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Jacory's Garo moment

It's Friday night and I'm back on UM's campus to tell you about all of the exciting moments during the 15-plays we got to watch of the Canes' second scrimmage this fall.

The highlight of highlights? Quarterback Jacory Harris having a Garo Yepremian moment. Harris, who started the scrimmage quarterbacking the second team, had the ball slip out of his hands while attempting a rollout and squirt in to the hands of big, bumbling, stumbling Joe Joseph, who caught the ball and rumbled about 40 yards before Jacory caught up to him and yanked him down from behind by his shoulder pads. It definitely looked like Garo's big Super Bowl VII gaff.

There were a few other highlights...

> Redshirt freshman Lee Chambers had about a 40-yard run, escaping from the defense on the second play of the scrimmage. He was finally chased down by UM's secondary.

> Sophomore Shawnbrey McNeal scored the first touchdown of the night on a 4-yard run, capping Jacory Harris' second drive that was highlighted by about a 15-yard pass to Travis Benjamin.

> Right before we got escorted off, we got a chance to take a peek at the first team. On the field, quarterback Robert Marve, Javarris James and Pat Hill, the starting offensive line we've been reporting for the last week and Aldarius Johnson and Khalil Jones at receiver. Chris Zellner caught a short pass from Marve on the first play. That's all we got to see.

> By the way, Brandon Harris and Aldarius Johnson were back for the opening kickoff. Harris had a nice return, breaking a few tackles before finally getting corralled down at about the 25 yard line.

> I'll be back after the scrimmage to share my notes and even a few video highlights. Stay tuned. The quarterbacks are supposed to talk.

> YONDER ALONSO UPDATE: I haven't been able to reach Yonder or his advisors yet. But MLB.com posted this story within the hour. Expect the Yonder decision to go late into the night.