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College World Series - Day 5: UM loses to Stanford 8-3 and is eliminated from the CWS

What's up gang,

Back at Rosenblatt ready to cover this must-win game for the U against Stanford. Another pretty much sunny day in Omaha. I wish I could send it your way, I hear from Manny that it's been pouring all day in Miami.

I'll be here for the next 4 hours watching every pitch with you and ready to talk Canes, high schools, movies, Omaha, food, drinks, UM rivals, (OK DRE, FOCUS!)

Anyway, Miami is the designated road team. They are 3-0 in the playoffs as the visitors on the scoreboard.

Stanford pulls a switcheroo on who they start. The Cardinal will go with right-handed freshman Danny Sandbrink, who is 2-1, with a 2.85 ERA in 19 appearances, which includes 5 starts. His other numbers (1 CG, 53 2/3 IP, 54 H, 20 R, 17 ER, 18 BB, 27 Ks, .262 opp. avg.).

Miami, as expected, will counter with senior Enrique Garcia (7-2, 4.56 ERA, 15 starts, 81 IP, 89 H, 41 ER, 45 R, 34  BB, 64 K, .278 opp. avg.).

Stanford has four solid home run hitters (CF Sean Ratliff 21, C Jason Castro 14, 2B Cord Phelps 13, and 1B Brent Milleville 11). Garcia has given up the fewest of any UM starter with 2.

Changes in UM's lineup, Jason Hagerty will start as DH, after coming as a PH for struggling Dave DiNatale in the FSU win. Hagerty came through with a 2-run single that drove what ended up being the game-winning runs. The order: 1. Tekotte, 2. Weeks, 3. Alonso, 4. Sobolewski, 5. Jackson, 6. Severino, 7. Raben, 8. Hagerty, 9. Grandal.

Well, I'll be here and back after 1st pitch with updates. In the meantime, feel free to chat away. For continuous updates during the game, visit www.ncaasports.com.

1st inning - UM 1, Stanford 0: Tekotte and Weeks set the table again with infield singles (Weeks' a great bunt between 3rd and the mound), and Sobolewski drove in Tekotte on a sac fly. Inning could have been more productive had Alonso not struck out and Jackson lined out to left. Stanford threatened with singles by Cord Phelps and Jason Castro, but Garcia worked out of it with three fly ball outs, including another solid defensive play in right by Raben.

2nd inning - UM 1, Stanford 0: Hagerty drew a walk, but was left on as the Cardinal 2B Phelps made a tough play on a Grandal grounder. An error by Weeks did not prove costly as Garcia got Jones and Schlander to pop up.

3rd inning - Stanford 2, UM 1: UM blows an opportunity to tack on a run. Tekotte walked and reach third on sac bunt by Weeks and a wild pitch. But Alonso and Sobolewski struck out in succession. Phelps led off the bottom half with a double to left. August singled to center. Castro drove him in with an infield single to short. But more damage was saved by the Mohawk. Dennis Raben with another diving web gem in right field.

4th inning - Stanford 3, UM 1: UM is not hitting. Raben got hit by a pitch after a fly out by Jackson and a ground out by Severino. Hagerty then stranded him with another fly out. Cardinal added a run on a walk drawn by Zach Jones and a bloop single by Joey August. Garcia struck out Castro looking to end the inning.

5th inning - Stanford 7, UM 1: Yasmani Grandal and Tekotte each walked. Weeks, however, popped up a bunt attempt and Alonso struck out for the third time in the game. Sobolewski followed suit to kill UM's best scoring threat since the 1st. The big hits came from Sean Ratliff, who blasted a 2-run shot off Garcia. Anthony Nalepa entered the game. After an error and a single by Jake Schlander, Phelps hit a 2-run triple to center that Tekotte almost caught diving.

6th inning - Stanford 8, Miami 1: Raben hits into a double play. Stanford's Toby Gerhart doubled off Iden Nazario to extend the lead as UM empties its bullpen for the first time in the playoffs. Rene Guerra gets them out of the inning with a strikeout. Yasmani Grandal blasts a solo shot to center field.

7th inning - Stanford 8, Miami 2: Weeks got hit by a pitch and Alonso broke out of the funk with a single. But once again a golden opportunity wasted as Sobolewski flies out to right. After a leadoff walk, 3 up, 3 down for Guerra.

8th inning - Stanford 8, Miami 3: Three straight singles by Jackson, Severino and Raben got the UM fans here excited. But only one run scored on a sac fly by Hagerty. Grandal and Tekotte then struck out. 3 up, 3 down for Guerra, who's looked good for someone that hasn't pitched in a month.

Final - Stanford 8, Miami 3: Another promising inning ends like a promising season. Weeks walked, Alonso doubled, but closer Drew Storen got Sobolewski to pop up to first, Jackson to strike out and then snared a line drive from Severino (a play that should make Sportscenter) to end UM's season.


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"ACC champions.... These things do not happen by chance" .....or at all considering this was Duhhhh U's first one in any sport since their departure from the Big Easy.

"And by the way, no one gives a s!!t about basketball".... .especially those teams that only make the NCAA tournament once every 6 or 7 years.

Yes, baseball is superior, as evidenced by ESPN not even listing college baseball on it's menu header. It get's the shaft by Women's Basketball, Racing, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Boxing, and the AFL while College Football & College Basketball are a year round fixture.

Well played you imbecile.

That '08 U.M. Baseball team was a tough...
Oh well, next year. They'll be right back in '09.

See U up here in Sept. Should be fun.

And remember, Tim Tebow prays for U

Great season by the baseball team. Its a downer because they didn't play as well as they could have in the CWS.

It football season!!!!!!!!!

in all kinds of weather
we stick together

Does anyone need to read an inning-by-inning recap of a game that was on TV? I don't. This is lazy journalism. If you're going to post recaps, just save the Herald some money, quit, and turn this blog into an open message board.

Anyway, congrats to the Canes on an excellent season. The finish was dissappointing, but we can at least be proud of the fact that this baseball program is a class act. We'll be back.

At least we beat the F$U lowlifes...

hi MH I miss you!! pretty much ended like I thought cannot have slumping bats at the end of the season.

Go Canes!!

jxrey: I'm out here on the left coast and often working during the games, so yeah, I appreciated the recaps and commentary.

Great season, fellas -- we're proud of you.

If I was the Toronto Blue Jays, I would be asking MLB about returning my 4th rd selection of Mark Soboleski! I don't know how that clown was even drafted... He plays horrific defense and hits like a pansy... If I was the Minn Twins I'd do the same with Carlos Guitierez, becuase I have no idea what they saw in him to make him a 1st round pick... If I was the owner of the team I'd fire my director of college scouting for that terrible pick... Raben 2nd round pic, thats another laugher...

Miss you too, Canechic...
We fell apart after the draft. Why can't it be after the CWS?

We fell apart after the draft. Why can't it be after the CWS?

Yes, MH, they just seem to have lost their spirit, playing FSU seemed to bring it back but no focus. I mean they looked so out of sorts last night. I think Fresno wins it all they are peeking at the right time.

...and we couldn't put hits together..Too many men left on base..

We fell apart after the draft. Why can't it be after the CWS?

screw typepad.....lol

Adam from the SS just reminded me...at least we won the ACC.

"I mean they looked so out of sorts last night"..... wait until September 6th if you want to see the true definition of looking out of sorts.

"at least we won the ACC"...... there's a first time for everything. It's a little more difficult than when they mailed Duhhhhhh U the trophy while in the Big Easy.

I wish we were still in the Big East...or independent....but for the money..

Hey Manny,

When you get a chance, it'd be great to hear some follow up on incoming football recruits and their eligibility issues. Has Brandon Jones qualified? Have the ACT scores Barry was talking about come in yet? Now that baseball is over, anything in that genre would be appreciated.


ACC pay$ better ...

in all kinds of weather
we stick together

For all teams that play in F-L-O-R-I-D-A ...

'cept F-S-U 'course

btw- Tebow prays for all

Who's gonna start for U @ Q.B. ?

Who'll finish ?

the U always comes back

I want to apologize for all my childish posts. I am a gator fan who dreams of the gators having the success the canes have had.I wish my gators had 5NCs in football and 4 in baseball the way the canes do.

I will also say that when Randy Shannon signed the best class in the country, I was very upset. I thought Urban Meyer would sign all the NW kids. Boy was I wrong.

I wash dishes for a living and I am a very sad person. I hope Robert Marve is not ready when the gators play the canes, because I think the canes will win this game.

I can speak for all gators when I say, I am scared as hell of the canes coming back. I know when the canes are all the way back they will be tearing up colege football just like they always have. This is why I am so jealous of the canes.

tearing up colege football


Yeah, tearing up college football. What don't you understand about that? What? Where you in a coma in the 80's, 90's, and early 00's?

"tearing up colege football" on those teams ranked outside the Top 110 in the nation.

A 6-6 regular season with a 1 point win over the mighty Wolf Pack of Nevada followed up by a bowl less 5-7 season that included a 10 point win over the 1-11 Blue Devils and a 48-0 blowout loss to the Cavaliers whom were ranked #26 in the AP at seasons end.

Can't imagine what our record would have been if we played in the toughest conference in the nation and actually faced some competition like AP:

#1 LSU
#2 Georgia
#12 Tennessee
#13 Florida
#15 Auburn

I know the truth hurts, but Randy will be fired way before Duhhhhh U has a winning record during the regular season again.


Yes, I agree. I can't imagine how Miami would do vs the mighty SEC. There's no way we'd have success. Especially when you consider that we're only 22-9 vs the entire SEC since 1980. That's only 28 years of dominance every time we play an SEC team. What were we thinking? With a 28 year run like the following, I have no idea why we'd think we could win in the SEC:

vs Ala

90 W 33-25 Sugar Bowl (Nationa Title)
93 L 13-34 Sugar Bowl

vs ARK

87 W 51-7 @ Little Rock
88 W 18-16 HOME
91 W 31-3 @ Little Rock

vs AUB

84 W 20-18 Kickoff Classic


80 W 31-7 @ GAYnesville
81 W 21-20 Home
82 L 14-17 @ GAYnesville
83 L 3-28 @ GAYnesville
84 W 32-20 TAMPA
85 L 23-35 HOME
86 W 23-15 @ GAYnesville
87 W 31-4 HOME
01 W 37-20 Sugar Bowl
02 W 41-16 @ GAYnesville
03 W 38-33 HOME
04 W 27-10 Peach Bowl

vs LSU

88 W 44-3 @ Baton Rouge
05 L 3-40 Sugar Bowl

vs Miss State

80 L 31-34 HOME
81 L 10-14 @ Starksville
82 W 31-14 HOME
83 W 31-7 @ Starksville

vs South Carolina

86 W 34-14 @ SC
87 W 20-16 HOME

vs Tennessee

86 L 7-35 Sugar Bowl
02 W 26-3 @ Knoxville
03 L 6-10 HOME

vs Vandy

80 W 24-17 @ Vandy
81 W 48-16 HOME

Total VS SEC since 1980 = 22-9

What were we thinking!?!?

Why do those guys at UM always have arm problems? Makes me wonder! They failed to win with a team that should of won it all. The pitching coach should be fired and so should Morris if he agreed with the starting pitcher in that aweful game. I wish Miami played St.Thomas University next year. I'd like to see the 2 Teams that represent Miami well go at it. It would be a great game.

I agree with that comment on their pitching staff(Miami). St Thomas U..mmmmm Maybe they could give us a challenge. Especially since their Head Coach is a LSU man. Their Pitching Coach is pretty good as well. But my Heart is with UM ALWAYS!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!@!

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