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College World Series - Day 5: UM loses to Stanford 8-3 and is eliminated from the CWS

What's up gang,

Back at Rosenblatt ready to cover this must-win game for the U against Stanford. Another pretty much sunny day in Omaha. I wish I could send it your way, I hear from Manny that it's been pouring all day in Miami.

I'll be here for the next 4 hours watching every pitch with you and ready to talk Canes, high schools, movies, Omaha, food, drinks, UM rivals, (OK DRE, FOCUS!)

Anyway, Miami is the designated road team. They are 3-0 in the playoffs as the visitors on the scoreboard.

Stanford pulls a switcheroo on who they start. The Cardinal will go with right-handed freshman Danny Sandbrink, who is 2-1, with a 2.85 ERA in 19 appearances, which includes 5 starts. His other numbers (1 CG, 53 2/3 IP, 54 H, 20 R, 17 ER, 18 BB, 27 Ks, .262 opp. avg.).

Miami, as expected, will counter with senior Enrique Garcia (7-2, 4.56 ERA, 15 starts, 81 IP, 89 H, 41 ER, 45 R, 34  BB, 64 K, .278 opp. avg.).

Stanford has four solid home run hitters (CF Sean Ratliff 21, C Jason Castro 14, 2B Cord Phelps 13, and 1B Brent Milleville 11). Garcia has given up the fewest of any UM starter with 2.

Changes in UM's lineup, Jason Hagerty will start as DH, after coming as a PH for struggling Dave DiNatale in the FSU win. Hagerty came through with a 2-run single that drove what ended up being the game-winning runs. The order: 1. Tekotte, 2. Weeks, 3. Alonso, 4. Sobolewski, 5. Jackson, 6. Severino, 7. Raben, 8. Hagerty, 9. Grandal.

Well, I'll be here and back after 1st pitch with updates. In the meantime, feel free to chat away. For continuous updates during the game, visit www.ncaasports.com.

1st inning - UM 1, Stanford 0: Tekotte and Weeks set the table again with infield singles (Weeks' a great bunt between 3rd and the mound), and Sobolewski drove in Tekotte on a sac fly. Inning could have been more productive had Alonso not struck out and Jackson lined out to left. Stanford threatened with singles by Cord Phelps and Jason Castro, but Garcia worked out of it with three fly ball outs, including another solid defensive play in right by Raben.

2nd inning - UM 1, Stanford 0: Hagerty drew a walk, but was left on as the Cardinal 2B Phelps made a tough play on a Grandal grounder. An error by Weeks did not prove costly as Garcia got Jones and Schlander to pop up.

3rd inning - Stanford 2, UM 1: UM blows an opportunity to tack on a run. Tekotte walked and reach third on sac bunt by Weeks and a wild pitch. But Alonso and Sobolewski struck out in succession. Phelps led off the bottom half with a double to left. August singled to center. Castro drove him in with an infield single to short. But more damage was saved by the Mohawk. Dennis Raben with another diving web gem in right field.

4th inning - Stanford 3, UM 1: UM is not hitting. Raben got hit by a pitch after a fly out by Jackson and a ground out by Severino. Hagerty then stranded him with another fly out. Cardinal added a run on a walk drawn by Zach Jones and a bloop single by Joey August. Garcia struck out Castro looking to end the inning.

5th inning - Stanford 7, UM 1: Yasmani Grandal and Tekotte each walked. Weeks, however, popped up a bunt attempt and Alonso struck out for the third time in the game. Sobolewski followed suit to kill UM's best scoring threat since the 1st. The big hits came from Sean Ratliff, who blasted a 2-run shot off Garcia. Anthony Nalepa entered the game. After an error and a single by Jake Schlander, Phelps hit a 2-run triple to center that Tekotte almost caught diving.

6th inning - Stanford 8, Miami 1: Raben hits into a double play. Stanford's Toby Gerhart doubled off Iden Nazario to extend the lead as UM empties its bullpen for the first time in the playoffs. Rene Guerra gets them out of the inning with a strikeout. Yasmani Grandal blasts a solo shot to center field.

7th inning - Stanford 8, Miami 2: Weeks got hit by a pitch and Alonso broke out of the funk with a single. But once again a golden opportunity wasted as Sobolewski flies out to right. After a leadoff walk, 3 up, 3 down for Guerra.

8th inning - Stanford 8, Miami 3: Three straight singles by Jackson, Severino and Raben got the UM fans here excited. But only one run scored on a sac fly by Hagerty. Grandal and Tekotte then struck out. 3 up, 3 down for Guerra, who's looked good for someone that hasn't pitched in a month.

Final - Stanford 8, Miami 3: Another promising inning ends like a promising season. Weeks walked, Alonso doubled, but closer Drew Storen got Sobolewski to pop up to first, Jackson to strike out and then snared a line drive from Severino (a play that should make Sportscenter) to end UM's season.


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"embaressed" to wear your Canes fan to work? That's exactly what I'm talking about. You aren't a Canes fan!! You're a joke!!! How in the hell can you be embarrassed to wear your hat? We have 4 National Titles and are on our 23rd visit to the CWS!!! Maybe you should be embarrassed about not being able to spell the word embarrased before you even out on our scared Canes hat.

When someone says they played like "they don't give a f!ck" it shows just how far you have toc ome as a fan. Do you TRULY belive those kids don't give a f!ck? Come on man. Wake up. That's just plain stupid.

As for having to defend yourself to an UGA fan it's ridiculous. If you can't defend yourself EASILY against an UGA fan than I don't know what to tell you. I have an idea, why don't you dig deep into the closet and find any one of our 4 national title hats and wear THOSE to the office. Heck, wear a different one every day. And ask them if they have one? But you probably through those away after 2001 being as that we have sucked since then.

EDIT: ...rest of you alleged "Cane Fans" who are bitching in the same light.

Casual Observer,

THANK YOU!! That's what I'm talking about. If we come back and win this (which I realize is unlikely) he, among many others, will be talking about "how much heart this team has" and "how the CANES NEVER quit" . These type of fans are exactly why other fans laugh at us.


I'm an alumnus, I am a Coach's Level Hurricane Club member, but I currently live in Chicago. I used to own season tickets, but I am only able to make it down 1 or 2 times year, so I gave them up and just buy individual tickets for games I can attend. But I give Comcast thousands of dollars a year so I can watch every single game that's televised - whether it be on network TV, an ESPN channel, FSN, Sunshine, or even over the internet. The unfortunate truth is that most alumni are not in the South Florida area and can't attend every game. Even more unfortunate, I attend more Notre Dame games a year than Canes games - my wife is an ND alumnae (along with her dad, brother, brother in law, and now nephew), but I make sure to watch or listen to the game live if there is any possible media format available.

I wear Cane's stuff all the time, tshirts, hats, sweathsirts, etc. whether they win or lose.I've got a U tattoo on my ankle so there's no seperation from the U for me.


You are a true Canes fan. My comments weren't geared towards those who live outside of South Florida. It sounds like your Saturdays are interesting with all those Biting Irish fans around ;)

4-26 with runners in scoring position?? this team couldn't beat Belen with that lack of productivity.

Can you tell me why Baseball is the only sport to have a draft BEFORE the collegiate season is over?

Yep, our bats picked the wrong time to go cold. This sucks.

Heater, That's a great question. I have no idea. Doesn't make much sense does it? Anyone know why?

You're an idiot. This was still a great season no matter what happens. Do you even know how hard it is to make the CWS? Probably not because I'm sure you jumped on their bandwagon like last week. Sometimes things happen and you don't win. The 1998 team might have been the best UM team ever and they didn't win. Miami baseball is awesome almost every year. Your post shows that you are a typical Miami dumbass fan that knows nothing. Like the previous poster wrote, go root for FIU.

Casual observer and BOFACane, you guys are absolutely right. I'm just speeking out of anger that I've been holding in for a while. I talk trash about the people who are doing the same thing that I'm doing right now. I should have never posted and disrespected CANE NATION.


BOFACane, I mean, how do you think Reggie Bush, Vince Young, etc would play in their bowl games if the NFL draft was held on Dec. 1st?

These kids are no longer playing to impress the scouts, they're done.


Apology accepted. Perhaps, I was too aggressive and my own frustrations over this game cause me to jump all over you. But if you truly believe in CANE NATION, then it is times like these that you should stand proud and together. More importantly stand behind the team you supposedly love so much.


Heater, I'm not so sure they don't care to impress anymore. I think quite the opposite. They are on the biggest stage their sport has to offer at the college level and they just got drafted very high. The lights are on and they have to prove they are the real deal. That's a lot of pressure.

That would have been HUUUUUUGE!!!! Still, 1 run scored, 3-8.

BOF, that's a good point and I agree, however I think that subconsciencely there has to be a sense of accomplishment and knowing that your future is secure.

This pitcher for Stanford is ridiculous!!

1 more chance...

Damn. Just can't catch a break. This may be too big of a hole to climb out of. Anything's possible, I mean Standford did score 11 runs against FSU not too long ago.


EDIT: Stanford

Y'all need to get off your damn high horses and stop yer preachin. I am sooo tired of punks trying to tell us all about how THEY'RE a REAL fan and someone else is not. Who are you to tell me or anyone else that they're not a "REAL" fan and you are because of.... blah blah blah. Get over yourself and your foolish sense of pride.

It's looking good. But you never know.

BOFA Cane, No arguments from me, we're down 8-3 and I want to be angry, but CANE NATION has set me strait and I'm gonna learn to keep the faith alive.(Even though lately, it's pretty tough to do so)

This is it...last chance

The truth hurts.

Here we go guys, the season right here.

We all have our bad days D STO. Let's GO CANES




Come on walk him!!

yes ......man on!!! Let's Go Canes!!

Lucky. Ump has been calling stricke all day on that. Lets go Alonso!

Let's go Yonder!!!!

Yes!!!! Yonder Alonso is a pig. That kid is the real deal.

They're doing everything right to get back into it

Let's Go Canes!!!! U gotta believe!!! Always!!! No outs...men on the corners....we need a run or two before we get our first out.

Damn sobo!!! That one hurt.

damn that was low I thought. But....ump called it. Down ot our last out here boys. :(

Game Over. This sucks.

Tough way to go out. We'll be back again next year.

Well, I guess all the distactions are out of the way, and we can focus on what we all really care most about - Miami Football! The rest of the incoming freshmen report Tuesday!

Ugh. Well it's been a good season. Can't same I'm not dissappointed. Just can't leave that many people stranded on bases and think you can win.

It could be worse guys, we could be Gator fans and have to witness our baseball team do jack year in and year out.

Good night.

that 2nd out was low AND outside. Worse called strike out in the history of baseball.

Good season 'Canes, but just as you made oh so clear, anything less than a 'Ship is a dissapointment, as it should be.

Nevertheless, thanks for a great and really fun season of Hurricanes Baseball, boys.

sorry, meant "worst"

I'm still gonna wear my f-ing hat tomorrow. Oh well, next game to look forward to is the U against Florida. If we don't win it all this year, we will in '09 or at least 2010.

"How about being a REAL CANES fan and not giving up on your team until the final out"..... almost had me fooled, spoken like a true fair weather fan who is trying to compensate for his actions by his words.

"It ain't over"..... ummmm, yes it is.

"We can focus on what we all really care most about"....... trying to win more than 50% of our regular season games for the first time in three years.

"The rest of the incoming freshmen report Tuesday!"..... well at least the one's that qualify that is. One of the pitfalls of Randy landing the most 2-Star Recruits in the nation, Quantity over Quality.

Looking foward to seeing an SEC team win the title once again.

Ahh, fair enough. Stanford played great tonight. I wish our bats would have woken up before the 8th inning. The Canes team we saw in the CWS was clearly not the one that we had seen all season long. As for tonight, our defense really got us. BUT, unlike the team, I do not see this season as a failure AT ALL. They had the best record, consensus #1 ranking going into the CWS, CWS #1 national seed, 3 first round draft picks, ACC champions.... These things do not happen by chance. You guys are great and you all have extremely bright futures ahead of you. I'm proud of all of them. GO CANES!

Oh, and to canesrule -- do you have any friends? You consistently peruse these blogs night after night after night to leave comments that are completely irrelevant anyways. Go out, hit up some bars, have a beer or something...

Amen canesdominate.


It's easy to qualify at Florida and FSU. I got accepted to both and didn't even get a letter back from the U. One question for all you FSU fans and Gator fans. How do you have a combined 100,000 students,(compared to Miami's 15,000) and yet the national title race is stiil not even close? FSU and UF combined have 4 while Miami has 9,(and that's not counting '02 Bull s!!t call against Ohio State, and lucky homerun off of Morrison against LSU in '96, and an oh yeah by the way 99-2000 FB season which we were clearly the best team in the country, but since we were fresh off probation, they couldn't let us "THUGS" play for it all. FSU and UF, holla at me when you guys when a combined 5 more. And by the way, no one gives a s!!t about basketball.

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