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This and that: Shannon, Morris and more

It's not going to happen often from now until the start of fall ball in August, so when it does, it leads. Football coach Randy Shannon spoke for 10 minutes with reporters during Tuesday's ACC Teleconference.

Randy_shannonThe biggest news? Shannon said redshirt freshman defensive end Adewale Ojomo (rumored on message boards to be kicked off the team) is still a Cane and linebacker Eric Houston is moving to fullback.

* Shannon said he still isn't sure if Luqman Abdallah (who moved from defensive line to offensive line) will play tackle or guard. He said the team moved Ryan Hill to defensive back "to get more out of him" and because he gives the team more depth at safety. He said moving Damien Berry to running back was about "depth."

* Aside from praising the play of the quarterbacks and receivers, Shannon also praised the play of sophomore defensive end Allen Bailey. Shannon said he wouldn't be surprised if Bailey, who switched from linebacker to end before the spring, weighs 310 or 315 pounds by the fall. Bailey told me he weighed 292 at the end of the spring.

"We were really, really excited about the way Allen Bailey picked up," Shannon said. "He still has a couple of things to go, but as far as his first time playing defensive end, we're really excited by him. He has a lot of pass rush natural ability. He really controlled the tight end, the offensive tackle, had a good get-off chasing the football and mentality on the defensive line. He's an explosive, big kid. I don't know if he'll ever stop [gaining] weight, getting bigger."

BASEBALL TALK: There is confidence and then there is cockiness. When the University of Miami has been at its greatest -- whether its on the diamond or on the football field -- the Hurricanes have usually been perceived as the latter by outsiders around the country (I call it envy).

Jim_morris_arteagaI know there will be some people out there who will assume that little tiff between Florida State and Miami Sunday was a result of "those hot dog Canes feeling cocky again because they're No. 1." I haven't been around the baseball team as much as the basketball and football teams this year. But I was out at the Light again Tuesday and I can tell you my cocky-o-meter didn't really register much of a hit again with this team.

Yonder_alonso"We just go out there everyday knowing we're going to win," said first baseman Yonder Alonso, who earned his second ACC Player of the Week award after hitting .556 with 10 runs scored, nine RBI and homering twice over the weekend."The confidence right now is sky high. We just feel everytime we go out there we're going to come out on top. Right now we feel invincible. But we just got to stay even keel and every team we play we know they're going to come at us with their A-game every time. They're going to come out ready to go. We just have to come out better."

To me, Jim Morris' baseball team is just really confident and happy they're having a great season. And what happened at the end of Sunday's thrilling 11-10 victory should be construed as nothing more than a happy team celebrating an emotional victory.

"It was an emotional end," said Morris, who talked to reporters at length Tuesday about Sunday's tiff, which started with some colorful conversation between the teams at home plate and escalated when fans at Dick Howser Stadium began spitting, tossing drinks and obscenities at UM players as they left the field.

"Florida State did a great job fighting their way back into the game and then there was that [situation when they had runners on] first and third and there was a called strike to end the game. Our guys celebrated like they normally, do like Florida State does or North Carolina or anybody does after a win. It kind of went south from that point..."

Morris talked about a lot of things Tuesday among them feeling a bit surprised Florida State didn't leave its dugout to shake hands. He said he hasn't spoken to FSU coach Mike Martin or anyone from the ACC about the skirmish, but he hopes both teams will "turn the page" if and when they meet again this season.

Miami (31-4) has no choice but to move on. The Hurricanes host crosstown rival FIU (13-29) Wednesday night at 7 p.m. before welcoming Virginia (31-11 and ranked 20th in the USA Today/ESPN Coach's poll) on Friday for a three-game weekend series.

NALEPA TO START WEDNESDAY: Morris said he will send 6-2, 225-pound right-handed sophomore Anthony Nalepa (2-0, 5.00 ERA, 9 IP) to the mound Wednesday in his first career start.

"Nalepa has good stuff. He's a tough guy. He gets himself in trouble by walking a few guys here and there. But that's because he's trying to be too fine with his pitches," Morris said. "It's not because he's too wild or anything. Because he's not. He's close. He just needs to get ahead of the hitters. He's got good movement, he's got good stuff and he's just got to get ahead of the hitters."

Eric_ericksonERICKSON IMPROVING: The bigger news regarding Miami's rotation revolves around its ace, left-handed sophomore Eric Erickson, who pitched four innings in Sunday's win. Morris said he is going to move Erickson up in the rotation a day to Saturday, switching him with Enrique Garcia.

"I thought he pitched really well considering he hadn't pitched in a month," Morris said. "He had trouble early locating his changeup and curveball but toward the end he pitched better the last two innings than the first two innings... He was a little sore [afterward]. But you always are."

Erickson (6-0, 3.28 ERA) pitched four innings Sunday and his pitch count was limited to 60 pitches. But Morris said he'll probably move the pitch count up to 75 in an effort to gradually move it back up. Erickson said the soreness he's suffered from in is in his forearm.

"My fastball was fine. I was hitting my spots. But I almost forgot how to throw a changeup since I hadn't done it for awhile," Erickson said Tuesday. "My curveball was OK too. I was able to get those two pitches and I did the best job I could. I absolutely knew I wasn't going to have my best stuff and that team can absolutely hit and there is a short right porch. I knew with all their left-handed hitters it might creep up on me. The three solo home runs I gave up were only three runs and I thought that was a good enough outing to keep us in the game."

BANGED UP: Morris said while his team is healthy overall, it is still battling a lot of little nagging injuries. "We got a lot of guys banged up. We got an injury report this morning when I met with our trainer and we had 16 of 31 guys listed on the injury report. So we're kind of banged up. We're trying to get through that. We're going to have a short practice today and get ready for tomorrow."

NOT SATISFIED: Being No. 1 is great and all. But Alonso and his teammates have their eyes on a bigger prize. "To be honest its fun thinking about it. Yeah, we're No. 1 in every poll. But we haven't done anything. We don't get a trophy for that. We don't get a ring for that. We got to go out there everyday knowing we got to prove something to everyone, to the United States that we are the No. 1 team and no matter what we're going to be No. 1. Throughout the year, we got to stay there."

FYI... To hear the audio interviews from today click on this link.


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what's up with ojomo? is he upset bailey took his position? the goal for this summer should be: no arrests, players work their butts off, and all freshmen qualify. ANYONE KNOW IF THE FIRST GAME AGAINST CHARLESTON S. WILL BE TELEVISED LIVE?

manny im glad i can come to your site and see the truth instead of going to another site and pay to read something somebody ripped off you
thanks again for the up date

Manny - What's the word on freshman catcher Yasmani Grandel? Is he out for the remainder of the year? I can only assume he is out with an injury as he worked his way up to first team before his (injury, suspension?)

Thanks for the update on RS and JM, our men at the helm. I agree that the team is supremely confident and got to see that firsthand at the Georgia Tech series a few weeks back. They should be confident because they are going to take Omaha by storm and come away with our 5th title.
Allen Bailey will have a monster career for the Canes if he continues to learn and grow. Scary potential.
Keep the info flowing. Thanks from Macon, GA!

F$U WR Preston Parker arrested for gun and drug charges. F$U says it will discipline him.

How many stairs do you think he'll have to run?

How can the NFL network rate the U as the second best college football factory? horrible!!! Miami dominates draft day, not only with numbers, but by great talent.. Make a list of best players at every posistion and canes rank at the top at virtually every posistion... CANES FANS, BOYCOTT THE NFL NETWORK ON DRAFT DAY!!!

Great post Manny. Sad to hear about Ojomo being in trouble if not out. We need all hands on deck to get to the next level.

There should be a fine or some kind or sanction by the NCAA against any team for unsportsmanlike conduct -- doesn't matter if it is their fans or players.

Florida State is just jealous and pissed that they didn't take advantage of the down years that Miami has had recently. They have full rights to being pissed off, but they should realize that they are ALWAYS going to be #2 behind the U.

On the football note, it's really good to hear that things are going well with the boys. I was just watching Desmond Howard and company on ESPN praising the class that Shannon has brought in and talking about how he has an opportunity to really turn the program around quickly. NICE!

Anyway, all eyes have been on the baseball team and I'll keep watching them on CSTV! GO CANES!

Whatever the reason the "tifft" as Manny called it, the bottom line was that the FSU fans showed an incredible lack of class ( bunch of hicks is my view) for their behavior towards the visiting team, AND FSU's coach is nothing but a sore loser. HAd it been the other way around...

UM has had the most players drafted in the NFL bar none. Maybe not all time, since you'd have to go back to the 50s and 60s, but at least in the last 30 years. USA TODAY had a feature yesterday on that very same topic and noted that. At this time, however, UM has 50 players on NFL rosters, Ohio State has 46, FSU and UF are tied at 39. Examine that number: UM hasnt been in the top 10 in 5 years, Ohio State has played in 3 nat ch. and we are still ahead! UM is THE #1 path to the NFL bar none. If a hs baller wants to be noticed by the NFL-come to the U. That's a fact!

Lastly, the blogs in the herald after the UM-FSU series have been pretty heated (check out the stream of blogs). It shows how disgruntled seimenhole fans are. All the talk was about UM thug this and thug that. Well, now preston parker has been arrested for gun and drug charges what do they say now? Jealousy is an ugly emotion!

Congrats to the U for staying out of trouble. We have true leaders coaching our teams.

I wish 86cane would just stop posting on here. He's a bonafide idiot. First, he starts a website that makes the canefans look bad. Then, he comes on here sucking off manny on a regular basis. Now, he's talking as if he is having circle-jerks with manny and blu.
We all knew guys like this back in high school. The hall pass monitor that thought he was part of the faculty!!!!

Dude stop hating on 86, you are just a lamer that is mad that you don't get any love from the Legion.


"Morris talked about a lot of things Tuesday among them feeling a bit surprised Florida State didn't leave its dugout to shake hands. He said he hasn't spoken to FSU coach Mike Martin or anyone from the ACC about the skirmish, but he hopes both teams will "turn the page" if and when they meet again this season."

Although I am glad to see that Morris has the class to turn the other cheek despite the harrowing situation Martin put him in, I do feel that Martin SHOULD answer to the ACC and be sanctioned for the prevention of his players from the ceremonial handshake. After all, I doubt that ALL the FSU players decided to skip the handshake individually, without the approval of their coach.

The man is famous for the Bill Belicheat school of unsportsmanlike pregame and postgame behavior, but taking advantage of Morris' class for four years and now this is something that should be addressed by the ACC even if Morris continues to protect his former friend that turned on him.

I saw Adewale during spring break, he didn't look too worried...

What the hell is a lamer? The "Legion"? And you're talking about lame?

Why is this blog so narrow?

How can the NFL network rate the U as the second best college football factory? horrible!!!
Posted by: Tin | April 22, 2008 at 10:08 PM
NOT recency but history ... ALL-TIME

What the hell is a lamer? The "Legion"? And you're talking about lame?

Posted by: Canes | April 23, 2008 at 12:32 PM
the legion = omar kelly's blood, sweat & tears

Damien Barry to rb? Since when did we need more depth at rb than at secondary. What am I missing here because that makes no sense.


Posted by: Tin | April 23, 2008 at 11:02 AM
only links to his blog stolen from sunsentinel in the dead of night with a brand stolen from myspace ...

Green...OK, OK, you win. I'm out.

I am going to boycott Manny's blog since you insist. I am also going to advise all Canespace Bloggers to boycott this blog as well.

Manny...If you prefer to have Green posting this useless nonsense all the time then that's fine. But, the needless, unecssary and immature attacks against me and others by someone who contributes NOTHING to your blog will not be tolerated any more.

If this blog is to be GREEN, then so be it.

See ya...

Hell Ya,

Scram all you Canespacers! You people are as annoying as Jehovah's Witnesses!!! Especially 86cane. All your trying to do is peddle your outdated website! Stick with the sentinel blog you nfriggin traitor!!!

All the REAL folk welcome the new era.....
"Green On The U"

Green is the worst thing that ever happened to this blog. Manny, you should do something or else this will get worse.

CaneManiac, aka 86cane, aka SOUP,

We're onto your game. Now get off this blog!!!

can't stand thieves, parasites, megalomaniacs ...

Posted by: green | April 21, 2008 at 05:42 PM


I don't post a lot but I read all of the blogs religiously.

Thanks Manny for a great blog with good informative and original content. You seem to be the only media guy right now who really hits the beat and gets great interviews to keep us all informed. I like the fact that you don't make stuff up or pass off your guesses as facts. As a Canes fan/alumni who recently moved from San Francisco to South Carolina, blogs are about the only way I get any good Canes info and you do a great job.

86Cane runs a very good fan blog. He has had original interviews with Rohan Marley and a few other ex-canes as well as a bunch of die-hard posters who make the off-season fun. The blog traffic can get a little silly but it is usually entertaining.

I appreciate all the blogs as they are Canes material that is otherwise rare to come by.

Thanks to all the posters who post on all these blogs. It keeps the off-season in USC/Clemson territory more palatable.

Go Canes!

ok people- enough with this nonsense.

This is Manny navarros cane blog you alll sound like some whining beeothces all crying about whathe said shesaid andim right and hes wrong and all this crap. Lost in translation is the fact that all of yall are CAnes fans.

Forget about the petty crap. lets concentrate on elevating our beloved U back to its former status-Number 1.

I am not sure where any of this competition among the blogs is coming from and don't really want to know. Canespace is a fabulous blog of absolutely devoted Hurricane fans.

If you followed college football recruiting season, you would know that the Sun Sentinel allowed its blog to be dominated by "King James" a Gator who repeatedly made comments denigrating Miami and favoring University of Florida throughout the process. The guy who runs that blog is from Southern Illinois, I think, and has no passion or connection for UM football. When Omar Kelly was replaced, and for good reason, they chose this guy to replace him so it would not appear they did it for "racial reasons." But if you are true UM fan, the Sun Sentinel site is not for you.

As far as Manny goes, he is the very best at tracking UM football. The guy is a tireless worker and is truly in touch with Hurricane football. Anyone who followed his coverage of UM recruiting owes gratitude to him.

Most of us who enjoy Canespace enjoy Manny's blog equally. For us, this will not be a Manny or Soup thing. It is a Manny and Soup thing. And if you are so ignorant about UM athletics not to want as much information about it as you can get, and as much opinion as is available, you are not a true fan. So stop the negative posts, the UM family is above your tirades.

Something tells me that the Soup that posted earlier was a fraud, because the soup I know would never say that. And he DIDN'T go onto canespace and ask us to boycott manny's blog. This is the same Soup who asks us to be tolerant of the SS, even though most of us don't care for it.

Manny is the hardest working guy in south florida, and everybody knows that. Ignore the imposters, as there was also one on the SS blog trying to stir up trouble. Green, I don't know what your beef with him is, but can we at least please stop the personal attacks?

We're all Canes fans (or SHOULD be, why else would we post on a CANES blog? Unless we're as*holes like many UF and FSU fans seem to be) and should treat each other as such. If you differ in opinion or view point, fine. Argue your point, and argue the argument. Leave your personal beef in an email or something, leave it off the blogs. Let the other idiots that root for the other schools attack each other personally when they can't attack an argument. WE are better than that.

Amen Loco.
I couldn't have said it better.

Does Bailey end up moving inside if he keeps getting bigger?

Green is a little fag with no life. He comes on replying to what other people post and then he adds his 2 cents in with his one or two-word summarizations. Honestly, who gives a shit what this little weasel thinks about anything?

Can anybody give an update on the story of the tide end Orson Charles who visited the Gators and broke the national championship trophy??????

Does Bailey end up moving inside if he keeps getting bigger?

Posted by: JR | April 24, 2008 at 07:36 AM

I don't think so. To me, he has the body type of a 3-4 defensive end

Canes is Robert

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