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Three First Round picks for UM

Congratulations to the three Hurricanes taken in the first round of the major league draft this afternoon -- first baseman Yonder Alonso went 7th overall to Cincinnati, second baseman Jemile Weeks went 12th to Oakland and closer Carlos Gutierrez went 27th to Minnesota.

Earlier this week, Sarah Rothschild caught up with Yonder to talk about the draft and this is what he had to say. Miami, by the way, will open its Super Regional Friday against Arizona. For those of you wanting the experts take on the draft, check out Keith Law at ESPN.

Sarah: You were projected in some mock drafts to be picked No. 6 by Marlins. How would you feel being taken by them?
Yonder: It would be great - a dream come true. If I can play for the Marlins it would be great and if not then I'll play somewhere else, and visit the marlins when we play them.

Q: What are thoughts on the draft? What's your mindset?
A: Stressful. It' s getting down to that time where I can' t even sleep. It's crazy. It's a once in a lifetime Yonder_alonso thing. Last night I didn' t go to sleep until like 1:30 just thinking about it. You're like man it' s going to be nice, it's all the things you've worked for. We go through a lot here. A lot of people don't understand what we go through. We wake up at 4:30 in the morning to work out. There' s a lot that goes into it other than just playing games. You guys see us Friday, Saturday, Sunday and that's it, but there's a lot of effort and time that goes in it.

Q: What's it been like sharing the pre-draft nerves with fellow prospects who are expected to be drafted like Jemile Weeks, Dennis Raben and Carlos Gutierrez?
Jemile, Dennis and Carlos, we just talk. You want to stay as humble as possible and soak everything up and stay quiet. It' s weird. It's like hey man the draft is in three days. I'm nervous, anxious, I don't know.

Q: You were taken by the Twins in the 15th round coming out of high school? Why did you decide to go to UM?
A: I was very disappointed. After that I said, 'Forget it I'm going to school and I'm going to get it done there.'"

Q: So what is it like knowing you could be a millionaire soon, especially since you come from a working class family?
You don't really think about that. You played the game when you were little not for that.

Q: So what is the first thing you'll do with the money?
A: I have a list. Definitely go out to dinner with my parents and enjoy it. From there on I don't know. Wherever they want to go. They're the ones that brought me to this country to begin with (from Cuba).

Q: Baseball America had you 7th in one mock draft, would that satisfy you?
A: You want to go No.1 right? But there' s a lot of work to do if I go seventh. I (would) know there's six other guys that went before me. I want to try to be the best.