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Postscript of UM baseball advancing to College World Series

It's Sarah Rothschild again from Mark Light Field. UM beat Arizona 4-2 to advance to the College World Series in Omaha. The Hurricanes' first opponent: Georgia.

Umbaseball As you would expect, a very happy scene at the Light. This game went down to the final out, capping a thrilling series with the Wildcats. A solid performance by starter Enrique Garcia followed by a great performance by the relievers.

As UM coach Jim Morris said, this really was a team effort. Plenty of highlights from Sunday night from the pitching to first baseman Yonder Alonso's two-run home run in the 1st and a multi-hit game from Jemile Weeks to shortstop Ryan Jackson and closer Carlos Gutierrez's spectacular defensive plays. I'm sure I'm leaving people out but you get the point.

A few highlights of the postgame news conference:

Coach Morris on why this UM squad is so special: "This team is special because it's a team--different people every night, one through nine. Different people on the pitching staff, it's not just one guy or one thing. It's the total team.

Alonso on returning to Omaha: "A lot of work goes through it, in the fall and the summer. All you think about is Omaha. Once you get there it's nice but now we need to take care of business. It's not just a vacation over there."

Weeks on the CWS berth: "All year that's been the goal. Every year I've been here it's been the goal. Not everybody gets the chance to go there, but we have a special team. We've been saying that all year and I think we proved it day in and day out, against any team, any pitching staff. We got the job done."

The Canes emerge from the Coral Gables Super Regional as happy victors, but the job is not done yet. Now they're headed to one of Morris' favorite cities. Check back this week for more updates as the Hurricanes prepare for Omaha.


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I am one of the biggest Canes fans in Omaha, Nebraska and to see my favorite team in Omaha for the CWS is Priceless. Nebraskans hate Miami via football, but the Canes have something to prove and nothing to lose. I can't wait till they win it all. Party and I will be leading the charge. Go Canes one game at a time. The drive for Five is on.

The drive for Five is on.

Posted by: Michael Messerly | June 09, 2008 at 02:00 AM

Well said, Michael, well said!

Fully concur with Michael and 86Cane!!! we need a large contingent inside Rosenblatt Stadium! GO CANES!!!!

U v. georgia 7p 6/14 on ESPN ...

U v. georgia 7p 6/14 on ESPN ...

Green...thanks for the info on the CWS game. U were blog MVP here during the Super Regional. Nice work!


For college baseball fans ONLY:



I am so tired of Urban Meyer he is such an ass. He is a cocky,arrogant little PUNK and is a sore loser. I remember seeing him at a press conference after Florida lost last year and he was acting like a 3 year old. Florida gets no respect and I hope we pop Tebow in his mouth this year. Kick Florida in their ass....

Its all about the U

Who's Sarah Rothschild? Is she related to Larry Rothschild - b/c if so, tell her to get her old man on the phone b/c I want to talk to him.

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