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Murphy's message received

University of Florida receiver Louis Murphy had something special to say about The U after the Gators' season-opening win against Hawaii Saturday. Consider it the first real shot in a war of words that will likely continue this week leading up to the showdown in the Swamp.

"If I'm right, the 'U' stands for the University of Miami," Murphy told our Joseph Goodman after the game (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN). "Well, we're the University of Florida. We're the 'U.' I don't refer to them as the 'U.' I refer to them as Miami. If the 'U' is for university and winning and championships, we're the 'U.' They are Miami, and that's what I call them."

Let's just say the message has been received. I spoke with UM receiver Leonard Hankerson tonight for a feature story I'm doing on him and close friend Major Wright, who starts at safety for the Gators and who played with Hankerson at Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas High.

Hankerson said when he arrived at UM Sunday night for a practice closed to the media, a copy of Murphy's quote had been blown up and posted in every locker. "It definitely pumped us up," Hankerson said by phone. "We were already pumped up for this game, but now the guys are really getting excited.

"We all want to win bad. Right now, we feel like nobody in the nation respects Miami. We're going to earn our respect."

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for this game on Saturday.

PS - For those of you wondering who Louis Murphy is, he's the guy who starts opposite Percy Harvin. He had 37 catches for 548 yards and 6 TDs last season. He had 2 catches for 51 yards and 1 touchdown against Hawaii. And he's a Recreation Event Management major from St. Petersburg.


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Do you ignorant cane fans honestly think you have a chance this weekend? It won't be close fellas...Deal with it.

Look here. That's not my exact quote but I dont care about the 80s man. You will not be facing a 5 loss team this time.

UF is the flagship "U"niversity of FLORIDA that's all I have to say about that.

I'll be ready on saturday.

Lou Murph

Please ignore the previous message as it is not who it said it was.

"Do you ignorant cane fans honestly think you have a chance this weekend? It won't be close fellas...Deal with it."

- I just love how people call games. Gators win 2 championships in 100+ years and they swear they're god-like. Miami has been counted out before and it will happen again no matter the outcome, deal with it.

"Look here. That's not my exact quote but I dont care about the 80s man. You will not be facing a 5 loss team this time."

-1991 & 2001 are not the 80's. Thats 2 championships in the span of 10 years only both times the "U", yes the U, the same U thats been referred to as the U for 25+ years now. Didn't notice the friggin U on the helmet or the 5 NC's and most players being fed into the NFL and the most First Rounders being fed into the NFL?

You see, thats what they do, they win a championship and they neglect to consider that, hey, maybe other teams were winning them while we weren't (Gaytors).

"UF is the flagship "U"niversity of FLORIDA that's all I have to say about that."

- Care to provide any concise argument? No? Enjoy these few years buddy, once Tebow is gone who is going to be your golden boy? The school has to earn its rep and 2 NC's in 100 years doesn't usurp 5 NC's in 25 years. Kapiesh?

and another thing. Theres a reason why the so called "Flagship" university of florida refuses to play Miami every year. Fear.

Meyer said Miami has, arguably, the best personnel in the country. Listen to your coach, hes akin to your god. Oh, and then watch the video of the florida fan crying in front of his tv. Gets me every time.

The U is about winning and championships, well he's right about that, THE U has Five Championships, one of which many people (even people who aren't Canes fans) argue is the Greatest College Football Team of All Time, and we know what it's like to have an UNDEFEATED FOOTBALL SEASON, the gaytors have none, i repeat NONE of that, not even close, SEVEN STRAIGHT IN 08, THE GAYTORS GO DOWN IN THE SWAMP, AGAIN.... AND AGAIN WHENEVER THEY GROW THE TESTICULAR FORTITUDE TO PUT US ON THEIR SCHEDULE IN ABOUT 5 YEARS OR SO...

he was probably adding FSU's championship, hehehe and even so still isn't close!

who? no seriously..who?
okay louis, keep refering to yourself as playing for the U. no one will know what you are talking about. sounds to me like you wish you were a cane. its telling that it took him years to come to this conclusion. all this from a school that mistakenly put a crocidille on the cover of its media guide.

Manny... That's the way to keep it hot!!!

Damn...people copying my name... and posting...WHY? I'm nobody special, but thanks anyway!

"Time to put the hater blockas on!!! Let's go Canes!!!!
Posted by: Cat5Cane | August 31, 2008 at 11:52 PM"

Now for my post...
This game is going to be off the charts... I foresee many helmet to helmet penelties being issued... Paybacks are a bitchh
Miami... 90 yards in penalties, with (6) head on, high flying, knee buckeling, head smashing, crashes.


Tebow running over NFL tpe teams like LSU?

Funny I did not see that last week when you played Hawaii at home.No we did not play a conference Championship game for quite a few years but we played the Gators even on Probation and beat them. When The Canes were down and counted out they still beat the Gators. For the Gators to win this weekend would be nice for you and all their fans. But even with that 1 win (IF) they win) you still have to put in at least 1 more win to make it something other than the BLUE MOON sighting.To bad you all do not play next year at Miami as it should be in a series. Something to really get excited about.Lets beat Miami when they are so down and then talk smack. True competitors would want Miami when they are at a more competitive point. But hey if beating them now is something that is worth talking smack about it just shows what kind of fan you are.

Haters are always going to be haters. Best believe the Boyz form the Da U is ready for what ever the gators have in store no matter who's playing.

Murphy can say whatever he wants. He's going to be playing in the NFL next year, he's a great WR, his team is at home and his team is going to win the game by somewhere between 25-40 points. UM can post it all over the locker room, or use it to motivate. Whatever. Unless and until Miami spends the money to hire a real football staff, the team will be a perennial .500 team in an already worthless ACC. UF can win this game with its second units.

I love how every time someone disses Da "EWE", Cane fans bring up the past like it actually means something today. The championships are in the past and to get the respect back you have to do it all over again. That won't happen on Saturday and most knowledgeable fans know it. Miami is going to get spanked.

Miami is a below average team in a mediocre conference. This game won't be close. UF in a romp.

You think Mr. Murphy would be running his mouth if Ray Lewis was still wearing a helmet with the REAL U on it? How about Warren Sapp? Ed Reed? The late Sean Taylor would've laid that fool out.

Nothing like living in the past...

"we know what it's like to have an UNDEFEATED FOOTBALL SEASON, the gaytors have none, i repeat NONE of that, not even close"

Know what else we don't have in the last 25 years? A losing season.

"who? no seriously..who?"

You know him know don't you? You'll know him a little better after Saturday night!

"This game is going to be off the charts... I foresee many helmet to helmet penelties being issued... Paybacks are a bitchh
Miami... 90 yards in penalties, with (6) head on, high flying, knee buckeling, head smashing, crashes."

Good luck with that.

Its truly sad watching and listening to Canes fans.
Its like the 45 year old dad of four, with the huge boiler (gut) reminiscing about his HIGH SCHOOL sports days.

The Canes are hurting now and will continue to hurt for a long time as long as they have those two clowns as coaches (Randy Shannon and Patrick Nix). Until they can get a real coach down there its going to be talk of Bernie Kosar and Michael Barrow and George Mira Jr.

YO Murphy last time I checked 83, 87, 89, 91, 2001 thats five championship. And how many do yall have

hey dont for get in 84,and,85 we were a game away from a national i think doug flutie got luck and we were upset by penn state 14-10 on e year...in 88 notre dame got lucky and upset us knocking us out of another national..in 1990..we were a game away from the national and in 92 we unfortunately let Alabama punk us heisman jinks??? 94nebraska upset us in orange bowl 95-97 were reloading years for us ..then butch got us over probation and thus...in 99 we got rob of a national .,. they let fsu play oklahoma when we beat them....the next year we all know what happened the next year ohio state university robbed us of another national ..and regretably we allowed a florida spy to come sabotage our qb position ... who florida still couldn't beat ... so u see fellow u fan we should have 7 national for sure .. and could have had well over double digits ... tell the gators that is why we are the "U"

It is truly sad to watch Canes fans.

Its like the 45 year old dad with a boiler (tremendous gut), with a tucked in shirt, reminiscing about his high school sporting days.

The sad thing for Gators fans is we are going to have to hear: "If we only had Bernie Kosar, Michael Barrow, and George Mira Jr." until the Canes can come up with a real coach and not the two clowns they have in Randy Shannon and Patrick Nix.

Recreation Event Management??? Better get comfortable with a mop and broom.

"and another thing. Theres a reason why the so called "Flagship" university of florida refuses to play Miami every year. Fear.

Meyer said Miami has, arguably, the best personnel in the country. Listen to your coach, hes akin to your god. Oh, and then watch the video of the florida fan crying in front of his tv. Gets me every time."

He was being nice. You honestly think that Randy Shannon is a better coach? His defenses under Coker got progressively worse after he became the DC and started to recruit his players. This last year he couldn't even muster up a bowl game.

If the Canes were in the SEC and had to play in a real conference with real games week after week and in addition play in a conference championship game before going to a National Title Game, how many championships would they have won??? My guess would be as many as they have won since joining the ACC. NONE.

I say you guys pull out of the ACC and be an independent and play Temple, Rutgers, FAMU, and no conference championship. Relive the old days!

"YO Murphy last time I checked 83, 87, 89, 91, 2001 thats five championship. And how many do yall have"

Hi, I'm a canes fan. I'm still living in the past. Welcome to my world!

A win here would mean so much to the program, it would really put us on the fast track back to the top.

Just when you thought there was no coach we could hate more the Spurrier....Urban Meyer.

I saw VT play on Saturday....not impressed. In fact I really wasn't impressed with any ACC team. Clemson has a lot of foot speed, but they got whipped by a pretty young team. I know its only week 1, but it looks like we can win this conference.

5 rings versus 2. Gators still can't count.

To the Miami fan base, this is not last year team, they are better mentality, physically, and about putting team first. Miami is not saying much, the will let there talk speak on the field.Miami will show up and show out on the gators. Fla is trying to get into Miami head. Bring back Harvin and Sikes, when we win, no excusess.

as the chad jackson era sadly comes to an end in ne england, it reminds me to pass on a big thanks to the gaytor WRs who played in the nfl...on behalf of penn st running backs.

below are my top 5 chad jackson patriot memories (in no particular order)


remember jackson? sure you do, he is the coward who slid in front of merriweather during the 05 peach bowl as if he was sliding into 2nd base.

First of all, if the U stands for championships then the real U is Alabama and Notre Dame. Second, i don't like the gators or the hurricanes which is what i call both teams. I do have a feeling the hurricanes don't know what they are about to run into. The Gators are from the SEC and the hurricanes are from the ACC. We all know what that means. Ass whipping big time. The Gators will win this game by whatever score they want it to be. It pains me to say that cause i truly hate the Gators but come on hurricanes. Do you actually think you stand a chance? Wake up and smell whatever the Gators are about to beat out of you.

In most mock drafts out for the 2009 draft, Louis Murphy is a projected 2nd round pick.

Miami fans can re-live all of its past glory. All it takes is a TV, a power outlet and a Betamax player.

Listen, Cane fans. Congrats on your past. It's not worth a point this Saturday. There are 16-year-old high school kids driving cars that have been alive for ONE (1) Miami Hurricanes national title in the 2 major sports (football and basektball) combined. Conversely, we have toddlers out there that have been alive for 3 UF national titles. UF has the #1 sports program in the state and possibly the country. Miami is an average to below average team in the worst BCS conference. The 5th best team in the SEC -- Alabama -- could win the ACC hands down as you just saw the other night. 45-10 Gators in a runaway.

Canes fans,

Joseph Goodman here. Manny's friend and the guy who covers the Gators for The Herald. You've already read what UF receiver Louis Murphy told me. Now you can listen to it. Check it out on the Herald's UF blog, Gator Clause. I just uploaded the audio file. Leave me a comment or two on Gator Clause and let me know what y'all think. I KNOW I won't be disappointed. Everyone have a great week and drive safely on the way up from South Florida.



Cokecanes-please keep feeling sorry for us-keep thinking we will not win-keep talking smack and be sure to watch ESPN classic on Tuesday-watch an overconfident Gator team who was actually winning and then Lost. I cannot tell you how many of my gator fan friends were talking loudly about great they were but still felt defeat.

Not living in the past we just know the gators and we can only go by YOUR reputation against the canes. Not looking back at the Canes but surely looking back at the GATORS!!!!

GO CANES and let them think we stink, we are sooooooooooo inexperienced and I surely have no idea why they are even playing the games!!!!!

U people are funny. Stop living in the past. U won titles playing in an easy conference or in your backyard or by cheating. Stop acting like U went thru the PAC Ten, Big Ten or SEC to get those. UW would've creamed Miami in '91.

Since joining the Atlantic Cupcake Conference you haven't anything. U are like #3 in Florida.

USC set the standard
Fight On baby!

Mr. Trojan - Seriously the PAC TEN? The SEC is strong I will give the Gator fans that but the PAC Ten? Outside of Oregon (who I like) what else you got? No defense to speak of in the PAC Ten! yes USC has talent but no competition.

Mr Trojan does however bring to mind a very inexperienced team beating their great team last year. Was Stanford ranked? What was the point spread? USC favored by 21? HMMMMMMM.......

The U stands for Underdog. Nobody is scared of Miami anymore, there has been a power shift in this state and you will see it first hand Saturday night. This could be the biggest blow-out in the rivary's history. UF is more afraid of South Florida, the second best team in the state.

First Miami fans this will not be a WAR saturday...War is where I am. Next after the game is over all you guys will be saying well the gators were suppose to beat us and fotget about all the junk you are talking here...Deep down though it's going to hurt your heart knowing you came ran your mouth, then your team got the absolute crap beat out of them...I just hope yall can hang around long enough to score 10 like Hawaii, personally I think Hawaii is better than Miami and their EWE....If Hell freezes over and Florida loses to the EWE I will come back and say hey you guys were right and take the loss like a man...When Miami loses to Florida I bet yall are making excuses and saying Florida cheated paid the refs something stupid like that because that is what little pu**y b*tches like yourselves do...I bet after the game you all know who Louis Murphy is, if you are smart enough to read and count touchdowns and receiving yards...Oh and make sure Randy brings our War Canoe

Great Reading
Hilarious. You "fans" sure talk, how many of you will show up Saturday to back it up- maybe 50 or so? Gas too expensive for you? Oh, thats right- you did not even show last week to Dolphin Stadium.
It is over- were the Cane NFL alumni real happy with the Virginia game last year? The program is pretty pathetic right now, some good talent but really bad coaching, and a joke fan base!

I just read this in the Tampa Tribune. He also said he wanted to play for Miami his whole life. But, they never recruited him. Not 1 letter from the U he cried. You're NOT good enough. Now you have to say you play for the U? The Gators are the U? Thats why you could have never played for the U. You don't even understand what it means! Hahaha, you're a tool who had to settle for the Gators. Sloppy seconds. You're just scraps. NEXT!

Without bringing the last century up, THE U has won as many championships as the gaylords up there. What are they teaching these kids?

Lord, if you give me anything the rest of the year, give me a win over these idiots.

Canes fans are really sad. Ray Lewis, Sean Taylor, 1984 this, 1986 that. Like an Alabama fan that just can't let Bear Bryant go.

Canes fans: It's over. Your coach is horrendous. Your facilities are garbage. I can go on and on. To top it all off, you don't deserve a team in any sport in Miami. Closing out the Orange Bowl and all of these supposive memories that are so dear to you from the 80's and you close it out in 48-0 fashion. Way to represent. ESPN Gameday passed you up for that game. The only way you sniff Gameday anymore is because you play the Gators. That's how much everyone cares about Miami's 1980's accomplishments.

Dust off the record books, get grandpa out, and let's talk about the Gino Toretta days.

Ever since Miami has joined a conference, an extremely weak one at that, Miami hasn't sniffed a championship. Heck, they aren't even sniffing bowl games. All of those wonderful 1980's championships were exposed once you joined a conference. All we heard Canes fans say was how strong the ACC was going to be with FSU, Miami, Virginia Tech and all of these big bad teams. Turned out it ended up showing how weak it really was all of these years. ACC is the worst conference in football and was passed by the Big East. It took Miami and Va Tech leaving the conference for the Big East to actually get BETTER.

Sure, you'll still pump out a few Vince Wilfork's and Calais Campbell's every now and then. Even overhyped Clemson can pump out a Gaines Adams and Philip Merling. But the glory days of waltzing to championships as an independent are long gone. All that's left is a college team without it's own stadium, with an empty upper deck, missing bowl games and getting into fist fights with FIU while their proud alum is up in the pressbox encourgaing it and reliving those 'U' glory days from the 1980's.

Now it takes a blowout win over Charleston Southern, a 1-AA team, to get you to stick your chests back out. "da U" is back. Big win, fellas.

Florida was a sleeping giant all of these years. The biggest, richest, and best public institution in Florida with a great fan base, facilities, and support. Now you will see what has been awoken in Gainesville. The Canes are in for a big wake up call on Saturday for how far these teams have grown apart the past 3 years. And for many Canes fans, it will be a big wake up call to show how Florida has elevated itself to an elite level of college football, while the Canes have plummeted.

You Florida fans are living in the past. Retards! You win the NC and can't even come close to getting back. You lost 4 games last year. Including getting pounded by Michigan in a bowl game. Your cycle has already past. You're gonna get waxed in the SEC this year. Put your fake teeth back in your mouth shut up!

As I Posted yesterday....

its good to come on here if you are rooting for your team. that's productive. but for the gator fans on here talkin ish, yall must be really bored. wuts so exciting about going on another team's site and bothering people who could give a damn about you? root for the gators on the gators' site. Realize how lame and computer geekish it is to do what you are doing. No disrespect, but please get a life, seriously....

So it's computer geekish for a person who grew up born and raised in Miami, and still reads the Miami newspaper, and attended UF, to share his thoughts?

Love the Canes fans new approach these days. If you can't beat 'em on the field, beat them in name calling. My how the mighty have fallen.

XNIG - no Cane fan will show up - don't U know we are all to afraid! We will have to stay home and cry! U know like our lousy miserable team we are so frightened of the gators!! We are not even certain why the game is to be played. They should just give the trophy to the gators!

Baghdad Gator wish you a safe return home soon from Iraq and thanks for your service.

Fellas, it's ight relax.

Da U don't need to listen to this UF crap about them scoring more points. Nobody cares about the result on the field this Saturday. Yeah, we won in da 80's, but it's off da field where it counts.

If I hear another Gator diss da U, I'ma come down there and whoop some. Nobody comes onto our board, our blogs, our newspaper and disses da U. I got my brass knuckles. Ray Ray has his gun. Ed Reed brought his cuzzin. Playmaker brought the 8-ball. Let's show them what the U is all about.

Hey Canechic

The spread of that Stanford vs USC game was not 21, it was 42.

Wow, Louis Murphy giving us history lessons, Urban Meyer threatening to run up the score, the only NFL talent in college football resides in the SEC … Gosh guys, maybe we should reconsider traveling to Gainesville and just tell Florida, “Okay, you are so powerful and omnipotent we are not worthy to even kneel within 200 miles of you. We are insignificant infidels in the shadow of the great and mighty Urban and Tebow. Forgive us for scheduling this game, for we forgot there are only three deities (note to UF fans – look for this word in a dictionary!) normal humans are forbidden from looking in the eye; Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow and Barbra Streisand.

Since we have committed sacrilege in even thinking we could occupy the same atmosphere as the great Urban and Tebow, here is what we propose as penance:

-- Remove Pope Benedict XVI from the papacy and install Pope Urban Meyer VIIII. This is due to the lack of homage and proper deference to Pope Urban. The Vatican is moved to Gainesville, where the Vatican expatriates introduce the local population to modern dentistry,

-- Pope Urban dispenses with the usual process of vetting saints and elevates St. Tebow at once. St. Tebow immediately blesses and sanctifies all double-wides,

-- Jeremy Foley is instantly ascended to heaven, where he starts negotiating command and control of all oil producing and refining facilities in Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Indonesia, UAE, Canada and Nigeria. He also lays claim to all offshore facilities around the world. Hugo Chavez states, “All of this is yours, Almighty Foley.”

-- Pope Urban, St. Tebow and the Almighty Foley issue a joint communiqué, stating if their demands are not met, they will automatically insert Ohio State into the BCS National Championship game, which we all know will be the Seventh Sign of the Apocalypse.

I don’t know guys – how can we possibly stand up to such greatness!!???!!

Canes U feeling tough? Come on out to Sunny L.A. baby!

U dont want none of that! U know U dont. Dont kid yourself.

Did U see what we did to UVA? The same team that came into the O.B. like a hurricane and demolished everything in sight?

U know the ACC is weak. Pac Ten is a much better conference than the ACC can ever dream of. U are lucky U got Nebraska in 2001 and not Oregon!

Fight On Baby!

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