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Moving forward

Sorry it took so long, but it took me awhile to get through all of the interviews from today, a day when the University of Miami began moving past the weekend news of first game suspensions for seven players including starting quarterback Robert Marve. Coach Randy Shannon and select players met with reporters for the first of a dozen Media Days this season Monday. And they kept me busy.

Randy_shannon Shannon has been catching a lot of heat for the way he handled the suspensions both nationally and locally, including from our own Greg Cote, who believe the coach should not have waited 10 months to remind Marve he was being punished. On my way to UM this morning, I got a phone call from a staff member close to Shannon who told me the program is not pleased with the way the situation is being portrayed. "There's always two sides to a story," they said. And the truth is, they've got a point.

For all the fuss being made about the situation, the only thing that really matters in my eyes is how the team and Marve handle the situation moving forward. And according to the source who called me this morning to voice his displeasure, the suspensions are not as big a distraction internally as it might seem from the outside.

Last night, Marve was obviously agitated when he spoke about the suspension to the Robert_marvemedia. He seemed like he had already rehearsed his answers, saying basically the same thing over and over. While his feelings were hurt according to his family like The Herald reported Saturday, it seemed to me that a day later when the lights of the cameras were shut off and recorders were tucked away, Marve looked like he had already moved on. As we left the practice field Sunday, Marve was already asking Jacory Harris and Cannon Smith where they wanted to eat dinner and where they'd be hanging out later.

Although players said they were stunned by the news (just listen to receiver Leonard Hankerson), I genuinely believe this team is not going to let the situation affect them. Sunday, Cannon Smith told me privately he thought Marve was "handling the situation like a man." "That's one of the things about Marve, he's a tough guy," Smith said. "Of course, we felt bad for our teammate. I talked to him about it. He's handling it great. That's the kind of guy Marve is, he's not going to let this get in his way. He's going to come back and he's not going to skip a beat. He's going to be firing on all cylinders."

Jason_fox Monday, I asked team captain and starting left tackle Jason Fox, who always his big thumbs on the pulse of the team, for his thoughts on how he thinks the team responded to the suspensions and news.  quot;Really positive," Fox said. "... all the guys, they've all handled it real well. This is a program that's going to hold guys accountable and they know that they're still going to get their opportunities. The guys that are suspended are going to be there to cheer the other guys on. They're not there to hold any grudges. They're there to support the rest of the guys."

> While we know for sure the reason Marve was suspended was for his run-in with the last last October, Shannon didn't elaborate further Monday than he did Sunday as to why the other six players -- running back Damien Berry, receiver Kayne Farquharson, fullback Eric Houston, long snapper Chris Ivery, defensive end Adewale Ojomo, and safety Randy Phillips were suspended. So, we'll have to go with what he told us Sunday regarding "curfew, study hall and doing the right things in the classroom."

I asked Shannon if any of the six were supposed to be starters like Marve and he said no. We know that not to be the case at least with Ivery, who was supposed to handle snaps on punts. And I'm pretty sure Ojomo was going to start at defensive end. But hey, that's what Randy told us.

> As for Harris, Shannon said he will not shorten the playbook at all for his first career start Thursday. Jacory_harris And he made no promises about Cannon Smith even getting a snap. Harris' teammates aren't worried one bit he's the guy starting Thursday -- despite being just eight months removed from his high school graduation and winning a second consecutive state title at Northwestern. Everything receiver Khalil Jones, Fox and right guard Joel Figueroa said about him Monday evoked confidence.

"He's very cerebral," Fox said. He's very confident. He's not a guy that will jump up and down and yell and holler. You can definitely see in the way he holds himself in the huddle, he's confident. He knows he's going to make the throw, that he's going to make a play. You don't really sense any type of timidness from him. He stands tall. You kind of respect him in the huddle already, even though he's a freshman. Marve's a little bit different. He gets excited. But they're both very confident in the huddle and they both kind of demand respect in the huddle. When they start talking everybody gets quiet and starts listening."

Jones said playing at Miami Northwestern, where the level of pressure is elevated, Khalil_joneshas prepared Harris well for his first collegiate start. "He's mature. He reminds me of a rockstar. To be that young, I marvel at how well he handles the pressure and how far he's come along in a short amount of time. He really doesn't act like a freshman quarterback. It's been a great transition from high school to now. He's taken it so well, really taken control of it. I'm proud of him."

Figueroa said the biggest difference between Harris and Marve as far as their play is that "Marve likes to get out of the pocket and scramble a little bit more. Jacory likes to stay in the pocket."

For those of you worried about Harris taking big hits and being able to get up from it, he told reporters Sunday night he's gained 19 pounds since he left Northwestern and is standing 6-4 and weighing 187 pounds. Ken Dorsey's height and weight his freshman season in 1999? A very similar 6-4, 185 pounds.

> UM's depth chart, released Sunday, had 14 true or redshirt freshmen on it's two-deep list. Shannon said he isn't worried about playing that many freshmen and neither are some of his older players. Shannon said many freshmen will play this season, but will not get the majority of work. "They'll play 20 to 25 snaps," Shannon said. "If we throw them in for 60 plays and 30 plays they don't know what they're doing, then you'll have problems."

Glenn_cook Linebacker Glenn Cook said he's confident the freshman can handle it. "We have confidence because we prepared them for the situation," Cook said. "They've gotten a lot of reps in scrimmages and what not, so I think they'll go into the situation and be ready. They've gotten more work than most freshman have ever here. So, they won't be as brand new to things."

> Even though he was passed up by Jordan Futch for the No. 2 spot at weakside linebacker on the two-deep, Cook said freshman linebacker Arthur Brown is doing just fine. Shannon told reporters Monday Brown is not injured. Cook said not to pay too much attention to the depth chart because he believes a lot of linebackers will play.

> Even though Shannon told reporters last week Sunday was the deadline for defensive ends Allen Bailey and Eric Moncur to return to practice in order to be ready to play Thursday, he said Monday "the door is still open" on his projected two starting ends. I still believe its a safe bet they don't play in the opener.

"Allen Bailey the other day went through the whole entire individual work out and tossed one of the offensive lineman doing drills," Shannon said. "We just got to keep progressing. Both of them went to the doctor and the doctor said they looked good. As long as the doctors say its ok they could play. Moncur was probably more ahead of Bailey. But both of them are about equal now."

> Count cornerback Chavez Grant as a guy who is excited about the return of Cook at middle linebacker.

"Cook knows the defense like the back of his hand," Grant said. "When I came in as a freshman, he knew the defense like the back of his hand. And now he knows this one like that. It gives you a lot of confidence when you got a guy in there. When you know what to do, it gives you a lot of confidence."

Chavez_grantKnowing what they have to do, though, could still be a challenge for the Canes, who are entering the second consecutive season with a new coordinator. Grant talked at length Monday about how much the terminology has changed under Bill Young and the growing pains.

"The terminology has changed a lot. And as we go through the season we'll pick up on a lot of things," Grant said. "Basically, what we have to do is erase everything from the last two years and start all over. It's not easy. But most of the time what we do is take something from last year and put a different name on it. It does create [a split second of hesitation]. And I believe [we'll see some growing pains]. I've seen it sometimes in practice where as a DB I said 'Oh man, I should have taken that route.' Repitition is the father of learning, though, and I think we'll be just fine.

> Fox said the difference with Xavier Shannon at center this year is having a guy who can stand up physically to the defense. Fox said he's proud, too, how fast Shannon has been able to adjust since coming over from FIU in the spring.

"He's graded out real well in all of our scrimmages and practices," Fox said. "It's real surprising when you think he's only been here one year. By the way he's playing it looks like he's been here a couple years.

"I wouldn't compare him to Rochford. [Xavier is] really athletic. Rochford was a guy who would beat you with speed. [Xavier] has a little more muscle on him. He some speed on him too, but he definitely can move people around."

> Sophomore Matt Bosher, who will handle all of the kicking duties Thursday, said the toughest challenge is "not so much physical, but more mental preparation."

"One minute, you could be getting ready to punt, then a first down comes and you might be in field goal range," Bosher said. "Things change pretty quickly. Coach has done a good job preparing us for it all."

I asked Bosher if its possible he could tire from handling all the duties. "You can kick your leg out just like a pitcher throwing too many pitches. You almost have to kind of be on a kick count," Bosher said.

As for his snapper, Bosher admitted Chris Ivery is a little bit faster than Jake Byrne when it comes to getting the ball back to the holder, but not much. "They both put it on the money every time," Bosher said. "Jake is a great long snapper and he's really going to do well with field goals. I'm completely confident with him for all of us to get our timing down."

FYI, safety Lovon Ponder is Byrne's backup. Ponder has been practicing at long snapper since the spring.

> Be sure to check out my feature tomorrow on Xavier Shannon, who took me inside his relationship with his father, including how much his Dad loves movies. Coach Shannon apparently likes war movies, adventure movies and one of his personal favorites is Get Rich or Die Trying with 50 Cent.

> This week will be the first Live Chat of the new season at our new time and day, 2 p.m. Thursday. The chats will no longer take place here on the blog, but on the same style Greg Cote used for his chat today. There should be a link up later this week for you to leave questions.

> FYI, for those of you who would like to hear the interviews, check out our Audio page. I post just about everything I collect.


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A Brown is dinged up..

Muy bueno hombre! Yo soy numero quatro!

Manny...dang, did U write a book? Gotta go read it now.


Hey Manny, have you always gotten phone calls from UM staffers regarding the way you or other media members are portraying a story? I don't remember this happening a lot in the past, but it seems that Shannon is making it a point to really stay on the press and handle them a bit more. Is that just my perception?

I'm obviously not worried about Harris putting up huge numbers against C. Southern, but I am very worried about what will happen when Marve innevitably shows more poorly against Florida, Texas A&M, and FSU all in the next 4 weeks. He is going to take some criticism if the team struggles, and Harris's great first start is going to cause many bloggers and fans to condemn the poor kid. Of course, he could also beat all those teams, throw for 300+ yards in each of those games, and become a hero as well. I'll go with that scenario instead.


I'm reposting my points from earlier...

I cant believe how much this is being blown out of proportion on here. It's a one game suspension. We are not going to lose to Charleston Southern. Our practice squad is better than Charleston Southern. If Marve can do well against our practice squad and those 7-on-7 drills (not to mention the scrimmages against the first team defense), he'll be fine "Resting up" for the UF game. He even said he's a team player and he wants what's best for the team. It doesnt mean he's not upset. But, this isnt going to cost us a game, recruits, or a heck of a lot of publicity. UF, Georgia, and a lot of other schools are much worse off than we are. Those of you goign crazy need to take a step back and look at what's to gain out of this. I agree with the fact that Shannon didnt tell them going into camp about the suspensions. He (Shannon) knew there would be a competition at MANY positions and didnt want a distraction or let-down on those players' performances. The fact he also said Marve will start against UF is also good. I think Marve either way is more prepared being at UM for a year longer. Jacory, Marve, AND Shannon are in agreeance with that too. It can also be an advantage having UF not seeing all the plays and abilities Marve can do well. Do you guys really think Shannon is going to break out his playbook of schemes for this opener when we have a top 5 opponent next week?? If anything, this will be good for the guys who are starting that SHOULD be second string under those being suspended. It's a positive Jacory and all the other guys are getting acclimated too. And must we remember, while the QB position is important as heck, it's not the entire reason we win or lose a game. So, the whole "Marve needs to prepare for UF" line isnt working. If, and I mean IF, Shannon is going to make or break a team, let him do it himself with his staff. From what I can tell, none of us on here have any experience in coaching or analyzing football (you NCAA players dont count). Just be PATIENT and see what happens. This could very well be a good thing in the long run.

We need to quit questioning that depth chart. It's not solid gold for an entire season (or game for that matter). IF you guys feel some of the best players arent starting, consider it a good thing since we'll need everyone healthy and aware for the Swamp in a few weeks. That just means our best are less likely to be injured in this first game. Let jacory, other true freshmen, and second stringers get their work with Charleston Southern. We have to build our depth and give the young guys experience. Also, this move by suspending Marve won't allow the Gators to study his playing style. It will keep our already announced starter for the season in the dark and off UF's study reels. All they'll know is what we do (he's more mobile and has a stronger arm than jacory). So, once again, here's an advantage to not playing him this time. Also remember my comment on the playbook...we shouldnt crack it open all the way just yet. We should save our best for the most important game in terms of recruiting and regaining national prominence (UF). Constantly rotating our guys in skill positions for these plays will keep opponents on their toes as each of our guys have different abilities (speed, yards after catch, ect). Plus, it will keep us having "fresh legs" in the game (something we wont be seeing on the D-line due to injuries and lack of depth). In short, I agree with Shannon. I have to. He studies these guys day in and day out. Let them make the call. It's what he's getting paid to do.

that a boy BBrinkley!

Haha I just read this:
Quarterback Nick Fanuzzi leaving Crimson Tide

Sophomore signal-caller Nick Fanuzzi has left the football team with intentions to transfer, ESPN affiliate CrimsonConfidential.com reports.
Fanuzzi signed with Alabama as the No. 20-rated quarterback out of Churchill (San Antonio, Texas) in 2007, but has fallen to No. 5 on the position's depth chart.
The 6-foot-3, 201-pounder appeared in just one game last fall, the season-opener against Western Carolina.

Canes fans probably remember that name, him and Marve swapped schools a couple weeks or so before national signing day.(Marve was commited to Bama and Fanuzzi was commited to UM) Looks like we more than likely got the better guy. Just thought that was interesting.

Shannon = great recruiter, soon to prove if he can be a head coach, incompetent PR skills. What's with the secrecy-keeping it within the team-007 crap. This WILL blow up in your face my man.

"I got a phone call from a staff member close to Shannon who told me the program is not pleased with the way the situation is being portrayed. "There's always two sides to a story,"

If UM is so concerned about it, why don't someone tell Shannon to stop addressing the media and fans with these cryptic statements. Or better yet, UM does have a sports information direction and a sports info. staff of 4. Why not put them to work and have them do their job if Shannon is not comfortable in the media spotlight? I know RS was a crimonology major but maybe he needs to take some communication classes at UM.

We are getting real fired up all over the country.

BBrinkley -> well said. Let's all move on, the players have. I love how positive all these guys are before game #1. This is great.

Remember - at this point in the season, this team has yet to lose. Clip below to keep the potential in perspective. Any given Saturday night Gay-Turds! See ya in G-ville 09 06 08. Go Canes!


Solid blog, Navarro -- many thanks...

I never have and never will understand the writers at your fargin paper. Cote is such an @rse to write what he did, it's a wonder why the U would EVER give y'all another story. I aint looking for homers, to write propaganda, bro, but come on...where is the decency? oh, that's right, that left your troll scroll with David Lawrence...my bad.

Oh by the way, the next time any of you from the 'fourth estate' become:
- elected officials
- policy makers
- business leaders
- college football coaches

THAT's when this country or our team will be in DEEP friggin trouble. Stick to your yellow, bushleague, 2nd rate-city journalism, Cote...I'll stick to reading a real newspaper each morning -- guaranteed not to be yours.

CANES, baaby

I don't have a problem with Randy suspending seven guys. Behave and you play. It's that simple! Why shouldn't Jacory Harris start? Jacory is a good kid! He gives 110 percent. Jacory is a proven winner! He has a great positive attitude! He always picking at Nix's mind wanting to learn. Jacory has a real passion to play! He hates to lose! Good for Jacory!!!!!! Hope he lights it up!!!!!!
P.S I'll take a quarterback like Jacory anyday of the week! Go Canes!!!


Shannon knows the media is Bias . He gives them what they need to know and tha's it. I like how he keeps their internal problems within and keeps us fans and the punk MEDIA in suspence. No offense to U MANNY BUT SOME OF YOUR CONSTITUATES PUT NEGATIVE CRAP OUT THERE! I can't wait until SOME people that is bashing Shannon and this team to start eating a FULL BAG OF BURNT CROW!!!!! Those of U who blasted the coach and his decision It's OK JUST KEEP QUIET WHEN WE START WHOOPING tAIL!!

The more I think about it, the more i understand shannon's decision...

Yes, its shocking for us to hear it now, but i mean he was able to push all of these players in fall precisely because they wanted to be on the field opening day...

Marve's suspension is sort of last minute, but he had to be punished at one point of another...

Timing was a little rotten, but i feel like its affecting us, the fans, more than it seems to be affecting the players....

And i must admit, i am looking forward to watching Harris play...i kept up with him in high school and he has got to be one of the smartest players i have ever seen...i hope he brings that to us....it will be a welcome change from the past few years..

BBrinkley: You say it's not like UM will lose to Southern, well does almost losing to Duke, and losing to a horrible NC team remind you of anything? And those teams were more talented and more experienced.

It's people like you that are not seeing the point that truly are blowing this out of proportion.

We all here are fans and love this School and all the players, this is the first year I can recall there being no alliance to any particular player, except for James.

But everyone has a point, it's nothging to do with RM and his suspension, you must see past that, heck even the above article says exactly what everyone's concerned of the potential for problems this may cause.
RS policy is that a player has to earn his spot back, so if and I mean if JH blows things up against Southern why then do you go against your own rules and bench him for RM, and risk costing your team a game.
Since the staff is worried about confidence so much, if JH does well and RM starts at UF does he get a quick hook when he shows the normal growing pains in favor of JH, this is where your problems start.

Dont let all the LOVE this team is putting out there fool anyone, while I 'm sure they all get along, they all want to play and even the best of friends are tested when it involves competition and their future.

Plus last I checked a 2 QB system never works.

Docmac - I don't follow you...

Your premise is based on RS going back on his word, and I say stop thinking the worse. And if your worry is RS going back on his word, then it seems you're in the camp of people who don't think RM should have been suspended (why else would it be necessary to worry about the coach not going with RM).

What's annoying to me about the people who think he should have been told sooner is why don't you guys at least address the reason RS gave for not telling him sooner. If you think RM should have told him sooner, than you disagree with RS's belief that the news might have affected him during spring/fall camp.

Not so fast you racist, bold-faced liar!!! You were told that no one wants you on this blog ever again. You stooped to a new level this time G86, and now you think that just because 24 hours has past, that you can come back and pretend that you're innocent? Everyone on this blog remembers the fake "List" you put up of 12 innocent kids that you said were gonna be suspended for up to 5 games. Well, G86, they weren't. Therefore, you are a bold-face liar! You intentionally went and hid after you made that post because you're a coward!You proved that you're outdated website is made up of nothing but rumors, lies, and promotes racism. Stay the f@#$ off this board because scum like you don't deserve to be considered a true cane fan.

You have absolutley no integrity. In case anyone missed it... this is G86's post from Sat. morning.He said that this was the list that his "sources" had given him.

Miami (FL) Hurricanes Suspension List:

Robert Marve 1 Game
Sam Shields 1 Game
Graig Cooper 2 Games
Chavez Grant 2 Games
Laron Byrd 3 Games
Jason Fox 3 Games
Shawnbrey McNeal 3 Games
Brandon Harris 3 Games
Travis Benjamin 3 Games
Aldarious Johnson 3 Games
Pat Hill 5 Games
DeMarcus VanDyke 5 Games
Orlando Franklin 5 Games

Posted by: 86Cane | August 23, 2008 at 12:54 PM

Cote is such a piece of garbage. His 'Random Evidence' isn't funny, and his writing is convoluted and without a point. That article this morning was completely ridiculous - let Manny, Susan, and Barry handle the Canes, Cote. They do a MUCH better job than you ever could.

Docmac....you are right on with your post. Randy Shannon is going to create a QB controversy on this team.

Say we lose to UF.....where does that put us at the start of week 3....Jacory with a great game against Charleston (probably) and Marve leading us to a loss in Gainsville. Who gets the nod in week 3??? According to Randy Shannon...Marve. How is that going to sit with this team? What happens when the fans start calling for one over the other???

Good job Manny.

Wow U.
Pretty Harsh on 86.
I can see where you can say he was wrong, but where is the racism?

He was correct that more than 1 player was to be suspended, just not correct on some names and games.

You can give him crap for being a little bit right and mostly wrong, but to call him a racist is not correct either.

I find it ironic that Shannon's staff called Manny saying they were displeased with how things were getting portrayed. Well who's to blame for that? Shannon and co, of course. Who else is to blame? the media and their natural reactions?

Shannon barely tells the media a thing. He shoes them away after 10 plays during a scrimmage, and then when things go south in the media... he complains about it. Huh? You can't have it both ways.

Shannon is a great recruiter, but I'm beginning to fear he has poor to no management skills. We'll see...

DAU...start your own blog and then you can talk.

Maybe you think you and your partner in crime GREEN are important on this blog, but you are not.

Start your own blog and then we will talk. Until then you are NOBODY! Sad but true...

i live in central florida and i'm a huge hurricanes fan. what channel will the game be on thursday.

Thank you Manny!

how come urban meyer and the gators don't have to release a depth chart? why isn't there an uproar from gator fans that there
isn't a depth chart? in miami everything has to be a controversy for the fans.
no gator depth chart, no controversy.

I think that everyone needs to stop and take a deep breath and try to relax. I am as excited about the start of the season but I do not think that is necessary to get this worked up over. The way the reactions are going one would think the sky is falling. I think that Randy could do better with the media (not that it matters because I doubt the University cares what my opinion is), but oh well he will do things as he sees fit. I love the U and I have rooted for them for 23 years through the good and the bad. I did not complain about Coker when we won the National Championship or when we lost it. I did think he let the team get out of hand and I knew from the recruiting classes there was going to be a significant drop in the teams win/loss record. I am glad that Randy waited till now to tell Marve. I know it hurts him now and it should but knowing that he should be starting the game but is watching from the sidelines handing out water will ensure this never happens again. Does anyone else remember that “troubled by a family matter, Florida State quarterback Chris Rix overslept and missed a final exam, costing him a chance to play in the Sugar Bowl.” If Marve now fully understands that actions have consequences I do not think we will ever have that sort of problem on this team. It is all about academics and seeing these young men developing and becoming better people and succeeding right? Lets just sit back and enjoy the season and let things run their course who knows the ride might seem better in December than everyone makes it out to be in August.

Start your own blog and then we will talk. Until then you are NOBODY! Sad but true...

Posted by: 86Cane | August 25, 2008 at 09:48 PM

Q. Does having a racist, malicious rumor-starting blog that has to be peddled by thiefs on other legitimate blogs make you somebody?

A. No, it makes you scum. Sad but true...

He was correct that more than 1 player was to be suspended, just not correct on some names and games.

Posted by: mickey albert | August 25, 2008 at 08:42 PM

Obvious flamespace "partner". Typical idiotic statement. Please re-read G86's list of suspensions he was posting on his B.S. blog. Then read the REAL list and explain again how the word "correct" can enter your brain.

Harvin (heel), Spikes (foot) might miss Florida's opener vs. Hawaii

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Fifth-ranked Florida may be without receiver Percy Harvin and middle linebacker Brandon Spikes for its Saturday opener against Hawaii.

Harvin, who is still battling a right heel injury that required offseason surgery, participated in portions of practice last Friday and Saturday, but the 5-foot-11, 195-pound junior has been unable to go full speed since the second day of fall practice on Aug. 5.

"He still has reaction where once he goes for a little bit he has to watch it because it gets sore on him," coach Urban Meyer said.

Belichick doesn't say a thing to the press, the Patriot players hardly say anything other than the standard cliches.

I am not saying that the Canes are at a successful level yet, but I could give a shyt if anyone on the team, player or coach, gives one answer to a reporter. I want us to win, that is all I want. The rest I could care less about. (OK back in the day I wanted to win and win big.)

Great article as always. Greg Cote's article, as he stated "in his opinion" was what a many Canes fans felt initially. We can't decide the impact of this, only those great kids of The U can do so. Was it handled in an unorthodox manner? Undoubtedly. Was it a mistake? Perhaps.

What is at stake is that growth of these kids, and that they learn to lead by example. I don't know if Shannon's way is right or wrong, but I care that these kids grow to be upstanding young men of the university that I love (and this is coming from a former FSU and current ND student...you want proof? I got it).

All I can say is that I hope that Marve and Harris and any other QB compete in a collaborative manner, and that the team rallies behind The U, not just the QB. Things will be very difficult in Gainesville Sept. 6th, but I imagine they would be difficult regardless of the coach's manner of punishment. Go Canes, and good luck this year!


Shannon knows little about discipline and nothing about public relations and the media. Shannon has confused discipline with punishment. The requisite discipline for the players is self discipline. If Shannon had informed Marve that he would receive a suspension in the first game of this season after last year's incident, it would not be news now and would not be the focus of the media and bloggers. If Shannon had announced the suspension long ago, it would have had the salutary effect of letting all the players know that there would be consequences for bad behavior, even if you are a premier player. It is hard to see how the knowledge of a future suspension would have decreased Marve's incentive to do well in practice and earn his starting position. Indeed, it may have increased his motivation, knowing another QB would have an opportunity to put up big numbers against a weak opponent in the first game. Also, the other players on the team did not see any discipline for Marve's bad behavior last year and could make the logical assumption that he was not going to receive any punishment. With respect to information management, nature abhors a vacuum. With thousands of bloggers, many of them clueless, wild rumors will fill the information vacuum. Bad news and fresh fish do not get better with age. Bad news should come from the boss and, the sooner, the better. As far as the sports information department is concerned, they can't even get the player roster and player biographies accurately posted on the Miami website. If they want to do damage control, they should suggest to Shannon that he be more open and forthright with the media. Part of the reason that head coaches earn megabucks is their ability to be the public face of the university and its athletic program. Shannon is certainly not earning that portion of his salary.

DAU you may be correct in calling 86 a racist but i see him more like a redneck...

UTAHCANE great observations!

UTAHCANE great observations!

Say we lose to UF ?

??? huh ... 5 words never uttered before in The Gables ...

say what Canesjunkie ?

U are already beat

We're beat???? You're the one checking our blog.

is the game televised ?

If Marve loses to UF, he loses to UF. There should be no QB contraversy. Everyone has to learn how to move-on from a loss. If you never allow a QB to play following a loss, or instill in them there is going to be a controversy because of it, it will take a toll on their mental game and now allow them to learn from their mistakes. There is a 0% chance we will not lose a game over the course of Marves career, and with Jacory being a freshman as well, they cant tell them week in and out for the next 4 years if you lose you lose your job. Time will tell that situation. The coaches watch them in drills and scrimmages. I'll trust them to pick the best.

The game is broadcast online on ESPN360.


It’s free to you if your ISP has signed up and paid ESPN their fee or if your web access is through the military or educational provider.

When you go the site, it will notify you as to your access and point to a simple to download player.

Hey Brinkley? That 6:01p.m. posting last night is a nice fantasy puff piece you MORON ! Clueless homer.

It's been hilarious to watch cane fan bicker and piss and infight for the last two days. All because Marble Mouf has deplorable PR skills. You guys are all lubed up thinking Miami is "on the way back...we're coming". Not a chance cane fan. The bottom is still a way away. And that's because I don't care how good of a recruiter RS is, he will bungle your football program. I've heard descriptions of him like "007", or "CIA tactics" . I know you all will yell about how all coaches keep secrets and blah blah blah. I agree they should keep info closed. It's not so much what he doesn't say , it's what he tries TO say. A measurable percentage of local fans and media are already wondering about his ability to stand atop a D-1 program. You kool-aid drinkers out there are wondering too but are well...drunk on the kool-aid. You'll figure it out shortly.


UF 52

UM 6




Hi i am a gator fan. I like to post under 7 different names all day everyday. I do not have a life. I love to brag about a team that went 8-4 comming off a championship year and that won 2 NC in 50 years. I am the best and know everything

Mavre and the other players are responsible for their actions no matter the time frame. If the murder of Bryan Pata (RIP)was solved today, the media and fans would want the convicted felony to pay for his actions. It has been over a year now, maybe those actions are excused because of the length of time and the criminal hasn't committed other crimes since the murder. Shannon is teaching a life lesson and getting this team under control. It takes some serious marbles to do this stuff with the media and fans in your face questioning every decision. Good for Shannon, and I totally expect a more disciplined team on and off the field this year. Return to glory 2009, Shannon coach of the year this season.

2009-10 season
Best Duel Threat Quarterbacks
Best Running back stable since 2000-2001
Best Receiving core - ever
Top 5 Defense.


UF 52?

UM 6?

B L O W O U T?

Are U on crack?????

Just remember girly boy, you haven't beat the U since the 80's.

Erickson nor JJ were welcomed either, and look what they did. Your probably still pissed from that last bowl game when we kicked your a**

Hope U like our future 6th ring!


Oh...My enough with Coach Shannon and his personal life. His son should have kept all that this is self, because stated early this year Shannon had already said that him and his son don't talk. So stop it ok. Shannon is a young man with four kids all they all have different mother, so that should say alot about him as a father or a man... Something is wrong....


alabama's depth chart is incomplete, so is michigan with no quarterback and a running back suspended for dui from last year. at auburn no qb ye, same at vir tech, fla no depth chart, tenn just suspended a starting defensive lineman and defensive back. how come fulmer waited for 3 days before the first game to make his announcement. so if this is becoming the common practice around college football why do you make shannon the bad guy. why the free pass for urban meyer. 4 losses after a national championship, several players either suspended or put back on the roster of run ins with the law.

Great stuff Manny, many thanks.

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