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Hanging with The Harrises (Part 2)

OK, here's my interview with future Canes cornerback Brandon Harris, who capped his senior season at Booker T. Washington by winning The Miami Herald's Male Athlete of the Year award. I spoke to his older brother Tim Jr., a national finalist in the 800 meters, earlier this week.

Q: You won the Male Athlete of the Year Award in Miami-Dade last week to become only the second athlete to repeat as a winner -- Carol City and LSU defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois was the other. Did you think you should have won?
A: Manny -- you know I'm not going to tell you I think I should have won [laughter]. Brandon_athlete_of_the_yearFirst of all, it is a tremendous honor. I want to thank The Miami Herald for all the great articles and awards they've given me and my family in my time in high school. I've had so much fun and its made it really memorable. But no, I didn't think I was going to receive the award. I know I didn't have as strong a season in track as I did my junior year. Still, I'll take it. It's a huge honor -- something I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Q: Obviously winning the award was sweet, but I heard you had a blast on prom night -- rolling in style, partying in style. Give me the details.
Brandon_harris_prom_nightA: [Laughter] It was all PG rated stuff. Come on now. No, my family rented me a nice black Mercedez convertible to go with my white suit and hat. I was rolling to the prom in that.

Q: So are you glad you stayed at Booker T. instead of enrolling early at UM and participating in spring practice and missing out on all those senior events?
A: I'm definitely glad I stayed. People wanted to know why I didn't go early, start competing. But I wanted to enjoy my senior year. I wanted to run track. I wanted to spend time with my dad, my friends. Plus, I didn't feel like it would affect me on the depth chart or player wise. I know that when I come in I'm going to be focused, ready to play. I'm definitely excited already about getting a chance to come on campus, use the facilities, workout with the guys and build relationships. We've all known each other for so long. And now, we're all going to get a chance to play together. It's going to be real exciting.

Q: I have to imagine during your workouts now at UM you've run into some of the former Canes who are in the NFL. Any interesting meetings or discussions with any of them?
A: All of those guys are real cool. Willis McGahee is a real nice guy. We've gone out, thrown a couple balls around. Reggie Wayne too. I've met so many of them. All of them say the same things -- how we've got to get The U back to where it was. And we will.

Q: What are some of the things maybe some of the other freshman who were here in the spring have told you about the program and what to expect?
Brandon_scores_at_tdA: They just talk about coming in and getting in shape, getting ready to play ball and to expect some of the toughest practices you'll ever have in your life. Other than that, they just talk about how much fun it is to be here. Marcus [Forston], Jacory [Harris], Sean [Spence] and those guys all have their little bikes. They're all around campus, having a good time, but working hard too.

Q: So do you know yet who you will be rooming with when you start summer school?
A: I'm going to be rooming with Davon Johnson, [receiver] Laron Byrd and [safety] Vaughn Telemaque. We'll be starting in Summer B. I have no idea what classes yet, but I'm looking forward to it.