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UM-FSU follow-up reaction to the highly-discussed "non-handshake."

Hey guys, many of you have commented since yesterday about how ESPN pointed out FSU coach Mike Martin staying in the dugout after the game instead of shaking hands with UM coaches, including Jim Morris.

Here's a bit of reaction from each side:

After UM's win against FSU Monday, players
shook hands on the field. But ESPN announcers pointed out that
FSU coach Mike Martin chose to remain in the dugout and not
shake hands with UM coach Jim Morris.

   "I was just concerned about what we were doing," Morris
said. "If he decided to stay in the dugout, that's his
choice. That's fine."

   Martin issued a statement Tuesday in response to questions
regarding the decision.

   "I wasn’t expecting a handshake following Monday’s College
World Series game because the Florida State and Miami coaching
staffs have not shook hands for the last few seasons but have
always made sure our teams shook hands," Martin said. "It
certainly had nothing to do with the well-played game that was
just completed between two rivals. We regret that this has
taken attention away from our team’s accomplishments and
well-deserved accolades.

   "We certainly support our fellow members of the Atlantic
Coast Conference and wish continued success to Miami and North
Carolina during the rest of their time at the College World


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You got to be kidding?! Shake hands with the winning team's coaches as part of the NCAA spirit of sportsmanship. Is this the legacy he wants when he retires? Sourpuss Martin? Get off it coach. Never too late to participate in the game of great sportsmanship.

Mike Martin is a disgrace to FSU and college sports in general. Their AD should make him issue a formal public apology and reprimand him. Some role model...

Not to mention all the whinning and f-bombs the FSU players were throwing our during the game. It looked like an Andrew Dice Clay concert out there.


Send your comments to their athletics office - rspetman@admin.fsu.edu

The ACC should reprimand Martin...He's such
a role model for his players and students...
What a looser...

FSU said they wanted Miami ! Be careful what you wish for,you might get it.

Two wrongs make a right?

I love the fact we always leave a bitter taste in fsu's mouth. football U, and baseball U will always own fsu

"I wasn’t expecting a handshake following Monday’s College World Series game because the Florida State and Miami coaching staffs have not shook hands for the last few seasons..."

What a load! I don't even know what that means, but it sure as heck is no excuse for not leaving the dugout and offering to shake hands himself. Martin is a punk and always has been, and I agree with everyone above who says that FSU and the ACC should make a big deal about this.

I'll be taking t-cane's advice and sending an email to the athletic department next.

Go Canes! Let's keep the ball rolling.

I love it. Just makes them look worse. They suck. We own them in the 2 major sports they pride themselves on. Always have. FSU is a good school, with good sports, but they can't hang with the U, and they are bitter. Try talking to an alumn. The saltiness towards Miami is evident right away.

Where are all the loud-mouth FSU fans who normally join in the conversation? Where are the threats from GatorNation?

Oh, that's right, their teams are out...

So much BS from their coach. It was Martin that told his players not to shake hands after the 11-10 Miami win in Tally. Martin refused to come out and exchange lineups with Witchita State. So making sure his palyers come out to shake hands is BS!!! he's a bitter old man.

maybe his hands were dirty.

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