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Calling Out Gator Haters

After a long night of uploading audio and video to our Herald website, I decided to pass on this morning's press conference with coach Randy Shannon since our Susan Miller Degnan was going to be there anyway. And because, well, let's face it: Randy wasn't going to stir the pot this morning anyway -- not with more than a week before his team travels up to the Swamp.

Here's what Randy told reporters in a nutshell:
> Aside from hitting a second quarter lull and a few moments of bad tackling, he was happy with the way team played in the first, third and fourth quarters of last night's 52-7 win. He said this is already a better and more complete team than he had a year ago.
> He said right tackle Reggie Youngblood will be ready to go against Florida, but he still isn't sure about defensive ends Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey.
> He reiterated Robert Marve will start at quarterback and that Jacory Harris will play.
> He said offensive coordinator Patrick Nix is coaching from the sidelines in order to coach his quarterbacks face to face instead of over the phone.
> He said all seven of the suspended players are back this week, none except Marve are guaranteed a starting job.

GatorhaterOK, now that we got that out of the way, I wanted U fans to have some fun. Since this is a big week, I was hoping each of you could come up with a Top 10 list of reasons you hate the Florida Gators. Think David Letterman's Top 10 lists. I figured since some of you guys are really talented, this could be fun and creative. Just don't include any profanities or any creative ways to cuss (like f*&#). I don't have anything to give away for the winner, so don't expect any prizes. Just mad props from your buddies and a chance to have your own Guest Blog right here next Friday.

Fire away!

P.S. - Don't forget to check out the great slide show from last night as well as the photo gallery.