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The Long Drive Home

Just made it back home after my 13-hour drive down I-20, I-75 and the Florida Turnpike from attending Herald Gator's beat writer Joseph Goodman's wedding this weekend in Birmingham, Alabama. I've been to my share of weddings over the years, but I got to give Joey G, his new wife Sarah and the families for both props for putting together quite possibly the best wedding bash I've ever been to.

There were plenty of highlights -- including the coolest wedding cake I've seen (it actually looked like a collection of newspapers with articles on the bride and groom). Some home-brewed beer compliments of Mr. Goodman Sr. (I'm going to be ordering the products from Alabrew.com to make some of my own). An afternoon lunch trip to the world-famous Dreamland for ribs, mac & cheese and banana pudding. DreamlandAnd a guest list that included Heisman winner Tim Tebow, Alabama coach Nick Saban, former Cane Lamar Thomas and Crimson Tide George Teague (Lamar stripped the ball back) and the ghost of Bear Bryant. OK, none of those people were there. But plenty Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel staffers (including our George Richards and their Shandel Richardson and Steve Gorten) were there to throw back plenty of drinks and enjoy the weekend.

OK, I know this has nothing to do with the Canes. But does everything on this blog always have to be? Anyway, I feel compelled to share something with you guys considering I've been on other duties the past week and a half and have neglected to share much in the way of the Canes. Truth is -- and many of you know this already -- I don't cover the Canes baseball team. Here is some good news -- we will have someone out the ACC tournament this week. Plus, if you want more -- I hear the Canespace crew will be out there. You can always see what they have going on over there at Canespace.com.

Meanwhile, my plan is to try and stick to giving you football and basketball stories and Q&As (I do cover those teams) as I come across them over the next couple of months. One thing I want to do more of is catch up with some former Canes, the way I did with Ryan McNeil two weeks ago (I've got an interview with former Canes quarterback Derrick Crudup I'm hoping to get done this week inbetween my recruiting coverage). Anyway, I think that might be the best way to provide some original content for you, stuff you won't necessarily get other places that has been reheated over 30 different ways. I hate doing that.

Anyway, I want to generate some discussion on here. I'm going to give you three topics based on some of the conversation over the weekend with some pretty annoying Alabama fans. 1. Where does your hate for the Crimson Tide rank as a Canes fan considering what happened with in the '93 Sugar Bowl and now with Saban as their leader? 2. What is the longest interstate drive you've done and why? 3. Best wedding and or wedding story?

P.S. -- Whoever said the Canes losing 2 of 3 to the Tar Heels this past weekend was an embarrassment is insane!


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I think this weekend will be my best wedding story ... it's in London!

2nd, Damn!

The cake does look awsome, but I assume that was the "groom's cake"


Welcome back. I Hope some of your recruiting stories will be who the basketball team will be recruiting for the remaining 3 slots. You such a good job with the interviews and rundowns. I am looking forward to it.

Don't have a wedding story, but an engagement one. On the field, west end zone, Ibis standing over us, cheerleaders all around.. and on the scoreboard "Pam will you marry me?".

Now my wife is a hardcore Cane.

Ask GMAN about the details, he helped me get on the field and was in my wedding.

Wow, an interview with Derrick Crudup, there must really be nothing going on these days, no offense.

Welcome back Manny.

I don't hate Alabama like others. One bad loss to them was 15 years ago. Even though I'm a Dolphin fanatic Saban did what he wanted to do. I'd rather he left than stuck around with half a heart. In the SEC I rank Florida as the most wanted team to win against. Then LSU because of the recent loss to them (and in the tunnel afterward). I've read some books on Bear Bryant and then they had David Shula as coach for awhile. Don't like what they did to him but... hard to get worked up for a team you MIGHT play every 20 years.

See if you can talk to Dan Morgan and figure out why he retired. NO's coach said his leg wasn't bouncing back quick enough. Does he have an interest in coaching?

Did you guys see Saturday's near comeback at the Light? Best regualar season Cane loss I have ever seen. UNC is toast if we see them again.

Derrick Crudup interview would be interesting. I thought he was good in relief of Dorsey and Berlin, but can't believe he couldn't beat out Wright when the time came. He was horrible in his one Syracuse start. You've got to ask him, how he blew that opportunity, and how he felt being inserted in the national championship against Ohio State on 4th (or 3rd?) down.

As for Alabama, Florida car rides, and weddings...My GA at UM in '93 (freshyear) was from Alabama-Hunstville, but acted like the Tide was his team. So I put Alabama behind FSU, VTech, UF, WVU, and ND...Longest Florida drive was South Miami to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. We stopped at a place near Pensacola like 13 hours in to the trip, and I said to my buddy "hey, look at those chicks, they're from Florida too," after seeing FL plates. My buddy is like, "we're still in Florida dubmass." Hit up the Club Risque in Gainsville. Naked chicks serving eggs is awesome...Best wedding story is here in CT I went to a real trailer park wedding, and the bride's sister showed up with a black guy, and needless to say there was drama before they could serv the salads...Manny ask Crudup my questions.

Took I95 all the way up to NYC, Twice! I don't really care about Alabama, other than the fact that all SEC fans think they are the best in football. I do remember the '93 Sugar Bowl, i was 10 and it was one of the first memories of a tough UM loss. Best Wedding was my cousins' in Key West. She married a DR. and it was top shelf all night!


I've driven from Los Angeles to Miami before starting my sophomore year at The U.

I also drove from Miami back to Los Angeles after graduating last May.

My longest drive was LA-DC via the Southern Route.

I made sure I stopped in Vegas, the Grand Canyon and New Orleans each of the three times I drove across the country.

1. I'm too young to really appreciate the Bama/UM Sugar Bowl, but it would be kinda silly to hate a school for one game that happened...sort of like everyone in my years hating Ohio State for just flat out doing their job. I don't like Ohio State (and I tell my girl all the time...she's an alum) or Alabama, but I don't have a grudge against either of them. And, yeah, maybe Saban is good, but Bama is in the SEC, so I don't really care.

2. Longest drive was from Miami to Asbury Park, NJ on I-95. It was the one time that I decided to do the entire drive home from college at summer time. I'll never do it again. 22 hours of either white-knuckle-east-coast driving or boring driving through the boonies in the Carolinas.

3. No awesome wedding stories, but the best wedding I went to was in Austin, TX. My cousin got married there and had her reception right on 6th at a great historic hotel there downtown. The night before the wedding was the night before Texas was playing Texas Tech at home and when the bars were emptied at 2 AM (curfue), the streets were filled with people. I was with my cousins fiancee (who did not go to Texas) and asking what some Texas chats are so I could razz the Tech fans that were there, and he didn't know any. He made one up and held up the hook 'em horns and told me just to say "lick my balls". So I did that to as many Tech fans as possible. Thankfully, Texas people are more diehard about high school football and everyone had already had their fair share of drinks, so Tech fans took it in stride! Good times!

Manny, it's too bad you're not covering the Canes baseball situation. They are probably the best and most consistent of all the Miami sports teams. I mean, they've been good since about 1950! Anyways, GO CANES!

I was at the '93 game against ALA in the Sugar Bowl. 'Canes fans were out-numbered 25-1. One drunk Bama lady grabbed me and said, "Do all ya'll in Miami, speak spanish?" ....I said "do all ya'll in Alabama say ya'll." She then bought me a drink (a hurricane, what else.) Anyways, never been a big fan of bama, but since they hired Nick Satan, they have climbed my list for teams I don't like, now entering the top5.

That Sugar Bowl game was very, VERY dissapointing. We had this awesome team that just got taken apart by Bama. Everything went right for alabama that day.

However, we can thank Bama for Robert Marve. Marve only decommitted when Shula got canned...there is someone else on our squad that we stole from Bama that year too (McKenzie?)

Anyway, Alabama is pretty low on my hate list. Hmmm, what is my hate list? Here it goes:

1. FSU
2. Gators
3. Notre Dame
4. Va Tech
5. Boston College
6. LSU
7. USC (yeah, I'm jealous and I'll say it)
8. N. Carolina (can we beat them already, pls)
9. Oklahoma
10. Clemson (need to show 'em who's the boss already)

So Bama isn't even in my top ten. Over the years the sting from that loss had faded and the Saban thing just isn't factoring in very much.

I've had some long drives, but the longest experience I've had in a car was probably one of the shortest distances. In 2000 the band Phish had their new years concert on the Seminole reservation. We got in traffic on Alligator Alley around midnight and didn't arrive at the reservation until about noon. 18 wheelers were doing u turns on 75 because they were not going anywhere anytime soon. People were asleep at the wheel, just about everybody at some point got out of their cars, walked around, had a few beers and partaked in certain other activities as well. Wasn't an awful experience considering the amount of time in traffic.

As for Bama, I don't have much hate for them because A. I'm not a Dolphin's fan and could care less about Saban anyway and B. Maurice Clarrett stripping the ball from Sean Taylor in the Fiesta Bowl hurts more for me so I've got hate for Ohio State and the way they do "business" more than Bama.

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