in the 2008 NFL draft. Fox Sports, ESPN, NFLdraftscout.com all project Kenny Phillips as a first round draft pick in the upcoming NFL draft. The 6'2 212 lb junior free safety Phillips can also play strong safety and cornerback.NFLdraftscout.com considers him the best safety in the draft. Phillips had two interceptions and forced three fumbles this past season as a junior for the Hurricanes.
Teams interested are drafting #13 Carolina, 21 Washington, 27 SD,, 30 GBay, 32 NYGiants.

For those who are New to the boards and are UM Canes fans only... Visit for more info


Catfivecane: "while I enjoy Manny's info...
he tends to be more wrong than right. That's just my observation."


Man...thanks for continuing to prove that you have no life. Keep them coming! You make me laugh!

Go Canes!

Need players at Goaline Blitz. Online football simulation. Sign up for free and create players. I need them on my Miami Cyclones team. Canes fans get preference on my team.


Private Message THEIBIS once you register and I will sign you on the spot.

Kenny Philips baby! Keepin the streak alive!

How about Tavares Gooden going to the Ravens?? More Orange and Green moving to the Purple and Black...gotta love it!! Now he can go from learning the finer points of the position from Vilma and then Barrow to learning from Ray-Ray!!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h

Did youall see how silent each and every one of those talking heads were on ESPN when someone other than their "prediction", they were literall speechless, duh, duh, what do I say, and their frigging arrogance to call these picks "reaches" like they know better tan NFL scouts, coaches and owners who hav been doing this longer!

Both goons Kiper and McShay picked Kenny Phillips out of the 1st round. when I saw Kenny get picked, I shed a tear! The streak lives! at least sonething positive. It would have been a confidence blow to the canes if theat didn't happen! Go canes!

Can you believe FSU? This is soooo bad! They are not putting as many players in the NFL as they used to- that is on hounddog bobby. He is a hhas been just as anything FSU-related!

What about Wilfork? He gobbles up the middle of the line for NE. When was he drafted? 1st round? Honorable mention? I hate the Pats with everything I have but I cheer a little when Vince stuffs the run. Have to.

I hate USC but 7 picks in the first 2 rounds? 4 in round 1? Also they are coming off like 5 BCS appears in a row and 5 straight 10 win seasons?

Does any of that sound familiar? It kills me that Sneaky-Pete has turned USC into Miami-West. I hate them so much...and I admit that a lot of it is jealousy.

does antbody know what happened to jammi german whats he up to now

I wish I made that list...


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