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The Omaha trip off the field so far, some updates on UM

UM spent its off day touring the Boys Town school here in Omaha, a school that gives troubled youths a second chance.

Before their practice, Miami toured the expansive campus that has at least three football fields and a baseball field that schools in Miami would kill for. One reporter from the Omaha World-Herald said to me that field is no big deal. I was like if any Dade school had it, they'd become the envy of the town.

The Hurricanes then visited the school's football team and spoke to them at their practice field.

For the fans faithfully following the Hurricanes' stay in Omaha back in Miami or other parts of the country, you do have to try the steaks.

There's a couple of really good places like Cassio's and a nice hang-out spot called Old Chicago where I've already eaten twice. The Little King sub chain has some pretty good sandwiches that have kept me going during game days.

The whole city is excited about this event. Everywhere you look there are signs and fans of all 8 teams walking around.

The team's with the top followings are LSU and Georgia. The Bulldog fans packed Rosenblatt both Saturday and last night vs. Stanford. I'm sure they'll be huge this weekend. It'll be fun if Miami's the one they have to root against.

And looks like the "Geaux Tigers" signs will be displayed a little longer after that comeback by LSU against Rice.

Does that team ever get tired of breaking other teams' hearts up here? GRRRRR!

Oh well, UM must worry about Stanford first.

Enrique Garcia will start for UM. He will go against either RHP senior Erik Davis (7-3, 4.71 ERA) or right-handed junior Austin Yount (6-4, 3.53 ERA), the nephew of Hall of Famer Robin Yount tomorrow. The Cardinal haven't decided yet.

David Gutierrez has what equates to bruised shoulder. He can't really lift his arm without pain from what J.D. Arteaga and Jim Morris told us at practice today. But Arteaga said they're hoping he'll be back for Saturday if they make it that far.

Looks like the potential plan would be Garcia, then come back with Chris Hernandez and him against Georgia, hoping to conserve Erickson if they pull off getting to the finals. Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself. It's all on Garcia and the bullpen to get them past Stanford.


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First. Sucks to hear about Gutierrez. We need all our pitchers in good health if we want to survive in this bracket.


When you are in Omaha, you have to try a Runza. It is pretty good and a chain. They should be all over the place.

Thanks Manny...
Hope your enjoying the atmosphire... Good people and great food, as there is nothing better then a big, thick, Porterhouse covering the plate!... Been there and done it!

I have my concerns about the team, but if we can get back to hitting the ball, we should walk the table.

This no-hand-shake thing is for children and the mind-set carries through to the team and student body... Florida State Admin needs to address the issue... It shows no-class in sportsmanship and the whole school gets the blame!

Hell, I like FSU,... They are my favorite team to beat!


Thanks Manny...
Hope your enjoying the atmosphire...


Posted by: Cat5 Cane | June 17, 2008 at 10:44 PM
andre fernandez bylined the blog ...

Manny, taking any pictures of the festivities out there?

"The team's with the top followings are LSU and Georgia"....big shocker here, both are SEC teams.

Guess it's pretty note-worthy news to point out the attendance of other teams when you only average 30,000 fair weather fans for your home football games.

It's all about Duhhhhhhh U!

There you go again, young gator AKA canesrule.

Just remember this:

CANES 5 Football NCS, and could have had as many as 8

4 Baseball NCs

We do not recognize any gator ncs because people like you are classless sphincters!

How did that number one class UM signed affect you ? Have you washed yourself after urinating and defecating on yourself.

Your CANE-envy, and jealousy is all too evident.

Your gators suck just as you do!

I do not understand UF and FSU fans getting on our blogs. Are their blogs really that boring?

Anyway, basketball and football U will be where baseball is in the next two years


What is it with Gator and FSU fans' fixation with our average game day attendance? Last time I checked, there is no championship or award given for average game day attendance records, or else one of the Big 10 schools would win it every year anyway.

Monty, that's because gator and nole fans are too stupid to realize that the incredible advantages they enjoy when it comes to fan support, facilities, money, etc. makes it even more impressive that the U dominates the state in sports. Can you image what Miami would do to them if we had the fan support, money and facilities? OUCH.

UM athletic budget > f$u athletic budget

other measures of fan support besides scant attendance at expected blowouts ...

Mephistopheles discounts UM's inherent advantages ...

Brandon Harris and co. start practice this week. Its on bizotches!!!!

who qualified, who didnt ? the article posted today dosent say, lil help Manny please? thank you

"Can you image what Miami would do to them if we had the fan support, money and facilities?"......Ummmmmm NO!!!!

The nations most notorious fair weather fans (200+ attending your first NCAA b-ball tournament game appearance in 6 years), Paul Dee draining the bank account, offering free football tix with a test drive to make up for it, then throwing in the towel, and on top of it all, mooching off the Phin's to play your home games 20+ miles from campus.


Meanwhile, UM coach Randy Shannon said he is "gathering more information" on the Saturday arrest of linebacker Zach Kane, who was charged with aggravated assault for breaking a bottle over the head of another teenager at a party in New Jersey.

Wait one second here? Why does Randy need to gather information? I thought his firm handshake policy was automatic dismissal for any player arrested, no investigation or police involvement required.

Sounds like fans of Duhhhh U and the media have been lied to once again as they bought into Randy's BS!!!

"How did that number one class UM signed affect you?"

Not one bit considering we have had a CONSENSUS Top 3 Class the past three consecutive years. If recruiting was a beauty pagent, ESPN would drop Miami's supposed top recruiting ranking to a sub-Top 12 rank as several recruits will not qualify.

FYI - the Gators qualified their entire class.

Looks like Randy is learning the pitfalls of locking down Quantity over Quality the hard way. That's what happens when you land the most 2-Star Recruits in the nation.

Taylor Cook, the top dual threat QB recruit in the country as proclaimed by one asinine fan of Duhhhh U who has no idea who Terrelle Pryor is, may end up leaving Duhhhh U or at best case scenerio changing posistions.

Looks like Cook is well on his way to riding the pine or at least being branded as the top dual-threat punter in the nation.

"Anyway, basketball and football U will be where baseball is in the next two years"........

Yes - losing to SEC teams.

It must be exciting to troll another teams blog under a fake name and type insult after insult. Bravo for you!

when you only average 30,000 fair weather fans for your home football games.

It's all about Duhhhhhhh U!

Posted by: canesrule | June 18, 2008 at 02:00 AM

HEY DUMBASS GATORS. We have to worry about qualifying our recruits. Better problem then the 16 arrests @ G'ville since Urban took over. Way to gather INFO there Coach!!!

you come in here, to a Cane blog, to bad mouth the U. If we suck so bad why are you in here wasting your time in here with us, sounds to me like you need to get a life or a hobby,and stop riding ***ck, gay turd fan

I am sorry. Like all gator fans I take it up the rear!

I am afraid of what the canes will do to my gators this year.

I have to go to my dish washing job.

Having one rotten tooth in my mouth sure makes it tough to eat out of garbage cans.

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