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Super Regional Game 3: UM advances to World Series, beats Arizona 4-2

Welcome Canes fans! It's Sarah Rothschild at Mark Light Field. UM plays Arizona in the third and decisive Super Regional game.

UM is seeking its 23rd trip to the College World Series in Omaha and a fifth national title.

Reminder that the game starts at 7 p.m. and is on ESPN 2. I'll be providing you play-by-play each inning, but it can't be live per NCAA rules. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. I'll try to answer your questions during the game, whether you want to talk Canes baseball or the Miami Heat (my usual beat).

First, some news:  Hurricanes' lefthander pitcher Chris Hernandez was named the Collegiate Baseball Newspaper's National Freshman Pitcher of the Year. He also earned Louisville Slugger Freshman All-America honors. He is the first freshman in UM history to garner a national pitcher of player award. He is 11-0  with a 2.65 ERA. He was named one of the four finalists for The Roger Clemens Award, given to the nation's top pitcher. He is the first ever freshman to be named a finalist for the award.

Starting lineups:

Miami (51-9): The designated visiting team for a second straight night

1. Blake Tekotte, CF

2. Jemile Weeks, 2B

3. Yonder Alonso, 1B

4. Mark Sobolewski, 3B

5. Ryan Jackson, SS

6. Dennis Raben, RF

7. Jason Hagerty, DH

8. Dave DiNatale, LF

9. Yasmani Grandal, C

Pitcher: Enrique Garcia, RHP, 6-2, 4.80 ERA

Arizona (42-18)

1. Rafael Valenzuela, LF

2. Colt Sedbrook, 2B

3. Brad Glenn, 3B

4. Jon Gaston, RF

5. C.J. Ziegler, 1B

6. T.J. Steele, CF

7. Bobby Coyle, DH

8. Dwight Childs, C

9. Bryce Ortega, SS

Pitcher: Eric Berger, LHP, 8-3, 4.43 ERA

Top 1st: Tekotte singled to left field. Weeks doubled to deep left field (his 17th of the season) and Tekotte motors around the bases and easily scores. UM 1, Arizona 0. Alonso hit his 21st home run (tied for second most homers by a UM player in a season), a two-run shot that scored Weeks. UM 3, Arizona  0. Sobolewski struck out. Jackson flew out to left-center. Raben flew out to left field and Arizona's Valenzuela makes a great catch and then flips over the fence beyond the stands.

UM 3, Arizona 0.

Bottom 1st: Valenzuela infield single. Sedbrook grounds out to third, advancing Valenzuela to second. Glenn hit an RBI single to center, scoring Valenzuela. UM 3, Arizona 1. Glenn advances to second on a balk by Garcia. Gaston struck out swinging. Ziegler popped up to first.

UM 3, Arizona 1.

Top 2nd: Hagerty grounded out to shortstop. DiNatale struck out looking. Grandal walked. Tekotte flew out to left.

UM 3, Arizona 1.

Bottom 2nd: Steele struck out swinging. Coyle infield single. UM fans are chanting "Oma-ha, Oma-ha." Coyle steals second. Childs flew out to right. Ortega flew out to center.

UM 3, Arizona 1.

Top 3rd: Weeks led off with a single up the middle and reached second on an error by Wildcats center fielder T.J. Steele (who bobbled the ball). Alonso hits a sac-fly to left, and Weeks advances to third. Sobolewski grounded out to shortstop, and drove in Weeks. UM 4, Arizona 1. Jackson grounded out to second.

UM 4, Arizona 1.

Bottom 3rd: Valenzuela hits a leadoff double to left field. Sedbrook grounded out to second, advancing Valenzuela to third. Glenn popped up to first. Gaston flew out to left center field.

UM 4, Arizona 1.

Top 4th: Raben grounded out to first. Hagerty grounded to first. DiNatale flew out to left.

UM 4, Arizona 1.

Bottom 4th: Ziegler flew out to center. Steele flew out to center. Coyle singled to right. Coyle advanced to second on Garcia's balk. Childs got his first base hit of the season, an infield single that Sobolewski fielded before making an errant throw to first. Coyle scored on the error. UM 4, Arizona 2. Ortega struck out swinging.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Top 5th: Grandal struck out swinging. Tekotte walked. Weeks flew out to right-center. Alonso grounded out to first.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Bottom 5th: Valenzuela popped up to third. Sedbrook hit a hard grounder to Garcia for the out. Glenn struck out swingin.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Top 6th: Sobolewski flew out to shallow right. Jackson grounded out to first. Raben grounded out to first.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Bottom 6th: Gaston grounded out to second. Ziegler hit a double to the right-center gap. Steele hit a sac-fly deep to center that allowed Ziegler to easily reach third. Coyle walked. J.D. Arteaga and the infielders convene at the mound. Reliever David Gutierrez who got the win last night began warming up. Garcia induced Ortega into an inning ending grounder to third.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Top 7th: Hagerty struck out. DiNatale singled to right center. Grandal flew out to center. DiNatale stole second. Tekotte grounded out to pitcher.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Bottom 7th: Reliever Kyle Bellamy replaces Garcia. Adan Severino replaces DiNatale in left. Ortega walked. Valenzuela struck out. Ortega stole second. Sedbrook flew out to right on a 3-2 pitch. Ortega advances to third on a wild pitch, the first pitch from Bellamy to Glenn. Glenn walked. Chris Hernandez, freshman pitcher of the year, enters the game for his first relief appearance of the year. Hernandez enters the game with two outs and runners on the corners in the 7th. Hernandez induced Gaston into an inning ending grounder to second base (shortstop Jackson covering the bag).

UM 4, Arizona 2. 

Top 8th: Weeks pops up to shortstop. Sobolewski hit his 16th double of the season, this time to right-center. Berger is replaced by reliever Ryan Perry. Jackson hit an inning ending grounder to third.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Bottom 8th: Ziegler struck out. Steele singled to center. Pinch hitter Mike Weldon has 2-0 count when Steele stole second. Weldon walked. Arteaga and Canes meet with Hernandez at mound. Daniel Butler pinch hit and with the count 2-2 Grandal visits Hernandez at the mound. Butler grounded out to third, but Weldon advances to second and Steele to third. Hernandez is replaced by closer Carlos Gutierrez. He entered with runners on second and third and two out. Dillon Baird pinch hit and is hit by pitch. Hunter Pace pinch ran for Baird. Bases loaded  with two outs. Valenzuela 1-1 count, next pitch a ball that almost bounced out of Grandal's glove, on 2-1 pitch. Valenzuela grounded to Gutierrez whose throw to Alonso barely beat runner to the bag.

UM 4, Arizona 2.

Top 9th: Raben grounded out to second. Hagerty doubled to right. Severino walked. Arizona closer Jason Stoffel replaced Perry. Hagerty advanced to third and Severino to second on a wild pitch.

Bottom 9th: Sedbrook reached on a fielding error by Weeks. Glenn struck out swinging. Gaston popped up to first. Ziegler fell behind 0-1 but then Gutierrez threw a wild pitch and Sedbrook advanced to second. Ziegler grounded out deep to Jackson at shortstop. Jackson threw to Alonso for the final out. Canes celebrate and the crowd goes wild.

FINAL: UM 4, Arizona 2.


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For those wondering why UM is the visiting team tonight it's because the teams flipped a coin and the Hurricanes lost. The coin flip is only for Game 3, since each team got to be the home team for one game apiece.

Shoot. Missed the top of the first. Hell of a way to start though. GO CANES!

3-1 2nd

Thanks for the updates again, Green.

your welcome, baroness de rothschild


4-1 3rd fielder's choice

Bad OF play! Go back on the ball not across the field. Come on DiNatalle!

Great piece of pitching to get out of the jam. Berger has thrown 55 pitches through 3 innings, Garcia is in the 30's. AZ will be going to that bullpen early and they are worn down. Garcia needs a solid 7 innings and we have them.

Through three innings Garcia has thrown 41 pitches and Berger 55.

Adan subs Dino?

Thanks Sarah, I knew he was in the high 30's to low 40's.

I love the strategy of the Cane hitters tonight. They seem to be alot more patient. I bet that was a strategy Morris stressed b/c if they get Berger out of there early and get to the depleted AZ bullpen it could be lights out.

I love it...1 pitch, 1 out.

Adnan is not in the game yet Green, but we could see a late switch like we did last night.

Sarah...I love easy fly ball outs.

The Canes carried momentum into this game and they seem intent on winning this. Last night's slugfest certainly seemed to inject some confidence in this group.

So far the game has moved much quicker than it did last night or Friday.

boy - i sure don't get the balk calls

why wait?

4-2 4th Soboner

There have been a lot of balks called in this series. It is strange, SFCane.

Seem to be being lulled to sleep here, these bats need to come alive!!!

Sarah...U are doing a GREAT job!



Go-Go Garcia ... onto the 6th

3 balks in two nights, why does ryan jackson hit 5th, why is severino not in the lineup, I know they want more righty hitters in there but we need his bat before him and all the others that got drafted decide to sign and leave early. Sara I think you're hot!!!

It'll be interesting to see how long Morris lets Garcia stay in the game. Considering what's at stake, the leash will probably be short.




Go-Go Garcia ... 9 more outs

Johnny, the least you could do is spell my name right. If Severino played it would be instead of DiNatale in left field, not Jackson at shortstop. Severino didn't start last night either. Coach Jim Morris obviously has more confidence in DiNatale in a decisive game, though we could see Severino come in later. Jackson entered the game hitting .360 this season so it's hard to fault him.

Update: In six innings Garcia has thrown 90 pitches and Berger 96. Garcia has given up seven hits. The Canes only have four hits off of Berger.

Freshman Pitcher of the Year warms up ...

I agree Johnny Severino has been hitting better

The Severino fans must be happy.

And yes, you're right Chris Hernandez, freshman pitcher of the year, is warming up.

Kyle relieves

botched bunt ... you're out

Chris Hernandez to the rescue ...

YES ... 6 more outs

42-1 when leading after 7 innings ...

Sweating bullets...

Green give us courage!

striiiiike 3 ... 5 more outs

any updates on score?

bot 8 1 out 2 AZ runners on

4-2 Canes

4 more outs

Carlos relieves


EXTINGUISHED ... 3 more outs

Haggerty doubles ... do it Adan


need another run or 2

Adan walks

wild pitch advances runners

1 2 »

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