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Football injuries/rumor control

For a dead period at UM when the only thing people should be talking about is the baseball team, we sure have spent a lot of time talking football in the last few weeks -- particularly injuries.

Graig_cooperFirst, there was the Allen Bailey rumor that turned out to be true -- a torn pectoral muscle that I've been told is now not as bad as initially anticipated. And now in the last 24 hours, two more rumors have surfaced. The first, involving defensive end Courtney Harris rupturing his Achilles (which is true). The latest, running back Greg Cooper tearing his ACL, IS NOT TRUE according to several sources I've spoken to in the last few hours.

"That's some crazy B.S.," a source at UM told me when asked if the Cooper rumors were true. "We've only got one kid seriously injured. Why are people starting that stuff. Do they want us to have bad luck or something?"

The bad luck belongs to Harris, who was all set to compete for playing time this fall, and defensive line coach Clint Hurtt. Achilles' injuries are seriCourtney_harris ous and can even be career threatening. Miami's defensive line, meanwhile, already thin and riddled with injuries from a year ago, will have to move on. Senior Eric Moncur, the lone veteran, will share a lot of playing time with Bailey once he returns (which I'm told could be the first game of the season). Those two should be the starting ends once the season begins. It's who comes after them that you should be worried about -- because there isn't a lot out there. Redshirt freshman Adewale Ojomo (the scout team MVP), Steven Wesley and incoming freshman Andrew Smith (who still has to raise his GPA to qualify for UM) are all that's left available. Miami could essentially try a few other young players at defensive end. My thoughts would be defensive tackle Marcus Forston and linebacker Marcus Robinson, who both played some end in high school, have big bodies and know how to get to the quarterback.

For those of you who missed it, I've got the sixth installment of my spring tour around South Florida high schools up on our new recruiting page. In this edition, I talk about a kid who several college scouts told me is the best 2010 recruit in Dade -- Southwest High athlete LaMarcus Joyner. There is no need to worry. I've been told the Canes have already offered him.