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Haith inks new deal; Baseball No. 1

SAN ANTONIO -- Got the news a little while ago that the Canes had inked Frank Haith to a new five-year deal, one that will have him signed at The U through the 2012-13 season.

Frank_haithFirst of all, the raise and extension are well deserved. Miami enjoyed one of the best turnarounds in the country last season (going from 12-20 to 23-11) and took the kind of step forward Canes fans had hoped for. While I'm sure this will not be the only time the news of a Haith contract will be discussed from now until 2013 (I'm sure other programs are still going make a run at him when Miami continues to improve), I've got to say I'm happy for Haith. He's a good guy who is the type of young, exuberant coach Canes fans ought to be happy to have.

Let's not forget where this program was when Perry Clark left it. Basically, the bandwagon emptied and the team was back in obscurity. Haith picked it up, put it back into the NCAA Tournament and now has a vision to not only take Miami where it once was -- the Sweet 16, but a long-term vision of turning Miami's men's basketball program into a national title contender. He's the type of guy who doesn't just dream of being where I'm at -- The Final Four -- but has a plan to get there. Today's news is just another step forward for Miami in the right direction. There have been a lot of them lately -- the 23-11 season, the signing of one of the country's top swingmen in DeQuan Jones, the building of the new practice facility (yes, Miami needed one to compete with the Joneses) and even the fact the McDonald's High School All-American game will be coming to town in 2009. Those are all signs this basketball program wants to grow and is ready to do so.

But believe it or not, they still need your help. As great a story as Miami was this past season, attendance was still not what it should have been. Yes, UM enjoyed its largest home crowds since it moved on campus five years ago. But if I'm not mistaken there were only a handful of sellouts this season. A 7,000-seat arena should be filled easily. Heck, there were more than 7,000 out for both of the football team's scrimmages. As big as Canes' baseball and football is -- yes I know they got those national titles to show off, Miami's men's basketball team is the type of team fans should gravitate toward, too. Trust me, it's going to be a lot of fun watching this team play next season.

CANES BASEBALL NO. 1: Even though I've been out of town since Thursday and a bit busy out here, I've been following the Canes' baseball team and have to give the guys a big pat on the back for their exciting sweep of Clemson. And now another Monday, for climbing to No. 1 in the country for the first time since 2004.

The Hurricanes (26-2, 12-1 ACC) climbed to the top of the Baseball America and the USA Today/ESPN coaches' poll. I'm hoping to get out and see these guys once I get back out into town.


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Congrats to Coach Haith and the U on the extension. Your right Manny Coach Haith has the U heading in the right direction.

Any news from The Nike Football Training Camps that kicked off on Sunday afternoon at the University of Miami?

Any news from The Nike Football Training Camps that kicked off on Sunday afternoon at the University of Miami?


Great job Coach Haith, you deserve this and I am greatly relieved we don't have to worry about you leaving this year because we couldn't pony up the $$ to keep you. Next year looks terrific off of a strong foundation year.

Manny is right a 7000 seat arena should be PACKED EVERY NIGHT, especially having it right in C.G. its not like anyone in Kendall, CG, Pinecrest etc... has any excuse its close enough and heck the games are exciting, cost effective and you don't have all the primadonnas that go to the Heat games too! SO GET OFF YOUR BUTTS S.Florida Canes fans and fill those seats!!

Manny, make an effort to go out and see these guys. Yonder, Jemile, and Ryan Jackson all have the makings of potential big leaguers. Yonder's walk-off on Friday was absolutely awesome to see in person.

Its about time canes baseball cracked the #1 spot this year. We've been annihilating just about everyone all year. GO CANES!! LETS STORM THROUGH OMAHA!!

Congratulations to Coach Haith and the team Coach got the WELL DESERVED raise and extension.. Coach Haith will have this program going no where but UP


It's been all over the national boards today and yesterday that Clemson Recruit, Kenneth Page, posted a picture of himself on his Facebook and Myspace Pages, holding $20,000 in cash, in a familiar orange polo....the question is was this a prank? It is clearly him in the photo, and no one has been able to produce proof that the image was faked... The facebook page implyed (albeit very temporarly) that he was given the more after his Clemson visit....

The last time the 'Canes played this kind of ball they took Omaha by storm. I forget who the beat--one of the California teams like Fullerton or Pepperdine--but they won the championship game by about 12 runs.


That would be Stanford, Lake Worth Cane.

Wuz up Manny. What plans does UM have for Dolphin stadium? What kind of love are we going to get when it comes to hanging up our history of the U in the new stadium? When you walked into the OB you knew right away about the canes history and in my opinion it makes the opponent know who's house they're in. Thanks

That must have been the 99 team because the 01' team scraped by a FSU squad that came back from the loser's bracket depleted of pitching

Mandingo...What up? Good to see U back in action! Bring it...

malleable manny navarro unwittingly associated his ethical employer with a two-bit thief

Russell you are mistaken, you are getting the two confused. The Canes '99 team is the one that beat FSU for the title in Omaha and the '01 team won their last 15 or so games going into Omaha then swept the CWS.

yep, the 99 team beat fsu 6-5 for the title. fsu had a severely depleted pitching staff due to coming out from the losers bracket, at least one major injury, and also had an extra inning game or two in there, i think.

the 01 team won their last 17, and beat stanford for the title, 12-1. the only time i went to the cws. until this year ...

which bring me to my question ... im out in colorado, so i dont get much info here, but i understand the canes have some injuries? anyone know when erickson is expected back, and as to the status of any other injured players? thanks in advance for any info. looks like the next 3 weekends are pretty key ...


Remember all the haters who posted "Fire Haith!" comments on your blog a few months back? Where are they now?

gaytors suck

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