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Day 1 of the College World Series - UM upset by Georgia 7-4

What's up, Eye on the U faithful!

It's Andre Fernandez back for some more UM college baseball.

Manny Navarro is celebrating the big 3-0 back in the MIA today, so I'll be here blogging live from the College World Series in Omaha at Rosenblatt Stadium. This is a real treat for me as someone who has been watching this event annually since 1992 when Pepperdine won (I was 12 years old!)

I saw the heartbreaker in 1996 and the triumphs in '99 and 2001, as well as the other trips in between. But being here live is an experience. Everything in this town is centering on this event...and it's only day 1.

At the airport in Miami and Chicago on my way in, I saw several UM fans, as well as UNC, FSU, Georgia, LSU and Stanford faithful that were making the trek to the Heartland.

The parking lot is packed with tailgaters, some from teams that aren't even playing today.

Anyway, once again I will be here to chat during the Canes game and I'll be giving you some updates as the game goes along. The NCAA will have its gametracker going all day at www.ncaasports.com

We're starting now at 7:15 EST, National Freshman Pitcher of the Year Chris Hernandez on the mound for UM (11-0, 2.62 ERA, 112 Ks, 17 BB, .218 opp. avg.) vs. Georgia's Trevor Holder (8-4, 4.34 ERA, 59 Ks, 24 BBs, .293 opp. avg.)

1st inning - UM 1, Georgia 0: Jemille Weeks gets Miami started with a towering solo shot to right field. Chris Hernandez looks good so far, 3 up, 3 down with 2 Ks.

2nd inning - UM 1, Georgia 0: Hernandez struck out the side. Severino stranded after solid hit up middle due to DiNatale double play grounder.

3rd inning - UM 3, Georgia 1: Freakish line drive that went off the glove of Hernandez and Weeks allowed Ryan Peisel to drive in Joey Lewis with the tying run. Lewis roped a double off the left field wall to lead off the inning. Hernandez was pitching phenomenal before that. Blake Tekotte picked his team up with a 2-run shot to right that went farther than Weeks' blast in the 1st.

6th inning - UM 3, Georgia 3: Bulldogs tie it on a  2-run shot by Ryan Peisel off Hernandez. Miami leaves two runners on base after DiNatale and Grandal strike out back-to-back courtesy of reliever Alex McRee.

7th inning - UM 4, Georgia 3: Mr. Clutch does it again for Miami. Yonder Alonso hits an over 400-foot shot to left center to give the Canes the lead in the bottom of the seventh. The Bulldogs had a serious threat in the top of the inning with runners on second and third. But Kyle Bellamy got a big strike out of pinch hitter David Thoms on a called strike three by third base umpire.


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U 4 - Carlos 7 9th

we are here to squish your hopes and dreams.......sorry my boys just did that......dont forget to call joe z after the games and cry about how your closer sucks and how your coach is overrated.......cry cry cry canes fans

I LOVE CARLOS!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

where are you canes fans?

bulldogs beat canes......bulldogs beat canes.....oh how sweet it is to beat the sorry over rated hurricoones!!! good night meami lol

4-7 F

We are right here. Still a long way to go in the series... Dont get to excited about winning one game.

I couldn't be any more upset than I am right now. The win was in our hands and they let it slip away.

It all started when Grandal let the ball get away from him and the guy got on first... and I don't even want to talk about that throw by Gutz to Alonso... what the hell WAS that???

It's going to be an intense elimination game against FSU to say the least

dont be too depressed about losing one game.....i mean, no team has ever won the world series after losing game 1 but thats no big deal, im sure you guys will win it and we wont..yah right u guys are over rated and your sorry closer should become a towel boy or something

Seriously though.

This was as big a C-H-O-K-E as I have ever seen. No reason for that. The Bulls-its I mean Bulldogs didn't do anything special, we just choked. That Catcher blew it. Guti blew it. And for all the accolades Gutierrez has been receiveing, when he gets tight, he friggin loses his mind and his focus, gets wild, and look what he did with that wild throw. That's his trademark. He loses his control. I don't trust him when the chips are down and the pressure is on.

Choke Choke.

And for you georgia dog i say this. Act like you've been there son. Oh,, that's right you haven't.

Listen the announcers kept on saying about how we are 45-0 going into the 8th inning... that broke... but statistics are made to be broken! we can still win it all even though nobody has done it! after all we are the Canes!

Great game U , but as usual the SEC whips the acc

As usual the SEC whips the ACC?? Ummm... I'd like some proof on that....

no team has ever come back from losing the first game

Posted by: georgiadoggie | June 14, 2008 at 10:13 PM
it ain't over til it's over ... oregon state won the CWS from the loser's bracket ...

Cane fans, I must say that that was a great game. I feel bad for your closer, throwing that ball away. Alonzo is a good player also, just my opinion. I apologize on behalf of the dawg nation for georgiadoggie. We can't claim him. Just take care of business Monday against FSU and we will see each other again. Beat FSU please. Good luck guys.

And also, like someone said before, Georgia did NOTHING special. The Canes just made unexcusable mistakes and GA capitalized on them.

what does it take for Morris to take a pitcher out of the game -- when he is crying on the mound -- and can not throw a strike and then looses the game for you -- what a dam fool. the first lost in the cws is for Morris and his relies picther who could not do anything right--you have the pitchers and you should use them-- Ga did. FSU will kick you ass -- If you keep playing the game the way you do with your pitchers.

Thanks rabiddawg for the good sportsmanship... georgiadoggie is acting like a gaytor fan -- he's becoming what is, probably, his worst nightmare!

I agree about Morris. Gutierrez was sweating out there. He was throwing up all over himself and Morris didn't even look at him once to come out. Coach, WTF were you thinking? Gutierrez: WWTF were you thinking? It sure wasn't baseball!

45-1 when leading after 8 innings ...

green.. what was that one game?

or are you saying that that's their record now?


this will be the canes!

canesdominate: yes

thanks for the link, Caniac

That game was almost a mirrow image of game 1 of the arizona series. Completely out played them yet end up losing. Got to love baseball...btw, annoying georgiadoggie, if you knew anything Oregon State lost to UM in the first game of the CWS in 2006 and came back and won the entire tourney. So before you keep running your mouth about nonsense, know the facts!

I am diehard cane fan but I really have to wonder how this is going to affect the players mentally. There is a difference between losing a game along compared throwing up on yourself in 9th. I also do not see them having the pitching to come out of the losers bracket having to win 5 games straight. I will be wishing it happens but I would not bet my house on it.

why do we alwayz take oUt kyle bellamy when he is doing great???? gUti needs 2 worry less aboUt the freakn $$$$ & do his job while he still has on the green/orange!!! somebody please please get grandal a bigger glove - we sUcked 2nite gUyz!!!! bUt @ least we get 2 eliminate the sem@n - holz!!!

dgershman: 1) can't cry over spilt milk; 2)neither does stanford, f$u or uga. 4 straight ...

I watched the game. You said that Miami dominated. Did you watch the same game I did. Georgia out hit Miami. Miami lived by the home run, that is how all their runs were scored. Can someone say 7 hits.

Georgia outplayed Miami and the best team won. By the way Georgia has been to the dance 3 out of 5 years. By the way, we love beating any team from Florida.

I watched the game. You said that Miami dominated. Did you watch the same game I did. Georgia out hit Miami. Miami lived by the home run, that is how all their runs were scored. Can someone say 7 hits.

Georgia outplayed Miami and the best team won. By the way Georgia has been to the dance 3 out of 5 years. By the way, we love beating any team from Florida.

but for a passed ball & throwing error, uga loses ...

hey viewer - by the way get a different line & by the way Uga didnt oUtplay any1 we jUst imploded & blew it - plain & simple & by the way we will see U gUyz very soon!!!

UGA, more hits, no eras, more runs.

the only stat that matters is the ...

no eras???? i think Ur mistaken they had 4 earned rUns no errors mayb!!!!

Manny...happy birthday!

'Dre...enjoy Omamha and thanks for covering the game. Sorry I couldn't be here tonight, traveling.




Canes may be the best in the minds of imbeciles, but they still can't prove it.

Another post season flop for Duhhhh U at the hands of the Mighty SEC. I smelt this one coming from 20 miles away or at least as far it is from campus to Dolphin Stadium.

Welcome to the Big Boys conference!!! Don’t worry it only gets worse in sports that actually count.

canesrule = gaturd incognito

did you forget? Duhhhh U rudely welcomed ole miss & the gaturd ...

trumps ben hill billy bob griffin stadium ...

Don’t worry it only gets worse in sports that actually count.

Posted by: canesrule | June 15, 2008 at 03:04 AM
from sea to shining sea ... ESPN televised U in prime time from the College World Series ...

Duhhh U's glorification of actually being on TV is f'n hiliarious. Maybe if you had as many fans show up for football or basketball as you do for baseball you would get better exposure.

Speaking of act like you've been there before, oh yeah, you haven't!

This was on the ticker yesterday. Only at Duhhh U's expense is it actually considered news.

"The Hurricanes have gotten an offer to play a nationally-televised game next season against a major basketball powerhouse on the road.”

Now that’s funny!!!

First off, on behalf of the Bulldawg nation, I like Rabid above, apogize for georgiadoggie. I seriously doubt he's really a Dawg fan. You guys have a heck of a team and it was a great game.

That being said, you have to be crazy to think UM "dominated" that game. You got out-hit, had fewer earned runs, and got every close call in the game. That check swing to end our 7th was bar-none the worst 3rd base appeal I've ever seen in my life. Even the ESPN anouncers said it "wasn't even close". We had men on 2nd & 3rd.

And canesdominate, you say UGA did NOTHING special? How about getting 3 hits, scoring 2 earned runs and then shutting down a team in the 9th who hadn't lost an 8th inning lead all year? On the biggest stage to boot? Sounds pretty special to me.

Fact is, UGA probably wins WITHOUT the passed ball and throwing error. Let's say O'Brien gets thrown out at 1st (or your catcher holds onto the 3rd strike). We still have a man on 2nd, and the next batter, Allen, rips a single to left that would have scored the tying run anyway. We scored another earned run off of Paisels hit. Even if we go to the bottom of the 9th tied, Fields was pitching better than Gutierrez (and Paisel's hit maybe comes in the 10th instead of the 9th).

Bottom line is this: You guys had a better season, but on that one night, UGA was better than you. Good luck the rest of the way.

Fact is, UGA probably wins WITHOUT the passed ball and throwing error.

Posted by: RedDawg | June 15, 2008 at 02:35 PM

nonetheless ... thoughtful rebuttal, RedDawg


Hey Manny, how did the birthday bash workout? U yak or what???

M.H...does that stand for Miami Herald?

No it stands for Miami's Horrific!

A bowl-less 5-7 football season followed by a post season bust in baseball at the hands of the SEC.

Don't worry, it gets worse in 2008 in sports that count.

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