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Calling Out Gator Haters

After a long night of uploading audio and video to our Herald website, I decided to pass on this morning's press conference with coach Randy Shannon since our Susan Miller Degnan was going to be there anyway. And because, well, let's face it: Randy wasn't going to stir the pot this morning anyway -- not with more than a week before his team travels up to the Swamp.

Here's what Randy told reporters in a nutshell:
> Aside from hitting a second quarter lull and a few moments of bad tackling, he was happy with the way team played in the first, third and fourth quarters of last night's 52-7 win. He said this is already a better and more complete team than he had a year ago.
> He said right tackle Reggie Youngblood will be ready to go against Florida, but he still isn't sure about defensive ends Eric Moncur and Allen Bailey.
> He reiterated Robert Marve will start at quarterback and that Jacory Harris will play.
> He said offensive coordinator Patrick Nix is coaching from the sidelines in order to coach his quarterbacks face to face instead of over the phone.
> He said all seven of the suspended players are back this week, none except Marve are guaranteed a starting job.

GatorhaterOK, now that we got that out of the way, I wanted U fans to have some fun. Since this is a big week, I was hoping each of you could come up with a Top 10 list of reasons you hate the Florida Gators. Think David Letterman's Top 10 lists. I figured since some of you guys are really talented, this could be fun and creative. Just don't include any profanities or any creative ways to cuss (like f*&#). I don't have anything to give away for the winner, so don't expect any prizes. Just mad props from your buddies and a chance to have your own Guest Blog right here next Friday.

Fire away!

P.S. - Don't forget to check out the great slide show from last night as well as the photo gallery.


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Last post by UM95

Top 10 list of reasons why we hate the Florida Gators.

10. The Gators have had three consecuitive Top 3 recruiting classes. Which is obviously something that reflects their last 3 National Titles. Wait! What's that? They only have 2 total titles in their entire history? Nevermind then.

9. The Gators play in a conference that actually matters and we're jealous of that trophy they give out at the end of the year titled "Member of Conference that actually matters"

8. The Gators have more fans attend their season opener than our combined attendance the entire year. I would trade in our 5 National Titles and all of our victories against them if they would give us their attendance championship.

7. The SEC has actually won more than one BCS bowl game and that means that their conference matches our team accomplishments.

6. The Gators don't have to bus their team 20+ miles to home games. I would trade in our NCAA record 58 game home win streak to be able to walk across campus. I don't care if the last time we went up to the puddle we smoked them 41-16. I just want to say we have an on campus stadium just like them. It's not about winning. It's about saying we don't have to ride a bus!

5. The Gators got their first choice coach and had choice 2 and 3 pushing in line. We got stuck with our fourth choice coach whom was promoted within. This guy had a defense that went to the swamp in 2002 and gave up a whopping 16 points!!! Shameful.

4. The Swamp.....enough said. We share our "home" stadium with countless other teams and Madonna. I hate that every time someone goes to a Madonna concert fans are forced to see a sign that says "Home of the ALL Time NCAA Record 58 game home winning streak". No one else is subjected to that sign. EVER. Anywhere. And no one else ever will. Damn those Gators!

3. Tim Tebow, the first sophomore to win the Heisman in the history of college football. To have to face a hyped up overblown QB like him and expose him on National TV with a bunch of "kids" on defense is truly not fair.

2. The Gator's recruits actually qualify. Who cares if they suck or not. Who cares if they can't start at Miami so they head to UF. They qualify!!! It's easy at UF. I hate them.

1. The Gator's have historically handed it to us and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Historically of course meaning before the Reagan Administration. Oh wait....it must mean the lead the series. Nope wrong AGAIN.

Since we have some Gaturd trolls here, including the fake canesrule, can I ask a serious question?

I haven't been to Canesville since 2002 when Willis McGehee ran over, under and everywhere over the Turd defense, and we stomped something like 41 to 16. Oh, and sexy Rexy Grossman let Maurice Sikes steal one from him in the endzone and house it for 105 yard interception return, after which the "boys of old florida" started making for the exits. There were Cane fans singing your song in our end zone: we stole your song right there and then, just for laughs and because we could.

But I digress: the Purple Porpoise were we held court after the 2002 slaughter is closed down right? Where is a good place for us Cane fans to celebrate after we shock the world (but not ourselves) on Saturday. Please, no chain BBQ joints or 24 hour Denny's. Is there actually a decent place to drink and eat in Gainesville or do we need to drive back to South Florida?

There is a churros stand on the east side of the stadium near a run down house that sells parking for 10 dollas. You should feel right at home there.


7) Marcus Forston is only used to going up against the small, rich, white kids of Miami Palmetto and not a real football team.
- really? how about deerfield, the #2 nationally ranked team out in texas, etc....wtf are you talking about? they play a super tough schedule against teams from an area that urban meyer says produces more NFL players than any other

3) Who cares we beat you in 1987, we dont care about 2008.
- actually, it was more like 1986, 1987, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004...and would be more if you could schedule more than one decent non-conference opponent

2) We were higher ranked in some obscure recruiting service so that is all we care about.
- obscure? ESPN is obscure? lol

the rest of your comments were all speculation so there's no way to respond w.out spewing forth more random speculation

and btw, by all means enjoy your close-minded racism, but churros are delicious

Florida is a finesse team. Hawaii is kicking their ass at the line of scrimmage (except no. 90 on D-Line). Direct snap on 4th and 1? Their QB is probably their toughest player.

So help me understand...this year Flordia isn't going to run Tim Tebow as much?

Good TD run by Tebow, guy has great running skills.

The infamous Gator Flop, the gator chomp, Tim Im Jesus Tebow, Urban Liar and his 1 percent of 1 percent lie, Mr 2 bits, the disrespectful fan base, they have not beaten us since 86 and still run thier mouths.They are scared to schedule the U on a yearly basis, and none them except, Emmitt Smith succeed in the NFL, players or coaches.

10. The Gator loving media. Brent Musburger would go down on Tebag at halftime if he could
9. Players with AK47's
8. Giving recruits girlfriends scholarships
7. Having coaches that recruits call "snake eyes"
6. Not playing us in back to back seasons
5. Danny Weurfhel and his male pattern baldness
4. The Chomp
3. Great players in the NFL or what they tell recruits about Gator players in the NFL
2. Urban Liar
1. Quarterbacks that refuse to take pictures for the Playboy All American team. But gladly allow people to follow him around so he can show off why he is the second coming of Jesus Christ

Virginia Tech lost...I love it!!! That team is supposed to kick our ass??? Please.

Am I the only one who was unimpressed by the Gators? That's the reason all the Gators are all excited?

Matt Patchen sucks...it looks like Matt Patchen Sr. has no genes at all.

I didn't see the UF game with Hawaii today, I just know they blew them out like UM blew out CSU. Hopefully there won't be another Oklahoma situation last year. I feel UM will be very competitive, just for how long is what I'm wondering.

I didn't see the UF game with Hawaii today, I just know they blew them out like UM blew out CSU. Hopefully there won't be another Oklahoma situation last year. I feel UM will be very competitive, just for how long is what I'm wondering.

Hey if churros is all gainesville has to offer, we'll take some for the road and then eat brunch the next morning at The Breaker's clownazz Gaturds.

This team is not Oklahoma. OU was able to stuff the ball right down our throats and throw the ball deep. OU is much better than UF....then and now.

UF has good playmakers in the backfield and their defense is really fast and attacks the ball. The linebackers are pretty good and the secondary tackles well in the open field. No. 90 on the D-line is pretty good, the rest of that line is average.

UF's O-line is OK, nothing special. They do seal the corners well. This team shouldn't be able to run up the middle on us. The RB's can make a couple of people miss....these guys are pretty good. Tebow can make plays, the guy is just able to escape pressure and make things happen. He's gay, but it doesn't mean he can't play.

We need to gang tackle and get physical with this team. We should be able to run at them and swing the ball out to our playmakers.

I don't fear this team....they are also pretty young and inexperienced. They depend on a handful of players and some of them are scared to make plays (Deonte Thompson, I'm talking about you).

Don't fear this team....they've got good players, but they're not a great team. We're not playing a juggernaut..its just the same old UF.

(10)The most over rated team in preseason in the history of football
(9)Th only team U of Tennessee wont play their fight song as a pregame salute because of the schools arrogance
(8) Weasling out of the yearly series with the Canes
(7) Urban Meyers trashing of his seniors after the Michigan game last year
(6) The gold painted stairs painted leading up to Urban Meyer's office
(5)The fact that exhorbitant amounts of money are spent by UF on athletics and my tax dollars are helping fund it
(4)The oranges thrown at canes players in 1985
(3) The Gator flop -perhaps the worst act of bad sportsmanship in college football in the 20th century
(2)Meyer bragging he wants to take Miami's reputation awayas a great football program
(1) The fact that I live in Ocala and have to listen to so many mindless goobers with orange and blue pickup trucks act like they are the best team of all time

Notable scores from week #1. I know that it's the first week of the season but some of these scores really were a surprise.

HAWAII at FLA- The supposed dominating Gators were not very impressive against a far inferior team that basically had no returning starters or coach. Even though they scored 56 pts, most of them came off of horrible mistakes by the HI offense and Tebow didn't look like a returning heisman.(56-10)

MCNEESE ST at UNC- UNC was supposed to be an underrated team that Butch Davis was going to turn into a great team and they are picked to beat Miami this year both in the game and the conference standings. Yet they only beat a I-AA team by 8 at home? (35-27)

EAST CAROLINA at VIRGINA TECH- These guys are picked to win the division? Come on, this division is our's for the taking this year. Losing to a lowly C-USA team at home? (27-22)

DELAWARE at MARYLAND- Whoa, I know we don't play these guys but damn!?! (14-7)

ARKANSAS ST. at TEXAS A&M- Another team that is picked to beat us this year. Supposed to have one of the greatest running games. Their RB did have over 120 rushing but they also allowed a ARK ST. RB to rush for about the same numbers. What will our dynamic duo do against them? Lost at home to a SUN BELT cellar-dwellar. (18-14)

Is it just me, or is there a lot of parity in FBS in 2008. Let me explain.

Between 1999 and 2002 Miami was not only the winningest program in the nation, they flat out dominated every opponent. The speed, skill, and strength were unmatched. Just check replays from the Fiesta Bowl win, Nebraska was playing at a tempo 3 notches slower than Miami.

Then came along USC, which dominated FBS with great athletes, typically able to beat down opponents with unsurpassed speed.

Since 2005, the weaker teams in the country have gotten better at recruiting athletes, and have caught up to the top notch programs in terms of speed and skill. What we have seen in the past two BCS Bowls is not the #1 team v. #2 team (otherwise Ohio State in the pathetically weak Big 10 would not reach the championship game).

However, there is no dominant team in the SEC. Florida lost 4 games last year and LSU lost two.

This leads to a realization that since the downfall of Miami, the FBS at large has seen less talent at the top, and more parity between teams throughout the country.

Due to Shannon's recruiting skills, we have the opportunity to break out of this mediocrity that is taking place in FBS. With our talent, I see no reason why we can't win the ACC this year or next. It will truly come down to game preparation and coaching.

I wonder if you (Manny) have any thoughts on this phenomenon, and whether there is any sense the Miami can rise to the top of this conference and even the national stage? I guess this week will be the test.

Let's not forget, we only need one big win. Texas A&M was not that big win because they went on to lose a lot of games and show how bad they were.

I predict that even if we lose at UF this week (let's not kid ourselves this team is two years removed from a national title), a competitive game will build a lot of character for the future of this team. In addition, we are looking at the ACC this year, and the BCS next year.

GO Canes!!!!

P.S. Jacory Harris is a stud.

From the Ft. Myers Newspress:

"If I'm right, the 'U' stands for the University of Miami,'' said Gators receiver Louis Murphy, who caught a 48-yard scoring pass from Tim Tebow. "Well, we're the University of Florida. We're the 'U.' I don't refer to them as 'the U,' I refer to them as Miami. If 'the U' is for university and winning and championships, we're 'the U.' They are Miami. And that's what I call them.''

Ahem. Guess who the No. 5 Gators will play next Saturday.

Did Louis Murphy catch a pass yesterday? Who is Louis Murphy?

Some jackass from Florida usually says something they have to end up taking back. This year, its Louis Murphy.

They care about us so much up there. The Gators are constantly paying attention to what happens at the U.

FAU Dominance where are you? You haven't posted today? what's wrong buddy? Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAU Dominance how did you make out yesterday against Texas? Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Ten Reasons to Hate the Gators

Hate is a strong word
Lets say greatly dislike the GATORS



Top 10 Reasons to Hate UF:

10. Because of its location: Gainesville, FL. Need I say more?

9. Because they act like it's the "Harvard of the South", but anyone can get into the school after spending two meaningless years at Santa Fe Community College.

8. Because of the Gator Chomp -- especially when they do it to the theme song from "Jaws", who was a shark. Completely retarded.

7. Because Gatorade is so unhealthy.

6. Because they're always so quick to call us "Thug U", when their players set the NCAA record for number of arrests this year.

5. Because they have Urban Cryer as their pansy coach.

4. Because they wear jorts.

3. Because of all the ugly students.

2. Because they have Tim Tebow -- "the second coming of Jesus Christ"


appreciate ya .. 5rings UUUUU .. for responding to that nonsense. We ain't om their site, so why are they on ours ... gay as* .... the gay gators ...My new character " The Gay Gator" he'll have a blue cape with an orange dress. Maybe some lipstick....dont forget about the stalletto's ... ten reasons : 10. their gay .. 9. their soft 8. their hoes 7. their good evry 10years for about a year and they think they are a dynasty. 6. the choak at doak.. one of the few times I rooted for them "i know a sin , but the lesser of the two evils .. i cant stand fsu. 5. all their fans seems to be pre martin luther king era. 4. the media hates us and love the gators 3. its proof racsism still exist 2. white people who are U fans are the best, while gator fans sucks. NUMERAL UNO ..... THEIR GAY!!

"too bad it wasnt YOUR SEC TEAM!!!" - man with 5 middle fingers

Do you have a clue as to what year the BCS was put into place?


Posted by: canerules | August 29, 2008 at 09:14 PM

Maybe you should've been more specific, you said, " The SEC has actually won more than one BCS bowl game."

If you meant BCS Nat'l Championship then you should have said it cuz BCS bowl game means just that a BOWL game not necessarily a Nat'l Championship. Thats why I said NOT YOUR SEC team cuz you lost to Michigan in your BSC bowl game last year.

You gaytor fans are so f*ckin caught up in your SEC superiority that you dumba*ses would probably root for your rival Georgia vs any ACC team wouldnt you? Id put money on it.

And its rediculous to say my football IQ is 0 when I can prove all of your statements to be false. Typical ignorant gaytor fan.

top 10 reasons to hate UF:
1. students don't open every statement with oye and end it with bro
2. students didn't raft to this state
3. they fill their 90,000+ stadium every week, regardless of the opponent (and actually have their own stadium)
4. they play in the best conference in the country
5. they can actually beat Ohio State when it matters
6. they didn't need Luke to pay players to win national titles
7. Tim Tebow......he's just that good
8. they haven't had a losing season since 1979
9. they don't refer to themselves in some extremely clever, catchy nickname such as "the U"
10. they don't send out their stadium in style with 47-0 whoopings from terrible ACC teams......I mean, 47-0? to virginia??? come on!

2bit whor&, we're gonna kick you're redneck as# in Canesville!

such racist diatribes, you may want to look into that. and remember, in Gainesville, we don't take to your kind around here!


I'm sorry, perhaps you didn't realize this... I know your families inbreeding might have been at fault for your lack of brain power but you are the one who started with the ignorance and racism...

check you #9 and #10

seriously though...you gotta admit that it is sort of pathetic to refer to attendance when attempting to prove how great your football program is. I travel to Gainesville frequently and so I completely understand why the football stadium is packed. Because there is absolutely nothing else to do there.

If you want to cheer for your team, go ahead, but when you start to insult another's at least make sure that statistically you can somehow compare it.

we have one more NCs in a decade than you have in 106 years...Thats all it comes down to...Championships

Florida has a good team and a very good quarterback. Canes should be ready to come out and punch Gators in mouth. Keep pressure on Tbag,dont allow big play on D. Then run throw short and long. Miami will have to Very Hard for 60 minutes, but they will
Miami 27 UF 23

Having grown up in Miami and having gone to the University of Florida (class of 07) I have a few things to say about both the University of Miami and U of F.

Without a doubt, U of F does have the least amount of good looking girls. FSU is your best bet in that regard. Sorry UM girls, you all are spoiled rich northeasterners anyways.

Those UF girls that are good looking only appear at random, in herds, in between visits to the tanning salon.

Miami girls at least get their tans at the beach. When I look for adjectives to describe the girl of my dreams, fake is not one of them. So please ladies, no more fake tans.

Joakim Noah, who I respect comes back to town and they arrest him for having an open container. An open container. He should be the mayor of Gainesville.

UF fans look down on Miami fans because many did not attend the University of Miami, but grew up rooting for them. As in most Hurricane fans are lifelong fans. At UF going to football games is the thing to do. Im sorry but I didnt just start watching college football when I went to college.

If a fratboy showed up at the OB wearing a tie and button down shirt, he would get jumped.

You cant smoke weed in the swamp. In fact you can't even drink alcohol.

Hurricanes Football brings the city of Miami together. Gator football is the only reason Gainesville even exists.

Gainesville bars close at 2am

I was a senior when we the Gators celebrated our third national championship. I was part of that celebration. There is no way UF is the number one party school in the nation. If thats true, Im moving to Spain.

Miami has more than its share of worthless people, but at least its not one dimensional.

Honestly though, we should probably just all get along.

If you don't like Greg Cote then avoid the slide show. It's narrated by that s*it for brains.

10 reasons Why I love the GAYTORS

10. Brock Berlin

9. Randy Phillips has dropped the Gators saying, “I’m not going to visit them,” he said. I don’t really like Florida.”
He is down to Miami and FSU

8. I love them because I'm 22 and i've never witnessed a Hurricane loss to the Gators.

7. Former FL All- American linebacker Ben Hanks (BTW linebackers coach) is a devoted Hurricanes fan who incourages his players not to sign with the swamp.

6. Auburn

5. Billy Donovan is a flip flopper

4. They brag on the SEC which we all know LSU owns in every major sport.

3. Miami has the overall win count over all schools in FL (look it up)

2. Sean Spence will tear Percy Harvin apart

1. Those stupid "T" shirts the gaytors are sporting. News flsah football is a team sport.

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