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Media Day: Shannon speaks

With the start of fall practice set to begin Saturday morning, University of Miami coach Randy Shannon addressed reporters Friday afternoon during Media Day.

Here are some of the highlights of his half hour press conference.

> Shannon said all three quarterbacks -- Cannon Smith, Jacory Harris and Robert Marve -- will get equal snaps "just like they did in the spring" during the team's 24 practices and three night scrimmages (Aug. 9, 15, 19). Incoming freshman Taylor Cook, though, won't get the same number of snaps. "He's too far behind," Shannon explained.

> Shannon said although Cannon Smith doesn't get talked about by most media outlets when discussing who really is competing for the starting job, he said Smith "doesn't get down." He said Smith has "bulked up and his arm is stronger" than it was in the spring.

> Shannon said he is still changing the locker room assignments just like he was last year "every 2 to 3 weeks" to continue to build team chemistry with players who don't necessarily associate with each other. "This team was kind of spread out when I took over," Shannon said. "But they're together now."

> He said the key to having freshmen see the field will be if they are "physically and mentally" ready.

> Regarding injuries, Shannon said defensive end Courtney Harris will miss the season and said defensive tackles Josh Holmes and Chaz Washington will be out during fall drills.

> His reaction to Miami not getting a single vote in the Coaches' poll, released Friday: "When you 5-7 you're not going to get any votes." He continued: "We just got to keep building and we're expecting to be a much better team than we were last year."

> Regarding incoming freshmen and the Clearinghouse, Shannon said he could not give out any names but added "there are about 4 to 5 guys who still aren't cleared." When pressed on who they were, Shannon said "You'll find out tomorrow when you don't see them out there." He said he expects most to be fine and make it into school eventually.

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE COMPLETE AUDIO INTERVIEW. Check back over the next couple of days for video and audio interviews of players from today and Saturday's first practice.