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Marve suspension reaction

Wow. That's all I got to say about this morning's news. After plenty of rumors on the internet Friday night and some great reporting work by our Barry Jackson and Susan Miller Degnan this morning (I made a few calls too Friday night but struck out), The Miami Herald confirmed quarterback Robert Marve -- and possibly a few other players -- have been suspended for the season opener in relation to incidents in the past year.

The news was supposed to break Sunday night, but as usual around UM it leaked out two days earlier. One thing is clear, the timing Um_mug_rmarvecouldn't be worse. Miami is set to open its season in six days. Marve and the other players were told Friday by coaches about their suspensions after practice and according to Barry Jackson's sources, coaches held off on it because they didn't want the players to ease up during fall camp. I can understand that from a team perspective. You want Marve and the other possible suspended players to make sure they're ready for the season and you don't want to deflate them. And it's not like not having them against Charleston Southern is that big a deal.

But from a public relations perspective, this obviously doesn't shine well on the program. My question to you is could it have been handled better? Should coach Randy Shannon just have announced before fall camp that those guys were out for the opener? Would it have made a difference for you?

Those are the public relation issues, but there are team issues now, too. When a player is injured or gets suspended (we remember the Sam Shields incidents last year) they've always had to work to get back onto the first team. Obviously, Jacory Harris will start the opener now. Does Shannon just give Marve the reigns in Gainesville as week later? Not according to his own rules. It's going to be very interesting to see how this is all handled in the next few days.

Either way, one thing is clear, this has become an unnecessary distraction for a team coming off a 5-7 season and dire need of positivity heading into a new year.


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How do really know Marve won the competition. I think Jacory won it outright anyway!

Speaking as a former athelete I knew that if I got in trouble I would have to pay for my actions. It's just that simple. As a former player it would not matter when I found out about the suspension. It would not effect me going out busting my hump to be the best I could be...PERIOD. I am sure it is no different with Marve. GO CANES GO.

Hey New Jersey Cane...what time you flying in. I will be flying in Thursday morning around 11:30am into Ft. Lauderdale. I would love to hang at the tailgating party, and enjoy some free food....lol.

Absolutely, LoveLaneCane! Suppose to fly in by 10:30am! Free food it is! Love to hang with fellow Canes fans! Can't wait! Go Canes!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me be the first to admit that I am completely biased when it comes to Marve. Were this any other player, I probably would feel like you and the rest of the “do the right thing” crowd. But I don’t,,, I still don’t see this logic. We went through a ton of crap escaping the devastation of Hurricane Larry,,,, now, at a time when we are starting a new voyage,,,, we have this.

I totally understand the discipline point of view, and there are admittedly things that I don’t know going on here. For instance, Marve blowing off counseling sessions. Still, it seems that Shannon is playing games at a time when that is the last damn thing we need.

We are talking about a rear-view mirror off of a car. (cue Allen Iverson,,,,, “I’m talking about PRACTICE, man,,, PRACTICE, not the game,,,,, PRACTICE.”) Tell me in all honesty that you, OR ME,,, have not done something like this in your life. He didn’t hurt anyone, except himself. And now he is getting hurt further.

It sucks being a Hurricane fan sometimes. The crap that you have to take any time a player so much as passes gas in public. I know that you know what I am talking about.

And now,,,, 10 months after a minor incident,,, well,,,,, we are just going to do the right thing here. You think that changes the perception of this program nationally??? That no matter who you are, or how small the indiscretion, you will be punished? Nobody gives a crap about that anywhere else but the guy in the Captain’s chair down in Coral Gables. But "we" will feel better cause we "did the right thing".

I just slays me sometimes.

Again,,, I KNOW that this message will ring loudly inside the Hurricane locker room, I KNOW that a player violated the rules and must be punished in order for the “message” to be heard and understood, I KNOW that this is just one game,,, one grain of sand on the beach,,,,. I am down with all that.

I want Marve to succeed so badly that I cannot stand it. I know why,,, he is from right here,,,, he went to my high school, to the school my daughter now attends. I know that is affecting my reaction. Lord help me, but I want Harris to get broken in half the first time he drops back to pass. That’s how “ate-up” I am in my thinking.

I will get over it in time,,, I know that as well. Hopefully, Marve steps out on the field in GAYnesville and rocks everyone’s world. Hopefully, he even gets that chance. If he doesn’t get that chance, I worry that I may not even care anymore also.

I'm embarrassed. All this whining, and moaning because someone got suspended? Damn folks, I hate to say it but this generation of Cane fans are a bunch of sissies!! Buck up!!!

"the what about the other 40 players that you just now yanked the rug out from under them, how about their confidence, knowing that they are going into the first game of alot of their college careers with one hand possibly 2 tied behind their back"

Posted by: Docmac | August 24, 2008 at 12:26 AM

Jacory Harris is the real deal kid. Don't ever say that having him as a starter is "having 1 hand tied behind our back". We got plenty of talent on this team, it don't matter if we have suspensions or not. Somebody is waiting for a chance to prove that they belong on the field and now they get a chance. I don't care what you kids have going thru your heads right now. Don't post anymore!!! No more whining. S#!t happens. Get over it and move on or get the hell outta the way! We got plenty of depth on this team to overcome anything. I don't care what ESPN, flamespace, some Gayturd fan, Rush Limbaugh, or Halle Berry say about the U. We got athletes back on campus now that know how to compete again. We got a coach that knows what he's doing. He's not gonna try to intentionally hurt a kid or this team. No more posts bashing him because of some make believe idea you have in your head about what's going on. You don't know s#!t. Nobody knows s#!t. The U ,and coaching staff, have yet to say a word and look at this entire page full of people that know exactly what's going on and who's fault it is. We're gonna have a great year and I don't care what any of you children think and you know why? "IT'S A U THANG" you guys wouldn't understand.

One more thing.....

"African Americans have high moral standards also."
Posted by: 87 Cane | August 24, 2008 at 12:09 AM

What the hell does that supposed to mean?

Lord help me, but I want Harris to get broken in half the first time he drops back to pass.

Posted by: JMG | August 24, 2008 at 11:30 AM

You aint know canes fan. I hope your daughter gets "broken in".

First play from scrimmage, Jacory Harris to Aldarius Johnson for a 80 yard post pattern touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!!!!! Nice way to break Jacory In! Go Canes!!!! "Baby J" 200 yards rushing!!!! Go Canes!!!!!

Hey DAU,,,, I am more fan than you will ever be. I have a degree from the U,,,, go get you GED and keep sniffing 12 year-old's bicycle seats.

Gay ass.


Everyone need to chill out, Actually Robert Marve was going to be suspended for 3 games but Shannon fought for him for 1. T he Univ wanted Marve to be suspended last year but with the accident Marve did not play. Marvefan08 on rivals is Robert Marve cousin and he talking to everyone explaining his situation... Chill out people


Relax, you know Colin McCarthy will pick pick a fumble and run it back!!!! Colin is always around a turnover!!!!! Go Canes!!!

321 CANES ....

Tell me what the article about the Locker Room says over on Canesport.

It's over guys, Marve isn't playing Game 1 against CS. Thats it. Move past it, support Harris and we'll see Marve against the Gators.

and Go CANES!

Sweep Right to "Coop" for a touchdown!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!!

Reverse to Travis Benjamin!!! See you later, Touchdown!!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!

Spence on a delayed blitz "Sack Time"!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!

Canes have too much talent!!!!! ACC Champs!!!! Go Canes!!! BCS Bound!!! Go Canes!!!!

It all starts this Thursday!!!!!! We are Back!!!!!! ACC Champs!!!! No Excuses!!! Go Canes!!!!

I'm going to bring my pajama's to the game. so I can take a nap in the 4th quarter when we are up by 52!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!!!

New Jersey Hurricane...I will be flying in from TN arriving around 11:30am, and I should be at the stadium after getting the rental car, and checking into the hotel no later than 2pm. I just need a real good excuse to grab my son out of school for 2 days.....lol.

It happened, and it's over. Let's just take a deep breathe, and chill. If this was FSU, or UF first game....Marve would be playing. Let this man sit out against Charleston, and then get ready to play bigboy football against UF.

I Didn't realize Laron Byrd was this good!!! Definate ACC Champs! GO Canes!!!!!

"I am more fan than you will ever be. I have a degree from the U,,,, go get you GED"

Posted by: JMG | August 24, 2008 at 11:55 AM

LMAO, no response needed.


"I think ALL of us are confused and stunned by this news." - 86Cane

CONFUSED - I agree as every single canes fan is in denial about the current & future state of their team now that they are in an actual conference and face mediocre competition.

STUNNED - not yet, but soon enough. Starting out the season 0-3 should do it.


I'm going to bring my pajama's to the game. so I can take a nap in the 4th quarter when we are up by 52!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!!!

Posted by: New Jersey Hurricane | August 24, 2008 at 12:53 PM

***You might want to bring a hammock to "The Swamp"...

Pittsburgh, Temple, Tulane, Minnesota, South Florida, San Diego State and Duhhhh U - A Who's Who of teams regulated to off-campus mediocrity.

Negatives centered on lack of a collegiate feel, student apathy, less revenue.

``It honestly never felt like our stadium.'' - guy in the know


Students will be bused to games, and should the Marlins make the playoffs, UM could be forced to reschedule without substantial warning.


"There are not many things around the country that compare to Hurricane football.'' - Kirby Hocutt

Half-filled stadiums, 48-0 blowouts, and 5-7 records.


Jumbotron paid in full by others......

"We'll finally be able to see replays if something isn't right." - Graig Cooper


"I don't think the color of the seats means anything to anyone" - only guy from Broward County with season tickets

Neither do the color of the uniforms. I anticipate a one-upper of last season's wonder buy duo at No QBU.

Throw to whoever's open (even if they're wearing the wrong colors).


"And especially in our area, if you win they will come." - Marlins Fan

Except at Duhhhh U where fans don't travel more thamn 30 yards to attend a game in person.


Every day I can not wait to get on this web site just to read the funny stuff you cane fans write about... If you truly were cane fans this is how I would react to all this info that has gone down since Fri. Except what the coach has dictatetd. The QB is getting susp. for an infraction. Unless you have read it in the Herals or heard it on ESPN about the others, stay cool. A quote from one of my favorite films is "A riot is an ugly thing. and once you get one started there is not way of stoping it short of bloodshed. So we better make darn sure before we have our facts before we go acusing the good Dr. of following in his Grandfathers footsteps." Lets see here is my take on the first 2 games.
1. We are home and must play smart remember Michigan lst yr. You can not take nayone lightly. Make good plays, play smart, get the win without any injuries, and play fla.
2. To beat Fla we must beat them at their game. PLay Tebo like we did Vick and the other great QB's from the pst. Quiet the fans. Rush the QB and let him make mistakes. If he chooses to run make him pay for it. Hit him HARD. Don't let up. Play the game all the way. The fld goal kicker must be on and sharp. It just may go down to the final play. The spec. teams must perform. tackles must be made, and run back musst run north and south not sideways. For all those Fla fans that say this game Miami looses big.. I say hold onto your hats and don't bet the house. Stranger things have happen, and will you can bet on that.

From allCanes blog:

Robert Marve is suspended for the season opener against Charleston Southern this coming Thursday.

The university hasn't released an official statement, but rumor has it Marve shared the news with his high school coach and family members. This morning the story was confirmed by Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald.

The suspension is said to stem from an incident last Halloween in Coconut Grove when Marve was arrested on two misdemeanors; criminal mischief for breaking a car's side mirror and resisting arrest by briefly fleeing police.

I spent some time on a few Canes-themed message boards today, as a fallout was guaranteed.

Par for the course, a slew of knee-jerk reactions from Miami's fan base. The sky is falling. Randy Shannon should be fired. A quarterback controversy is now fait accompli, due to a one-game suspension.

Hold the phone, people. We're talking about a redshirt freshman and a suspension against Nobody U, during a rebuilding year. Let's keep things in perspective.

First things first, anyone blaming Shannon for consistently pressing on with his role of disciplinarian is off base. If you want to assess blame, look no further than #9. Marve's actions landed him in hot water and a one-game suspension for a run in with the law is hardly out of line.

The redshirt freshman quarterback also blew off counseling appointments that were either part of his probation, or university implemented - which are rumored to be the bigger reason a suspension was handed down.

Attend the court-mandated meetings and Marve is suiting up on Thursday. Mess with the bull, get the horns and ride the pine.

Timing-wise, this is somewhat hard to fathom. I don't disagree with that.

For an incident that occurred almost ten months ago, handing out punishment less than a week before the season opener doesn't seem prudent. Especially with early reports that Marve was set to be named started tomorrow morning when depth charts are released.

Then again, maybe Shannon's timing is perfect and he knows something about the psyche and demeanor of this particular player that the average fan doesn't.

How would Miami's quarterback battle have played out this spring if Marve knew he was missing the season opener? Would there have been resentment? Would he have worked as hard, or would he have checked out and remained bitter?

How would freshman quarterback Jacory Harris have responded? Would the suspension news have been a distraction? Would he have worked as hard if he knew game one was handed to him on a silver platter?

We'll never know, but is sure sounds to me like Marve was been 1a to Harris' 1b since day one and the long-term goal was not to disrupt the on-the-field battle with an off-the-field distractions.

What is known is that both quarterbacks battled day in and day out for the starting position, which Marve seems to have locked up. While he'll sit out the August 28th opener, Marve will be back behind center on September 6th when Miami heads to Florida for the big time rivalry game.

Shannon has made no bones about doing things his way, punishing players when and where he feels it's necessary - in an effort to mold young men and teach them some Life:101-type lessons many NCAA athletes aren't receiving.

While this seems to go over the heads of many armchair head coaches, it should resonate with mature adults, concerned parents and anyone who sees a world where professional and college athletes have become entitled and above the law.

If this were the NFL, Marve would be slapped with a fine that wouldn't even put a dent in his weekly check, let alone his bank account. Where's the lesson there - taking a few bucks from an uber rich athlete?

If he were at some collegiate football factory elsewhere in this country, it's a slap on the wrist and conformation that NCAA starting quarterbacks operate by a different set of rules and standards than other players or classmates.

Marve is in his formative years and coach Shannon is hitting this kid where it hurts; by taking playing time. Leaders don't want to watch from the sideline, nor do they want to let their teammates down. This Thursday, Marve will do both.

''Robert is upset. Robert's family is upset. We were having trouble seeing the wisdom of how an incident from last season is being handled,'' said Eugene Marve, Robert's father and a former NFL linebacker. "But at the end of the day we have to say that his actions created this."

There might've been a better way to handle this situation, but the end result most likely would've been the same if the news broke in April or August. A one-game suspension for this infraction is impossible to argue and that should remain the focus. Not the timing or delivery of the punishment.

Robert Marve is going to learn from this and will become a better person - and player - as a result. You can take that to the bank.

In the grand scheme of life, what is one game? An evening. A few measly hours? It's the blink of an eye - though the fallout and lesson learned have the potential of being monumental regarding a young man at this stage of his life.

The next time Mr. Marve gets so mad he could punch something, guess what? He probably won't. Not when he knows the price tag attached to such an immature and selfish act. This suspension is going to help Marve grow, the same as the car accident which almost claimed his life last summer.

This isn't a time for Marve to ask, "why me"? It's a time for self-refection. Look within. Realize that there are repercussions for our actions and that no one is above the law. At least not at this point of his collegiate career and not during his tenure at the University of Miami.

Those of you frustrated with Shannon, what would you have done? Do you sweep this under the rug? Does the first-time starter run some stadium stairs and get a slap on the wrist? Where's the lesson learned in all that?

Sometimes punishment has to be painful and just as a parent tells a child, "this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" - the same goes for a second-year head coach on somewhat of a hot seat after a 5-7 season.

You make a statement while you still can. You do so while your quarterback can still be housebroken and before his arm and ego takes him places you can't bring him back from.

The actions of these players impact the lives of their coaches and families of coaches. It's big business. It's bigger money. It's real life. Does anybody really believe that Shannon and staff want to bench star players? Hell no. Coaches' jobs and paychecks depend these kids winning ballgames and Miami is better off with Marve behind center.

That said, Shannon is all about right and wrong. Right is rewarded and wrong is punished. It's a black or white issue, there is no middle ground and it takes some serious integrity to stand by your principles in situations like this. Personally, I applaud it.

As much as any Cane, I wish Marve were under center on Thursday, earning some valuable playing time for game two at Florida.

I also wish he never broke the damn mirror.

C'est la vie.

Rally behind Harris, gear up for some Miami Hurricanes football and think logically before directing your venom as The U's skipper. In the end, Randy did the right thing here. 'No Excuses', remember?

This may be a small step back for a young football team, but it will be a huge step forward in the growth and development of a young man.

I have to say I agree 100% end of debate

Why in the HECK would he do this now? You are now asking Marve to walk into Gainesville to play a top 5 Florida team as his first start in College - Instead of allowing him to get his feet wet against an inferior opponent and build some confidence. Dumb move by Shannon... This is not the kind of bonehead coaching decisions he is suppose to make - This is Cokeresque.

The U has been imploding in character the last few years. Shannon should have suspended these guys after the infractions. I wonder if he disciplines his kids 8 months after they disobey. The U will never be a team with this type of response.

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