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Canes play Saturday night

The No. 1-ranked Hurricanes baseball team will begin its drive for five -- a fifth national title -- at 7 p.m. Saturday against SEC regular season champion Georgia (41-23-1) on ESPN. The game times were finally announced this afternoon. Stanford and FSU meet in the other game inside the bracket at 2 p.m.

UmiamiibisGeorgia_bulldogs Miami (52-9) will meet with the media Tuesday and Wednesday before heading off to Omaha Thursday morning. The first guy I want to talk to is closer Carlos Gutierrez. Talk about a guy who went from goat in Game 1 to hero in Game 3. I know he got a lot of pub for his spectacular defensive play to end the eighth inning. But talk about the guts it took to keep his head on straight after hitting the first batter he faced Sunday. Did we forget Arizona started its rally Friday night after Goot hit a batter with two outs in the eleventh? He showed his brass all series and deserves a lot of credit for the win.

As for Georgia, they've got two stud, first round picks -- shortstop Gordon Beckham (8th overall to White Sox) and closer Josh Fields (20th by Mariners) -- and a team that can hit the long ball. But their starting pitching isn't spectacular. The team ERA is 4.82 and all three starters have at least three losses this season and an ERA over 4.

** Defensive tackle Luqman Abdullah was quoted telling InsideTheU.com he has Luqman_abdullahdecided to transfer to Hofstra. I spoke to a source at UM who confirmed the news by saying "he should have never been here in the first place." Abdullah, 6-3, 310, played in six games last season and had five tackles. He didn't participate in the spring. He becomes the fifth player to transfer since the end of last season joining a couple other guys who didn't do much at The U -- quarterback Kirby Freeman (Baylor), tight end Dajleon Farr (Memphis), Chris Perry (Texas Tech) and Doug Wiggins (Western Michigan).

** I spent the morning today at Columbus HigColumbus_dt_antwan_loweryh School where I interviewed highly touted defensive tackle Antwan Lowery, who a few weeks ago told some internet sites he didn't have UM in his top five. Hogwash. Once you talk to the kid for an hour like I did you realize he loves the Canes and this has become a case where he's romancing other schools. The 6-4, 315-pounder basically made me come away like this is a two-horse race between UM and Florida. I wrote a feature on him this afternoon. You can find it in our recruiting section soon.


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Manny...wow! BIG news on Abdallah.

Go Canes, Beat The Dwgs!!!

See ya 'round. Check email...

"He's looking to sign two or three from the area. When talking about Miami-Dade and Broward, Meyer always likes to stress "quality" over "quantity" -- an indirect reference, of course, to Shannon cleaning house with the most 2 Star Recruits in the nation.

You can't spell canes without sounding it out in a chant.

C-A-N-E-S.....Coons, Cones, Cunts?

Manny...check photo, U are hard at work at The Light, lower right corner:


Good stuff Manny!

You should go to Omaha!

Nobody covers the Canes like Manny!


This list of transfers only makes me smile. None of them did squat, and if they're not mentally tough enough to compete, then ciao. Abdullah transferring to Hofstra? Others to Baylor, Texas Tech, Western Michigan. Great job of recruiting Coker. These guys should have started their careers on those teams.

More free scholarships for next years recruiting class. Can't wait.

Oh yeah...beat the Dawgs! Been watching the baseball team all year, and I can't wait for this weekend. The baseball team has been every bit as dominant as the football team, and I home they match the number of titles this year.


So seriously, even though I'm like most former and probably current FIU alums and students, I was born and raised in Miami. Whatever. I ate to much s*%t in highschool and attended FIU. Plain and simple. Always been a Canes fan. Go Canes baby. Make us proud! You bastards can do this. You got the depth, the pitching, and the offense. No insult to the defense... That's good too. Give Miami something to cheer about and talk s*$t for a couple days on 790. It sucks that we have the most fickle fans in the country. Thank's Le Betard! You owe me.

You know what I'm talking about.

Go Kimbo
Not you buddy, him.

I don't know what it is but everytime I read OMAHA, I think of big juicy steaks! LOL Haven't the pleasure of getting into the baseball excitement till this season... Now I am liking it.

Manny, you gotta find out if Omaha is the best steak place in the world or not. It is the second best place for NC's for the U though -- it will be a tie if they win it all. tied with football with five that is. Of course U football will break the tie with another NC in the near future with six....

"as one of (the) most distinguished educators and public officials"
President Donna E. Shalala accorded nation's highest civilian honor ...
Presidential Medal of Freedom

My preseason grading and analysis on Duhhhh U vs. The Mighty Gators

QB = ??? Rather difficult to grade when every QB on the roster has shown up tardy and they do not have a single down of experience between them.
Result = 9 sacks for the Gators

WR = C-. We won 5 games in 2007 and 4 of those wins were only because we had a Sr. QB with years of experience.
Result = 4 INTs, 1 returned for a 60+ yard TD by the Gators

RB = B+. The only minor bright spot on an otherwise mediocre offense. If any of our running backs were playing in the SEC they would be riding the pine. Please don't remind me that we only had a whopping 13 rushing TD's in 2007.
Result = One fumble for Duhhh U

D Line = C-. The Canes were surprisingly soft inside last year, a situational that’s being muddled by the uncertainty at tackle.
Result = Touchdowns for Moody and Tebow

Linebackers = D+.
It’s not as if the Miami linebackers will get pushed around, but this is an undersized ensemble that could have trouble against physical offensive lines that get to the second level. The Canes also aren’t very tall,which presents problems when trying to cover tight ends on passing routes.
Result = Good thing CI turned down the NFL beacuse he's going to enjoy his 2 TD's on September 6th. Rather unfortunate for Duhhh U that the Gators have the preseason #1 ranked O-Line in the nation.

D Backs= D-. While you still don’t want to cross over the middle on the Miami defensive backs, going deep on the them has become a safe haven. This is not a premier group of pass defenders.
Result = Harvin makes an early push in the Heisman race with 230+ yards and 3 TD's on Duhhhh U.

The Return Game = F The return game has lacked electricity the last two seasons, and that is not about to change.
Result = Huge advantage for the Gator FG unit with 1 short yardage field goal and the Gators 3rd string offense during the entire second half who will tack on 2 more TDs.

Final Score = 0 - 73

Canesrule = no life gator fan!!!!!! Don't even respond to me either because you have nothing to defend yourself with. At 1:30 a.m. writing nonsense on a rivals team blog...yes, my friend that equals a loser!!!!!!

Savitza, you fool . . .. Shouldn't you be standing on a ledge somewhere?

When does fall camp begin??? Can't wait to play UF!!!

"U" fans in Atlanta...where are we getting together to watch the game on Saturday night? Need to represent with all the Dawg fans that are going to be around!!!!!!!!!!!

Lake Worth 'Cane,

Uh...sure, buddy! Whatever makes you sleep better at night!

"U" fans in Atlanta...where are we getting together to watch the game on Saturday night? Need to represent with all the Dawg fans that are going to be around!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Savitza | June 12, 2008 at 07:09 PM

I have to work. So I can't meet up anywhere. But it'd still be nice to have a place we can meet up for upcoming games and then the football season.

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