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Day 1 of the College World Series - UM upset by Georgia 7-4

What's up, Eye on the U faithful!

It's Andre Fernandez back for some more UM college baseball.

Manny Navarro is celebrating the big 3-0 back in the MIA today, so I'll be here blogging live from the College World Series in Omaha at Rosenblatt Stadium. This is a real treat for me as someone who has been watching this event annually since 1992 when Pepperdine won (I was 12 years old!)

I saw the heartbreaker in 1996 and the triumphs in '99 and 2001, as well as the other trips in between. But being here live is an experience. Everything in this town is centering on this event...and it's only day 1.

At the airport in Miami and Chicago on my way in, I saw several UM fans, as well as UNC, FSU, Georgia, LSU and Stanford faithful that were making the trek to the Heartland.

The parking lot is packed with tailgaters, some from teams that aren't even playing today.

Anyway, once again I will be here to chat during the Canes game and I'll be giving you some updates as the game goes along. The NCAA will have its gametracker going all day at www.ncaasports.com

We're starting now at 7:15 EST, National Freshman Pitcher of the Year Chris Hernandez on the mound for UM (11-0, 2.62 ERA, 112 Ks, 17 BB, .218 opp. avg.) vs. Georgia's Trevor Holder (8-4, 4.34 ERA, 59 Ks, 24 BBs, .293 opp. avg.)

1st inning - UM 1, Georgia 0: Jemille Weeks gets Miami started with a towering solo shot to right field. Chris Hernandez looks good so far, 3 up, 3 down with 2 Ks.

2nd inning - UM 1, Georgia 0: Hernandez struck out the side. Severino stranded after solid hit up middle due to DiNatale double play grounder.

3rd inning - UM 3, Georgia 1: Freakish line drive that went off the glove of Hernandez and Weeks allowed Ryan Peisel to drive in Joey Lewis with the tying run. Lewis roped a double off the left field wall to lead off the inning. Hernandez was pitching phenomenal before that. Blake Tekotte picked his team up with a 2-run shot to right that went farther than Weeks' blast in the 1st.

6th inning - UM 3, Georgia 3: Bulldogs tie it on a  2-run shot by Ryan Peisel off Hernandez. Miami leaves two runners on base after DiNatale and Grandal strike out back-to-back courtesy of reliever Alex McRee.

7th inning - UM 4, Georgia 3: Mr. Clutch does it again for Miami. Yonder Alonso hits an over 400-foot shot to left center to give the Canes the lead in the bottom of the seventh. The Bulldogs had a serious threat in the top of the inning with runners on second and third. But Kyle Bellamy got a big strike out of pinch hitter David Thoms on a called strike three by third base umpire.


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after that series with zona i could go for a seriously relaxing cane's lambasting today ...

Wish I was out there with you Dre. But I got several bottles to knock out tonight. Turning 30 only happens once. And I hear its all downhill from here.

I'll be sure to check in with you throughout the night. To the rest of the faithful Eye On The U crew, wish me luck. I'm hoping to stay yack free!


32 is the tough one. You have 2 years left. I turned a corner there a couple years ago, and since then I have had unspeakable geriatric like problems. No joking. Another thing that happened is that I became burnt. I don't even smoke canibus, and I am a complete moron since my 32nd B-Day.

Happy Birthday Manny...

Andre, are there a lot of UM fans there? Or more UGA fans?

Right now, stadium is emptying out since Stanford just tied a CWS record for runs scored in an inning with 11 in the 9th. It's 16-5 Stanford leading FSU.
Outside though, I saw a lot of fans of the U. I saw more GA fans back at my hotel before I left. Maybe, they're arriving late.

to MCMXIV, I'm right there with you. We need to come out and make a statement. We can't look past UGA!! I think that FSU did that with Stanford and we see how that worked out. Go Canes!

Manny - Happy 30th. Let me know what happens tomorrow. I just had my pre-30th this week.
Go Canes!

Happy Birthday Manny...wish I could join you tonight but I'm in happening St. Pete with the Fish...will get wit you later...

And good for you Dre...love the CWS, Omaha, Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, the whole tamale...have a steak with a side of Spaghetti for me....

Wassup G-MAN! Definitely! First food stop I saw when I got off the plane "Omaha Steaks."


1-0 smile Jemile : )

per joe zagacki, David Gutierrez will pitch game 2 ...

FSU looked great?????

f$u sucks : )

3 up ... 3 down

1-1 3rd

Shame for Hernandez on that liner to tie it. One of those plays in baseball where you try, but accidentally make it worse.

3-1 3rd Blake belt

Hernandez is a STUD . . by far the BEST pitcher to come out of Dade County in a long time. Looks like that pitching coach at Pace knows what he is doing . . how many is that now in college or PRO's??

3-6-3 DP

Hernandez is a STUD . . by far the BEST pitcher to come out of Dade County in a long time. Looks like that pitching coach at Pace knows what he is doing . . how many is that now in college or PRO's??

Posted by: orange n green | June 14, 2008 at 08:29 PM

Ortega even said that by the time Hernandez leaves, he will be considered the best pitcher to ever play for miami

4-6-3 DP ... SIT DOWN

3-3 6th

2 on ... 1 out ...

stranded : (

Hernandez out, Bellamy in. Chris still searching for 1st playoff win of collegiate career.

APPEAL AFFIRMED ... 7th-inning strech


4-3 7th OVER YONDER!

Yonder DEEP!!!

Go Canes!!!

Let's go Sobo (clap clap clapclapclap)

5 more outs

striiiiike 3 ... 4 more outs

striiiiike 3 = ball 4

striiiiike 3 ... YOU'RE OUT

23,039 show up for U

hahaha......u guys lose!!!! we win!!!! no team has ever come back from losing the first game......go cry and wine all night you sorry hurricanes.....bye bye

Carlos relieves ...

relieve this .....lol

1 out

whoooo hoooo!!!!!! as the maddog would say, "Never better, im peachy!!!!"


need a tissue canes fans?

strike out confuses Yasmani ... 2 on

4-4 9th

we win u lose.....green just stop now...they cant handle whats coming.....they will call all the shows tomorrow complaining about their closer, starting pitcher, and hitting.....miami fans suck!! enjoy our comeback fools

Carlos CHOKED 4-6 9th

green just let me have the last word already...its over for you guys....just deal with it.....stop now, canes fans have already quit on their team and cried themselves to sleep....somebody tell joe z and beast to stop quit...they are bad luck for the canes lol
Go Dogs!!!

we are blowing this game. And why are Georgia people on our blog anyway?!

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