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Football Forecast: '08 predictions

By now, you've thumbed through the magazines, read the predictions (The Canes were picked third in Coastal Division of the ACC preseason poll) and played at least half of the Canes' season on NCAA Football 2009 on your PS3 or XBox 360. Along the way, you've probably wanted to punch pundit Phil Steele in the face (he's the guy who replaced the Canes among the state's Big 3 on his preseason magazine cover with South Florida). And you've also probably heard about the new team motto this season in Coral Gables: "No excuses."

Well, with the start of fall camp (Aug. 2) and Canes media day (Aug. 1) a little more than a week Randy_shannonaway now, it's time for me to get back to work. And what better way than feeding you my own predictions and position breakdowns to get you ready for Camp Shannon, Take 2. A year ago, new coach Randy Shannon told reporters and a crowd of 3,000 at Canesfest Miami "wouldn't just be thinking about an ACC championship, but the national championship." Call it a simple rookie mistake. Monday in Greensboro, Ga., the only thing Shannon promised reporters: "we'll be better than we were last year."

Canes fans should appreciate this year's preseason prediction from Shannon -- because unlike last year's this one isn't full of testosterone and pride. It's from a coach who learned a lot through a tough first season. Those who wear green and orange glasses fulltime, though (and you know who you are), shouldn't confuse "we'll be better" to with much better than last year's 5-7 season (the worst at UM in nearly 30 years). These Canes will just be better.

And the root of Miami's improvement won't be because as Jason Fox put it Sunday Robert_marve_mug"the cancers are gone." Or, because everyone on the team is now wearing linebacker Glenn Cook's wristbands that read 'No Excuses'. Or, because a new seven player council will be laying down the law and policing the misfits. The reason UM will be better this season is because of what I could only say should be the team's 2008 slogan -- UM Football 2008, We've Finally Got Some Guys That Can Play Quarterback Again.

OK, so Robert Marve and Jacory Harris have never thrown a pass in college. So what? It didn't take anyone with two working eyeballs very long this spring to see both can play the position better than what Miami had under center the last three seasons. Say what you want about Kirby Freeman's game-winning drive against FSU or the few times Kyle Wright was able to connect with a receiver downfield in his career. Freeman and Wright combined to throw 15 touchdown passes and 20 interceptions last season. Quarterback U finished dead last in passing in the ACC and 108th out of 119 teams in the big boy college football division. And an offense without a triggerman is like getting on a plane without a pilot. You aren't going to get very far rolling down the runway.

Last year, you could have put Walter Payton, Barry Sanders or even Bo Jackson's Tecmo_bowl_cartvideo game character from Tecmo Bowl in the backfield last season and that offense still wouldn't have produced much more than it did. Yes, the passers and playmakers will be young this year. But at least they will be available for use (they were injured or in high school last year) and that will make a difference. It will be enough, at least, to net a few more W's. In the end, I'm calling for an 8-5 season (including a trip to a bowl game) and plenty of optimism heading into 2009 by season's end.

Aug. 28, Charleston Southern, W 52-14
Sept. 6, @Florida, L 34-10
Sept. 20, @Texas A&M, L 27-24
Sept. 27, North Carolina, W 20-16
Oct. 4, Florida State, W 28-26
Oct. 11, UCF, W 31-21
Oct. 18, @Duke, W 30-23
Oct. 25, Wake Forest, L 27-24
Nov. 1, @Virginia, W 23-17
Nov. 13, Virginia Tech, L 17-10
Nov. 20, @Georgia Tech, L 14-10
Nov. 29, @N.C. State, W 35-20
Dec. 26, Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando, Miami will beat Penn State, 30-24

- The highpoint will be: Bouncing back from a 1-2 start with three straight wins at home over Butch Davis and North Carolina, the Noles and then UCF. And then winning on the road at N.C. State to clinch a trip to a bowl game.

- The lowpoint will be: Hearing it from Gator fans after they pick up their first win over Miami since Randy Shannon's freshman season at Miami in 1985.

Javarris_james- Offensive MVPs: Javarris James and Graig Cooper. It's hard to see the Canes giving this award to only one player this season especially since I believe Cooper will lead the team in rushing and James will lead the team in scoring and receptions. It was quite evident in the spring offensive coordinator Patrick Nix wanted to get the ball in both of their hands. Expect to see a lot of screen passes and quick outlet passes to both players this season, something Miami didn't do enough of in '07 when the duo combined for only 27 catches, 229 yards and only 1 touchdown.

Randy_phillips- Defensive MVP: Randy Phillips. The one thing new defensive coordinator Bill Young is going to create with his young defense this season is turnovers and well as opportunities to score on them. Phillips, who has been itching to be a defensive playmaker his entire career, will be the beneficiary and will parlay a great senior season at safety intercepting passes and making plays into making at least the second or third round of the NFL Draft in April. Phillips, by the way, led the team last season with three picks.

- Freshman Of The Year: Sean Spence. Considering the Canes played 10 freshmen last year and will play nearly as many this season, giving this award out isn't easy. But I've watched Spence play since his freshman year of high school and have been blown away with how much he knows the game. This kid had all the talent in the world and I expect him to be starting by the end of this season if not outright in the fall. I think he'll be the second-leading tackler on the team behind Colin McCarthy (the best LB). His former Northwestern teammates, quarterback Jacory Harris, defensive tackle Marcus Forston and receiver Aldarius Johnson will be right behind him when it comes to production.

- Sophomore Of The Year: DeMarcus Van Dyke. He started as a true freshman and more than looked the part in the spring, putting on some muscle and weight and looking like a guy who could be headed to the NFL early. I think Van Dyke has a huge sophomore season and starts opposite Bruce Johnson with Chavez Grant and freshman Brandon Harris working in the mix at corner.

- Biggest Surprise: Joel Figueroa. Ok, so maybe it won't be that much of a surprise considering he already was making huge strides in the spring. But I think Figueroa is going to be a solid starter for the Canes at guard and will be one of the guys on the line counted on most heading into 2009 after Jason Fox (the Offensive Lineman of the Year) caps a great junior season by heading to the pros early.

- Best Receiver: Sam Shields. I'm going to be optimistic on this one because most of us in the Sam_shields business aren't. Despite all his off field issues, Shields still finished second on the team in receiving last year with 27 catches for 346 yards and 3 TDs. If he can keep himself on the field and out of Shannon's doghouse, then he'll be the go-to-guy on third downs on this team. If not, look for a solid seasons from Kayne Farquharson, Leonard Hankerson and a few good rookie seasons from freshmen Aldarius Johnson, Travis Benjamin and Laron Byrd.

- Best Defensive Lineman: Eric Moncur. Allen Bailey's pectoral injury will Eric_moncurprobably be the only thing that slows him down a bit enough to allow Moncur to be the team's most productive defensive lineman. Moncur, who made the big sack against Duke last year and plays with Bryan Pata's wristbands on every Saturday, is the tyep of guy who will quietly have a stellar senior season. It's going to be a tough, learning season for guys like Adewale Ojomo, Forston and Miami's other incoming freshman lineman. But Moncur will provide a solid foundation of leadership.

- Best Special Teamer: Damien Berry. After being moved from safety to running back in the spring, Berry will find himself sitting behind JJ and SuperCooper and likely Shawnbrey McNeal waiting for carries. In the meantime, he'll continue to play like the special teams demon he showed flashes of being last year. I'm calling for two blocked punts and several bone-jarring hits on kickoffs.

FOR U... OK, so now it's your turn to have a little fun. I want to get some feedback from you guys with your picks for these same awards as well as your predicitions for the season. And while you are at it, leave me some questions you'd like for me to ask players or coaches when camp opens.


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Whats up Manny you never really mention Tommy Streeter and I think besides Mr. Johnson. Streeter willbe a big time threat for the U!!!!

Please stop talking about guys going to the NFL early (Fox, Van Dyke). The Canes need people to stay in school if they want to get this thing turned around. You know these guys and their friends and family read this stuff. Van Dyke may look like a guy that can leave early but he's know where near ready. As for Fox, he's the type that needs to stay and be a senior all-american leader. Please stop talking about the pros. At least until the U is back on top.

Plausible prediction, but I say we beat the gaturds and the aggies, and lose to Wake and to Va., finish 10 and 2 as the two headed qb monster (jacory Marve) emerges and cretes a lasting trend in college football.
Bonus coverage: Tim Testeroidbow admits to use of HGH and steroids to recover from childhood illness, Heisman taken away.
Canes are going to rock the Gaturd's world in Canesville on 9/6.

Manny, you do know that GT is changing to the triple option right and no longer as Tenuta as the DC?

And I still don't see how Texas A&M beats us when they switched to a west coast offense while having no good WRs, TEs, or passing QBs.

Nice write up Manny. It will be nice to get your input and inside info week in an week out again.

I predicted 8-4. There will be several Freshmen playing and mistakes will be made.
There are too many quewstions that have not been answered. Hope I'm wrong and we gp 9=3 or better.

It's funny, everybody thinks Texas A&M is gonna beat us. I disagreee. I think after last year, they will have some fear in them no matter how many freshman are playing.

Thanks Manny!

My question for the coaches....

Is UNC slowly becoming our #1 rival?

It feels like it.

Mandingo...Good to see ya pounding the board.

For me it's 12 and 0 with 5 tight games that could flip to the dark side. Obviously Florida is the key to running with the big boys, as with a win here would have monstrous momentum for the rest of the year and beyond.
Winning 12 is a wish for this year and if not... Oh well, but winning enough games to play in the ACC Championship Game... is another matter and to me, is plausible. Given the talent of the team and the current condition of the ACC Coastal, I think it is possible and would be a hell of a building block for 09.


The Game still must be played and for me it's 12/0 till they show me they're not good enough... till then, Bring it Hot !!!


Once again, the fool known as canesrule looks like a flaming jakazz.

Manny, you almost got the UF/UM prediction right. But if you think Miami's D will hold THAT offense to 34 points you're either being completely subjective or your being a homer. It would be one thing if UM had the ability keep the offense on the field and slow UF down. What on earth makes you think they'll be able to keep Tim off the field. THIRTY FOUR POINTS? Okee dokee.

UF 48

UM 6

Storyline: During tuneup game Meyer makes wholesale substitutions in 2nd half to prep team for heart of SEC schedule. Or, Meyer goes for the throat to show recruits who the boss is in the state of Florida. That will be ugly.

C'mon cane fan, this thing has blowout written all over it.

In the ACC Coastal... this year, parity will be king and nobody will be given a free ride... VT is the favorite, as they should be, but they too have their faults. With that said, nobody is safe.

I see Coastal's best going 9/3 and a win over VT, gives us a ride to the dance. So Go Canes and show us you can.

No way we lose to GT and the triple option offense in its first year without Tenuta at DC....Manny what are u thinking?

I think Losses at UF and home against Wake are more realistic, with 1 or 2 losses against the following....NC, VT, or T AM.


I was at the spring game & yeah Robert & Jacory looked better than Kyle & Kirby. They still looked like frosh QB's. Thier predecessors were so garbage that made them look better than they are. Marve will play like a frosh early on, then if healthy, improve over the course of the season.

As for the 2 headed QB shyt. Shannon did an interview with the Palm Beach Post & said he'll have a clear cut starter & the back up will see the field in mop up duty to increase experience & depth.

In reality injuries are inevitable. Factor in a brand new defensive scheme & only the 2nd year in an offensive system, there's bound to be mistakes. Plus, Shannon has as much head coaching experience as his sophomores have game experience on the collegiate level.

All of this will lead up to 4 regular season losses, WITH LUCK only 2 or 3. I don't really fukk with luch so 8-4 it is. Win the bowl game & finish 9-4.

We get a break not playing Clemson this year. I think 9--3 is doable in weak year for the ACC.

I think the gators take it this year and VT will have their last one for a while against us.

A lot of my thoughts are predicated on Bailey being back and fully ready. I think he becomes the force up front this year.

In any event the very least will be a decent bowl.

Better to rethink the Va game, as they are a shadow of what they were last year.

Games of strength and competition for 08.
Florida, VT, Wake, Texas AM (maybe) and NC(maybe). Even FSU.. they might be down but they always find a way to compete

Thanks Manny and I haven't drank the Kool Aid yet but I think your off on a couple of predictions.

Texas A&M has a new coach and question marks everywhere except at running back. Their home field advantage will be a challenge but it'll be 2 full weeks after our visit to the Swamp and that experience will help us in College Station.

Almost 2 weeks (12 days) between UVA and Va Tech will help us mightily against the hokies. Beamer has a program that transitions between players nicely but they lost ALL of their receivers, starting RB, O linemen and multiple starters at every level of their defense.

A Thursday night game at Ga Tech should go our way because of the rebuilding going on there. At this stage of the year I think Paul Johnson will be playing "his" players looking forward to next year. Also they play in-state rival Georgia the following week which will be their Bowl Game for the year.

The three home games against UNC, FSU, UCF we could lose all three. UNC is a year ahead of us, they played a lot of youngsters last year. FSU is FSU. UCF would love to beat a legendary school and this is their best opportunity for the foreseeable future.

Alright Manny! Good job and good to see you back in earnest with the coming football season.

Does Blustein also do evals on the players already on the roster or just HS Players? On paper, this team is looking really good. It is young and very talented. I expect us to get better game by game but there is too many variables to predicts anything with certainty.

Please do interview with DC Young. As far as I am concerned the offense will take care of itself. If we can limit our opponents to less than 3 touchdowns a game, I think we are in it for a win on every game.

For me Virgina heads the list of must wins with a colossal azzkicking in the end and shiit down their throat before we leave. Followed up by FSU, NC, GT and Wake... and the rest can fall in line.

Aug. 28, Charleston Southern, W 35-10
Sept. 6, @Florida, W 24-21
Sept. 20, @Texas A&M, L 28-20
Sept. 27, North Carolina, W 17-13
Oct. 4, Florida State, W 24-17
Oct. 11, UCF, W 27-17
Oct. 18, @Duke, W 28-24
Oct. 25, Wake Forest, L 30-14
Nov. 1, @Virginia, L 23-17
Nov. 13, Virginia Tech, W 21-10
Nov. 20, @Georgia Tech, L 14-10
Nov. 29, @N.C. State, W 35-20

8-4, I think we'll beat the Gators [emotion goes a long way.] A&M will get us afterwards. The FSU game is a toss up for me, but I think that program is too stagnant. All the other games are winnable, but I think it's just one hump too far for such a young team, with the road games being a problem.


Let's just hope that their top 30-35 guys can play hard for 15 minutes in each quarter. The wins and losses will take care of themselves.

MRA... I don't mean to be critical BUT...

You lost me on U're first pick... if you think Charleston (A small high school) gets 10 on us, U don't know jack about the U... We will be firing bullets all day on them, whether running or passing and the defense will be smothering and also watch Special Teams to explode... chalk up 40+ to 3.

Many of the others will be closer wins for us but another fan who thinks Va is tough... and GT to beat us... forget it, I'll save my breath.

Enough of the Sam Sheilds drama already. If he can't do the things he needs to do then he should not play.

I think we lose to Florida...we would have to put up a lot of points to beat them. They'd have to give us this game, I don't think we can take it from them. Florida has much more experience and depth. I'd just like to see us go in there fearless and take it to them physically.

I don't see why we're picked to lose to A&M. They really aren't an impressive team at all. We'll know a lot more about the Canes after Gainesville.

One more thing about the Florida game....if the Canes go up there and lose a close game, who is happier - Florida fans or Canes fans???

I say Canes fans...a young team playing well against an experienced team in a tough environment would go a long way towards the confidence in the Canes. It would also be the first 'turn-the-corner' sign that we're on the right track.

The way we keep the gutters from scoring on us is to keep his "highness" on the sideline. They have a weak interior d-line. That is why urban crier was so adamant on getting that dt, omar hunter. Now I've heard whispers that Hunter is having some kind of back troubles, maybe he won't be 100% week two. Also he is a true freshman going up against Figs and Franklin. They are so weak there they had to move a highly recruited O tackle to the dline. You might've heard of him, some dude named Patchan.

Weak on the interior d line means we must run on them. Then when they throw too many men on the line of scrimmage we can hit their injury plagued and young secondary. Not a shoe in but definetly doable.

Two headed QB's...
I see Randy letting Harris play up to 2 series a quarter, until he scores or he is stopped... depending clock management... but that also might increase if we are bombing the hell out of the ball and scoring every minute or so...

miami will go 10-2 this year no joke

Hey DZ8. You make it sound so easy. Just go into a hostile environment with a QB that's never taken a big boy football snap and impose your will upon an SEC team. Apparently you've never heard of Brandon Spikes or Jermaine Cunningham. Sure, Marve will be able to launch bombs all day...sure.

Take off your homer goggles. This is elite football you're talking about, not Charleston Southern.

I'm hoping for the best but all of you have to remember, you don't win games with a QB's reputation you win it on the field. This team only has 4 fr qb's so it will be tough to win 6. Maybe one of these guys will step up and match their rep.

I'm hoping for the best but all of you have to remember, you don't win games with a QB's reputation you win it on the field. This team only has 4 fr qb's so it will be tough to win 6. Maybe one of these guys will step up and match their rep.

What did I say. Impose our will at the interior of the line of scrimmage. It won't be easy but it is acheivable. No Excuses.

When did the gutters EVER go undefeated?

Manny good to see you back. Great read...My predictions.

Aug. 28, Charleston Southern, W 48-6
Sept. 6, @Florida, L 42-17
Sept. 20, @Texas A&M, W 21-17
Sept. 27, North Carolina, L 24-17
Oct. 4, Florida State, W 17-14
Oct. 11, UCF, W 31-20
Oct. 18, @Duke, W 35-20
Oct. 25, Wake Forest, L 27-20
Nov. 1, @Virginia, W 23-17
Nov. 13, Virginia Tech, L 28-10
Nov. 20, @Georgia Tech, W 17-10
Nov. 29, @N.C. State, W 35-17

I think we hang with Florida in the 1st half, but much like last years game at Oklahoma they will be to much for us in the 2nd half and it gets ugly. The rest of the games minus VT I think will be toss ups and will all depend on how quick our QB's can grow up. All in All and 8-4 season would be a huge improvment after last year and a sign that we will be a team to reckon with in 09.

For those of you who have seen tape or attended the spring game,

What kind of production can we expect out or Marve/ Harris? Surely Sam Bradford's (oklahoma) freshman numbers, 3121 yrds, 36 TD, 70 % completion perc. are unrealistic. Can they do well enough to make the passing game existent and give Coop and JJ a chance?
Finally, Can either QB run? (A 78 speed rating in ncaa '09 aint that bad)

um2012... Marve is the faster of the 2. Harris has good mobility but Marve can actually get out of the pocket and make things happen with his feet. Neither one is a blazer though.
I don't think you will see that type of production from them (I hope we do). Oklahoma's line last year was one of the best in the country. They made our guys look like little boys, but anything half as good as turf face and jitters last year is going to be a Big Improvment.
I think we will have enough of a passing game to free Coop and James up to have some monster games. If we can do that we will be fine.


Lets be optimistic at least. Screw those Gators.

Aug. 28, Charleston Southern, W 31-13
Sept. 6, @Florida, W 19-17
Sept. 20, @Texas A&M, L 21-17
Sept. 27, North Carolina, W 24-17
Oct. 4, Florida State, W 24-13
Oct. 11, UCF, W 34-17
Oct. 18, @Duke, W 38-20
Oct. 25, Wake Forest, W 27-20
Nov. 1, @Virginia, W 23-17
Nov. 13, Virginia Tech, L 28-10
Nov. 20, @Georgia Tech, L 21-20
Nov. 29, @N.C. State, W 35-17

Manny, you're my ace but you're smokin' crack with these predictions.

NO WAY UF holds us to 10 points.

NO WAY we lose to A&M.

NO WAY GT holds us to 14 points.

NO WAY NCST, UVA or VT hold us to those points or we lose to them.

The toughest games will be UF, WF and UNC.

10-2 and a date with Clemson.


Posted by: 5AND7SUX | July 22, 2008 at 02:10 PM

LOL...yeah I did have alot of 17's didn't I. I just think we are going to be in for alot of close games where field goals could make the difference.

Guys, why do you think UF's defense will hold us to so few points?? They have more ???s with their DBs and DL than we do.

Did you see their games last year? Everyone except FSU and TN scored on them.

Go to YouTube and watch the UF-AUB and UF-UGA games.

That's what you'll see on 6-6-08.

We beat the Hators 34-27.

ITS ALL ABOUT THE U...we beat UF we go undeafeated!!!!!

By the way it would definitley be a SHE!!!

By the way it would definitley be a SHE!!!

Cav... I dont think it will be so much there D-fense as much as it will be our inexperience at QB/Offense in only the 2nd game of the season rolling in to the Swamp.

Manny...some highlights for you!!!!




For the Virginia lovers!

Virginia 2007 was 9/3 and lost the bowl game... 9/4

09/01/07 Wyoming 3 23
09/08/07 + Duke 24 13
09/15/07 North Carolina 22 20
09/22/07 + Georgia Tech 28 23
09/29/07 + Pittsburgh 44 14
10/06/07 * Middle Tenn. St. 23 21
10/13/07 + Connecticut 17 16
10/20/07 Maryland 18 17
10/27/07 North Carolina St. 24 29
11/03/07 + Wake Forest 17 16
11/10/07 Miami (Fla.) 48 0
11/24/07 + Virginia Tech 21 33
01/01/08 Texas Tech 28 31

Lost to Wyoming, NCSt, VT and Tx Tech.

and beat... NC and MID Tenn... by two.
beat... Wake, Conn and Maryland... by one, that 5 teams by 7 points total.

In 2007 were nationally ranked...
Rushing Offense 79
Passing Offense 90
Total Offense 101
Scoring Offense 81
Rushing Defense 13
Pass Efficiency Defense 47
Total Defense 23
Scoring Defense 16
It's obvious their strength was on defense.


Losing their starting QB and 9 key starters!

Cavaliers report: Inside slant July 19, 2008

Virginia was the surprise team in the ACC last season when the Cavaliers went into the season finale against Virginia Tech needing a victory to win the Coastal Division and play in the conference championship game.

But the Cavaliers lost that game 33-21, and nothing much has gone right with them since.

They blew a late lead and lost to Texas Tech in the Gator Bowl, lost a key offensive lineman when guard Branden Albert declared for the NFL draft, and then saw a half-a-dozen players declared ineligible for academic or, in one case, legal troubles.

And the spring failed to produce a clear-cut answer at quarterback, where three candidates are vying for the job held the last two years by Jameel Sewell, one of the players who ran into academic woes.

The Cavaliers also have lost their top two pass rushers (Chris Long and Jeffrey Fitzgerald), three starting offensive linemen, and two starters in the secondary -- not to mention both kickers.

Considering the fine line the Cavaliers walked in 2007, winning six games by five or fewer points with five of those one- or two-pointers, that's not exactly a ringing endorsement for the 2008 season, which begins with a visit from national contender Southern California.

"We have a very challenging road in front us," coach Al Groh told the Richmond Times-Dispatch in what may be the understatement of the preseason.

I say no more... Virginia is history


nice post Cat5

In my opinion they go 10-3

Charleston Southern: W 49-7
@Florida: L 10-24
@Texas A&M: W 31-17
UNC: W 23-13
FSU: W 24-21
UCF: W 38-14
@Duke: W 23-20
Wake Forest: L 16-20
@Virginia: W 27-21
Virginia Tech: L 17-20
@Georgia Tech: W 16-10
@NC State: W 31-24

Chick-fil-A Bowl: CANES25-Auburn 20

Highpoint: Any improvement over last season is welcomed.

Lowpoint: Not being able to play the GAYtors for another 6 years.

Off. MVP: James, he's going to have a great year and leave for the NFL.

Def. MVP: Bailey, best DE to come out of the U.

Off. Rookie of the year: A. Johnson

Def. Rookie of the year: Spence.

Most improve player: Gordon.

Manny, my question is, why is an University in Tampa named USF, Shouldn't that belong to an University in this area?

Aug. 28, Charleston Southern, W 45-3
Sept. 6, @Florida, L 3-52
Sept. 20, @Texas A&M, L 13-31
Sept. 27, North Carolina, L 16-17
Oct. 4, Florida State, L 17-24
Oct. 11, UCF, L 14-32
Oct. 18, @Duke, W 21-14
Oct. 25, Wake Forest, L 17-21
Nov. 1, @Virginia, L 20-42
Nov. 13, Virginia Tech, L 17-21
Nov. 20, @Georgia Tech, W 21-20
Nov. 29, @N.C. State, W 42-20

Sorry guys...after last season they have to show me otherwise.

Q: Manny, you do know that GT is changing to the triple option right and no longer as Tenuta as the DC? And I still don't see how Texas A&M beats us when they switched to a west coast offense while having no good WRs, TEs, or passing QBs. Posted by: Esteban | July 22, 2008 at 08:08 AM

A: Esteban, I'm well aware of the changes at Tech. Not all of my picks are based on what each team is bringing back. The Canes have just always had trouble with Georgia Tech. And a Thursday night game on the road a week after a tough home game with Virginia Tech could be hard for this young team to bounce back from. And yes, Texas A&M has new coach (former Green Bay coach Mike Sherman) and yes Miami destroyed the Aggies last year at the OB, but playing on the road early in the season against a Big 12 opponent will not be a cakewalk. The Aggies would certainly love to give the Canes a little payback and I think this is just one of those games Miami loses early on during the learning period.

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