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Super Regional Game 2: UM wins 14-10 against Arizona

Welcome Canes fans. This is Sarah Rothschild at Mark Light Field for Game 2 of the NCAA Super Regional between UM and University of Arizona. First pitch is at 7:30 p.m. (for those of you watching on TV, it's on ESPN). I'll be updating you throughout the game and chatting with you in the comments section. Feel free to talk baseball or even Heat (my usual beat). Per NCAA policy I will only be able to post one update per inning with play-by-play.

This is a must-win game for UM to continue its quest for a College World Series berth, after losing last night to Arizona 6-3 in 11 innings. UM is the visiting team tonight.

Starting lineups:

Hurricanes (50-9)

1. Blake Tekotte, CF

2. Jemile Weeks, 2B

3. Yonder Alonso, 1B

4. Mark Sobolewski, 3B

5. Ryan Jackson, SS

6. Dennis Raben, RF

7. Jason Hagerty, DH

8. Dave DiNatale, LF

9. Yasmani Grandal, C

Pitching: Eric Erickson 8-1, 4.13 ERA

Wildcats (42-17)

1. Rafael Valenzeula, LF

2. Colt Sedbrook, 2B

3. Brad Glenn, 3B

4. Jon Gaston, RF

5. C.J. Ziegler, 1B

6. T.J. Steele, CF

7. Mike Weldon, DH

8. Dwight Childs, C

9. Bryce Ortega, SS

Pitching: David Coulon: 8-3, 3.54 ERA

TOP 1ST: Tekotte hits the ball between the catcher and pitcher and Wildcats catcher Childs easily makes the throw to first. Weeks walks (Coulon has been a bit wild the first two batters). Alonso singles to right and Weeks advances to second. Sobolewski flew out to right field. Jackson flew out to right. The Canes stranded nine runners in Game 1, so it'll be interesting to see how they fare tonight.

UM 0, Arizona 0.

BOTTOM 1st: Weeks committed an error deep in the infield to the right of second base, allowing leadoff hitter Valenzeula to reach 1st. The inning almost got tougher with Sedbrook who was trying to bunt getting hit in the hand but according to rules it was ruled a strike. Sedbrook bunted and Erickson bobbled the ball before throwing to first and getting Sebrook out. Valenzuela advanced to second. Glenn struck out swinging. Gaston is up to bat and the fans are understandably booing as he hit the game-winning three-run home run in the 11th last night. He does more damage, hitting a double off the right field wall, scoring Valenzeula. Ziegler follows with his 20th home run of the season, a two-run shot that easily cleared the left field wall. The Wildcats mob him at home plate. The sold-out crowd falls silent. Canes pitching coach J.D. Arteaga is visiting Erickson on the mound.  Steele lines a single to shallow center field. The Wildcats are teeing off Erickson. Steele steals and has no trouble beating Grandal's throw. Weldon hits a single to center (fourth straight hit off Erickson). Childs lines out to right field--for the third out.

UM 0, Arizona 4.

Top 2nd: Coulhon walks Raben. Hagerty struck out swinging. DiNatale struck out swinging. Grandal struck out swinging. UM has left three runners on base so far.

UM 0, Arizona 4. 

Bottom 2nd: Erickson walks Ortega after the count was 3-2 and is frustrated so Grandal comes to the mound. He then got leadoff hitter Valenzuela to hit a very short dribbler to Grandal, who tagged him out and threw to Jackson for the double play. Sedbrook grounded out to second base.

UM 0, Arizona 4.

Top 3rd: Tekotte grounded out to first. Weeks walked and stole second. Alonso struck out and is shaking his head. Sobolewski hit a double down that went roaring down the third baseman line (Wildcats third baseman Brad Glenn had no chance at getting it), scoring Weeks. The crowd comes back to life, at least for a moment. Ryan Jackson hit an inning-ending ground out to second.

UM 1, Arizona 4.

Bottom 3rd: Huge inning for Erickson, his first 1-2-3 inning of the night. Glenn flew out to right field. Gaston flew out to center, but not before giving Erickson a major scare because he hit the ball pretty deep to right but it was foul and then he hit it deep to center and from the look on Erickson's face he thought it was gone. Ziegler flew out to left.

UM 1, Arizona 4. 

Top 4th: Raben walked. Hagerty smashed a two-run home run to left field. The Canes mob Hagerty at home and the crowd is chanting "Let's go Canes!" It was Hagerty's eighth homer of the season. Coulon falls behind 2-0, leading to a Wildcats meeting at the mound. Coulon walks DiNatale. Grandal hits a sac bunt and is out but it allows DiNatale to advance to second. Tekotte hit a deep bunt to second base, Sedbrook tried to field and throw the ball in one motion but Tekotte was safe. It was scored as an infield single. Arizona first baseman Ziegler dropped the ball. DiNatale reached third on the play (two on, one out). Weeks hit an RBI single to left field, scoring DiNatale and we have a 4-4 tie (Tekotte advanced to second on the play). Yonder hit's his 22nd homer of the season, a three-run shot that bounced off the top of the right field wall. Yonder pumps his fist as he rounds first base and the Canes celebrate at home. Coulon's night is over, leaving with a 7-4 deficit after surrendering six runs in the fourth and only one out. Righthanded reliever Mike Colla replaces Coulon. Colla enters with a 4-2 record and 4.79 ERA in 56.1 innings. Coulon's final line is 3.1 IP, 6H, 7R, 7ER, 5BB, 4K, 90 pitches. Sobolewski, the first batter to face Colla, hits a double to deep left field, his second double of the night. Colla falls behind Jackson 2-0 leading to another Wildcats meeting at the mound, but Jackson flies out to right for the Canes' second out. Raben is up, the 10th batter of the inning, and walked (also the second time for him this inning). Hagerty is walked, so the bases are loaded with Sobolewski on third and Raben on second. DiNatale strikes out, so the inning is over with 3 left on base.

UM 7, Arizona 4.

Bottom 4th: Steele walks. With the count 2-2 on Weldon, Steele walks, taking advantage of Erickson's slow delivery. Weldon singles to right and Steele reaches third. It's now pouring and fans are trying to find cover. Erickson balks with Childs up, scoring Steele. Childs hits a sacrifice to third and is out but Weldon moves to third with one out. Ortega walks. UM reliever David Gutierrez enters with two runners on (and the rain persisting). Valenzuela has an 0-2 count and hits a chopper to third that Sobolewski fields and gets him out. Valenzuela's RBI scores Weldon and it's 7-6 Arizona.  The rain has stopped. Sedbrook's RBI single ties the game at 7, and scores Ortega. Tekotte tried to throw home on the play, allowing Sedbrook to advance to second. Glenn hits inning ending grounder to Weeks.

UM 7, Arizona 7.

Top 5th: Grandal grounded out to first. Tekotte grounded to second. Weeks walked (his third of the night and he ties a career-high). Alonso hit the ball deep to left but it was in foul territory and on a 3-2 pitch he flies out to center.

UM 7, Arizona 7.

Bottom 5th: Gutierrez strikes out Gaston and Ziegler follows by grounded out to shortstop. Steele hits a pop up to very shallow center field, which Weeks catches.

UM 7, Arizona 7. 

Top 6th: Sobolewski hits a leadoff homer off to left off of Colla to give UM an 8-7 lead. Jackson grounded to third. Raben gets his fourth walk of the night. Hagerty struck out. Raben steals second, his fifth of the season.  DiNatale walked. Grandal hit a three-run home run that scored Raben and DiNatale and gives UM an 11-7 lead. Tekotte hit a sharp grounder to first base to end the inning.

UM 11, Arizona 7.

Bottom 6th: Pinch-hitter Bobby Coyle grounded out to Gutierrez, Childs flew out to right field and Ortega ended the inning by grounding to short.

UM 11, Arizona 7.

Top 7th: Weeks grounded out to Colla. Wildcats reliever Grayson Adams enters and walks Alonso. Sobolewski lines out to right. Jackson hits a single to left-center, advancing Alonso to third. Wildcats shortstop Bryce Ortega dove and tried to get the ball hit by Jackson but it was hit too hard and he had no chance. Raben walks a fifth time, and ties a UM record set by Mike Fiore set in 1988 and breaks a NCAA super regional record. Hagerty has 3-0 count and is walked, walking in Alonso (Jackson moves to third and Raben to second). Adams is done, replaced by righthander Cory Burns. DiNatale hit an inning-ending fielder's choice to third base with the basesloaded.

UM 12, Arizona 7.

Bottom 7th: Valenzuela struck out. Sedbrook flew out to right field. Glenn singled to left field.Gaston homered to right field, a two-run shot, cutting the lead to 12-9. Gutierrez walked Ziegler (Kyle Bellamy is warming up). Steele struck out.

UM 12, Arizona 9.

Top 8th: Grandal grounded out to second. Tekotte flew out to center. Weeks grounded out to second.

UM 12, Arizona 9.

Bottom 8th: UM's Adnan Severino replaces DiNatale in left field. It proved to be a smart move because Coyle hit a deep fly ball and Severino made a great catch. Pinch hitter Dillon Baird singled to center. Ortega struck out. Valenzuela doubled to right, driving in Baird and making it 12-10. Sedbrook had an inning ending strike out.

UM 12, Arizona 10.

Top 9th: Alonso draws a leadoff walk on Burns. Sobolewski grounded out to second. Jackson hit a double to left field. Raben gets his sixth walk of the night, a new UM record and ties an NCAA record.