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Could Yonder return? There's a 50-50 chance

From the world of unlikely scenarios, one regarding the return of All-American first baseman Yonder Alonso to the University of Miami is quietly becoming a situation to watch. (READ THE UPDATED STORY)

Yonder_alonso_mugAccording to our Marlins beat writer Clark Spencer, and now UM coach Jim Morris whom I spoke to this afternoon, negotiations between the Cincinnati Reds and Alonso (who was taken 7th overall) are not going well and there is a chance the star slugger could elect to return to the Canes for his senior year.

"I haven't talked to Yonder in about a week or so, but I know he's got a figure in his mind and I know they're a long way aways from that figure," Morris said Thursday afternoon. "If it doesn't work out, I think we could fit him in our lineup."

Alonso's advisor, Brian Peters, told Spencer recently Yonder is looking for "Pat Burrell money" -- or about $7 million and that if he didn't sign, Yonder would probably either return to UM or go to the Independent League, likely the latter. Alonso is currently working out in Miami with a trainer to stay in shape.

Yonder_alonsoAlonso is one of eight first round draft choices currently unsigned, who must be under contract by the official deadline of August 15th. Otherwise, they can return to school or elect to play in the independent minor leagues.

The Canes, who were ranked No. 1 in the country before being bounced at the College World Series, were decimated by the draft. Morris expected some damage, with Weeks, Gutierrez, Raben, Tekotte and Garcia's signings not a surprise. But Sobolewski signing was somewhat of a surprise as was outfielder Adan Severino, who probably could've become a top-round pick in 2009 but opted to sign for $65,000.

"It's going to come down to the deadline of August 15th," Morris said. "If they've talked to Yonder in the last day or two, I'm not sure what's happened. He's got different alternatives. He can sign. He can come back to school or go to that northern league like J.D. Drew did. A good decision would be to come back to school.

"A guy like that coming back would be a big boost for anybody. He was arguably the best hitter in college baseball."

While Morris admits he's been intrigued by how long the negotiations have taken, he's not going to get overly excited or anxious. Still, he knows how much fun Alonso had at UM and how much it hurt him when the Hurricanes lost int he College World Series.

"Guys have signed at 11:59 p.m. on that last day, so I try not to get my hopes up too much because so many things happen on that last day," Morris said. "I don't know how many of the first rounders who have not signed yet, but I'm sure they're will be some that sign at the last minute.

"But we'd be more than ok if Yonder decided to come back."


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Uno! Manny - U are a brave man - writing up baseball stuff when the football team is practicing...LOL U know how everyone gets...:-D Good article by the way

Yooo Manny...
Keep it hot and let us know.

Yonder... if ya can't get what you want, then come on back, we need ya!

Wow, it will be huge if Alonso comes back. What are the odds of it happening? It will be like winning the lottery. Not going to happen.

Yonder, please don't sign we don't want you. Votto has already proven himself and we don't have to pay him so much yet. Remember that you have done nothing to earn 7 million dollars. Just make sure you play hard after you go back to Miami or the Northern League. I will hope for you to break a leg or have a down year and cost yourself millions more that way. I have no problem with you getting what you deserve in relation to what other picks are getting, more than that is just greedy. Whatever works for you. Remember if you don't get hurt or you don't have a great season you can only do six picks better than you did this year. The difference is that you lose your option of going back to school after next year. Pro teams know that and they will not offer you the millions you are being offered now because they know you can't go back to Miami. Anyhow, goodluck maybe it will work out for you, but I doubt it.

Come back to the UUUUUUUUUUUUU

Come back to the UUUUUUUUUUUUU

Canes hardballerz unite! The Canes baseball team had a GREAT 2008 season resulting in the Canes FIRST EVER ACC Championship.

The current upgrades to Mark Light thanks to A-rod's generous donation will ensure that the Canes have a state of the art facility for many years to come.


Miami babeball is in a state of CHAOS!!!. Not only didi they losse all of the players mentioned above, Joey Terdoslavich who was tearing up the Summer Leagues has left for a JUCO program leaving UM with absolutely no hitters. They just lost their best incoming freshman Rolando Gomez from Flanagan to the Angels. They have NO outfielders. The one returning guy Dave Denitale hit .108 in the Cape Cod League. Eric Erickson hurt his arm in Cape Cod, and Iden Nazario piched subpar at Cape Cod. They may need him for the outfield. Since Gino Dimare left, so has UM. They hard no-name coaches Rey Fuentes and Joe Mercandante while crosstown rival FIU signed a better recruitng class abd Rod Delmonico as an assistant. Nobdy will respond to these facts because it is all a hushjob. What GIVES?

Idealism, optimism and a chance to influence a better tomorrow are all here with our remarkable students

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