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No Canes to be found

Just got a copy of the 2008 Preseason All-ACC Football Team and wanted to make sure U got a good look at it.

QB – Cullen Harper, Clemson
RB – Josh Adams, Wake Forest
RB – James Davis, Clemson
WR – Aaron Kelly, Clemson
WR – Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina
TE – Ryan Purvis, Boston College
T – Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech
T – Eugene Monroe, Virginia
G – Rodney Hudson, Florida State
G – Sergio Render, Virginia Tech
C – Edwin Williams, Maryland

DE – Everette Brown, Florida State
DE – Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech
DT – Ron Brace, Boston College
DT – Vance Walker, Georgia Tech
LB – Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
LB – Clint Sintim, Virginia
LB – Brian Toal, Boston College
CB – Victor Harris, Virginia Tech
CB – Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
S – Michael Hamlin, Clemson
S – Myron Rolle, Florida State

PK – Sam Swank, Wake Forest
P – Graham Gano, Florida State
RET – Brandon Tate, North Carolina

Couldn't find a Cane? Neither could I. So, if someone deserved to be up on the list who should it be and why? My vote would go to Jason Fox. But there wouldn't be much argument after that. Just more evidence of how far The U has fallen. If I'm Randy Shannon I'm posting this list up in every locker with a sign that says 'Nobody believes any of you are any good.' Last year, Derrick Morse, Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips were selected to the team.

By the way, Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper was voted the Preseason Player of the Year.


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This is all that needs to be said


Stay on your crappy homer blog 86. JUST STAY THERE. You guys spew out some stream of consciousness bunk and don't even proof read it. Every thread has absurdly homerish thoughts, mistakes, and generally poorly written submissions. Just take your medicine, you guys are bad writers. Any wingnut can have their own blog now. ANY ! Having a blog doesn't give you any credibility, it exposes what clueless homers you are. Seriously guys, if you're going to attempt to be the voice of DuhU, at least proof your bad writing before posting it.

Go back home
That's funny... Petersen

You must have 86 confused with me... He's the educated one, I'm the homer. So put me in at the top of the list of the believers who makes written and grammar mistakes all day long... and true, I should use spellcheck more often but to be honest, I don't give a RatsAzz, if I make 50 typing errors... to be considered worthy of posting my homer views....

So Pardon me professor... Please post your views and we'll all be quiet... Now class... listen to the teacher!

PS... Oh... Please note that I used Spellcheck, just for you.


turrible...let it go man, nobody cares about that nonsense. We all come here to read about the Canes, not some blogger named 86. Thanks and GO CANES!

To the Fake Real Cane.

You come here from a far away place in Gatorvlle and pretend to be another person. Then you quote 28 points... and laugh. If your serious, why not wait for the real line to be posted and lets get together, as the game nears. I'll be glad to take you up on it... but figure the line will be higher as the mighty Gators are the kings and we are just learning how to play football... Who knows, maybe you'll give me an extra 7.
Howboutcha big guy?

Cat... Cat5Cane@gmail.com

Blah...blah...blah...whydoncha spout off some more of that krap about,"its gonna come down to turnovers". Blah...blah...blah...canesrule is a colossal moron. He posts under at least a dozen names. Facts are the last thing on his mind. He is obsessed with Urban and Tim. He brings any thing that comes this way on himself. If any UM fan had a hair on their arse they would call his weak arse out. Get this, he TRULY believes UM will win in gainesville. LMGDMFAO. He's all yours. Love him. He is nothing but an embarrassment to DUH U

“From a coach’s standpoint, it’s extraordinarily competitive,” said North Carolina coach Butch Davis. “There were years I coached in the Big East (with Miami) and it was basically get ready for one game. Outside of that, it was pretty much a cakewalk.


I know, M.H.

let it go man, nobody cares about that nonsense.

Posted by: 86Cane | July 28, 2008 at 10:56 AM
fight you tooth & nail ...

SympathyForTheDevil: ) clever

"From a coach's standpoint,(ACC) extraordinarily competitive," said North Carolina coach Butch Davis. "There were years I coached in the Big East (with Miami) and it was basically get ready for one game. Outside of that, it was pretty much a cakewalk."

Posted by: cross-dresser | July 28, 2008 at 11:46 AM


We've been preaching for the last half-dozen years that the Big East is a much better conference than most people think.

-- Butch "the dissembler" Davis

If I leave now, that makes me a deadbeat dad, because this is my family. I want to finish my career right here at Miami.

-- Butch "the dissembler" Davis

Miami...12/0 maybe not, but beating Florida makes my day... But what does that say of Florida... Ohhhh that's a bummer

It's been fun... Have a good day

Todays nomination for homer quote of the day:

"The game will come down to turn overs... and give us a couple of INT's or Fumbles, there is no telling what can happen with a team who believes in themselves." - Cat5 Cane-proud inflatable helmet wearer.

No sure if anyone knows, but are any of the pracitces in two weeks open to the public?

Look for a UCF win in Miami this season. UCF's veteran defensive backfield will destroy whichever inexperienced QB Miami decides to use.

The coastal is a lot more competitive than y'all think. Va Tech will still be good and the Heels are going to be a lot better than they were last year. Butch Davis has got some good things going on up in Chapel Hill.


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