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Murphy's message received

University of Florida receiver Louis Murphy had something special to say about The U after the Gators' season-opening win against Hawaii Saturday. Consider it the first real shot in a war of words that will likely continue this week leading up to the showdown in the Swamp.

"If I'm right, the 'U' stands for the University of Miami," Murphy told our Joseph Goodman after the game (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN). "Well, we're the University of Florida. We're the 'U.' I don't refer to them as the 'U.' I refer to them as Miami. If the 'U' is for university and winning and championships, we're the 'U.' They are Miami, and that's what I call them."

Let's just say the message has been received. I spoke with UM receiver Leonard Hankerson tonight for a feature story I'm doing on him and close friend Major Wright, who starts at safety for the Gators and who played with Hankerson at Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas High.

Hankerson said when he arrived at UM Sunday night for a practice closed to the media, a copy of Murphy's quote had been blown up and posted in every locker. "It definitely pumped us up," Hankerson said by phone. "We were already pumped up for this game, but now the guys are really getting excited.

"We all want to win bad. Right now, we feel like nobody in the nation respects Miami. We're going to earn our respect."

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for this game on Saturday.

PS - For those of you wondering who Louis Murphy is, he's the guy who starts opposite Percy Harvin. He had 37 catches for 548 yards and 6 TDs last season. He had 2 catches for 51 yards and 1 touchdown against Hawaii. And he's a Recreation Event Management major from St. Petersburg.


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"Fellas, it's ight relax.

Da U don't need to listen to this UF crap about them scoring more points. Nobody cares about the result on the field this Saturday. Yeah, we won in da 80's, but it's off da field where it counts.

If I hear another Gator diss da U, I'ma come down there and whoop some. Nobody comes onto our board, our blogs, our newspaper and disses da U. I got my brass knuckles. Ray Ray has his gun. Ed Reed brought his cuzzin. Playmaker brought the 8-ball. Let's show them what the U is all about. "

Thug U shining through baby. There's nothing like blog threats! Big tough man sitting behind his keyboard.

Hey, don't forget that Ronnie "AK-47" Wilson will be on the other side of the field. lol!!

Okay "Trojan Man" U got the great PAC 10 to play in with all those famous defenses! USC is talented but please with the VA brag, that is a skeleton of team compared to last years and the U quit on the season being lead by turf face.

This is definately a different year and yes I agree the ACC is weak but we do at least play a strong out of conferance schedule. How do you think the trojans fair against the Gators?

Hey rubber boy (Trojan stuck in Florida). Not even close to the same Virginia team. Do your research. I think they might have had a couple players graduate. Not the same team.

Even if Miami has to suffer an embarrassing loss to UF in Gainesville, don't worry. At the current pace, it will be 2031 before they beat us again.

Oh, I forgot. You will not visit Gainesville because of the sad fate of Randy Shannon's best friend, Walter Odom (former Gator tight end). Randy said he was shot and killed in Gainesville-
when he in fact died of pneumonia in a Miami hospital. Your coach is quite a prize- guess a whole lot of Division I schools were trying to hire him.

Yeah, um, Kelly in St. Lou....

Yeah, um, I'm not a scholarship type of a guy or a scholastic achiever of sort of kind of way.

Wit dat bein said tho...

I believe in a variety of publications, or publicaciones, that the little U in Canesville is actually a higher ranked academic institution, then da U.

I don't agree with the rankins cuz I think I read good and write good.

So perhaps you should be lookin up words in the dictionary and all.

Ight. It's a Cane thing, you wouldn't understand.

xnig not called for! I will not go there with you that is just name calling! XNIG did you play football? Can you bring it or can you just bring insults like the rest of your gator buddies? Give me facts not crap!

Go Canes!

I hate the Gators and their fans are incredibly annoying (they were even satyred as being crazy in that movie "BIg Trouble"). But the more I think about this game, the more I think that if we win it would be the biggest upset in our history since the '83 Championship Game. That '98 UCLA team was very one dimensional as a great passing team but couldn't play any defense so I would not call that as big an upset.

I personally don't think we have as much talent as UF. We have had some great recent Shannon recruiting classes but as long as any Coker player is on our roster, we won't be up to our potential.

Let's pretend we have the same talent that they do, then I still think that they have 2 big advantages:

1. Playing at home can't be underestimated, especially when the visiting QB is a freshman that has never played in that environment. Marve and Jacory won't be scared but anytime you do something for the first time, it's just difficult.

2. Veteran Leasdership - IMO our best players are freshman and sophmores while they have upperclassman leading the way. I believe in experience and reps as being REALLY important.

I do think that 21 points is a little high for the spread but after all the big talk last year for the OU game, I'm sick of hearing the smack talk and then falling flat. At least this year, our players are keeping it quite and just trying to handle their business.

I believe in Shannon and I hope we win and I'm a Canes fan 'til I die but that doesn't mean that I'm mentally ill. I think that next year will be our year once we have 3 full Shannon classes and all these guys have more experience.

God I just wish this game was being played next year. I'd feel a lot better about it.

I think it's funny how these Florida fans like to try and hang out with us and talk on our boards. Gator boards must be pretty boring. As a real fan, I like to talk about Miami, on a Mimai board. You would never catch me going on another teams borad to talk. Smells like envy.

Also, I just wanted to take some time as a fellow former journalistic type of guy to nominate Armando Salguero's column regarding the brawl at Dolphin practice for some kind of an Oscar award over Heath Ledger in Batman.

Armando writes about things that all of these educated people dont care about and he caters to people like me tryin to make an effort to read da paper.

His columns usually have terrible intros, extreme amounts of negative stuff, lack of research, and pointless articles and it makes a dude like me wanna read the paper cuz I can understand it.

Armando for an Oscar. And if he dont win that, he should win an Emmy or somethin.


No disrepsect but I dont see any team stacking up to SC this year.

Your team quit last year? Is that the excuse to losing to UVA? C'mon we're talking about UVA....IN THE ORANGE BOWL! How do U quit in the OB's last dance?

Fight on Baby!

You're forgetting COACHING.

Everyone thinks their coach is the best, I understand that.

But there is no denying that Urban Meyer is WIDELY regarded as one of the top coaches in the country, and Randy Shannon is not. Urban Meyer has a national title under his belt, Randy Shannon does not. While Shannon may turn out to be a fine coach someday, right now, you can't even compare the two at all.

Home field, intangibles, coaching, veteran leadership, and BATTLE TESTED is another.

Florida plays a tougher schedule, has been in tougher games, and they wont be overwhelmed.

Everyone knows that USC is an awesome football factory. They are a great team and are probably the best team in the country right now.

But so what? This is a Miami board.

Last years team did quit. I agree. Good thing we have a new team this year. Talk now, because if you people really know about college football, you know it will be just a matter of time. We had our down year (Florida, you know all about down years) just like all you guy's did. No place to go but up. Let's be real here. Face it, it will happen.

I agree Trojan how do you quit? But they did and if you talk to those kids- they did- that was a horrible team with horrible leadership! Losing at that U had become a virus on the loose.
That is why so many guys were asked to leave and left!

Trojan I have no beef with your team but I know this team is on the rise and has chance to win. Most gator fans know this too. They have the worst reputation as a fanbase. when you say gator over this nation, everyone's face crinkles like they smelled something bad. I live in NoCal for 5yrs and my hubby is from SoCal so I am familiar with the PAC 10. I root for USC most of the time.


"Canes fans: It's over. Your coach is horrendous. Your facilities are garbage. I can go on and on. To top it all off, you don't deserve a team in any sport in Miami. Closing out the Orange Bowl and all of these supposive memories that are so dear to you from the 80's and you close it out in 48-0 fashion. Way to represent. ESPN Gameday passed you up for that game. The only way you sniff Gameday anymore is because you play the Gators. That's how much everyone cares about Miami's 1980's accomplishments."

Were we not already in the acc when Brock Berlin wftpwned you at the swamp? Oh yeah, but that cant happen again...can it? LOL.

Lol? This is a Mimai Hurricane board. Not Myspace. What are you 12?


If Canes fans want to talk about how this is all different under Shannon, and bla bla bla.

Then there is no denying that this is different for the Gators under Meyer. Congrats on beating Ron Zook as an underdog. Get in line w/ the rest. In regards to the other victories in previous years, the Canes were just flat-out better. No denying that.

But the tide has turned in a major way, and these two teams arent on the same level at all, and wont be for a long time. And there is no denying that, either.

Lol? This is a Miami Hurricane board. Not Myspace.


If you really knew college football, you wouldnt say out of one side of your mouth how UM is on the rise and it is only a matter of time and out of the other side of your mouth say the team quit last year.

Quitting is a direct sign of bad coaching. A coach's only job on this planet is to get the most out of his players through recruiting, coaching and motivation. If the Canes quit last year, then that means Shannon is a poor coach for not getting the most out of his players.

If that is the case, it looks like the Canes will have a bad coach for the foreseeable future, and therefore, your return to the glory days of the 80's is on hold indefinitely.

Urban Meyer a good coach??? Are you stupid or just High? What kinda of coach sacrifices a win just to get his QB a Heisman? And ask Alex Smith if his coach prepared him for the NFL with his Highschool offense. So sorry man not buying that!

Randy has coached some of the best defenses in College Ball and coached some of the best defensive players in College as well as the NFL. Last years list of the smartest defensive players in the NFL, voted on by coaches, read like this: Ray Lewis, ED Reed, Sean Taylor- 1,2, 3 all canes and all but one coached by Randy.

So bring something better. He has had one year coaching experience with Cokers recruits. Just a matter of time Gator Fans! And do not give that garbage about our recruits because Urban wanted every single one of them.


1. Please give me a link for your claim about the NFL's voting on smartest players.
2. Coaches are judged by winning. Meyer won a national championship and everywhere he has gone he has been a winner and turned the program around.

You can spin your stats, spin your NFL voting of smartest players, spin Randy's track record as defensive coordinator anyway you want to.

Facts are facts. Meyer is a good coach and is easily better than Shannon. Meyer has a national title, and thats what coaches are judged for. Take off your UM blinders and learn to look at things objectively. All Randy Shannon is right now is a coach who has never made a bowl game as head coach and allowed his team to quit last year.

There are no knowledgeable football people in this country that would put Randy Shannon above Urban Meyer on any coaching list. NO CHANCE!

Thanks for trying though.

1. Zach Thomas LB Dallas Cowboys 6
2. Ray Lewis LB Baltimore Ravens 4
3. (tie) John Lynch S Denver Broncos 3
3. (tie)
Ed Reed
Baltimore Ravens

5. (tie)
Corey Chavous
St. Louis Rams

5. (tie)
Warren Sapp

5. (tie)
Michael Strahan

8. (tie)
Ronde Barber
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. (tie)
Derrick Brooks LB
Tampa Bay Buccanners

8. (tie)
Nick Greisen LB
Baltimore Ravens

8. (tie)
Rodney Harrison
New England Patriots

8. (tie)
Antonio Pierce
New York Giants

8. (tie)
Brian Russell
Seattle Seahawks 1

8. (tie)
Jason Taylor DE
Miami Dolphins

8. (tie)
Mike Vrabel
New England Patriots

This is one list I found but I am still
searching for the other one.
aspx http://dcfanatic.com/2008/07/01/zach-thomas-voted-smartest-player-by-nfl-coaches.

Spyhazard, no I am not 12, I was treating the remark as it were from a 12 yr old football mind. However, in your claim that this is a miami board, with a name like spyhazard, uhm, yeah, I see that and I will LOL all I want. I am a miami fan and always have been. The way I choose to state that is my choice. Take your stalin attitude and get some fresh air.

Now, back to you Duuh. I agree that florida has a solid crew with depth. I think that it will be a good game. All I have to say about them have a more seasoned team or more of a veteran team is almost irrelevant. Clemson anyone? 0 rushing yards with how many seniors on that team?

I think its funny how espn is picking a game that has an unranked opponent in it to host gameday.

Its to early to tell, espcially since we have not seen marve play a game, but I think if he is ahead of Jacory, and jacory played solid, kinda scary.

Oh, thats right- you did not even show last week to Dolphin Stadium. ... a joke fan base!

Posted by: Xnig | September 01, 2008 at 10:46 AM
nearly 50,000 showed ...


Now you will see what has been awoken in Gainesville.

Posted by: Duhhhh Yew | September 01, 2008 at 10:54 AM
what's to do in one-horse hogtown besides attend a football game?


There are no knowledgeable football people in this country that would put Randy Shannon above Urban Meyer on any coaching list. NO CHANCE!

I am quite certain of that fact being he has only coached one season. but would anyone say that Spurrier would have been beat by Butch Davis or Larry Coker? Would anyone say that the East Carolina coach would have beat F. Beamer? How about the coach from UT beating R. Rodriquez? Urban started somewhere too and Randy will prevail once his team is established.

No response to losing games for QB's heisman?? that is a sign of a great coach??

By the way canechic, you're a clown. Don't let a little thing like facts get in the way of your argument. Not that it matters who the NFL's smartest players are voted on by other teams coaches anyway. But I'll entertain the worthless point:

2008 List (most recent as posted by ESPN) was 1. Zach Thomas, 2. Ray Lewis (NOT coached by Shannon)

Ed Reed received votes. Sean Taylor (R.I.P.) nowhere to be found.

So it was actually 1 player on that list coached by Shannon, and that list is meaningless anyway.

Lies and deception. Its a Cane Thing, I wouldnt understand.

baton rouge


ESPN Gameday's decision to broadcast from Ben Hill Griffin proves there is a GOD. It is clear that the NCAA and the Disney Company want to showcase the BEATING the GATORs will deliver on that low-life team in front of a prime-time national audience. After next Saturday, all those delusions of a MIAMI return to dominance will be shattered and the program exposed for what it is.......LIVING in the PAST !!!

When Mike Irvin calls you out (Shannon) and your team lays an EGG at home against an over-rated UVA team ??? GAME OVER in Coral Gables.

ACC is the worst conference in football

Posted by: Duhhhh Yew | September 01, 2008 at 10:54 AM
from Miami to boston ...
and major media markets in-between ...


Nice post green. Its the Cane Way. If you cant beat 'em on the field...beat 'em up off the field and call 'em names.

You may say Trailer Trash, but it's no different than me saying Miami is full of hispanics, 'oyes, thugs and tomato pickers. That's not what this country is about, and thats not what sportsmanship is about.

We are playing athletics, not electing the U.N. Keep race and stereotypes out of it. You only make yourself look stupid for not responding to the rest of the FOOTBALL talk.

Canes fans: Your facilities are garbage.

Posted by: Duhhhh Yew | September 01, 2008 at 10:54 AM
trumps ben hill billy bob griffin sponsored by skeeters: home of the big biscuit stadium ...



You forgot ONE very important CITY !!!!

Coral Gables !!! Wasteland of migrant rafters.

The biggest, richest, and best public institution in Florida

Posted by: Duhhhh Yew | September 01, 2008 at 10:54 AM
auditorium-style classrooms leave a lot to be desired ...


And for many Canes fans, it will be a big wake up call to show how Florida has elevated itself to an elite level of college football

Posted by: Duhhhh Yew | September 01, 2008 at 10:54 AM
don't kid yourself ...
since 2002, the grimy gaturd lost 23 games ...



Dolphin Pro Player Park Fruit of the Loom Joe Robbie Sell Ourselves to the Advertising Devil Stadium has 2 for 1 croquetas, y ham and cheese sandwiches.

$5 off La Carretta for every Hurricane fan that dresses like a chairback seat. Apparently, lots of fans take them up on that offer.

Why do you bring ethnicity into it? There is a word for what you are: ignorant.

Sure, you'll still pump out a few Vince Wilfork's and Calais Campbell's every now and then.

Posted by: Duhhhh Yew | September 01, 2008 at 10:54 AM
only 1 university earned the nickname NFL U ...


2004 U 27 - fu 10 W peach bowl
2003 U 38 - fu 33 W
2002 U 41 - fu 16 W
2001 U 37 - fu 20 W sugar bowl
1987 U 31 - fu 04 W
1986 U 23 - fu 15 W
1984 U 32 - fu 20 W
1981 U 21 - fu 20 W
1980 U 31 - fu 07 W
1979 U 30 - fu 24 W
1978 U 22 - fu 21 W

indie, big east, ACC
the song stays the same
we're better than you
simply better


green if you think Dolphins Stadium are considered to be a nice facility, you are brainwashed.

Dolphin Stadium is one of the worst in the NFL, and if you saw the UM lockerroom and training room in that stadium for UM, you would cry at how small it is.

green, enjoy the past. The sleeping giant is awake and the Canes are done. Literally. It's over. That little chart you posted is going to look a lot different soon. The cracks are starting to show. How was your bowl game last year? Ah yes. The comfy couch. The Micro Processor PC Computer Chick Fila Automative Bowl didnt even want you.

Wow, I was going to write something about how the gators are going to kick the Cane's butts, but since you guys would prefer to just take shots at each other, I guess I will just stay out of the way and watch...


You are the underoos Cheeto eating blogger that Morning Joe Scarbough from MSNBC is always warning us about !!!!! Go take a bath and get the orange cheeto crumbs off your bird chest !!



You try to have an intelligent football conversation, and guys like green want to post about ethnicity.

Let's get back to football.

In responde to canechic, what the heck are you talking about Meyer would rather get a Heisman than win a game. It's such a stupid statement, it's not worth a response. After seeing you spin and make up an ESPN list for NFL smartest players, I don't even want to see what factual grounds you have to spin of proving that winning Tebow a Heisman is more important to Meyer than winning games. I'll give you a hint. There are no facts that can prove what you are trying to say, the statement is ridiculous, you are reaching and assuming...and let's move on.

Miami, how does it feel to be the fourth best college team in your own state? Lets face it Shannon is Zook. You will continue to get great recruits however it means nothing if you cant coach it. By the way UF (Fastest team in the country) just got faster- welcome back Percy. I am more afraid of Hurricane Hanna right now!


Okay I stand corrected about the list but I did not make it up it was my memory that failed me. Here is another post but I am not stupid nor a clown.

Meyer drew up plays last year for T. Tebow to get his yards rushing and not necessarily the best plays for the TEAM to win. I certainly do not want to get into a name calling game with you but Randy has had some great defensive teams and players and he will continue as a head coach.

You inbreeds love coming to our sites,what gives; cousin tired of doing you and now it's grandpa's turn.Meyer won a title with Ron Zook players, just as Coker won with Davis players;your argument is baseless. last i checked we won 6 in a row, wouldn't have to be that we if you played us every year. Now to the "TROJAN GARBAGE" that has made his or her way to this board.Y our mighty school turned downed a home and home series against us,only wanted the U to come out there; doesn't sound like a champion school ready to play any and everyone.The both of your schools have a lot in common,one allows a player to commit a crime by waving an AK47 at people,and not be charged. the world knows usc is a crooked program,just a matter of time.For a school to be on the downside,we sure do get all of these trolls on our sites daily;more than any other.Is it pity,jealousy,respect and disrespect, its called ENVY! "THE U FOREVER"

OK canechic I apologize for the clown and stupid comments.

However, do you have some kind of a link, or some kind of proof that Meyer called plays to get Tim Tebow rushing yards and not because he was trying to move his team down the field? The statement is ridiculous.

Meyer wants to win. That means rotating Tim in the game when Chris Leak was a senior, and even this year it meant rotating Tim out of the game at the goalline to protect him more this year. He also gave Brandon James a carry from 1 yard out to protect Tim. Two very easy spots for Tim to continue his 15 games straight rushing and passing at least 1 TD. Meyer showed in his play calling that Tim's NCAA record meant nothing, and scoring and protecting his QB in a game vs. Hawaii was more important than extending Tim's rushing/passing TD streak.


By your fans own admittance, Shannons players QUIT last year at the end of the year.

Regardless of who's players Meyer won with, he got the MOST out of his players and lead them to a championship. Shannon's players QUIT on him.

That would NEVER happen under a good coach.

Dont tell me Shannons team quit last year, and then say he is a great coach in the next sentence. It makes no sense.


Ways to determine the greatness of a college football program:
Championships: we play the game to win championships, correct?, please correct me if im wrong gaytor fans: Canes 5 Gaytors 2

I know you gaytors like to count individual games but thats what happens when you win 2 championships in 102 years, the U has higher expectations, not winning the Natl Championship is considered a failure.

Well throw in the overall series too, Canes 28 Gaytors 25, so say you win this year (28-26 we STILL own you), we'll see your ass*s in 2013 though.(sux we gotta wait that long)

Yea yea I know the past, what are you gonna go by one years result? You guys would, well unless say you get UPSET this Saturday. I think you gaytors are stuck in the past a lil more than we are, I didnt hear your guys fu*kin trap start until that second championship was won, before that I didnt hear sh*t from you guys. YOUR living in the past more than most.

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