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Media Day: Shannon speaks

With the start of fall practice set to begin Saturday morning, University of Miami coach Randy Shannon addressed reporters Friday afternoon during Media Day.

Here are some of the highlights of his half hour press conference.

> Shannon said all three quarterbacks -- Cannon Smith, Jacory Harris and Robert Marve -- will get equal snaps "just like they did in the spring" during the team's 24 practices and three night scrimmages (Aug. 9, 15, 19). Incoming freshman Taylor Cook, though, won't get the same number of snaps. "He's too far behind," Shannon explained.

> Shannon said although Cannon Smith doesn't get talked about by most media outlets when discussing who really is competing for the starting job, he said Smith "doesn't get down." He said Smith has "bulked up and his arm is stronger" than it was in the spring.

> Shannon said he is still changing the locker room assignments just like he was last year "every 2 to 3 weeks" to continue to build team chemistry with players who don't necessarily associate with each other. "This team was kind of spread out when I took over," Shannon said. "But they're together now."

> He said the key to having freshmen see the field will be if they are "physically and mentally" ready.

> Regarding injuries, Shannon said defensive end Courtney Harris will miss the season and said defensive tackles Josh Holmes and Chaz Washington will be out during fall drills.

> His reaction to Miami not getting a single vote in the Coaches' poll, released Friday: "When you 5-7 you're not going to get any votes." He continued: "We just got to keep building and we're expecting to be a much better team than we were last year."

> Regarding incoming freshmen and the Clearinghouse, Shannon said he could not give out any names but added "there are about 4 to 5 guys who still aren't cleared." When pressed on who they were, Shannon said "You'll find out tomorrow when you don't see them out there." He said he expects most to be fine and make it into school eventually.

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE COMPLETE AUDIO INTERVIEW. Check back over the next couple of days for video and audio interviews of players from today and Saturday's first practice.


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I'll post the link here (with Manny's permission)

Posted by: 86Cane | July 29, 2008 at 09:27 PM
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I may have to take you up on that. Times are tough. I'm hearing there could be more layoffs in the near future (like October). ... You may all soon be getting your news from the Associated Press and continuing to pay the others for info.

Posted by: Manny Navarro | July 17, 2008 at 10:40 PM


This guy is an idiot.

Posted by: 86Cane | August 02, 2008 at 12:51 AM


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Posted by: formulacane | August 01, 2008 at 10:20 PM

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Shannon's press conference was like Hitler's last speech at the bunker when the red army was upon him.

Manny!!!! Or anybody else who knows.

I thought Shannon said there would be more practices open to the public this fall, so these guys can get used to performing in front of crowds. Susan's article says that todays practice is the only open practice.

Manny!!!! Or anybody else who knows.

I thought Shannon said there would be more practices open to the public this fall, so these guys can get used to performing in front of crowds. Susan's article says that todays practice is the only open practice.

"Your clock is running Randy!" - jaime duhhhh sports genius

The big hand is on the 5 and the little hand is on the 7.


Posted by: canesrule (j?)


For the sake of semantics though, I would put the big hand on the 7 and the small hand on the 5.

Open practice was pretty boring stuff. Good thing is we got to get real close to the drills and size these guys up. My observations....


- Marve is a stud...he just does everything so smoothly. IMO this kid is starter...unless he mentally collapses ala Kirby Freeman, he's not coming off of the field.

- Marve still doesn't throw a good deep ball, don't know what to say here because they looked good in his youtube vids...he just overthrows the receivers. The also looks in on the receiver he's throwing to, reminds me of Kyle Wright in that sense.

- Marve is one of the leaders of this team...Seems to get along well with everyone, especially Randy Shannon. Helped Taylor Cook a lot.

- Taylor Cook has a nasty hitch in his throw and his footwork needs a lot of work. He did complete a nice deep pass though....I know its his first day.

- Taylor Cook is too thin to be a TE..just my opinion.

- Jacory Harris needs to work on his footwork, he also throw a couple of wobblers. His play-fakes need some work. Good leadership though.....interacts a lot with Marve, Smith, and Cook.

- Cannon Smith has improved a lot since the spring game. He delivers the ball ontime and the sprials are tight. He really looked sharper....I'd say he looked as good as Jacory.


- They are not exaggerating about James and Cooper bulking up...these guys look bigger and faster.

- James didn't lineup in the back field much, he was used in the slot a lot.

- Shawnbrey looks pretty good, sharp cuts, good speed through the holes...at least in shorts and a helmet.


- Receivers are still dropping balls, lots of dropped balls....at least 10. Some lead to interceptions. Some guys are still catching the ball with their bodies. Disturbing thing is noone is correcting them when they do it.

- Tommy Streeter is one tall dude...throw the fade to him in the end zone please!!!

- We have lots of receivers...can't keep up with all of them, but I like Hankerson, Sheilds, Aldarius, and Tommy Streeter (just because he's tall)

- Sam Shields looks like the sharpest receiver in the bunch...too bad he won't be on the team.


- Noone stood out...they all dropped balls, who is our TE coach...didn't notice anyone working with this group.


- These boys have lost some weight...kudos, but they look sloppy as disorganized in their drills and they way they move around the field.


- Sharpest unit on the field...they drill hard and Michael Barrow seems to do a great job of coaching them up.

- Colin McCarthy seems to be moving around very well.


- Didn't see anything that stood out, they were pretty excited about making plays...good enthusiasm.

- Didn't see Vaughn Telemanque...anyone know anything??? I looked for this kid...No.7, didn't see Brandon Harris either. Did we just spot UF 21 points because these guys can't pick up a book???


- It was only helmets and shorts...they look like they've been working out.


- Pat Nix doesn't miss an opportunity to correct QBs and WRs on throws, footwork, and route running.

- Randy Shannon lets his assistants do most of the coaching, he just seems to observe everything and doesn't get in anyone's face. I hope its just because its an open practice. I've heard he can be harsh, but you couldn't tell that from his behavior today. This dude is Tom Landry, not Bill Parcells.

- Michael Barrow, good energy...runs sharp drills and keeps everyone involved.

- Bill Young, needs to roll his socks down, otherwise didn't observe anything else.


- The team had no energy in practice....the LBs and DBs had lot of energy, but can't say the same for the offense. Do our WR like playing football????

- No coaches in someone's face when they drop a ball....can we get a little public humiliation please...its like they say 'Oh you dropped the ball, damn, but its OK'.

- Noone runs out of the huddle, they give a little jog like there's a Jehovah's Witness at the door, but not a 'coach is going to kill me if I don't run' jog.

- We are going to signal offensive plays from the sidelines with hand signals???? Please practice this throughly!!! If the QB isn't going to repeat the play in the huddle, lets all make sure we learn the playbook. Thank god we don't play the Patriots.

Man I hope this isn;t a sin of things to come this fall. That lack of fire and intensity from the coaches will indirectly have an affect on our team. The players attitudes are spawn from the coaches. Sounds like Nix is paying alot of attention to the offense in correcting them but what is Hill doing to correct these receivers from dropping the balls and letting it hit them in their bodies rather than catching it with there hands. Barrow sounds like the most intense coach and the most critcal of the bunch. His unit from what my man says look the sharpest and I can believe that. Maybe Randy just wants to see where we are at and then get on who he needs to. Last year I watched his demeanor on the sidelines and it was that of a blank stare maybe a pat on the back when someone did something correct but never a time where he seemed fired up to get in somebodies tail when they did something wrong. Dude if you cannot get fired up for this season and being the HC of the Miami Hurricanes you can't have a pulse.

Good report canesjunkie..I'm sure practice will become more intense.

Any news on our kickers?

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